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Chapter 322 - The Magic Mines - Part 2


Over the past few months of playing Kailan, Ian had never felt a shortage of financial stability.

Ian was rich, so he always had gold left with him, even after purchasing millions of gold worth of equipment.

'Let's see… will it be good to sell the marbles in advance?'

The taxes that came from the Lotus Guild, infinite hunting, and all the accumulated items were sold over in exchange for gold.

And with just that, Ian acquired gold that was worth around a billion Korean Won.

Ian had to use a small amount of 25 million gold, well it wasn't really a small amount in any way.

But the story was different when the entire contents could be known, but the content of the magic mines was still unknown.

Ian mumbled to himself while checking the amount of gold in his inventory.

"Umm… the gold I have is now about 30 million…"

Well, if he went to the Manor's vault, then he could get a lot of gold.

But, if he thought of activating the admission office of the mines, then most of the gold in his possession would get exhausted, and it didn't seem like a good idea.

Ian called Kaka over.

"Hey, Kaka."

"What is it, Master?"

"25 million gold… is it worth to use that much?"

Kaka didn't seem to have an answer to Ian's question.

"That sounded like a question, but it isn't a question right, master?"

Ian, who now looked like a fool to Kaka, frowned.


"In the mines, if we sell 20 or so Mythril stones… we can get more than… 25 million gold."


Ian's eyes were shining like a lamp post.

And inside those eyes was endless curiosity.

Because Mythril was a mineral that wasn't known to current users.

Kaka continued.

"Not just Mithril. By any chance, if you get a hold of one legendary magic stone, then it will be 25 million gold."

"That, that is true…if it is a legendary magic stone, then it is definite."

A Legendary magic stone was a mineral that could be obtained with a certain probability when capturing a legendary beast.

Even if someone were going to sell it at 25 million won, then Ian didn't mind buying it right away.

"Besides, I can't memorize it since I haven't been to the management office for a while now. But comparing to the actual price of the mines, 25 million gold is literally a penny."

Ian who had managed till this point wasn't much worried.

'Yeah, well if it is about 25 million gold, and I get it back. Then...'

This was a mine that Ian had got after letting go of Yankun, and Ian wasn't in a good mood.

He was flustered as the amount was too big.

"Activate the management office."

System messages appeared after Ian activated the command.


[You have paid 25 million gold.]

[The Management Office of the Magic Mines has been activated.]

[Starting the Admission of the mine from this moment.]

[All the settings need to be completed before the mining can begin.]

Ian, who had checked all the messages, muttered to himself.

"I guess. The admission of the office isn't like a form,.."

And the messages continued.

[First, you must hire at least 2 and no more than 5 to work in the mine.]

[Go to the slave market.]

Ian thought of the slave auction house of the monsters, where he had taken Kaka, but it was a bit different from his prediction.

Just after seeing the market of the slaves, Ian saw the items in the auction.

"Which of these should I choose?"

Kaka responded to what Ian just mumbled.

"Yes, Master."

Ian pressed the names on the top of the list.

- - - - - - -

Elinian –

Employee : 72500 gold/ month

Level: 87

Sex: Female

Classification: Slave

Rank: General

Personality: Cautious

Damage: 1325

Armor: 625

Agility: 1055

Intellect : 1950

Vitality : 15784/ 15784

Unique Ability A ( Race Specified )


A clan of elves who worship the Goddess of the Moon.

It is said to have been born under the moonlight, and so it is called as the Most beautiful Species.

- - - - - - - -


Ian swallowed his spit as soon as he opened the window.

Kaka responded with a strange look.

"What is it, master? There is no other ability apart from that one unique ability, and its rank is the lowest among all the slaves…"

Ian didn't speak for a moment and then replied.

"She's, she's so beautiful…!"

Of all the female bodies and character that Ian had seen in Kailan, Iriel was the most beautiful.

However, the slave named 'Elinian' which came up the information window was so beautiful that even Iriel would fell short compared to her.

Kaka grinned and laughed.

"The standard for human beauty is unknown. All I see is this and that…"

But right then.

Ian heard Bbookbbook's mumbling from behind.

"I will tell everything to Harin bbook!"

