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Chapter 331 - The Book of Daedmon - Part 2


The whole area was filled with shadows.

And Ian's eyes were tense.

'What is it? This is the first time that I've seen such a beast?'

It couldn't even be seen clearly.

A dark silhouette fluttered and wandered around the party.

And its shape was very different.


It had three heads like Cerebus, the mythical beast of the God of Hell, and its body was shaped like a dragon.

The eeriest thing about it was the ghostly atmosphere that it was emitting.

However, it had something common with all the other monsters.

'The body is translucent… not a ghost…'

At first, they thought that they could identify the monster after seeing its shadow, but after looking at it closely, they realized that it was their first time seeing such a thing.

Ian asked Kaka in a very low voice.

"Kaka, do you know anything about this monster?"

However, Kaka wasn't able to answer Ian's question because someone else did.

"Hyung that isn't a monster."


It was Hoonie who answered Ian's question.

Hoonie was looking at the shadow of the thing that was flying around with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Then what is it?"

"That is the Dark Summon."


"That is the very reason that I'm trying to find the Daedmon's Books."

But just right then.

A huge purple flame from an unknown identity was blown in the direction of the party.

Between the flames, dozens of fire bullets the same size as a human's head were flying in their direction.


There was no way for Ian to get hit even though he was nervous.

"Bbookbbook-ah! Water Curtain!"

"Okay bbok."


A huge water barrier rose from the floor.

The strong flames that were headed in their direction were stopped by Bbookbbook's barrier.

The fireballs that met the water barrier just evaporated into the air, making a steam-like sound.

Ian's eyes were sharp.

The purple glow no matter how one saw was a technique by an opponent with great power and range.

When one of the huge technique was lost after being used, it was a basic strategy in battle to get a hold of the counterattack timing.

'We need to take this opportunity and fight… huh…?'

But Ian was flustered.

The shadow of the unidentified dragon which just fired at them suddenly lost its presence.

Hoonie who saw Ian's surprised expression calmly explained to him.

"The summoners that have been summoned by the Dark Summoner is similar to the assassin, hyung."

"Assassin? Are you talking about the user class?"

"Huh. They also have the ability to be stealthy like the assassin."


Ian was thoroughly focused on his enemy.

'I thought that it had a translucent body... it takes precautions to hide it well.'

While Ian and Hoonie were conversing, an attack from one or two enemies started to begin.

They were still strategizing their targets, and they were launching from a distance, but even with such a huge distance, their attacks were threatening enough.

'Shadow Dragon, Soul Eater…'

Ian slowly scrolled through the names of the monsters that were floating in the air.

They were names that he had seen for the first time.

'Thankfully, their levels aren't much different from those outside the temple.'

Ian heard Hoonie's voice once again.

"We need to move to the corner, we need to have a broader look hyung. We currently don't have any detective magic now."

Ian turned his gaze over and stared at Hoonie.

He then laughed.

"Who said we didn't have any detective magic?"

Kaka, who was on Ian's shoulder, flew to the air.

"Master, can I use it now?"

"Wait, I'll give you the signal to move."

"I understand."

Hoonie didn't understand what Ian and Kaka were talking about, so he just watched.

'Since this hyung isn't someone who would flinch in battle…'

Ian started to get ready for the battle as he raised his Judgement of Spirit King.

"Hoonie, Noel. Let's move defensively for 10 minutes from now."

Hoonie grunted and replied.

"Well, we sure can't go against it aggressively. How do you plan on taking it on?"

Ignoring Hoonies words, Ian continued to speak.

"I will trigger the Blessing of Abyss. You understand what I mean, right? I just need this to work. I just need to know what kind of attacks it does."

Ian and his party moved in unison.

In the meantime, the three people who were in for hunting realized how much the others had grown.

Especially in Canoel's case, he grew to such a degree that he was nowhere near the person that Ian met the first time.

Thanks to the three-member party, they knew well on how to move even when not looking at each other. Their party was showcasing amazing teamwork.

Hoonie and Canoel also knew what Ian meant when saying they would take a defensive stance using the Abyss.

During the 'Abyss' play, the heal would have a huge range, and it meant that they could get a look at the enemy's skill.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

Ian deliberately started to make provocative moves.

The shadows were provoked and started to attack without hesitation.

Grrr-! Kwahh-!

And as everyone knew, Ian came out strong, and the enemies went wild.

This was the situation that Ian had been waiting for.


['Shadow Dragon' suffered catastrophic damage.]

[Vitality has been reduced by 172639.]

