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Chapter 334 - The Dark Summons - Part 3


The token came down.

And of course, it would lead to a linked quest or the quest's final reward.

Some quest that would connect the two 'Gods'.

In addition, there were already three linked quests.

This should have been taken with gratitude. The longer the linkage, the greater the rewards.

And both Ian and Hoonie knew that.

Especially Hoonie, he was looking at the substitute Syarlon in anticipation.

"What was the response?"

Syarlon replied in a much smoother way than before.

Perhaps they liked what God had to offer.

"He was delighted. You deserve merit for bringing in the token."

Until then, the two people didn't even consider talking, but now they were talking with respect.

This was due to the affinity.

Syarlon took out a red parchment scroll.

Then the red parchment scroll flew to the air and went towards Hoonie.

To Hoonie's surprise, the red parchment scroll pierced into Hoonie's heart.

System messages popped up in front of Hoonie's eyes.


[Completed the quest successfully and earned the additional rewards.]

[Fame grew by 100,000.]

[Obtained 'Magic' ability value by 4000.]

"Oh oh…!"

Hoonie's mouth was wide open.

It was because of the reward of 4,000 magic resistance and the 100,000 fame wasn't a small reward for the quest.

Syarlon, who looked at Hoonie's face that was filled with happiness, opened his mouth again.

"And there was the additional token."

Hoonie's gaze turned to Syralon.

He was waiting for this.

If the linkage of the quest ends here, the entire quest would end and the final reward could be obtained already. If not that, the next linkage of the quest would come up.

Hoonie was hoping for the linked quest to come up rather than the final rewards.

It would be safe if the quest had ended there, but as mentioned earlier the longer the linkage, the greater the reward.

In fact, one of the rewards for the entire quest was described as 'Elementary Dark Summoners Skill book' which could be upgraded to 'Intermediate Dark Summoner Skillbook' after the third quest completion.

And as Hoonie had hoped for, Syarlon took up the story to the next linkage of the quest.

"Daedmon doesn't know what the agreement of The God of Darkness is, but to understand that, a few things need to be prepared."

Hoonie responded.

"What are those things?"

"There are three things…"

Before Syarlon explained those things he opened a small auxiliary quest window.

Tring –

- - - -

Quest Completion Condition –

Orb of darkness – (0/1)

Shadow's feather – (0/7)

Heart of Balrog – (0/5)

- - - -

Hoonie's eyes glowed as he read them.

He didn't know what an Orb of Darkness or the shadow feather was, but the last thing—the Heart of the Balrog—was enough for him to know the importance of this quest.

Seeing Hoonie smile Syarlon smiled a little and spoke.

"They sure are amazing. They are all the things that can be obtained by hunting a powerful legendary monster."

Even though he was surprised, he soon snap back out of it.

It was because he thought that he could take down even a legendary monster right now.

"Believe me, Mr. Substitute. I'll be back with these materials."

Syarlon nodded and responded.

"Of course you should. Daedmon expects much from you."

Hoonie stared at Syarlon for a moment and said.

"Then, I'll leave!"

But just right then.

Syarlon called up Hoonie who immediately turned around.

"Wait, I haven't finished the story yet."


Hoonie looked over at Syarlon with a puzzled expression, and Syarlon looked over at Ian.

Hoonie started to get a very uncomfortable feeling.

'What, what? Why is that jerk staring at Ian hyung again?'

He felt like something like this had happened before.

Hoonie's ominous premonition was spot on.

"The God Daedmon said that he wants you in on the mission too."

Ian was just watching the progress of the quest without reacting that much.


"You have to do the same mission."

After hearing this, the reaction of someone other than Ian was much bigger.

That was Hoonie.


That was such an unexpected development!

While Hoonie was still surprised, Syarlon's words went on.

"How's that, Ian? Will you like to try the mission the god of the Devildom has presented to you?"

Syarlon asked Ian.

It was a meaningless question.

The answer was already set in Ian's head.

Ian responded with a smirk.

"Of course. I would gladly do it!"

Ian changed the atmosphere immediately.

It was a decision he wasn't going to change!

And Syarlon seemed so pleased at Ian's response.

"Nice. God will be pleased."

Tring –

[Obtained the quest 'God of Darkness, Kade's Errand IV' (Hidden) (Linkage)]

After that, the conversation continued for a while about the quest between Ian and Syarlon.

As their conversation went on, Hoonie's lips began to pout.


"Noel hyung, I can be a little bit offended, right?"

"Well…maybe I guess?"

"Oh my god why! Why do I always have to do good things for this hyung!"

In conclusion, Ian inherited Hoonie's quest.

Surely, Hoonie didn't lose the quest.

