Taming Master | Chapter 328 | The Beginning of War Conquest | Part 2

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Chapter 328 - The Beginning of War Conquest - Part 2


"Hyung… this is too much…"

Hoonie complained to Ian who had just returned to the mines and complimented him.

"What is too much, you idiot."

"No way, I would rather do a difficult quest or hunt, but mining! MINING! To use suchgreat manpower like me for mining!"

Ian smiled and replied,

"I'm using a high-class worker. I wouldn't have used you if you were something other than a warlock."

He meant to say that he wanted to mine using the Undead.

"That's what I…"

However, Ian's coming words were much mind-blowing.

"Hoonie, will you help your hyung the next time too?"

"What are you talking about? Why would I do this again! No, I won't! Never!"

Hoonie who made a weird expression shook his head violently.

And Ian, who saw Hoonie, laughed and pulled something out of the inventory.

"What is this now?"

"Come on, take it. It's your daily wage."


Hoonie accepted the heavy bag that Ian was giving to him and at the moment, a system message popped in front of his eyes.

Tring –

[From user 'Ian', 2 million gold has been received.]

[From user 'Ian', received 5 intermediate stones.]

[From user 'Ian', received 10 low-grade magic stones.]

[From user 'Ian', received 20 lesser grade magic stones.]


A fresh wind blew towards Hoonie.

It was because the reward was so enormous, for the two days of work that he had done.

'If I convert all this to gold, I can get at least 3.5 million gold.'

3.5 million gold.

And if he did it at a daily rate, then he could get 175 million gold.

3.5 million gold—which was the amount that Hoonie would earn in two or three weeks.

And if the chance of dropping a legendary item happens, then that is a whole different story. But something no one could dream now.

If a legendary stone is dropped once or twice a month, a legendary grade—even with some bad options, it would be hard to go lower than 500,000 gold.

Since now the number of high-level users increased, the quantity of the legendary class equipment decreased.

So, why did Ian give out Hoonie such valuable stones?

Ian was a good hyung, so it was basic manners to take care of his younger brother.

'If I need to use Hoonie again and again, then I'll have to give him.'

The mining of the Undead was much better than Ian had expected.

Especially the case of low-level Undead, he didn't seem to have an edge but worked on par with the clan of Ghor.

Until Hoonie's magic was exhausted while using the Undead for a non-stop work—Hoonie himself played a huge role in bringing out 20 stones.

The power of Hoonie the Black Magician was overflowing and his strong capabilities didn't die down till the lowest of the Undead were summoned.

In fact, Ian's 3 million gold per day is less when compared to the work that Hoonie had done.

But it was a huge amount that Hoonie didn't even think of.

"You're, you're really giving me this?

"Sure. Why would I treat my cherished younger brother like hell?"

And after that, Ian had something else to say to Hoonie.

"Whatever, this was just a day's work, but since Hoonie my only known black magician doesn't want to help his hyung. I'll have to search for another warlock."

When Ian was done with his speech, he started to walk forward, and Hoonie hurriedly followed Ian and held his hand.

"Hyung, I spoke without even thinking…!"

Ian just shrugged his shoulders and asked.


"This is the job that Ian-hyung is giving, I would surely help…!"

Ian went along with Hoonie's plead.

"Oh, what to do? I'll hire KanjiHoonie the best Black Magician warrior on the continent, as a miner. Rather, you think that your hyung's thoughts are small."

"Hyu, hyung…"

In the end, Ian was able to get help for the work in the mine for the future, and after receiving the answer, Hoonie started to walk ahead with a smile on his face, and the party moved to the 24th division by leaving the 25th division.

And the goal was to reach the 20th division of the Devildom to reach the 'Deadmon's Shrine'.



The intense roar was bursting out!

And then a big shout came out.


The gates collapsed, and dozens of knights began to penetrate the line of defense.

"Now is your chance! Focus on the firepower."

"Let's push 'em this time."

The siege between the Lotus Guild and the Red Crowe.

The place where the war broke out was the Selika Manor of the Red Crowe in the Central continent, and many users were watching the war.

It was a thousand of users who were active through the watching systems, and the number of users who watched through broadcasting channels were more than ten times the normal.

[Oh! This is huge! The Ice blast hit the gate in the middle of the night!]

[It was a wide-area attack! It was the Ice Blast attack of the user Fiolan, and the user Lalika made a field in the front.]

[Ah ha, have you seen that Heins?!]

[Kay, do you see the purple circle in front of the ice on the slow screen? That's a magic circle. They put in a secondary field spell that will increase the attack power by 1.5 times, and the range of attack by 3 times.]

