Taming Master | Chapter 316 | Recipe for Magical Beast Alchemy | Part 2

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Chapter 316 - Recipe for Magical Beast Alchemy - Part 2


Ian went through the road, and he began to descend one level deeper.

With Bbookbbook, Karceus and Kaizer all turning to the mythical rank.

It was much easier to go through the Devildom.

However, it was still unknown if she could go through the 15th district or not.

'The 15th zone of the Devildom… unless the monsters here suddenly get stronger, we can somehow try to manage…'

Ian had broke into the 50th zone of the Devildom where he had previously visited, and it was very quick, almost as if he was sliding through a slope.

And now Ian had come to the 45th zone of the Devildom.

But from there on, he felt like the progress was getting much slower.

"Now, we need to move carefully. I'm not sure if I'm getting a bit too vigilant."

Kaizer who was beside Ian listened to his words and agreed to the statement.

"Right, Lord. Since the moment we have crossed over the 50th division, I hardly see any monster below the intermediate level."

As if some thought suddenly crossed his mind, Ian shook his head and asked Kaizer.

"By the way Kaizer, Why did you say that?"

At those words from Ian, Kaizer looked at him with a strange look.

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"Nothing, it's just sometimes you call me Lord, and other times you call me master."

Ian spoke with a grim expression,

"Well, am I not the one who is supposed to accept that?"

The loyalty of Kaizer was up to 100 points after it had awakened to the myth class.

But Ian was still a bit skeptical about the fact, as Kaizer's tone was still a bit cheeky.

Kaizer spoke with a slight smile,

"Keu. I have already acknowledged you as the master, in the past."

Ian's face lightened.

"Yeah? Then why are you still calling me a Lord?"

Kaizer hesitated for a moment.


"What is that?"

"The Lord seems much more sensible to me."


Ian asked Kaizer,

"Then, what do you plan on calling me?"

Kaizer touched his chin before answering.

"Well, it probably depends on my mood."


Ian sighed briefly, started to walk again after giving up.

'Will you also call me Master on your own wish like Yankun does?'

But he just thought it for himself.

Ian still had to win on the 1 on 1 with Kaizer.

He wasn't an easy opponent to deal with even before he had awakened, but now that he was awakened, and beating him unilaterally wouldn't happen anymore.

Ian slowly walked through the gate while moving into the zone of 44, and turned his head in the direction of Yankun and asked.

"Yankun, do you know anything about the area from 15 – 44?"

Yankun replied in a polite tone,

"Know, means about what do you mean, Master?"

"Is there anything in the 15th zone that I'm supposed to be careful about while going to the 'Tomb of the Forgotten Soul'? The field monster will be strong, and the huge boss monster at the cage is also strong?"

The gateway from 50 to 49.

The boss who guarded it was a legendary monster 'Tarveros'.

It was the first time for Ian to come across it, and it was a giant tiger with three heads.

To describe it in much more detail, it was a monster that had; purple and red stripes with white, its whole body surrounded with purple flames.

And Ian didn't just pass through the gates by taking it down, but there was a moment when Ian's heart was about to explode.

'Taveros… the combat ability was clearly a drop when compared with the Balrog or the Devil Dragon, but he was a top-notch guy to take down.'

The ability to reverse the time seemed like the special ability of the Taveros.

To put it precisely, it was the ability to rewind only 'your time' for a certain span.

'It was really frightening when we were about to hit it head-on, but somehow managed to get to the back of his head.'

As a matter of fact, Ian didn't know the exact specs of the ability.

And it was because he didn't have the time to concentrate on it while dealing with the match.

While Ian was in thought about those things, Yankun began to explain the information that he knew.

"There are no such things like the Gatekeeper that you need to worry about till reaching the 30th zone."

"Yeah? There aren't any gates?"

Yankun shook his head and spoke,

"But there is a gate in the 40th zone, and that isn't something my master needs to be concerned about."

"What kind of a thing is it? I think you know."

"Yes. He is one of the 12 officers like myself, and it is of the 5th rank Noblesse. He is around 1.5 times stronger than I am."

"So, if I assume that you were in the rank of a Noblesse, then a similar level to you?"

"Uh… something like that. If I become a Noblesse, then I can fight him."

Yankun had met all the conditions he needed to become a Noblesse, but he was still in the process as he couldn't upgrade himself entirely.

And if being 1.5 times stronger than Yankun at its current state meant that Ian didn't have to worry about.

"Hmm… then it is all fine till the 30th zone… then at the 30th, is it guarded?"

Yankun shook his head again.

"Nothing of that sort. The 30th zone guards are similar to the 40th zone guardian Asmodian. With my Master's ability, we can pass through without much difficulty."

Ian asked with a strange look,

"Euh? Then what is the problem?"

"It's after you've gone into the 30th zone."


"In the zone 30, a huge castle called 'The wall of Chaos' blocks the way."

"The Wall of Chaos?"

Yankun's words continued.

"Yes. Inside 'the Wall of Chaos', the 6th rank Devil Princess Liliana is there."

Ian mumbled with a low voice.

"Uhm…Then what about the Rekayl that we met before?"

Yankun replied,

"If it is Rekayl, then around 7th place."


Ian's face widened.

'Then, you mean there isn't another monster like that?If so, then we can't just force our way through with power…'

Ian asked Yankun once again,

"There isn't an alternative from going there?"

"The Wall of Chaos?"