['Soul Kaizer' has suffered catastrophic damage.]

[Vitality has been reduced by 128889.]

In the status window, the diminishing vitality of the party members was happening steadily.

Ian was concentrating on the vitality gauge of all the party members.

'Till we can battle them on par, we need the Blessing of Abyss.'

If they used the Abyss right in the beginning, the monsters would try to save their abilities.

Well, he did think of using it in the beginning, but before confirming the Abyss' restoration abilities, he didn't know how long the enemy's attacks would last.

That was a situation that Ian didn't want.

'Well, just a little more…!'

If they were regular monsters, Ian didn't have to go through this.

There was a limit to the intellect of the combat abilities of the wild monsters.

But if the monsters were being controlled by someone, then it was a whole different story.

According to Hoonie, they were familiars called under a common name, 'Dark Summon'.

Of course, that was the case assuming that they were summoned by someone and being controlled by that person.


The moment Ian's words fell out of his mouth, Bbookbbook's whole body roared.


A Mythical Dragon with a tremendous presence appeared!

Hoonie, who was right next to him, was nervous and was wondering if he could still adapt to the situation.

"Oh shit! What am I to going do if it suddenly grows bigger!!"

While Hoonie was surprised, a blue light started to gather around Bbookbbook.


Ian had the strongest recovery technique.

'Blessing of Abyss' began to be played.

[Familiar Bbookbbook has used the unique ability 'Blessing of Abyss'.]

[18729 of vitality has been restored.]

[18729 of vitality has been restored.]

The advantage of having this ability in Bbookbbook was because of its enormous healing ability.

The DOT Heal could be pushed for an endless amount of time. On top of that, its healing ability has a wider area.

But it still had a fatal weakness.

Since it was a DOT Heal, it was weak with one-shot damage abilities.

Allowing successive techniques with such destructive power could result in the death of the party members with the lowest HP.

But then.

Among the enemies who were crying out, a low voice came out.

[In the name of Daedmon… ]

Ian's eyes narrowed a little.

'What is this... this noise?'

And right at that moment, they found the origin of the noise.

'Grim Reaper…? This guy looks the most dangerous…'

The Reaper started to give out a very weird aura because of the sickle on his back.

Ian had momentarily hesitated.

That guy, he must have been casting a high-grade spell without these guys even knowing.

There was no way they could stop it now, so they only had one valid option.

'Avoid it.'

Ian quickly looked at his party members.

He didn't know the exact casting time, but it seemed hard to avoid everything before the initiation.

"Bbakbbak-ah, Dragon's Roar!"


Bbakbbak put up his head and roared as soon as Ian ordered it to do so.

But then all the attack flooded towards Bbakbbak.

A huge sound came up.

"Everyone move to the sides so you guys could evade!"

"What is it, hyung!"

"Just move for now!"

Hoonie and Canoel didn't ask any more questions and just followed Ian's order.

However, Bbakbbak started to move in the opposite direction.

That was Ian's intention all along.

Bbakbbak used its skill which allowed them to bring out as much broad magic attack as possible.

And at the moment, a huge storm of winds began to hit the party members on the other side.

In other words, Bbakbbak was the only one that moved from its spot.

The magic spell came out from the mouth of the 'Grim Reaper'.

[Des- prelude…!]

That meant prelude to death, a wide range of skills with enormous power.

Even though Ian tried to react, there still wasn't enough time to avoid this attack.

It was because of this that Ian moved Pin and Ly—his familiars' that had low vitality—to a different location.


Bbakbbak and BBookbbook, the tanking familiars managed to survive the Des Prelude.

And somehow, the party managed to minimize the damage.

"Hyung, Lake summon."

"Well done. It didn't die?"


"It coped well."

Ian who managed to minimize the damage started to keep on fighting again.

Fortunately, it was still possible to recover the lost vitality of the whole party to the maximum level, it was because the Abyss cooldown was about to finish.

Ian's mouth went up.

'I think I know what I need to do.'

Ian made a fist.

The remaining duration of the Abyss was about 30 seconds.

It was time for a counter-attack.

"Kaka, ready?"

"I know."

"Then do it now."


Kaka, who rose to the sky, went higher and closed her eyes.

[Darkness… will fall down.]


The inside of the temple was being filled with darkness.

[Slave 'Kaka' Dreaming Devil unique ability has been activated.]

[During the 'Shadow Control', all the party members attack will be increased by 5%, and damage by shadow types will be decreased by 50%. All the enemies in the radius of the darkness will be visible.]

The darkness swallowed another darkness.


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