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Chapter 318 - The City of Chaos - Part 1


Ian had a very tight hunting schedule, and his retainer Yankun had finally achieved level 390.

As soon as Yankun reached level 390, Ian broke through the gates. Ian went through the 30th to 31st and finally entered the 30th division.

As soon as Ian entered the 30th division after opening the gate, his mouth opened wide.

"Wow, what is this. Is this the great wall?"

The scene that Ian's eyes were witnessing was like the Great Wall.

Kaka who was flying next to Ian asked.

"Master, what's a great wall?"

Ian replied.

"There is this huge country called China, and there was an emperor who had built a huge wall."

Due to the short knowledge that Ian had, that was the limit of his answer.

But even with such a short answer, Kaka's eyes were shining.

"China? The great wall? This is the first time I heard that name, master."

Ian responded with an impatient look.

"Well, that's for sure. China is not a country of this world."

"Oho, so it is the empire that exists in the world where my master usually goes over to."

Ian nodded.

"Well, you can put it like that."

Ian's gaze went towards Kaka, whose eye was trying to take in the beauty of the magnificent wall in front of him.

The wall was lined up endlessly along the horizon, and with the red sky behind it, it looked like a painting.

'I'll have to go over there.'

Ian's gaze moved in the direction of Yankun.



"Will you be able to do it?"

Yankun thought for a second and nodded with a confident look.

"Yes, master."

Ian laughed and spoke.

"You seem to have twice the confidence today than yesterday?"

Yankun replied with a gentle expression.

"With the equipment, you lent to me master, I can take down even the topmost Noblesse."

Ian lent all his equipment to Yankun the moment he had reached the 30th division.

Since Yankun didn't know how to handle a spear, Ian couldn't lend him his Judgement of the Spirit King. However, he had given Yankun all of his anti-magic equipment settings.

Yankun's anti-magic set was almost 60%, which wasn't as high as Ian's.

Besides, Ian wore the items before, so the option was all previously set by him.

If the setting was enough, it would be possible for Yankun to win against a top noblesse.

"Don't stress it too much, Yankun."

"I understand, Master. I will definitely win."

Ian spoke in a calm voice.

"I'll let you borrow my equipment till the end of the term, but… you know right?"


Yankun felt his whole body freeze.


Ian was able to cross the Wall of Chaos without much difficulty.

Yankun showed something to the gatekeeper, and he had silently allowed them to pass through.

On top of that, one of the guards had even guided them out of kindness.

Ian asked something that he was curious about.

"Yankun, What is that?"

"The Seal of the Greater Asmodian."

"Umm…? The seal of Greater Asmodian…"

The Seal of Half-Devil, even Ian had this.

Ian was also a higher-level Asmodian ( Half-Devil), and it was naturally created into his inventory when he had turned into the Half-Devil.

But Ian had no reason to be surprised.

"But it looks a little different from the seal that I have."

Ian had a headache.

Ian's seal was like a sword, but in Yankun's seal, there was a strong red light.

Yankun replied.

"Well, basically, the half and pure Asmodians have a different appearance. However, it is a different matter based on the devil energy. When all the qualifications for upgrading to the next rank are met, the seal will change automatically."

"Oho? Hmm… but Yankun."

"Go on, master."

"I have around 5 million devil energy, so basing on what you said, do I need another additional qualification?"

Yankun nodded.

"I'm not sure about the requirements to upgrade for to a Noblesse. But if the seal marking has not changed, then it means you're still unqualified."

But now, Yankun was the one that needed to upgrade to Noblesse, but even Ian wanted to become a Noblesse.

'How am I supposed to qualify?'

In fact, Ian wasn't much interested in the Noblesse till recently.

In case of a pure Asmodian, it increases every time they were in a battle, but in the case of a Half-Asmodian, there was no increase in rank apart from the increase in stats.

Magic attack rate, magic resistance, and basic wear.

They alone were worth the upgrade, but Ian hadn't thought about them as he had many other important things to do.

However, after the end of the dimensional war, his priority had changed a bit.

A Myth class bow was dropped from Khalifa.

It was because of the Noblesse rating that Ian was able to wear the item 'God's rage'.

In any case, showing the seal of the qualified Asmodian, and then expressing their intention to challenge the King of Trails. Their party was guided to the King of Chaos even though their motives were already known.


"You have a precious guest."

Ian who had confronted the Devil was nervous and became flustered as he chose the words he would say.

'What does he mean?'

Ian, the protagonist for the victory of Dimensional War.

That being said, Ian was the main cause for the defeat of the Asmodians in the Dimensional War.

So, that was why Ian was nervous about confronting the Devil, but the reaction of Liliana was very soft.

