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Chapter 313 - Close - Part 2


[Master, it seems like my abilities aren't so great after my evolution.]

"No, That's not it, they are good!"

[Then it looks like Harin is clearly mistaken.]

"No, what Harin said is very clear and correct to the point."


Bbookbbook looked like he had lost the whole world.

Looking at such a sad Bbookbbook, it would be only Ian who could laugh.

It was a comic sight to see Bbookbbook, a giant dragon sitting on his butt with a sad face.

Harin once again mumbled to herself.

"Bbookbbook… our Bbookbbook… has turned ugly…"

At the successive words from Hairn, Bbookbbook complained.

[Not ugly, I'm awesome…!]

Among Ian's familiars, Bbookbbook was the only one who had good looks.

Bbookbbook didn't understand Harin's obsession with his appearance.

Since it evolved into the Abyss Dragon, Bbookbbook was more than satisfied with his appearance.

But this was a huge shock!

Ian, who watched the anguish of Bbookbbook while chuckling to himself, called over Bbookbbook.

"Yah, Bbookbbook-ah."

At this, Bbookbbook responded with a gloomy voice.

[What is it, master.]

Ian spoke to him with a soft voice,

"I know a way for you to overcome this problem."

[What is that…?]

"Bbookbbook, you can do that polymorph thing. You can just turn into something else."

Even after Ian had said it, Bbookbbook still looked pretty depressed.

Bbookbbook spoke again with his gloomy look.



[Am I really ugly?]

Asked Bbookbbook with watery eyes.

Ian answered back calmly,

[Yeah, Ugly.]


Honestly, Bbookbbook wasn't ugly after turning into the Abyss Dragon.

The after appearance of Bbookbbook was overflowing with dragon aura.

But, Ian didn't tell the truth.

'If not, even I liked the cute Bbookbbook…!'

In fact, Ian was overcrowded with big familiars, and he did want what was best for his pets.

The black dragon Karceus, The King of Fenrir Ly, and the Griffin Pen, they were big enough.

The reason Ian thought of polymorphing—was because he wanted Bbookbbook to turn back to the time when he was cute.

'And, all you have to do is to take this form when you are in a battle, it would be so nice to have an alternate charm.'

Ian began to persuade Bbookbbook.

"Bbookbbook-ah, do you remember when you were a turtle?"

Bbookbbook replied without much energy.

[Of course.]

"You were the most handsome at that time."


With an absurd expression, Bbookbbook looked at Ian.

Ian began to persuade again.

"At that time, you were the most handsome tortoise then."

But, Bbookbbook had other words to say.

[Why are you changing your words, Master?]

At those words from Bbookbbook, he looked over at Bbakbbak who was there.

[At that time, master, you told me that Bbakbbak was the best looking.]

After the evolution, Bbookbbook had gotten smarter!

But Ian was having a hard time getting into Bbookbbook's head.

"Well, that time your rival was none other than Bbakbbak."

[Right. Bbakbbak is my rival.]

"But… you ate too much of my meatballs and gained some fat…!"

Seeing Bbookbbook's eyes wavered, Ian confirmed that he was on the right track.

"On top of that, after evolving Bbakbbak it did not emerge to become a tortoise. It became a dragon also."

Ian approached Bbookbbook and tugged on its ear.

"And Bbakbbak too, isn't so handsome like before."

Bbookbbook eyes were still wavering.

[Then, then…!]

Ian realized that Bbookbbook was having a hard time.

"When you first met me. Let's go back to that charming turtle that you were, Bbookbbook-ah. The most handsome turtle in the whole world."

The most handsome turtle in the whole world.

That last word from Ian, had an undenied effect on Bbookbbook.

And he was asking for the change of appearance.

Harin looked at the conversation that was happening between the two, and Bbookbbook who was lost in thoughts opened his mouth.

[Well… that I am…!]

The gigantic body of Bbookbbook who was almost about to cry started to shine in white light.


A huge resonating sound was in the air, and with it, the light began to shrink.

And after a while.

A word came out of the small Bbookbbook's mouth.



It takes a week for the Dimensional beads to get a complete charge to power the portal.

And in the cycle of the week, naturally, Ian needed to get to the Guild.

Ian checked the time he had and then proceeded with the plan to prepare for the Guild war with Fiolan, Herz, and Cain.

Since the duration of the portal opened by the beads wasn't for long, Ian always disappeared as quickly as the lightning strike.

And, of course, he put up all his time in the devil energy production.

"Harin-ah hit me up with a couple of arrows. If it hits me I'll die."



It was Harin who was always in the position of needing help, but now she was helping Ian manage his energy.

