Taming Master | Chapter 323 | The Magic Mines | Part 3

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Chapter 323 - The Magic Mines - Part 3


'Ghor Clan, Munkus Clan, and the Dwarfs Clan…'

Of the three races that Kaka had spoken about, the only one Ian had heard about was the Dwarf clan.

In fact, the Dwarfs were in the game with fantasy worldview, Ian was unaware that this specific race would appear here.

"Ghor and Munkus clans would be easy to find."

"You think so?"

"Especially, the Ghor are fast on their feet."

Kaka said.

When Ian flipped through the list of slaves, about ten slaves on the pages were named 'Ghor'.

Considering that there were 100 slaves on the first page, the Ghor seemed like a very common race.

Ian opened the information window of the Ghor tribe and looked at the information window.

"They look a bit similar to a Golem but smaller. They're like a mini Golem."

Kaka replied.

"Well, normally, the Ghor's are like golems, Master. They have no physical ability, no maintenance cost, no need for food, and no intellect. It is a race that is made for labor purposes."

"Oh my, what? Such creature really exist?"

"Well. I'm not so sure about it, either… Ghors are really awesome."


"Well, I have heard stories about the ancients who made clans to do their work—those clans were the Golems and Ghors."

"Is that so…"

Even though it was just a game, life in the game seemed very tough. So, Ian could imagine what Kaka was saying.

'Well, Kailan isn't just some thoughtless game.'

Ian nodded while admiring the game to himself.

"Then why do we need to find the Dwarves or the Munkus? It seems to me that the Ghor are the best candidates for mining purposes."

Kaka just shook her head.

"There surely are no slaves that could do the amazing mining labor work like the Ghor's do, Master. But if all the mines were filled with Ghors, then perhaps master's mine would contain only minerals such as iron ore, or a minimum marble or the lowest of the stones."

"What is that supposed to mean? Besides, the iron ore wasn't a mineral. It wasn't mentioned on the mining list, right?"

"Well, the iron ore is a mineral that can be found basically in almost all mines in the Devildom. Iron ore is a mineral that can be mined even when not listed in the specs."

"Is that so…"

"The Ghors are good at doing things, and they don't create any problems. But when mining, the Ghors could sometimes destroy high-grade elements found in the mines."


Now it seemed like a serious problem.

Ian couldn't hire a slave that wouldn't blow up millions of won worth of cash and fortune.

"That is why we need the Munkus, master."

"Huh? What role does the Munkus have?"

The Munkus, a slave who couldn't be found even after going through 5 pages of the slave list.

Kaka continued to explain.

"The Munkus, is the exact opposite of the Ghors, Master."


Kaka nodded and said.

"The Munkus' role is made directly for the purpose of exploring the mines. However, unlike the Ghors, they can smell out minerals like ghosts."


"These people eat minerals. So it was natural for them to smell out minerals like a ghost."

Ian asked a question with a strange expression.

"So, what am I supposed to do if they keep eating the minerals?"

"That wouldn't happen, Master. If you feed them 10 low-grade marbles for a day, then they will work hard without eating any other minerals."


"What is it, Master?"

"Here, There is a dwarf?"


With a surprised expression, Ian opened the information window.

When Kaka explained information about slaves, the dwarves were told to be one of the rarest.

It was Kaka who was much more surprised than Ian.

Ian just spoke normally, but this was a first for Kaka to see a dwarf.

- - - -

Urk Han –

Employee : 5195000 gold/ month

Level: 56

Race: Iron Dwarf

Gender: Male

Classification: Slave

Grade: Unique

Personality: Curious

Attack power: 995

Defense power: 1450

Agility: 555

Intellect: 1876

Vitality : 17775 / 17775

Unique Ability A (racial) (racial specialization) (fortification ability)


Unique Ability B (Rare ability)


Unique Ability C (Race inherent) (Rare Ability) (Evolution ability)


It is a dwarf who spends all his life with minerals.

Like the other Dwarf tribe, they have good dexterity and like making things. However, they like to collect rare minerals.

- - - - - - - -

"Oh my God…"

Ian spoke out unconsciously.

The reason was obvious.

It was because of the dwarf's paycheck that was written on the top.

"Yeah, Kaka. Don't you think that this a bit too much?"

"What is, master?"

