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Chapter 320 - The City of Chaos - Part 3


It was a violent game that even made the hands of the viewers' sweat.

But in the end, the confrontation of strength and power of Yankun had won.

Kiryan was obviously strong, but he couldn't deny the fact that Yankun had fought extremely well.

'Phew, we won…!'

In fact, Yankun taking the challenge before the upgrade was quite a dangerous decision on the part of Ian.

Well, it surely wasn't a blind gamble.

Ian seeing the Noblesse grade Asmodians in the dimensional war had objectively thought that there would be a chance of 70% success.

And then, the result was just as calculated, the battle for the upgrade was now silent.

[The vitality of Liliana's retainer 'Kiryan' has dropped below 10%.]

[The battle has ended, basing on the rules of upgrade battle.]

[The retainer 'Yankun' has won against 'Kiryan'.]

[Yankun's rank in the Devildom which had been 37698, has risen to 438.]

[The retainer 'Yankun' met all the conditions for getting promoted to Noblesse.]

Seeing those message pop up one after the other, Ian felt good.

'Nice, nice.'

The final goal that Ian had to reach in the Devildom, to level up his Magical Beast Alchemy.

Yankun's noblesse upgrade was an unscheduled turn of events, yet it made Ian feel better.

Ian smiled at Yankun, who was walking away from the battlefield.

"You've worked hard, Yankun."

Yankun looked in the direction of Ian.

"Thank you, master. It is all thanks to you."

Yankun who thanked Ian moved forward and went towards the direction of the Devil Liliana.

And right beside her was Kiryan with a gloomy expression.

Liliana who was looking at Yankun opened up her lips.

"This is a surprising turn of events. The Asmodian has turned victorious over the Noblesse Asmodian who was the first to upgrade the ranked Kiryan of top 500."

Without any words Yankun just looked at her, Kiryan was also brutally hurt hearing those words but stayed still.

Such cases in the Devildom world, are the rarest of the rare.

Liliana's eyes were glowing red.

It was a phenomenon that happened when the devils use their powers.

Liliana opened her mouth with a low but heavy voice.

"I, Devil princess Liliana… have admitted that the Greater-Asmodian Yankun will turn to the Noblesse at this moment."


A red light moved from the hands of Liliana and began to engulf the whole body of Yankun.

And the faces of the Asmodians who were seeing the scenario unfold had a different expression.

They were curious about the greater ranked Asmodian turning into a Noblesse, and it was envy for the case of the low-level Asmodians.

From the Noblesse, the upgrade gets very difficult.

At the moment of upgrading to the Noblesse, the abilities will increase significantly, and the power of the Asmodian will get stronger.

And it could be compared as an equal to the ability of the Devil princess.

But there was still a difference between the power of the Devil and the Asmodian, it was like heaven and earth.

Therefore, the case for a Noblesse to upgrade to a devil wasn't much great except for the title.

Ian was looking at Yankun with a proud expression, and system messages started to appear.

[The Devil's power has been activated.]

[Trial 'Yankun' is upgrading from 'Asmodian' to 'Noblesse'.]

[Increase of all combat abilities of 'Yankun' by 5%.]

[Trial 'Yankun' magic stats increased by 10%.]

[Trial 'Yankun' magic attack rate increased by 2%.]

[Trial 'Yankun' magic resistance has increased by 2%.]

['Noblesse' 'power' slot has been created (Seal).]

However, Ian's gaze which read the system message with gratitude stood at a medium level.

'What is this…? The power of Noblesse? Well, it is created, then it's created, but what is this 'Seal'?'

Once he had read through the messages, there was only one part of the message that didn't make sense to him.

While Ian was trying to understand, Yankun's Noblesse changing ceremony had ended, and the Devil Liliana looked at Ian.

Her eyes were slightly narrowed.

"Ian, the owner of Yankun… is it you?"

Ian answered without thinking,

"Yes, it is."

And Liliana mumbled in a slow voice.

"I guess it is that then…"

Ian was curious about that, so he asked.

"What do you mean? I guess it is it then?"

Liliana spoke with a smile on her lips.

"Now your retainer, Yankun has now turned into a Noblesse."

That was something that everyone there knew, Ian didn't respond and waited for the other things that Liliana would say.

"But for Yankun… after being the Noblesse, he can't utilize the noblesse power."

Ian's eyes went bigger at that statement.

As it was the thing that he was concerned about.

So Ian asked Liliana,

"Is… is that so?"

"I feel a bit bitter, but now I know the reason why."