If you want to grow the Devil energy, you will have to get a hold of it first and will have to change it in order, because any low or intermediate class of attacks wouldn't work on Ian.

Particularly, the low-level rankers were almost impossible to face, as their attacks would just get blocked, but if Harin hit, they could do damage.

And a crucial thing that helped in making the decision, Harin's tasty 'cooking'.

"Jinsung-ah, I developed a new recipe."

"Hmm? What is that? A soup?"

"Yep, It is a soup."

"The smell is good… what's with the color? Is it broccoli soup? Green?"

"Not a broccoli soup… if I need to put a name on it, mushy Kaylof soup? Yeah, I should name it that!"


Kaylof was the name of an intermediate monster that Ian had hunted for the whole day and captured.

Kaylof is a gigantic anaconda-like beast with a toxic mucus that was on its entire body, and it was hard to deal with it because of the mucus it throws from its mouth.

It was a day that Ian was busy hunting till then as he wanted to use his mana skills, and Harin had made the recipe from its mucus.

With a flustered expression, Ian asked Harin,

"Yah, can we really have this? What kind of poisonous things are in there?"

Harin replied as if it was nothing,

"Well, it surely isn't something to eat, what are you talking about?"


"It is a poisonous food, won't it be venomous? If you take it again, you could go into a dying stats?"

Ian was out of his wits.

"What, then why did you make it?"

Harin answered with a proud expression,

"That, to help you catch the bounty for your skill upgrade!"


Harin handed a glass bottle with soup in it.

"Now check the information window."

Ian wasn't feeling well—then after receiving the bottle, he checked the item information of the dish.

- - - - - - -

Kaylof Mucus Soup –

Classification – Bottled

Rank – Advanced

Preparation Score - 1196

Value -44235 Gold

Satisfaction - +60

It is a soup made from processing the mucus of the Kaylof, an intermediate monster who lives in the division of 107.

It is an excellent poison made by processing the toxic mucus several times of the Kaylof and turns into a 'poison' state after just one sip of the drink.

It has the taste and smell that could entice anyone.

It is a poisonous liquid created by the beginner of 'Poison Maker'. However, due to the high dexterity and proficiency of the manufacturer, an excellent poison liquid has been made.

Unique Ability:

Once ingested, it will be in an addicted state, and health decreases by 0.3% of the maximum health per second.

However, if the vitality drops below 5%, then the vitality will stop to decrease, and the movement will get slower by 50%.

(Duration – 1850 seconds.)

- - - - - - - - -


Having confirmed the item's information, Ian realized what Harin's words have meant by capturing the monsters.

Harin asked with a cheerful expression.

"How's that? Won't this be helpful for you?"

"It sure helps…! This so great, right?"

Even if I was a Kaylof, the condition of it would be the same, even if the effects of it vary.

Specifically, in the case of 'addiction', the power difference in the superior state and subordinate state were enormous, and the soup that Harin made wasn't superior in terms of power.

It was impossible to use it with taking off 0.3% of the vitality in a sec. in the battlefield.

But in this situation, it was helpful for Ian.

'Anyway, 0.3% of the maximum vitality… 300–400 seconds, it will be in the state of dying…'

The duration was more than 30 minutes, so if it was needed to feed them, they need to be in condition but must have less vitality.

Ian once again admires Harin.

"Harin…! This is awesome."

At the praise from Ian, Harin responded with a smile.

"Hehe, right? I had such a hard time making this recipe."

"But when did you learn about this Harin? I never heard of any such skills…?"

And at that moment Ian's mind had a weird thought.

'Will she poison my food if I didn't meet her…? If I didn't date her and just spend time gaming, would she have poisoned my food…?'

Bringing Ian from his thoughts, Harin spoke,

"The first time being in the Devildom."

"Oh, really?"

"So, there were new ingredients when compared to the human world."


"So, I was trying to make a recipe by combining this and that. Suddenly a hidden skill called Poison Maker came up."

"Oh ho…?"

Listening to Harin, Ian realized something else.

'If it is like Harin says… I guess a production class and a maker might get hidden skills in the same way?'

Ian who had been neglecting the familiars' items for a while, was self-inflicted in his growth.

'Keu, I have been so lazy. I should have just continued doing the quests with.'

One minute of rest, meant that one would lose something similar to that.

'If I worked hard enough to make skills in the meantime, would I have found a new hidden skill?'

Ian made clenched his fist.

"Ah, I still have a long way to go…!"

At these mumbling from Ian, Harin asked,


"Ah, nothing. Just something on my mind."

Ian took steps with the poison liquid from Harin.

"Jinsung-ah, where are you going?"

"To give the snacks to the monsters."


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