Taming Master | Chapter 336 | The Unexpected Reunion | Part 2

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Chapter 336 - The Unexpected Reunion - Part 2


The place where Ian had opened the gate was the 20th division of the Devildom.

If he did that, then he could go to the closet location i.e. the 19th division and hunt the Syakelic.

But Ian had decided that the 17th division would be their first destination, and he had a reason to decide that.

Hoonie asked Ian,

"Syakelic…? And the Shadow's Feather?"

"Yeah, he is called with that nickname, it seems."

And this time it was Canoel who spoke.

"If it is a shadow… then, by any chance does it have anything to do with the dark pets we fought in the shrine?"

Ian smiled a little and answered,

"Bingo. Among the legendary monster known so far, he is considered as the dark pet."


"And the Orb of darkness is the natural enemy for the dark pets."


The item that would be obtained by hunting the Behemoth—it was a material of its soul.

But the Orb of Darkness wasn't an item that had no abilities.

It was something like a totem, that gave on tremendous options just by having it in the inventory.

An Enchantment ability that has a detecting skill, and reduces the damage of all the dark attributes by 20%, and on the other hand, it allows 30% of additional damage to the opponent.

It also had the ability to increase all the Shadow Attacks by 15%, and now Ian's party was going to get that item, and it could be of a little help when catching the Syakelic beast.

But Hoonie once again asked something as he didn't fully understand,

"Surely, if we have the Orb of Darkness we can easily hunt the Syakelic. But even then, what if the Behemoth is much stronger than the Syakelic? Though they are both legendary, hyung you have said that Syakelic is much weaker when compared to a Balrog and the Behemoth."


"Then wouldn't it be better to go for the Syakelic first, and then go to Behemoth?"

Ian shook his head.

"Even if the Syakelic is weak, the Syakelic has a habitat in the 19th division, a community. And we don't have any data as to how many reside in there. And if we fight then we could attract the attention of the others, we may have to fight with tens of those legendary monsters at once. "

"Hmm… that is right."

Surely, there was no guarantee that the Behemoth was guarding the Orb of Darkness, but Ian didn't say that.

'No matter what, I need to get to the Orb of Darkness first.'

In fact, Ian had an idea once, after he had a conversation with Cervian.

"So… in order to catch the familiar of darkness, the Orb of Darkness is needed?"

"Yep, if you can get your hands on the Orb of Darkness, then you can try to catch the Syakelic. And with that, you will be able to well…"

"Then how about catching the Behemoth and the Balrog?"

"Well, the Behemoth and the Balrog are the most powerful of all the monsters. And I haven't heard of any successful summons yet."

"So is it tough?"

"Yes, it is. Even among the Devils, there is no one who managed to capture a Behemoth or a Balrog."

"Then… the Balrog and Behemoth isn't a monster that has yet to be used as a summoner?"

That made Ian surprised.

But another thought passed through Ian's mind.

"Oh, no. I saw it, I saw the Devil King Ricardo was commanding the Balrog."

However, Cervian had laughed at it and spoke.

"Oh… did you forget the existence of Soul Stone?"


"I'm not entirely sure, but maybe Ricardo probably summoned the Balrog by collecting Soul stones. If you have the power that Ricardo has, you can easily gather the Soul of a Balrog. If you directly hunt a Balrog, you will get it, and bring it with a Soul Stone."

"What about the Soul Stone?"

"I'll tell you later."

Ian got more information than he had thought of when visiting Cervian.

And the information helped Ian to plan.

It was helpful for the progress of the quest, and it helped to plan on obtaining the items needed.

'I'll have to hear it once.'

Had it not been for the information obtained from Cervian, it was likely that Ian would have wasted his power trying to capture the Balrog or Behemoth.

He didn't plan on trying to capture them at all, but now he didn't even plan on waiting the time to catch those guys who weren't even controlled by the Devil.

