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Chapter 317 - Recipe for Magical Beast Alchemy - Part 3


"Oh, ouch. Mas… master."

"What is it Yankun. You're not trying to say that you're feeling tired and want to rest, right?"

"No, No. I would never say that. Your Yankun isn't that weak…!"

"Okay then, let's go over there. There are a bunch of high-level monsters over there. Is it a pack?"


A desolated field with many monsters in it.

On the outskirts of the 31st division, Yankun was struggling.

A total of six people were in the party including Yankun.

Ian and three retainers, along with Kaka and Bbookbbook.

The three retainers were Kaizer, Yankun, and the priest class Npc Elisha.

Elisha was a recently acquired vassal through Ian's Pyro Training Centre, which had a legendary potential.

Well, the current rank was still Heroic.

"My Lord, I feel like Yankun is a bit tired. How about we take a small break?"

Elisha looked at Yankun with her big round eyes and blinked.

And Yankun looked over at Ian with expectations in his eyes.

But Ian looked cold.

"No, Elisha. Yankun is fine. Just put the heal so that Yankun wouldn't die."

"Ah, Okay, my Lord."

Elisha looked over at Yankun and began to cast a healing spell on him.

Yankun with an upset expression moved forward towards the monster and seeing this Kaizer shook his head.

"Catch them well Yankun, catch those Asmodians."

At these words from Kaizer, Ian smiled a little and responded,

"Now we will soon be in the 30th division. Wouldn't it be better to raise another level to have better results? I have no thoughts of going into punishment for the sake of Yankun."

At these words, the dull expression of Kaizer shone a little.

"Yes, I understand that too. The Asmodians dudes are a bit pitiful, but they are weak in general."

Yankun's current level was 385.

Ian's trial had now gone up 25 levels.

And Kaizer's level was 337.

When Kaizer was in the before phase of awakening to the Myth class, there wouldn't have been much difference when compared in power with Yankun.

Even if there is a difference between the legendary and heroic ranks, the level difference of 50 wasn't a small one.

Rather, Yankun was stronger.

However, now that Kaizer had become a myth class, it had been much stronger than Yankun.

The rank gap between the two levels was something that couldn't be filled with 50 level difference.

And that way, the Spartan hunting of Yankun continued, and Ian had no intention to move to the 30th division in the coming one week.

'If you keep rolling hard, you can shoot up to level 390?'

In the second half of level 300, Yankun's level required experience was enormous.

However, if the system was going to monopolize the exp of Yankun by sending him to the high level of monsters, it would be possible to raise around 5 levels within a week.

When Ian was making plans in his head.

Bboookbbook was behind him and called over.

"Master, boring Bbook."

Ian chuckled.

They had all been watching Yankun hunting for a few days, so it was definitely for them to get bored.

"Why not go over there and give a shot of breath?"

At this Bbookbbook's face began to shine.

"If I use my breath, then all the monsters there would die in a strike. And Yankun won't be able to level up."

Kaka who was right beside him countered.

"There is no way that would happen, so don't fret and just use your breath once. They aren't goblins or low-level monsters, so why would they get killed by your breath?"

Bbookbbook glared over at Kaka.


"I can't do that Bbook. My breath is very strong."

Kaka responded impatiently.

"Shall we bet, Bbookbbook?"

Bbookbbook responded immediately.

"Good Bbook. Let's bet Bbook. What is the content bbook?"

Ian looked at them with an interested expression.

"If you manage to kill down one of the bosses with your breath then, you win. And if you don't manage to take it down, then I win. How's that?"

Bbookbbook moved his head up and down.

"I like it bbook!!"

Ian, who had listened to the conversation between those two, began to think over in his head.

Just calculating the damage wasn't enough to answer it immediately, even if one was as clever as Ian, the results would be hard to predict.

'I don't know this too. It is likely for the weak ones to be down with a strike, as it will result in a critical strike.'

On the other hand, after evolving into the Abyss Dragon, Bbookbbook looked like he had gotten smarter.

'When he received the buff from the Gods, he was able to take down the legendary monsters with a single strike, and even in the absence of the buffs, his attacks are still very powerful.'

But how smart Bbookbbook had turned, the Intellect of Kaka's was now nearly around 10,000.

Kaka's level had been on the rise for quite some time, but for some unforeseen reason, Kaka's intellect stats had always been growing.

It wasn't so sure, but Kaka's intelligence seemed to be rising due to sleeping.

And the current intellect of Bbookbbook has been about 5,000 or so.

And Kaka was twice smarter than that.

Kaka had already known the offensive power and the defense of Bbookbook, so there could've been some kind of unforeseen calculation.

'It isn't in a level where one could go down with a single strike even if calculated roughly. When the critical strike explodes, it could lead to an unrecoverable state.'

So the bet that was placed on the meatballs for two days was on, and Bbookbbook was full of ambitious expression.


Flapping its huge wings, it flew to the field where Yankun was fighting!

After taking a huge breath, he opened his big mouth widely.

The mouth of Bbookbbook began to fill up with a mass of energy, and soon an intense wave began to form.

The breath of the Abyss Dragon, a huge chilling storm.


A dozen of the high-level monster that was attacking Yankun was flustered.

