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Chapter 312 - Close - Part 1


"Yah!! Why are you so late? It has been 15 minutes! Do you see that my legs are trembling after waiting this long for you?"

At the words from Yoo-hyun, who was feeling nauseated, Jinsung smiled and replied.

"It's funny. You thought that I don't know that you arrived just now? Trying to sell false news?"

"Huhu, well. Your eyes are as fast as a ghost."

Today was the first Monday in March.

Jinsung had come out of his house after a long time, except for the date with Harin.

And the reason was…

'Aoo..It's the beginning… of the…second year as a student…!'

It was because today was the opening day.

Jinsung took a sigh of relief and then got onto the bus.

If it was normally the regular class, he wouldn't have had any intention to go, but it was the first week for his course, and this was enough reason for him to move.

'Damn, if I knew this, I would have asked Harin to take the course registration…'

During the enrollment period, Jinsung wasn't in good spirits because of the Dimensional war, so even a single of the basic major classes weren't included in the timetable.

"Oh, but no matter what you think, I don't want to go to school today. Will it be possible to make a doctor's call to get out?"

Yoo-hyun smiled and replied,

"Unless you want to be treated as a forced absentee, I wouldn't opt for it."

Jinsung touched his chin.

"Hmm… a long leave… well, that sounds enticing?"

"Oho, I shouldn't have said that…"

The conversation between the two people naturally led to a joke, and then to the Kailan game.

"Ya, Junsung-ah. Have you seen the announcement this morning?"

At the question from Yoo-hyun, Jinsung immediately nodded his head.

"Of course. The first thing I do after opening my eyes was to check the official homepage of it."


Yoo-hyun who was nodding his head continued to speak.

"A new content will be updated a few months later, what are we to do in the meantime?"

"What you do, do what you want to do. Do quests, raise skill level, item farming…"

"No, not those. What to do about the guild operation? The thing that you said before the initiation of the dimensional war."


Jinsung started to search through his memories, and after a while he said.

"Ah, to claim the Kingdom?"

Yoo-hyun nodded his head.

"Yeah, that."

The last few months.

The Lotus Guild has grown really big.

Now Jinsung no longer intentionally doing the Guild Tiers to avoid the confusion with the Ranker Guilds. Now, most of the users already knew that the Lotus Guild was in the top 10.

Jinsung nodded and spoke,

"Certainly now's not the time"

The dimensional war ended with the win on the human's side, but it was with a huge damage on the continents.

The ranker and Jinsung in the Center were able to stop it to an extent. But the whole of the land in the Northwest and Northeast had been completely washed down.

Especially the Luspel Empire, which was much weaker when compared to the Kaimon Empire, more than half were destroyed by the Asmodians.

Therefore, Lotus Manor and Jinsung's Manor were in the process of recovering.

"Will it be okay?"


"Gobbling the Luspel Empire."

At the words from Yoo-hyun, Jinsung immediately shook his head.

"No, it's still tough."

"Yeah? This time, the imperial army has also suffered a lot of damage."

Jinsung nodded and answered,

"Yet, the Empire stays as an Empire. I don't understand how strong the NPC's are at all. You may have to close the guild doors after being done"

"Well, sure…"

In Kailan, it wasn't just the users, but the NPC's also grow.

Jinsung shook his head and recalled his 200 level, the time when he once used to be in the 100s.

'I still have to get a lot stronger. Hellaim has been going ahead with a stronger spirit.'

He didn't know, but now the Imperial army's Hellaim was now exceeding the level of 300.

In the past, Kaizer was similar to the Hellaim, but now he passed over to 300.

'When I have the opportunity to go to the Empire quest, I'll have to meet the Hellaim.'

When Jinsung was thinking about something like this, Yoo-hyun opened his mouth again.

"Then for a while, we have to grow up quietly with your own personal quests? The Guild Tier thing will be continued to be in our status?"

Jinsung shook his head then answered,

"No, that won't."


"You should take down the Guild that is already in the Luspel Empire, one after the other."

"Aha… from where should we start? Splendor? Oaklan?"

The two of them were the guilds that boasted the greatest fortune to the Luspel in the past, but now, the close users including Martin and Sameul Jin who were the guild masters, were now out of the game due to the Devildom.

And the Jinsung was thinking of the same thing as Yoo-hyun.

"Right. That side is really exhausted, so it would be really easy to take them in."

"Okay, I get it. I'll talk with Fiolan and then make some plans."

Jinsung nodded and answered,

"Okay, while you do that, I'll talk with Roy Chen for time being. I have no intentions to clash with the Valiant Guild. If possible try to propagate the direction of taking them in."

The Valiant Guild has been on good terms with the Lotus Guild since the mid-continent war.

Yoo-hyun asked,

"Then, we will put off claiming the kingdom title… Are you going to leave the kingdom things just as it is?"

Ian smiled and answered,

"Not that. Not that but in a few days we will."



Devildom division 107.

A shabby building on the outskirts of the 107th division.

There was a small resonating sound in front of Ian, and a red colored gate opened.

And at the gate, two people walked out of it.

"Wow, this really is the Devildom?"

"Or, you thought I was lying to you?"

The two people who just came through the gate were Ian and Harin.

'Without much nervousness, I need to work hard and take Harin out for a date. This is killing two birds with one stone!'

To develop much efficient durability, it would be efficient to tackle from the lowest to the highest, rather directly moving to the topmost.

Besides, Ian had a low-level of experience with the mana of his level 200, and Harin had an amazing experience with it.

Harin was now over the level of 150.

