Taming Master | Chapter 333 | The Dark Summons | Part 2

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Chapter 333 - The Dark Summons - Part 2


Ian and the party defeated all the dark pets and once again stepped on the gate floor.

And the gate that didn't work till a moment back, sucked in the party of Ian who were waiting.

Winning the battle seemed like an activation condition of the gate.


The space was moved and a bright light made its appearance in front of Ian.

'What is this…? Why is it so bright here? Did we just move over to some other place?'

And the next second, Ian had to get his sh*t together.

The floor on which Ian and his party members were standing on was transparent enough to see the bottom, and right below them was the Daedmon's Temple.

Unlike one, Hoonie who just screamed.

"Ahhh! What's this! Is this a trap!?"

"Shut up, idiot. Try to be a little quiet. Even I'm scared."

Ian carefully steps onto the transparent floor by moving one of his legs.

As soon as his leg had touched the floor, there seemed to be no problem, so he moved very carefully.

'This is like…walking on the clouds.'

Ian felt he was just moving away.

And then slowly tried to move his gaze to his bottom.

This had been the most fearful thing that riding on any rollercoaster rides.

Even if the floor suddenly decides to collapse he had Pin to save him, but even the thought of it just scared the shit out of Ian.

Chuk- Chuk- Chuk-

And naturally Ian's gaze moved to the direction where the sound was coming from, and there was an Asmodian who was seen for the first time.

"Interesting. You've made me wait for a long time. It is always a pleasure when I get my anticipated outcome wrong."

Ian immediately knew who he was.

"Are you the one from this temple... The substitute for this temple?"

Ian cut off his words in fear, the new Asmodian disappeared and then made its appearance in front of the party.

Ian had gotten much nervous.

'What's this? I didn't even blink…'

The man who made his appearance in front of Ian and his party opened his mouth with a fun anticipating expression on his face.

"I was told that a half-devil had made an appearance in the temple… with abilities that couldn't be considered as humans."

The substitute, Syarlon's lip corner went up.

"Though it was a bit abrupt, it had been a very long time since I felt so entertained."

And Ian's gaze slowly went above the head of the Asmodian.

[Substitute Syarlon / Lv 456 / Noblesse]

And this surprised him.

'This guy is really a monster.'

If they had to fight against this guy, then it was a full fail.

He was a Noblesse with the level of 450.

Even though it was a Noblesse, it could be said that his abilities would be different from those at the level of 350.

Ian, who had an average level of 250, was nowhere near the enemy.

However, this made him feel more comfortable.

In the map this was where the enemies of the level 300 would appear, this was a boss class but the ability of the enemy was just exceeding the level of 450.

Ian who was curious opened his mouth in the direction of Syarlon.

"By the way Syarlon, can I ask you something I'm curious about?"

Looking at Ian who didn't seem to be nervous or scared, Syarlon looked at him with a casual look.

Normally, when a human comes in contact with an Asmodian who is higher than themselves, he feels upset and get's his morale down, but this guy didn't even show a single sign of that.

And Syarlon, who thought that he had made a wrong judgment on this guy was in thoughts.

But seeing the battle that had happened in the temple, he realized that Ian wasn't as strong as he was behaving.

If it had been him, then he would have erased off all the 'toys' that Ian had dealt with—in a single instant.

'What kind of guy are you? You're stronger than what I had expected, but still, like a little bird to me…'

Syarlon who was interested in Ian stared at him and responded,

"Okay, let me know what you are so curious about."

And Ian asked away immediately.

"What is the sequence of yours in the Devildom? It is because you seem to be stronger than all the Noblesse that I have come across till now. No, you seem so strong that I can't compare you to those of the Noblesses that I've seen."

The reason for Ian to ask this was very simple.

He wanted to accumulate as much information as he could on the combat abilities by comparing with the sequence he had in the Devildom.

And Syarlon's eyes went wide.

And then broke into laughter.


That was a question that he didn't expect to hear.

Maybe this guy, was he considering himself as the friend of the Noblesse?

The substitute who should be guarding the temple, the sequence of him in the Devildom.

The substitute was surprised, as he was someone on par with the Devil, and being treated so easily was the first for him.

"Okay then. I'll let you know since you've made me curious too."

Syarlon laughed and smiled.

"My rank in the Devils is 107. So, surely you felt the difference with the others that you met."

And Ian felt his curiosity settle down.

'If you are in the 107th rank of the Devils… means that you are the 7th in the Noblesse. He is close enough to be considered a devil.'

Then the level of 450 was understandable.

Syarlon opened his mouth once again.

"then, I'll ask now."

The gaze Ian and all the party members turned towards Syarlon.

And Syarlon opened his mouth.

"For what purpose did you guys come here and find the Daedmon's Temple? It looks like you have come here knowing that Mr. Daedmon doesn't like the 'hybrids'…"

And by hybrids, he meant the half-devils.

The Devil-god Daedmon, favor the devils but seemed to not accept the non-devils, which meant that he was someone close to the tendency of destruction.

And as the substitute for the Daedmon, Syarlon also didn't seem to like half-devils, so Ian's party were up for a test.

If Ian's party had not been a Half-devil, then they would've been able to meet Syarlon without fighting with the Dark pets.

