Taming Master | Chapter 319 | The City of Chaos | Part 2

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Chapter 319 - The City of Chaos - Part 2


The Noblesse Asmodian Kiryan was the lowest of the Noblesse line-up, that the Devil Liliana had.

However, even if that was so, in the entire Devildom, the users above the rank of 450 were considered to be of tremendous strength.

And now he was advancing while feeling upset that a Greater Asmodian, had challenged him—a Noblesse.

'Jack ass… I'll show you what it means to be different.'

Kiryan took steps cautiously and was stroking his arm.

His weapon was a giant mace with three heads.

A staggering weapon with an equally terrifying appearance.

But the weapon that Yankun had was too good.

In the hands of Yankun was a gigantic sword, which was about the size of his long arm.

Ian smiled and thought to himself.

'The moment that I got it, I knew that it was the right weapon for Yankun.'

Normally, Yankun knew how to use two kinds of weapons.

One of them was a great sword, and the other was a great axe.

The weapon that Yankun had now, was a big sword that touched the floor, but the top part of the blade was huge enough to be used as an axe.

At first glance, Yankun's weapon looked distorted; it couldn't be distinguished between an axe and a sword.

It was a confrontation of both power and strength!

Kiryan smiled and slowly approached Yankun.

"It's my first time seeing a Noblesse get losing before getting upgraded."

Yankun nodded slowly and acknowledged what Kiryan said.

"Well. But I don't plan on being this way."


Yankun laughed at the gigantic strike it did at the opponent.

An explicit provocation.

Kiryan's face turned red of anger.

"Man… I'll show you what despair feels like."


Kiryan wanted to dominate Yankun, but he got confused because of Yankun's provocation.

Kiryan seemed a bit relieved feeling that he would trample the one in front of his eyes.

Kiryan ran in Yankun's direction, and Yankun ran towards Kiryan as well.

The two Asmodians began to rush towards the other, and a heavy sound began to ring in the battlefield.

Bang- Bang- Bang-!

The massive weapons of the two Asmodians came in contact with the other, and great roaring sounds started to resonate.


That was the start of the great fight.

The two who were exchanging blows vigorously retreated by spreading the distance between them.

Ian was watching them very closely.


Ian discreetly called Kaka, which made her respond.

"What is it, master?"

Ian responded in a low voice.

"The Noblesse Asmodian, He's stronger than I thought."

"I told you right. He is currently under 6th ranked Devil. He would be strong."

Ian's gaze was fixed on Kiryan's vitality.

'He wasn't able to attack properly yet… but it didn't cut more than 5% of the vitality.'

Meanwhile, Liliana who was sitting on the other side was rather relaxed.

Unlike Kiryan, Yankun was devastated when he lost 10% of his vitality.

And Kiryan, had a much excited expression.

'Kiryan's attack power is better than Yankun's attack level… but he isn't strong enough to be my opponent.'

Kiryan with his mace stepped forward.

However, Yankun was surprisingly calm and relaxed.


Kiryan pulled up the mace and smiled.

'Is there room for this?'


Kiryan, like the military demonstration, waved his mace towards the floor.

He made a heavy sound, and the bottom of the floor pitted out.


It was a tremendous destructive power!

But that didn't scare Yankun.

Yankun laughed and pointed his sword at Kiryan.

The two Asmodians slowly began to move towards the other.

Ian, on the other hand, felt a little nervous after seeing Yankun's calm expression.

'What is this? Yankun has never been the kind of guy who could keep a poker face like that…?'

Ian knew much more about Yankun's tendencies than anyone else.

He wasn't like Kiryan, Yankun was a simple being.

If he had really suffered any serious damage, all his emotions would've been exposed in an instant.

Ian was now concerned.

'What to do?'

And the next moment, Ian suddenly had an idea.

'Just a while back… did he just change to combat?'

The magic was a fixed damage that would happen only when triggered, unless it was triggered with unique ability.

It was the kind of ability that could be suppressed and invoked when the user wanted to.

At the same time, the two Asmodians were exchanging at least two or three attacks, and surely the attack of magi would've played at least once.

But according to Ian's analysis, both Yankun and Kiryan had no magi in them.

Ian once again looked at the battlefield where the two Asmodians were facing each other.

He was able to realize for sure.

'That was it. Without Magic, it's just physical damage, so I need to put my belief in the anti-magic.'

There was something that Yankun had got in the fight.

And that was Kiryan's 'Vigilance'.

That was the opportunity he was looking for.

'What could be the unique ability that Yankun could use now?'

Ian was focused on the battle and thought about all the unique abilities that he had possessed.

'Magic Concentration's passive ability, it is meaningless…and the magic eruption wasn't an ability that could be of use right now.'

