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Chapter 321 - The Magic Mines - Part 1


'Suggestion… a hidden quest invoke?'

Ian asked Liliana with a very expectant expression.

"What kind of… suggestion?"

"By any chance, you know anything about the magic mines in the Devildom?"

"Magic… mine?"

"Yeah, the magic mines. Maybe the Karga Phantom right next you might know about it…"

At the words from Liliana, Ian's gaze naturally turned towards Kaka.

And Kaka opened her mouth with a sigh.

"Well a magic mine, there is no way you wouldn't know what a magic mine is, Master."

"Why should it be that?"

Kaka responded with a bitter expression.

"All the slaves of the Devildom, before entering the slave market, everyone will have work in the magic mines for three years."

Ian felt a little sorry after listening to that.

As it wasn't going to be a good memory for Kaka.

"I… didn't know that I'm sorry."

Kaka responded with a smile,

"You don't have to be sorry, Master. I have already lived for over 3,000 years. So three years is nothing to me."

And Kaka began to explain what the magic mine meant.

"To let you know briefly about the magic mine, the magic mine contains rare minerals, marbles magic stones… and other various abilities."

"Oh oh…?"

The moment he listened to the explanation of Kaka, Ian turned his head.

'What, that sounds awesome?'

After looking at Ian's face, Liliana laughed and opened her mouth.

"In the 25th division of the Devildom to the Northeast, a magic mine was discovered recently, it is a nasty exhaust mine that no one has touched yet."

With an awed expression, Ian asked Liliana.

"And so…?"

Liliana thinking over her decision, opened her red lips again.

"Of course, the mine's ownership right is under my name, and if you hand over Yankun to me, I will give over the ownership of the mine. How does that sound?"

It was an exceptional suggestion!

Ian who hadn't concentrated much on the magic mine was sure to get a tremendous value.

'What should I do…? Yankun has worked so hard to grow till now, it is a pity but…'

Yankun closed his eyes without saying much and Liliana was waiting for the next words of Ian.

But then.

Kaka spoke to Ian in a very low voice.

"Master, ask for the specifications of the mine. Mines also have grades."

And Ian immediately opened his mouth.

"Can you please tell me the specs of the magic mine?"

Liliana nodded at the question and responded,

"Surely I can do that. That thing is an awesome deal. You have the right to know."

Liliana reached out to the air.

And a red light shone in front of Ian's eyes, and a piece on paper was hanging around it.

And when Ian had accepted it, it turned into the information window of an item.


- - - - - -

- Magic Mine Report -

Classification – Miscellaneous

Rank – None

Mining Information

Rank – AA

Location – Devildom 25th division, (3598, 2231)

Potential power - ??? (Unknown)

Mining Rate – 0.001%

Value - ??? (Unknown)

Stored Minerals

Marble stone – Low – intermediate

Magic stone – Intermediate – legend

Mithril – Lowest of the low

Estimated stored minerals

Ability Stones - ??? (Unknown)

Soul Stone - ??? (Unknown)

Flame Mana Stones - ??? (Unknown)

The certified of mined mining is estimated to be around AA grade.

Depending on your potential, you may be promoted to a higher grade if you get high-grade minerals or find new items.

- - - - - - - -

Ian carefully read the information which was stated as the 'report'.

New information was there in long reports.

New contents have always made Ian very excited.

Ian slowly opened his mouth.

"Liliana, why is it that many of the parts are said to be unknown?"

Liliana smiled and answered,

"It is an undeveloped mine. as you can see from the report, it is a mine with great potential."

Ian swallowed his spit.

Most of the minerals listed under the 'Stored minerals' and 'Estimated stored minerals' were items Ian did know, mostly.

The minerals that Ian did know from the list were; marble stones, magic stones, power stones, and the soul stones.

But with those, the mine's merit was enough.

'The maximum grade of minerals that can be mined is kinda upsetting but it was the legendary grade.'

The ability stone or the soul stone are presumed stored minerals. Aside from those, Ian's interest was in the legendary grade stone.

Legendary magic stone is a mineral that can be obtained by taking down a legendary monster.

In addition, it was a necessary item for Ian.

In order to increase the level of the abilities, the help of legendary stone was essential.

'If it is a legendary one, then it will increase the success rate of the Magical Beast Alchemy.'

And Ian's mind was tilting more and more towards the offer of Liliana.

Liliana once again had something to add.