Ian looked at her but had no idea as to what she was going to do.

'Better be careful. This is the enemy's place.'

Ian spoke after some deep thoughts.

"Do you know me?"

Liliana nodded and put up a very meaningful smile.

"How can I—Liliana, not know you? All the rulers of Devildom probably know you, Ian."

"Oh… I understand."

Liliana laughed while touching her horns and looking at Ian who wasn't sure about how he was supposed to respond.

"It is a very nice gesture, by the way. It hasn't been long since the Dimensional War had ended, it is astonishing to find you here."

Ian decided to be confident and continued to talk.

"War is war. I thought that the prince would put an end to the war, but he couldn't do it since he was alone. In addition, from the human's point of view, it was plain self-defense."

Liliana who hadn't spoke immediately burst into laughter.

"Ho ho ho, you're really an unusual person, you sure are."

Liliana watched Ian very closely and said.

"Actually, you're words aren't so wrong. Due to the lack of power of our Asmodians, we were defeated in the war."

Ian who heard her words was relieved.

'Phew, I feel like I've lost ten years of my life.'

But Liliana's words didn't end there.

"However, I'm the monarch who rules over Devildom, and my position is a little different from normal Asmodians. You are a great enemy who had great power, but I am a monarch of this kingdom. Are you thinking that you could just take me on and neglect being punished?"


Looking at Ian's confused expression, Liliana put up a funny face.

Liliana sat her long white legs and stared at Ian.

Ian was nervously looking at her, and slowly her red lips opened.

"But you're one lucky person."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Fortunately, I don't like the boasters much. If you weren't so hard on yourself and tried to be modest, you would've been dead before you faced me. Or probably be trapped."

Ian understood his situation right now.

'Boaster… that was. Then Devil Liliana is a modest?'

Ian's head was spinning rapidly.

'And favoring a half-devil, the Devil Ricardo also, said the same.'

Through his exchange of words with Liliana, Ian roughly realized the situation and the circumstance of Devildom.

Liliana's words continued.

"But that doesn't mean I'm on your side."

"I understand that."

Liliana licked her lips.

"Nice. The reason as to finding the monarch of Chaos. Let's start with that."

Ian gulped down his spit and waited for her next words.

But instead of opening her mouth, she clapped her hands.


And one of the Asmodians who were lined up beside Liliana came forward.

"You have called?"

Liliana tilted her head and commanded.

"Kiryan, will be the opponent for your Asmodian."

All the Asmodians, seemed clueless but replied with a loud voice.

"Order received!"


The magic Noblesse used were called 'Nobility'.

When a noblesse turns into a Nobility in Devildom, they turn to the vested group of the Devildom.

After getting the power from it, the rank would be decided based on it.

The Noblesse were the strongest ones, who were entitled to the interest of Devildom.

Ian mumbled.

"Kiryan, huh? What would the rank of that Asmodian be?"

The standards of the noblesse in the Devildom were a bit too complicated.

On the base, there was a sequence from 1 to a thousand that were granted by skills. And the interesting thing about it was if one got pushed down from 1000, even then their class wouldn't get demoted.

In order to become a noblesse, one would have to win against a noblesse, but once he turns into a Noblesse, he wouldn't be able to go back to being a greater-Noblesse.

Instead, the Noblesse who got out from the rank was subjected to "Out of sequence" treatment and was pushed away from the Devildom.

Kaka who was beside Ian spoke in a voice that only Ian could hear.

"You can see the City of Chaos as the city is ruled by Liliana… but this is also a top city among the various cities of Devildom."


Kaka continued.

"The Devil Liliana will surely hold a high position for the Noblesse Asmodian and that means that there is enormous power in Devildom."

Kaka who was concerned looked over at Kiryan and opened her mouth once again.

"Well, I'm not sure, but I think that he could be around level 500, master."

Ian touched his head after hearing what Kaka just said.

"Huh? In such an outstanding city, only 500?"

Kaka replied with his head down.

"Not only 500, master. The Noblesse who are between 1 to 100 are the Devil Princes, and those between 200 and 400 are noblesse, most of them will enter the Devil Temple, the center of Devildom. Those over 500 are the ones who are not supposed to be messed with."

"Devil temple…? Now, what is that."

Ian's curiosity was triggered by what Kaka just said, but Kaka didn't respond immediately.

"I'll tell you that the next time, master. It's not something you need to know right now, and I still need to collect information."

"Collect information? From where?"

Kaka replied while rolling her eyes.

"Stop asking me, master. You need to start upgrading Yankun."

Ian's curiosity died down after hearing what Kaka said and looked over at Kiryan and Yankun getting into the Altar.

The Devil Liliana who was sitting on the other side of Ian looked ominous.


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