Magic concentration was a passive ability that could increase the basic battle abilities of Yankun, and Magic eruption was a powerful ranged attack.

Moreover, since magic eruption was a channeling skill, it wasn't suited to one-on-one combat.

If Magic eruption was triggered, then one couldn't move until the end of the skill duration.

'In the end, the ability that Yankun could use in this situation was Frenzy Battle'

Frenzy Battle was a self-buffing ability that exponentially increases the battle power of Yankun for a short duration.

Ian glanced at Yankun.

'If you want to utilize the opportunity at the right moment, you'll have to use it right away. You should give your opponent the opening to attack.'

Although the magic wasn't invoked, the difference between Kiryan and Yankun could be clearly seen.

It was easy to say as the damage received was twice.

It was obvious, so Ian could deduce that Kiryan's overall combat abilities were at a greater magnitude when compared with Yankun.

Entering the battle by placing all trust in the anti-magic was still a difficult bet.

If the opponent found out that Yankun had anti-magic, he would be way too cautious in the battle, and Yankun's overall specs would fail him and he would get defeated.

'Yankun will have to do really well…'

Yankun wasn't a smart one, but his battle sense had always been excellent.

So Ian decided to trust him.

But then, Ian's concern was settled.


In the middle of the battlefield, Yankun roared.

Ian's mouth went up.

It was because he knew what Yankun was using, 'Frenzy Battle' the inherent ability had been activated.

'Yeah, do that immediately Yankun. Finish him off right away.'


The most magnificent and splendid Maurya Empire.

The highest place which could make one look at the southern islands.

And the man who had entered the 'Hwangsoeng' of the Maurya Empire for the second time.

"HoHo, you are genuinely welcomed here, descendant…!"

"Yes, my lord. I came to see your majesty."

A man with dark eyes, and strong jawline.

With bloodstains on his long sword, it was Shakran.

The guild master of Titan Guild became the number one guild after the DarkRuna Guild had gone into the Devildom.

He stepped into the land of the Maurya Empire, which hadn't been stepped on since Ian had left.

In addition to that, Shakran found hidden quests for his hidden class in the Maurya Empire.

'Huhu, I don't think I've seen such a huge field before.'

Shakran mistook himself for being the first one to find the Maurya Empire.

But his imagination broke down pretty soon.

"Now that I see you, you very much feel like a young hero I met a while ago."

Shakran was shocked in response.

"You met someone like me?"

The King smiled and responded.

"The name of that person was Ian. He was a very brave young man. He had come here a month ago or so, to borrow one of my treasure."

While listening to this, Shakran's hope collapsed.

'Well, then I guess the story about Ian already passing the gate of the Empire and meeting the King a month ago is all true.'

Shakran grunted to himself and was pondering.

'Then, if it is a month ago…'

Shakran soon realized that Ian was top-ranked in the public value after the quests during the Second world war.

'Huh, I guess he really is a crazy guy.'

But he didn't feel like he couldn't surpass the difference in skill between him and Ian.

Shakran was rather burning with a lot of passion.

'I'm surely not going to get defeated this time… I'll soon catch up to him. Haha.'

He had such strong confidence.

In front of his eyes, was a golden booklet the thing he needed.

Shakran's mouth opened.

"Ian is someone even I am familiar with."

The King's face shone brightly as he asked.

"Oho, is it so? What kind of person is he in your world?"

The king seemed to like Ian a lot, and the more the king spoke, the more Shakran got flustered.

But that wasn't because of envy or jealousy.

"He is definitely an amazing person. It was because of him that we were able to stop the Devils' invasion."

A wide smile came over the King's face.

"Well, surely."

He was slowly stroking his beard.

"And you, following the progress of Ian's success, you will surely be able to be a great person."

Shakran bowed and replied.

"I won't let you down."

Shakran wasn't a modest person.

He had a tendency to be straightforward and confident with his skills.

Even in the situation where the King had been talking, the users tend to be humble in response.

But here Shakran didn't lower himself.

It wasn't because he was arrogant.

Shakran was confident, but he was never arrogant.

The emperor spoke with a satisfied smiled.

"Nice, I hope so too."

The King, after speaking picked up the golden booklet from the podium.

He handed it over to Shakran.

"Take it, this is the vision of, 'Shadow Secret'."

"Thank you"

Shakran accepted the booklet without much hesitation, and at the same time, a number of system messages popped up.


[You have completed the quest 'Shadow Secret'.]

[You have obtained the item 'Shadow Secret'.]

[You have acquired 200,000 worth of fame.]

[You have gained 95700000 experience points.]

A line of system message appeared at the bottom of the first system messages.

Seeing that Shakran's mouth went up.

[The tier of the Hidden class 'Shadow Swordsman' rises to the next level.]


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