It was just a step beyond the linkage, a similar level of the quest was received by Ian but as a summoner.

It was a painful thing for Hoonie.

It was originally a linked quest that was shared to the party members to an extent.

But getting the Hidden class quest was a very hard thing to do.

But it wasn't surprising that it was shared 100%.

It was difficult to accurately quantify, but it was common for the reward to be divided in half with the additional member or to the one who holds the most significance by the time the quest ends.

And that too would depend on the user who would finish the quest.

But now Ian wasn't going to help Hoonie finish the quest and share the reward. He now had the same level of quest and allied hunting. It wasn't unreasonable for Hoonie to say those words.

Ian chuckled at this and asked.

"Are you cursing me?"

"No, I'm not!"

"Then I'll forgive you."


"Did you forget that you deceived me?"


Hoonie didn't remember it right away, but then all his memories about it shot to his head.

"That... that wasn't deceiving! I just didn't tell you everything!"

"That's what deceiving means, you idiot."

"If I told you everything would you have accompanied me?"

Ian thought for a moment and then answered.

"No, I would've done it either way. I think?"

"Then there's no problem!"

"No, but the process of how it is done is important."

Ian's face was pleasant unlike the look on Hoonie's face.

Well, he surely didn't like to make fun of Hoonie.

It was just that he liked the quest he had got.

Although he had thought about Hoonie's quest, he didn't know that the opportunity would come to him just like that.

'What's this? Even if I wasn't interested in hunting, I'll just do it for the Beast Alchemy. It's nice to do quests like these.'

Ian once again opened the quest window that he received from Syarlon.

- -

The God of Darkness, Kade's Errand IV (Hidden) (Linkage) –

One of the five Gods who govern the Human world in the Kailan continent, God of Darkness Kades.

He was trying to produce a sickle with the power to fulfill his deal made with the Daemon, over a long time ago.

- However, Kades who was in another dimension couldn't move to the other to collect the materials all by himself.

- Thus, Kades attempts to gather the materials with the help of his ability to carry out the mission.

'Let's gather the materials of darkness that were scattered in the Devildom' that was Kades' orders.

Quest Difficulty: Unknown

Quest Condition: Users recognized by Kades.

Time Limit: none

Reward: The Book of Daedmon.

Intermediate dark Summoner Book (Legend)

- - - -

Ian's mouth went up, and when he read until the end of the quest, it turned to a smile.

'The Dark Summons! This is so interesting, right?'

Even the materials that were to be collected were items that could be obtained by hunting down only the Legendary Monsters.

Ian, who needed to search for legendary monsters anyway, thought that this was the best.


The quest was shared with Ian, and everything was only possible because of Ian himself.

Ian and Hoonie were not familiar with the fact, but in order to receive the quest, two specific conditions needed to be met.

The first was that the user should be someone who had accumulated a 1% public value in the last war.

The second was that a user needed to be a warlock or a summoner and should be in the top 10 rankings.

But if the two mentioned conditions were satisfied, then one could skip the linkage and get the fourth quest right away.

However, Ian was the number one user with overwhelming power in the dimensional war, and in the summoners ranking too.

That was why such a ridiculous situation had appeared.

Kade and Daedmon had given Ian the perfect quest.

Hoonie thought that his hyung had very strong luck, but it was actually because the things in Kailan were made that way.

"Wah, Noel hyung. Won't you swear at that hyung?"

"For what?"

"That hyung he just took the quest from me, and now you don't have a connection quest."

Hoonie who was struggling reached out to Canoel to share his pain and suffering, but Canoel just stood there.

Canoel just showed a calm expression.

"Hmm… well? I have nothing specific to swear at."

Hoonie's face was distorted, and Ian's voice once again entered his ears.

"Hey, is there a reason for me to be sworn at?"


"With the money he received, he can buy dozens of legendary skill books."


Canoel laughed then Hoonie just realized something as if he was enlightened.

Ian's explanation continued.

"Just follow us, it's just like doing a quest together so just enjoy it. Is the reward that important?"

"Well, that's true."

Canoel didn't oppose what Ian said.


"Hmm… this is my first time doing such a thing…"

They stepped into the red cloud floating in the skies of the Devildom.

The substitute Syarlon on behalf of God Daedmon looked at the group of people who just left the temple.

And there was a strange expression in his face.

"Lord Daedmon was so impressed by the Half-devil… I don't understand why…"

But whatever the reason was, Daedmon was the greatest of the Devil Gods, and it was an absolute necessity to have a substitute since he sees through him.

"I'll know soon."

Syarlon flapped his red cloak and vanished.

The red clouds that remained after his disappearance scattered instantly, concealing his trace.


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