Bbookbbook—who couldn't do anything a few days back—threatend Ian. Cold sweat ran down Ian's spine when Bbookbbook threatened him.

"Hey, that's enough Bbookbbook-ah."

"I don't like it bbook."

"How does making a deal with me sound?"


"I'll give you three additional meatballs for today, Deal?"

Bbookbbook was in deep thought after hearing what Ian said. He then responded.

"That is too little, bbook."

Ian carefully raised the number.

"Five then…?"

Bbookbbook replied with a very drowsy voice.

"Increase one meatball for every day's quota. Then I'll keep what you said a secret."

Bbookbbook's ability to negotiate improved drastically and Ian was a bit confused.

'My innocent Bbookbbook is now like this…'

Ian who paid Bbookbbook meatballs looked over at Kaka.

What a wonderful coincidence for Bbookbbook to hear what Ian said earlier.

"Kaka, throw me some advice."

"What advice master?"

"Well, I'm not looking for a slave to do battle, right?"


"So, we don't need any combat skills? So there is no need to pick any high attack powered slave."

Ian told Kaka what he was thinking.

'But if she attacks a rock... will the rock at least break…?'

That wasn't the case.

"That's right master. Think it over with common sense, one combat abilities won't affect the mining. And if you hire the Elf slave, even if BBookbbook doesn't inform Harin, I will."


"I can get rid of my master, and get the chance to meet a new master."


"The only one who can control my monster like a master is Harin. Only Harin can do it."


Ian felt betrayed by Kaka and said.

"But the slave window didn't contain any information needed for the mining. So what category are the slaves needed to be in order to be hired?"

Kaka flew towards Ian and sat on his shoulder while speaking.

"Master, when you took me at the last slave market auction, did you see any skills that I had which were required for mining?"

Ian tried to recall what Kaka was telling him and shook his head.

"Nope, there weren't."

"In addition, on the information window that you saw, it didn't even mention anything about mining."

"Well, that is true."

Looking at Ian—who still didn't get it—Kaka spoke after sighing.

"I'm a Karga Phantom so it was fine, but the Moon Elves aren't a race that is used for mining. Of course, you can hire them and see, but their efficiency is very low. And if their strength is low, they'll break the stones, or if not mined properly then the soul stone could get turned into power."

"Is… is that so."

Ian decided to go with what Kaka is saying.

But that still didn't solve his curiosity.

"But Kaka, then when hiring slaves, why are unrelated races like elves included in the list of the slave market?"

Kaka answered immediately.

"The slave market, in addition to the mines, is associated with a number of other magical institutes. The Moon Elves tribe is likely to be employed as a slave in the other magical institutes."

"Oh, well…"

Ian who listened to Kaka's given information thought over.

'I don't get it, how is this girl able to know the details of all the dimensions? Even if she could, how vast is her information content?'

According to Kaka, the unknown content of the mining had words scattered all through the dimensional realms.

Ian smirked after thinking for a while.

"Well, it's good to have someone who can work…"

Kaka responded sharply to Ian's mumbling

"What are you blabbering about master? Let's quickly find the slaves to be hired in our mines."

Ian was told off by Kaka.

"Yeah, Kaka. You talk like you weren't a slave?"

Kaka had an uncomfortable face the moment she heard that.

"I am different from the other slaves, master."

"What's so different?"

"Well, that is…"

He asked it, but Ian knew that Kaka was different from other slaves.

'Just…read through the community information, and anyone would know that Kaka isn't just a slave.'

When Ian had hired Kaka for the first time as a slave, there wasn't much information that he could rely on.

That was an obvious thing.

The slave contract content was discovered for the first time by Ian.

However, a large number of Asmodians now resided in the Devildom, and there were around 100 in the City of Rage, and thousands of high-level Asmodians had settled in.

Of course, the number of users who hired slaves also increased.

If one would look at the information about the slaves in the community, it was different from Kaka's information.

'Other users' slaves do what they are asked to do… passionately.'

Ian laughed as he looked at Kaka, who was worried about what she was supposed to respond to Ian's question.

"Well, Kaka. I'll give you special treatment, so get moving and hire the slaves."

"I get it, master."

Ian with the help of Kaka began to look around the info of the slaves.

According to Kaka, there were three kinds of races that were suitable for mining.


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