"This proposal is advantageous not only for yourself but also for your trial."

"For the sake of Yankun?"

Liliana nodded.

"Well, that is an obvious thing. Rather being under a half devil, being under someone strong as me would help him to grow much stronger."

Liliana's words continued.

"Also, once Yankun gets to be on the retainer, then your connection with him is lost and if Yankun grows under me, he will grow much better than being under the Half-Devil, isn't it a great help?"


And Liliana's words weren't wrong.

Ian had no more concerns.

Ian asked Yankun,

"Yankun, will you be okay?"

Yankun met Ian's eyes.

He bowed his head and said,

"I will not forget my master even if I leave."

And so, the deal with the Devil Liliana had been established.


After finishing the deal with Liliana.

Ian immediately moved to the 25th division of the Devildom.

The magic mine wasn't something that Ian had planned, but it was needed to skip the important and original destination the 'Tomb of the Forgotten Soul' in the 15th. .

Even Ian took out his favorite hunting gears to see the 25th division.

He hunted only a minimum of monsters and quickly moved to the 25th division.

As a result, Ian was able to reach the 25th division in a span of about 3 days.

From the gates of 30 to 25, the Asmodians were all under Liliana, and it was easy with the free pass she gave him.

[The first to enter the 25th division of the Devildom.]

[You earn 50,000 fame.]

[For the next week, all magic related stats acquired in the 25th division of the Devildom will increase over 1.5 times.]

[Over the next week, the amount of experience gained is doubled, and the item drop rate is doubled.]

Without even looking at the emerging messages, Ian opened up the map window to confirm the coordinates.

"Let's see, here is the location."

The maps provided by Kailan don't show areas that the users haven't been visited yet.

However, the current position of the user is indicated by the coordinates, even if it was visited for the first time.

[Devildom 25th division, (126, 1156)]

'The location of the mine was 3598 to 2231. I need to move to the east.'

The number of the coordinates increase as he moved to the east, and the number on the right increases with moving in the north direction.

The mine would appear if Ian moves to the northeast direction for a long time, then he would reach it.

"Phew, is it wrong to be a little closer…"

At Ian's mumble, Kaka laughed and responded,

"Don't be so hasty, Master. Even if it is a little late, it's better to take our time."

Ian grumbled and kept walking.

"I hate it, let's move quickly."

Ian's gaze moved towards Kaizer.

"Kaizer, let's skip the battle as much as we can, and go through at once! Let's cut through the mine in half a day."

Kaizer nodded and responded,

"Okay, master."

But the road to the mine was very long.

Ian wasn't able to get to the mine so quickly, he passed it after a whole day, rather than the half day goal that he had.

By the 25th division, the level of the average monsters rose sharply.

Even in the 26th, there weren't many monsters above the level of 300, but in the 25th, it was getting hard to find a monster below 300.

And with the level around 300, he couldn't even see an intermediate monster.

"Uhh, I'm all tired."

And a few system messages came up.

[Connection has been over 22 hours.]

[Excessive use of games can interfere with your everyday life…]

Ian's gaming warning, something that Ian's gaming life has never missed.

'Not just 22 but even if it was 32… I'm going to see the mine before going off.'

Ian turned his sight and looked at the mine, and as a result, he could reach the mine in 3 hours.


[The first time a magic mine has been found.]

[Mine Grade: AA]

[Earned up to 100,000 fame points]

[The magic mine is owned by the user 'Ian'.]

[Since you won the magic mine, admissions in it are possible.]

[Do you want to enter the magic mine? (Y/N)]

Ian took a step forward without hesitation.

"Why ask when it's an obvious thing?"


The magic mine was deep in the canyons, which made it hard to find the right coordinates.

The entrance of the mines was blocked with huge rocks, and when he moved forward, the light started to leak out from the mines.

Chok- Chok-

Ian walked with a curious expression while looking around, and after a 5-minutes walk in, a small stone gate appeared on the left side of the wall.

'What is this?'

Ian approached the stone gate, and at the same time a system message came up.


[You have found the admission office of the 'Magic mine'.]

[Entry isn't possible as it hasn't been activated yet.]

[25000000 gold is required to activate the Management office, slave of at least 2 to 5 are required.]

[If the gold is played, you will be automatically be transferred to the ministry of slavery.]

[Do you want to activate the admission office? (Y/N)]

"… what…?"

Ian was shocked to see the enormous sum that was shown in his eyes.


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