It was because of a strong cold air that was over their head.


The monsters and the Asmodians tried to dodge, but the cold breath didn't allow them.

The range of it was wide, and their movement was slowed down due to the Breath's cold effect.

In the end, the ongoing Breath had hit all the monsters in the field.


After blowing out Breath, Bbookbbook stood there with a proud expression,

and looked down onto the ground from the sky.

However, the vitality of the monster wasn't dead yet, it had around 1/3rd of its vitality still remaining.

Even in the places where the breath had directly hit the monsters.

Bbookbbook was very confused.

'But, But… at least one of them had to die bbook.'

Bbookbbook was trying to find just one dead creature.

But then, Bbookbbook found one monster which had turned into a corpse.

With a lot of excitement, Bbookbbook returned to the place where Ian was.

"Bbookbbook! There is one guy dead over there, bbook!"

With shining eyes, Bbookbbook spoke,

But Kaka's expression rather than being embarrassed was of comfort.

So Bbookbbook felt like something was wrong.

'What bbook. I obviously won, won the bet bbok…!'

And then Kaka had opened its mouth.

"Till tomorrow, all your meatballs are mine. You accept right Bbookbbook?"

Polymorphing to the tortoise form, Bbookbbook asked with a nervous expression.

"What do you mean by that Bbook?! There is one dead thing over there bbook!"

And turned his head towards Ian, asking for a fair judgment.

But Ian shook his head.

"I think the bet is in the favor of Kaka, Bbookbbook-ah"


And Ian spoke to BBookbbook who was confused at what was going on.

"The dead guy over there, Yankun had taken it down before you."

And Kaka added another word.

"Bbookbbook-ah you just stole it from Yankun."


Bbookbbook looked depressed.

In a moment, he had lost 2 of his meatballs.

"Can't you just let this slide for once, Bbook."

Ian who had watched Kaka and Bbookbbook for a while turned his head in the direction of Yankun with a smile.

And Yankun, all because of Bbookbbook's breath, was able to fight much more easily.

Breath caused the monsters to lose most of their vitality, but the best part of it was that the monsters movement was slowed down due to the freezing effect.

'Phew, can Yankun succeed in upgrading?'

It didn't mean that the moment it leveled up, it wouldn't get to be strong all at once.

That was why Ian had other plans for Yankun.


"Euahkk…! How did the Asmodians…?!"

"There is no way to know… I'm sorry but you'll have to die."


A man with a red armor all over his body.

And his sword had pierced through the abdomen of another user.

[The user 'Minwoo87' has received tremendous damage.]

[You have succeeded in defeating the user 'Minwoo87'!]

And the user 'Minwoo87' muttered something while dying.

"Uh… Irahan... you're somehow too strong…"

And as soon as the user died, a new system message emerged in front of the standing user.


[A human user (250/250)]

[You have met all the requirements for the 'Devil's Power' to be activated.]

Seeing the system message, Irahan smiled.

'Huhu, because of that jerk Ian, I was lagging behind… but finally, I will be promoted into a Noblesse.'

Irahan pulled out the red vial into his hands.

It was wrapped with a burning red light.


Taking a deep breath, Irahan used it without hesitation.

And the red light around the vial began to get absorbed by Irahan.


[You have successfully completed the 'Quest of the Devil II' (Updated quest).]

[The Power of Devil has been activated.]

[The ranks of the magic have risen.]

[The racial class of the user 'Irahan' has been promoted from 'Greater Asmodian' to 'Noblesse'.]

[All combat skills increases by 5%.]

[Increases your stats by 10%.]

[Increase the magic hit rate by 2%.]

[Increases your stats by 2%.]

The upgrade to a successfully Noblesse rank!

Irahan carefully went through the messages.

But, Irahan's expression wasn't so great.

'What? Why is it that there is no compensation for the initial achievement?'

Irahan was confused.

No matter how much of a level he had lost, the achievement of his magical content was still overwhelming.

He was of the thought that there would be no one before himself who would've turned to a Noblesse first.

'What the hell is happening? There is someone who had already become a Noblesse, before me?'

Irahan suddenly remembered Ian.

However, Irahan knew better than anyone that to become a noblesse, there were many limitations.

'Who the hell is it?'

Irahan's face was distorted.

Such kind of developments.

In Kailan, there was a compensation for the first achievements of any new content, so it was obvious that somebody had achieved Noblesse first.

"Damn it…!"

Irahan felt hurt.

'I won't stop. There is no time to spare.'

In fact, Irahan hadn't been idle.

After Ian had crushed him, he had been busy restoring the losses he had received.

However, Irahan was a thorough 'resultant'.

He had always been focused on the results rather than on process.

Effort wasn't an important thing for him. Rather than 'working hard' he was much interested in 'Good' things that were in store for him.

'Now that I am a Noblesse, I can grow faster.'

In order to get his revenge on Ian, he didn't take a break.

And now he couldn't stand the fact that there was someone who was ahead of him.

'If I couldn't be the first in the Devildom, I'll make sure that I'll get that 50 % of magic resistance, and will face him again.'

Irahan clenched his teeth and put his swords back in the sheath.

And quickly disappeared...


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