And Harin, who was the first to look at the Devildom properly, seemed elated.

"Uh, Jinsung-ah, do you see that over there?"

"Huh, why?"

"Isn't it cuter than what we thought? I thought this place would be awful."


Ian was at a loss of words.

'How does anything over here look cute? It's all… disgusting…'

Ian once again confirmed that Harin's aesthetical standards were extraordinary.

'I knew that since the day I like you, but…'

Without any more thoughts, Ian began to summon one or two of his familiars.

The trails weren't brought as they were helping in the restoration work of the Lotus Guild.



Along with his summon, the sound of wings could be heard.

Starting from Karceus, Halli, Bbakbbak were summoned one after the other and at last Bbookbbook was.

[You have called, Master?]

Karceus was now in a polymorphed humanoid form, and he was proud of his body, as it was one hell of a body.

Nonetheless, he was smaller than when he was in the dimensional war.

Ian spoke to Bbookbbook,

"yah, why is it that you seem smaller?"

[Uhm, this is natural. As I was under the God's power as a mediator in that dimension. Maybe that was why I had more strength when I was a bit more huge.]

"Um… that could be."

Ian turned his head.

'Well, no matter what, it is a myth class and it was awesome. He alone was strong enough to go against the Devil princes.'

Ian checked the information window of Bbookbbook.

Bbookbbook –

Level -212

Classification – Abyss Dragon

Rank – Myth

Personality -Arrogant


Attack power – 6725

Defense – 4755

Agility – 3328

Intellect – 5214

Vitality -776466/ 776466

- Unique Ability -

Dragon Fear( Cooldown 10 minutes )

All enemies within the radius of 50 meters from the point of the familiar are put into a state of 'fear'. The higher the level of the enemy, the more likely it is to fall into 'Fear', and in 'fear' it won't be able to attack for a duration of 100 seconds.

(Applied ignoring the enemy's immunity.)

Dragon Breath ( 120 minutes cooldown )

It emits a powerful dragon breath in a fan-shaped with a range of 50 meters ahead. It has the power of 3120% of ATK of all the abilities and for the 10 seconds, it deals with a damage of 60%.

(The effect is reduced to half against users.)

Enhanced Magic Resistance –

The Abyss Dragon becomes more powerful each time they absorb the spiritual spirit.

(Each time they eat a soul or spirit, the defense, vitality, and damage causing are permanently increased.)

Current Additional Damage: 3882

Current Additional Defense: 3168

Current Additional Vitality: 277715

The Magical Clan –

The dragon is born 'Magical Clan'.

As a complete dragon, he will be able to use much more advanced spells in proportion to its intellect and be able to learn new skills from the skill book.

(However, the skill is less powerful than the skills of the wizard class.)

The magic that is currently being used are:

- Polymorph

- Ice Wave

- Ice Blast.

The Glacier Veil –

The glacier veil is made in the range of 50 meters high and 20 meters range, and no attack can pass through the veil.

The veil lasts for 5 seconds.

( Cooldown time of 30 seconds.)

The Blessing of Abyss –

It is an ability that is unique only to the Abyss.

Using the Blessing of Abyss, it restores all the beings in the radius of 30m to a fixed value of 2% (13750) of their vitality every 0.33 sec.

When the Blessing of Abyss is in use, the caster can not perform any action, and if he is confused or stunned the skill is stopped.

Duration -3 minutes.

Cooldown – 15 minutes.

* It is an arrogant dragon.

* Likes to eat and hates working.

* Its favorite thing to eat is the meatballs.

- - - - - -

'Um, the blessing of the Abyss is the same as before it evolved… Enhancement of Magic Resistance is an upgraded version of the Lazy Dragon. The Dragon Breath and Fear was the same set of skills that Karceus possesses. Is the breath's power a little higher?'

And the 'Glacier Veil' ability was also the same as the 'Water curtain' that I previously possessed.

Among the abilities of Bbookbbook, the most prominent was the Magic Clan.

'That is a real hidden card. Even though it is a little less powerful, it can learn all the spells that a wizard uses…'

There are enormous fighting abilities.

In particular, the close to 7,000 offensive power that hasn't been heard till then.

Ian, who had checked the information window over and over again, immediately opened the next information window of Karceus.

'The ability of magic clan, isn't an ability of a completely evolved dragon?'

And Ian's guess was right.

All the other unique abilities of evolved Karceus weren't much different from before its evolved ones.

However, the ability of polymorph was changed to Magic Clan ability.

Ian had two powerful sorcerers in his group.

'The magic is lower than that of the wizard users, maybe the coefficient is a little low.'

The lack of skill counts and the enormous combat ability would be enough to fill up the gaps.

In addition, both dragons were at the same level of monstrous combat ability excluding the magic, so Ian now realized the majesty of the myth class.

'Karceus is a bit weaker than Bbookbbook. Their intellect and offensive power are the same…'

Ian was so drunk by the state of the two dragons.

But, Harin grabbed Ian's shoulder and asked,

"Ji, Jisung-ah."


"Is, is that big dragon Bbookbbook…?"

Ian's gaze moved towards Harin.

And Harin, looked like she had lost everything.

"What's wrong Harin-ah?"

"Why did our Bbookbbook turn like…!"


Bbookbbook who witnessed their conversation titled it's head and stared at Harin.

[What is wrong, Harin?]

Harin replied looking like she was about to cry.

"My lovely Bbookbbook…!"

Ian looked at Bbookbbook with a puzzled expression, and Harin's words continued.

"Is UGLY!!"


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