[So, that was why the Ice Blast managed to get through the gate in a single attack!]

[That's right. Ice Blast is magic, that was originally used to destroy the Defense Tower or the Gate. However, it was awesome on how they had used the magic enhancement and made sure that the hit breaks the gate!]

[That was the reason why the user Fiolan wasn't seen on the battlefield for a minute ago! Ice Blast is a magic that has amazing destructive power, but takes a lot of time casting it too!]

[That's right. Now Lucia also is commenting effectively. Haha.]

[Hoh, after three years I can finally read Korean. I've been following Mr. Heins for over a year already.]

[Hahaha, however, this will completely be overturned.]

[Right? Most of the and archers and warrior class users of the Lotus Guild have already entered. The Red Crowe which has always been known for their defense is going to face a hard time.]

[The Red Crowe Guild will feel sorry. If they had an hour or more to spare, it could be a great success.]

Heines and Lucia had become the legendary commentators of the YTBC.

Like the two commentators, as the gate opened, everyone believed that the Lotus Guild would take this win.

And the users who were watching, had their hands sweating.

- Keu, I know that Lotus would win!

- I thought that Lotus guild would be nothing without Ian… I guess I was wrong.

- I know right! The Red Crowe had been winning till now, how will the Lotus take this without Ian?

- What? how could it just fall? In fact, the gate was strongly shut just a second before.

- The timing of using the Ice Blast was real art, but who is this Fiolan? This is my first time hearing about him.

- OMG, you don't know Fiolan? The wizard in the top 10 Ice Wizard Rankings. She is also the Lord of the Pyro.

- Haha, Well, you're one unusual person.

- By the way, where were those who were betting on Lotus earlier?

- Hehe, LOL, they could probably be unable to chat right now.

- Why?

- What do you mean why? Because of the betting. There were around 300 million bettings placed on the Red Crowe.

- Oh shit, LOL. 300 million gold? That's huge. Maybe they were glad to see that Ian was not there in the Lotus line up.

- In the end, the war had ended within 20 minutes, and the Selika Manor which was a very large manor in the Central continent became owned by the Lotus Guild now.

With this being the start of the Siege war, the evaluation regarding the Lotus guild had slightly changed.

It could be seen from the analysts' power analysis on their official website.

[Lotus Guild without Ian.]

[Lotus, powerful than anticipated. If Ian joins in the war against the 5th ranked too, the power and level of the guild cannot be unseen.]

With the attention of many users, the Lotus Guild continued its journey.

Starting with the Selika Manor, they began to move in the direction of the other manors.

Specifically, the next opponent for the Manor was the 7th ranked Rolangka Guild.

The Rolangka Guild was a mighty guild that ranked third in the Guilds of the Luspel Empire.

At this point, not only the users of the Luspel empire but the users of the Kaimon along with the Asmodian users began to give their undivided attention to the actions of the Lotus Guild.


"Hyung, Let's rest for a moment."

"Is it so? Even if I don't, I feel like I need to do some maintenance work."

"Hmm, even I need to fill some mana, wait for some cooldown time, and then get to move."

The 21st area of the Devidom.

Ian's party was struggling more than he thought.

It was because of the battle power of the beasts had risen exponentially, with just one area down.

"How about Noel? How long do I have to wait for the familiars to be called?"

"The kids all need to cooldown, Lake needs 5 minutes, and Karden around 20 minutes."

"Yah, it looks like Lake is doing better in here."

"Ae, no. I wasn't much of help for Lake. It's all because hyung did a good job…"

Not long ago, Ian had sold Lake, who had always been doing well in the air to Canoel for a certain period.

There was a lack of leadership with Lake which resulted in many overlapping positions.

And the dragon tamer Canoel had a passive skill that could generate synergies with the dragon type monsters that he possessed.

The Drake King, Lake was now used to working with Canoel.

"Noel has always been humble. Yah Hoonie, look at him and learn something."

At these words from Ian, Hoonie's expression distorted.

"Why are you doting on me again, hyung?"

"I'm asking because you don't know."

Ian who was talking with Hoonie glanced at the far away gate past his familiars.

'There is the 20th division. A place called The Daedmon Temple.'

It was clear that from the 20th area, many powerful monsters would come in their way.

These would be the monsters that even with doing his best, Ian wouldn't be able to beat them.

So, Ian was in need of cautiousness.

In fact, after the end of the Dimensional war, the fights have been way too easy for Ian.

'It's a dungeon with the huge name of Monsters Shrine… even if not a Balrog, I wish I could meet a legendary monster in there.'

And the anticipating eyes of Ian began to shine.


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