Ian turned his gaze towards Hoonie, and Hoonie scratched the back of his neck and slowly moved forward.

And Ian's eyes wavered by seeing this.

"What is it Hoonie? Don't do such things."

"Even I'm not sure… but can't we trust it?"

"Would you believe it?"


Hoonie surely knew that Daedom was close to the destructive nature.

And it was written on the description of the quest.

Hoonie's quest was to meet the substitute Syarlon.

Meet Syarlon, deliver the token of darkness and then read the contents of the Book of Daedmon, these were the quest conditions of Hoonie's.

But thinking that the substitute wouldn't make an appearance without a destructive power, he brought Ian as insurance.

And as a result, it was the best decision to bring along Ian.

He passed the test safely and met Syarlon.

Instead, he got the anger of Ian to deal with, but that was a concern for the later time.

Ignoring Ian, Hoonie walked towards Syarlon.

"You must be the God's Substitute Syarlon."

And the eyes of Syarlon turned away from Ian and met Hoonie's.

"What are you?"

"The God of Darkness, Kade's messenger, KanjiHoonie. I have something I need to bring to Daedmon."

Syarlon looked at the face of Hoonie thoroughly.

"KanjiHoonie, well that is one bad name. so, what's the thing?"

Hoonie was about to shake his head but barely managed to control himself.

This quest was very important for Hoonie.

"This is the sign of Darkness. It was said the Daedmon will put his trust in me for this."

Syarlon stared at the quaint but stunning pattern in the hands of Hoonie and took it very slowly.

After taking the token of Darkness into his hand, Syarlon mumbled to himself.

"This is a thing that has a very strong power. Wait here, just a minute."

After saying that, Syarlon disappeared to somewhere, and moments later a system message appeared in front of all the party members.


[Completed the Quest 'God of Darkness Kade's Errand III' (Hidden) quest.]

Seeing this Ian's eyes grew bigger.

'The God of Darkness Kade is one of the five gods of the human world… why such a heavy quest?'

Moreover, there was already a lot of progress, the completion of the third linked quest, which was a hidden quest too.

'Hoonie, this jerk had got one hell of a gorgeous quest.'

Ian thought he would have to take a quick snoop at the quest.


"I don't have time to waste! Move fast! Trick the Seirein off and then catch two to three of them!"

In order to succeed the quest of Yankun, Martin had been dragging with him three members of the Royal Guild.

In fact, this level of power with the Seireins community, the guild could be able to do a full scale-war, but the Royal Guild couldn't do that now.

It was because of the ridiculously short time limit on the quest, which was 3 hours.

And if they wanted to kill off all the Seirein beings, then it would obviously not to take three hours, but they would need a whole day.

'Damn, what is this? Only if I would've got a little more time.'

Experience and items that were dropped for hunting the Seireins were the best.

Thinking about it made Martin's heart change.

He couldn't fight because of the time limit, and it was because they didn't want the guild members to die.

It was clear that 30% of the troops would die for them to take the eggs.

'Phew, first we need to complete the quest.'

This unblemished quest made by the LB company was out of rage.

Anyway, due to the precise movement, securing the Seireins eggs; Martin and Chase went back to Yankun.

"I have come back after fulfilling my mission, Mr. Yankun."

And Martin as much polite that he could be, handed the eggs to Yankun.

However, Yankun who received it still didn't look so pleased.

"Hmmm… you have accomplished your mission."

Martin, who was always in control of his facial expression, suddenly lost control.

'No, what's with the way he talks?'

And the words of Yankun continued.

"Martin, do you remember my mission?"

He wasn't sure how to respond to that muscle pig, so Martin opened the system message and answered while looking at it.

"Mr. Yankun has told me to hunt as many Seireins as possible and collect as many as 30 eggs."

Yankun got up from his seat and said.

"Yes! But how did you do that mission?!"


"You have collected the 30 eggs which were very nice… but you haven't even killed ten of them?"

Martin who realized what Yankun was saying, felt upset.

'No, that's as much as I could do! You ugly bitch!'

But he couldn't say that with his mouth, and Martin spoke different words from his thought.

"Sorry. I should've killed more of those guys."

At the apology from Martin. Yankun turned a bit cheerful and opened his mouth again.

"Hmm, I'm very disappointed in you, but you've managed to get the Seireins' eggs, so that's good."

Then system messages appeared in front of Martin.


[You have successfully completed the 'Noblesse Yankun Test I' quest.]

[Clear rating : D]

[Due to low clear rating, your gained experience and the gold coins are reduced by 80%.]

Martin had an unclear expression.

'No, what is this?! Since I met all the quest condition I need to get a B!'

But apart from Martin, Yankun's words continued.

"Ha, I feel like seeing my Master. If you were my master, then he would've completely destroyed all the Seireins."

Martin who heard it was feeling so embarrassed.

'Wait a minute, your Master is Lord Liliana. What could compare with the power of the devils?'

But that was just the misconception of Martin's.

The Master that Yankun was speaking about was Ian.

"Anyway, since you have completed your mission, I need to give the next assignment…"

Yankun added a word while looking at Martin.

"I don't expect much from you, anyways. Will you be able challenge yourself the next time?"

Martin's expression worsened.

This muscle pig seemed to have the ability to make the other people feel bad about themselves.


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