Liliana moved a little forward from her chair and said,

"That's all because of you."


A manor that boasts of great territory and godliness in the eastern region of the Northern Continent.

It was also the base of the Lotus Guild's first flag, and with Ian as the Lord, the 'Summoners Manor' as it was called.

The Lotus Manor continued to grow in size.

And the best first-class honor, and it was the first, the Summoners' training center was the foundation of the growth of the Lotus Manor.

But now there were various other facilities for the various summoners.

Among those, the newly opened facilities under Professor Lee Jin-wook and the contents that were brought in by the other users.

In fact, that was a natural phenomenon.

In the Kailan, Lotus was the only place that had the highest number of summoners, so all the users with the relevant class had to come here.

That was why the users called this as the 'Summoner's Valley'.

And there was a bunch of crowd in the 'Summoner's valley'; Hoonie and Canoel were walking.

"Ah, Sh*t. What kind of a sick quest is this?"

At Hoonie who was muttering to himself, Canoel who was walking next to him laughed a little.

"So, you mean we need to go to the Devildom to find the item called 'Deadman's Book'?"

At Canoel's words, Hoonie replied,

"Hmm, so what do you mean? No, there is no way to enter the Devildom from our world, so how am I supposed to proceed with the quest? Sh*t…!"

The reason Hoonie was upset could be understandable.

Hoonie received a career related quest after the end of the Dimensional War, and during the progress of it, he had discovered a hidden class.

But there was one problem:

To continue with the quest, he had to enter the Devildom dimension.

'And the Devildom is a place that no human user could go to, at the moment…'

Canoel looked over at Hoonie who was deep in thoughts.

"Then, should we try and call the customer care center. Don't you think that the content is wrong? We can't fix it since this a mistake from the development team, right?"

But Hoonie shook his head.

"No, that won't do Hyung."


"Honestly, there isn't another way to enter the Devildom."


Hoonie replied with a sigh,

"I think this quest feels like a quest that will progress with changing the race."

"Oh…? What is going on in your head?"

Even after the dimensional war, the quests for the race change were still available.

In fact, these were the type of quests that were supposed to disappear after the end of the dimensional war.

They were the quests that were made temporarily for the creation of the new race class in the beginning.

Lb re-created a new quest to convert into the race of Asmodians.

And the quest that Hoonie had been given, it felt like it was the right time to be given.

"You know? This doesn't seem to be a mistake, it seems to be their intention, hyung."

Canoel replied while nodding his head.

"Definitely looks like it. I think the developers are pushing the Asmodian class for quite some time."

However, Hoonie had no intention of converting into the race of Asmodian.

Not long ago, Fiolan came to take him into the Lotus Guild in a formal manner after a long time, and he likes the guild life very much.

It was small but big change for Hoonie who had always insisted on staying alone, and somehow Kailan has become more fun these days.

'The Asmodian race isn't so amazing.'

Hoonie, who was walking along with Canoel, was in his thoughts till he opened his mouth.

"But Hyung."


"Maybe, there could be a way to go over to the Devildom, apart from converting to the race?"


"Because of me… what do you mean?"

Ian was shocked.

Because of him, the Noblesse power had been sealed.

No matter how much he thought, he couldn't understand.

Liliana spoke,

"Apart from the beginning, the half- Devil, Ian, your rank is Half-Devil and Yankun's class is Noblesse."

Liliana, who looked back and forth from Ian and Yankun, opened her mouth again.

"In the Devildom, a trial cannot be holding much power than the owner, if he does then he can't excise the power. It is the law that has been set from the very beginning."

And as soon as he heard this, Ian's mouth went wide.


Ian had an unhappy expression.

"But, now that I think, it is ironical that Yankun is higher in rank than my Amsodians."

And as if reading the thoughts of Ian, Liliana said,

"Normally, a Half-Asmodian can't take over a Noblesse Asmodian. However, this is a case of a trial being upgraded… successfully. A rare case."

Ian felt a bit relieved.

"Is that so."

But he wasn't disappointed.

And the power that couldn't be used, it was something that wouldn't disappear just because it won't get used.

If one day Ian turns into a Noblesse, the power of Yankun will be unsealed naturally.

And the battle ability of Yankun will already grow to a Noblesse.

'That is all I need.'

Meanwhile, Ian who was arranging his thoughts was busy with his mind.

Lilian smiled and opened her red lips.

"That is why I'm saying."


"Ian, I am going to make a fine suggestion to you…"


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