"Hmm. It seems to be worthless to push through there with strength. Is there no other way than to cross paths with the Devil princess Liliana?"

There was silence for a while.

Yankun was in deep thoughts, so Ian looked over at Kaka.

"Yah, Kaka. Is there nothing you know?"

Kaka replied with half-closed eyes,

"I have never been to the Wall of Chaos, Master."

"You're not just answering me in your sleep, right?"

"Absolutely not!"

"Ah, okay."

And while they were having a change of words, Yankun opened his mouth again while still being in thoughts.

"Oh, there is one way, master."


Ian asked with a smile,

"What is it?"

Hesitating for a moment, Yankun spoke in a low voice,

"I can choose one of Liliana's retainers, before upgrading to a Noblesse. Then naturally, I'll be invited into the City of Chaos."

"Oho, that seems like a pretty good way?"

But Yankun's words didn't end there.

"But there is a problem."

"What is it, quit stalling and just say it."

"If I don't win the upgrade, then we will have to go through the Core of Chaos."

"The Core of Chaos?"

"Yes. I think it is similar to the one that I was trapped in the past, the City of Rage. I'll probably be locked in there for a week or so."

"Kue…probability of you winning?"

"If it is the current me…I have the probability to hold high at 2%, all of Liliana's retainers, they are the best of the Noblesse."

Ian's head started to hurt after listening to the complicated information that Yankun was giving him.

'Being trapped in here for a week is a bit too huge of a penalty.'

If one is trapped in the Devildom, they are bound to lose to the Devils.

It was a painful loss, and the penalty for a week is a huge no for Ian.

But there was something going on in Ian's mind.

"Just a minute."

"What is it, Master?"

"Do you have to challenge before you upgrade?"

"Umm…? What do you mean?"

Ian smiled and answered,

"I'm here. I'm a Devil. Aren't I enough for you to change? "

Yankun answered while shaking head,

"No, master, no."


"If it is you, then winning the challenge isn't going to be much difficult. It can't happen for a retainer, but that could happen for a familiar. It wouldn't be much tough for Bbookbbook or Karceus to change with your consent."

"What's the problem?"

"In order to challenge the retainers of the Devil princes, you must be a pure-blooded Devil."

Ian's expression turned upset.


"My master is a half-Devil, so the challenge will probably get rejected."


Ian was feeling troubled again.

'But…I can't just give up now…'

Ian started to make his mind work hard and began to move forward.

Looking at this kind of Ian, Yankun asked him.

"Hmm…? What are you thinking, master?"

Ian smiled a little and replied,

"Let's try to take of the zone 30 for now. We'll think of the later part when we get there."

Yankun nodded his head.

"I get it. we can do that."

And Ian summoned all his pets.

"Uhm? What's it, Master?"

Ian laughed wickedly and spoke,

"Until we get to the 30th, you will all have to grow as much as you can, not leaving a single option out."


"It's enough to have Kaizer when we reach the gate. So get Sparta and get to hunting now, and reach a proper level up."

Yankun felt an unfamiliar chill going through his whole body.

"What is Sparta, Master?"

Ian answered briefly,

"I don't know."


"Hmm, at last, we have been able to establish a guild."

In the 100th division of Devildom, the City of Wrath.

The City of Wrath had the second largest number of Asmodian users among the current cities of the Devildom.

The city that had the most number of Asmodian users in the Devildom was the City of Hatred in the 200th division.

The City of Hatred was the first place that had been created during the dimensional war, it was the initiation point when choosing the races that the Asmodians wanted when creating their character.

Among the Asmodian users; the place where the novice users were mainly located was the City of Hatred, and it was the City of Wrath that had Asmodian users above the level of 150.

There was a place called the City of Destruction in the division of 150, but there weren't many users over there.

"It was hard. In the dimensional war, the public value points were much lower than they had expected."

On the corner of the Central Square in the City of Wrath.

Two Asmodians were talking.

"Yes, that's true. That would be a win, but Ian came in the last and changed it…"

"Yeah, well, we managed to create the guild somehow. This time for once we'll join forces."

"Great. It is a bit unfortunate that ours isn't the first guild to be established in the Devildom, but we'll soon become the most powerful guild in the dimension, right?"

"That's right. There is no way that Irahan's guild, who kept losing to Ian would be the stronger one. I heard that the guild of DarkRuna is almost half in power."

Surprisingly, it was the former master of the Splendor guild and the guild master Samuel Jin of the Oaklan Guild.

The Splendor guild and the Oaklan guild, which had come into the Devildom, had joined forces to create a single strong guild.

"Uh, Ian…! He has been interfering from the central continent, and we stumbled in the end"

At the statement for Martin—Samuel Jin gently answered,

"That's right. Huhu, I don't know when but in the next dimensional war… I'll make sure to give Ian a taste of defeat."

Although the Splendor and the Oaklan guild had collapsed, it didn't mean that the two guilds were less in strength.

The two guilds were still holding the power to be inside the top 10 guilds.

And the new guild had almost 60 -70 % of the power from the guilds as they had merged.

"Huh, I think it was a good decision to move the guilds here."

"That's right, the new guild content in the Devildom is amazing."

Two huge guilds, forming a new guild with awesome strength—the Tiger King Guild.

Martin and the Samuel Jin were dreaming about making a new leap in the Devildom.

But the two of them were soon going to face the challenges that they didn't anticipate.


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