"His payment is over five million gold for just a slave."

"Is that unusual, master?"

"See, from what I know, even the people working in the Empire's office don't provide 5 million gold for a months work."

Ian's mind was blown.

5 million gold in Korean currency was worth about 5 to 6 million won.

'Why is the payment for a game's slave much higher than a salaried worker inreal life?'

But Kaka wasn't so surprised.

"If you invest 5 million gold to this slave, you will probably see much greater results in the future, Master."

"Well, that's possible."

"And the dwarf will probably be different from the other slaves."


"Open the information window once again and see, Master."

"I can do that."

Ian opened the additional details in the bottom of the window.

- - - -

Slave Details –

Labour Force – 65

Dexterity – 89

Observation power – 82

Endurance – 52

Loyalty – 42

Classification – period slave

Remaining time for contract period – 63 days 21 hours.

It is a fixed-term slave with a contract.

If you want to continue hiring the slave after the slave period, you will have to go through the renewal negotiations once again before the end of the contract period.

(However, once the contract period ends, the contract method would be changed since the dwarf's slave status will be relinquished.)

- - - - - - -

Ian who had read the details rolled his eyes.

It was a content that didn't need much thought, nor was it so hard to understand.

'Period limited slaves… and on top of that, when the contract is over, they won't be slaves anymore?'

Ian needed Kaka's help to fully understand what he just read, so Ian asked Kaka.

"Kaka, I did check it, but what exactly is a period slave?"

Kaka answered immediately.

"Period slaves is just what the word means, Master. They are slaves with a fixed contract period."

"That's all?"

"Maybe this dwarf slave isn't a slave from the war but for some reason, it looks like the case where the slave for personal reasons has an existing contract with a high ranking Asmodian."

"Hmm… so once the contract is over, he goes and finds his owner?"

Kaka nodded.

"Yes, Master."


Ian began to organize his thoughts.

'Slave system seems complicated that what I thought.'

Ian continued Kaka's explanation.

"The Slave market where my master has bought me is trading slaves and providing ownership of them. This slave market that master is looking at now is a form of borrowing slaves who have owners, and not buying the ownership."


Ian had now fully understood what Kaka was saying so he didn't do much to clear the special quest.

He didn't think that paying the slaves was strange.

"Then the slave's salary that I'll pay for will go back to the original owner?"


Ian understood everything now.

'So you need 5 million gold, but it doesn't make sense to give a slave 5 million gold. Giving employees that much makes more sense.'

There was something going through Ian's mind.

'So, if Kaka wasn't an inherent slave, then was she put into slavery for some unknown reason? The contract period wasn't fixed which obviously means that she wasn't a periodic slave either. It doesn't matter if she is cute, but she is quite cheeky for a slave. She also has an enormous amount of knowledge. I'm just assuming, but I'm almost certain that she is more than a family.'

Ian looked at Kaka.

"Hey, Kaka."

"What is it, master?"

"So, can I enroll you into this slave market too?"


Kaka froze almost immediately.

Ian was just messing around with Kaka, but he made sure to look serious when he asked his question.

"Hmm, then how much would I need to ask for my Kaka?"

Kaka was so into Ian's joke.

"Master, don't do that. I don't worth that much so you won't get much."

Ian started to laugh after hearing what Kaka said.

But in all honesty, was there a slave that was as useful as Kaka?

There was no other slave that could be compared to Kaka because of the amount of information she had.

Ian, after sharing the joke and laughing it out with Kaka, scouted the dwarf in the information window.

He asked Kaka.

"So this is it? This dwarf will be beneficial if I hire him?"

Kaka nodded.

"Of course, we must hire him no matter what."


"The only regretful thing is that the contract date is only for 60 days. The slave will be released after 60 days, and the dwarf is more likely to leave the mine."


Ian opened his inventory and confirmed how much gold he had left.

'Haha… once I hire this guy, I'll hit rock bottom.'

There was no way to receive money from the Lord's office while staying at the Devildom. So, for the time being, they had to live like beggars.

'Well, I'll trust Kaka for once.'

After hesitating for a few moments, Ian eventually decided to hire the dwarf.

Tring –

[You have paid gold worth 5195000.]

[You have hired the slave 'Urk Han'.]

[You have succeeded in hiring the first slave of the Magic Mines.]


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