'Besides, I got to know the power of the Orb of Darkness…'

The Orb of Darkness was surely a nemesis to the Dark Pets.

Besides, Ian had another weapon.

Kaka's unique ability!

'If I add Kaka's Dreaming Devil ability to the effect of Orb of Darkness, then… I can easily sweep of the Syakelic.'

Ian's plan was this.

When the effect of reducing the damage from the darkness—by combining the Orb of Darkness and the Dreaming Devil would be imposed, a total of 70% was achieved.

What should hit with 100,000 damage will turn to 300,000 damage.

What was Ian's magic resistance at?

The basic attribute of the monster Syakelic was magic, so there will be a loss of 60-70% of the damage received.

With all the options overlapping, there will be a total of 91% of the damage would be lost.

The equipment defense wasn't just numbers, so even if the legendary monster attacked with it's highest efficient attack, it would just be a tickle.

'This is a chance given by heaven. I need to hunt all of the Syakelic and then raise my alchemy level to the MAX.'

The Orb of Darkness was a fraudulent item.

But even if it was so, it was an item that needed to be given to Daedmon.

That was why he had to use as much as he could before handing it over.

Anyway, Ian moved all the way to 17th —didn't touch a single monster at the 19th and 18th division as much as he could.

The monsters in the 19th were all monsters with dark attributes, so Ian thought of taking care of them after getting his hands on the Orb of Darkness.

"Hyung, that gate!"

"Okay. Let's go past those monsters and immediately get in.



"Oh oh, who can this be?"

A huge wall surrounding the City of Chaos.

And in front of the door of Chaos which was the only gate in the city, Martin saw a face which he didn't want to come across.

"It has been quite a while, Irahan. You have been very quiet for a while… Are you getting active again?"

The person who was in front of Martin was the Guild Master of the DarkRuna Guild, who had been joining forces till a few days back.

After the end of the Dimensional War, the DarkRuna Guild had been quiet for a while, and just recently, their activities had begun.

Which made Martin surprised.

'No matter how brooding the DarkRuna Guild is if you have rested this long you had a lot to lose…'

Martin looked a little dull because of his day, but that didn't mean that his observation had gotten dull.

Irahan and the other members of the DarkRuna guild who were behind him.

Looking at the city, they had just crossed the road of the City.

Irahan laughed in the direction of Martin.

"Yep. I have had enough time to rest."

And the lips' corner went up a bit and spoke a few more words,

"While the tiger wasn't there, did you have fun playing the king?"

Listening to this, Martin's expression changed.

He knew exactly what Irahan meant.

The DarkRuna Guild was the very first guild to enter the Devildom with huge force.

If Irahan hadn't been absent from the Dimension War due to Ian, then it would have been the DarkRuna Guild who would've been in the first ranking in the Devildom.

But, it was a maybe situation, but now was different.

Martin laughed.

"Huhu, are you even worthy to say that? After not being able to be even on par with Ian…"

At those words of Martin, Irahan's relaxed look turned hard.

But that was it.

He was looking for something.

"I was lacking a bit, so there was nothing I could do."


That was a surprising reaction.

If it was the Irahan that Martin knew, then the situation should've been very hot.

This made Martin very nervous.

'Does this guy have something that he believes in…?'

However the next words from Irahan, the nervousness wasn't there.

"Look's like you've been to the Guild Management office, but you don't seem to have it yet. Your guild isn't on the list of the guild in the City of Chaos."


Martin started to remember the encounter he had with Yankun.


Martin shook his head and laughed.

And again came the remarks from Irahan.

"I don't know what is our number of arrival, but the first guild to be established in the City of Chaos will be our DarkRuna."

Irahan walked past Martin and headed towards the Guild Management office.

And Martin turned back and looked at Irahan and mumbled to himself.

'Okay, you'll be able to work hard for once in there.'


The tower looked like a dungeon in the first look and the feel that it gave out was the same.

With the heavy atmosphere that was surrounding it, the air felt very moist.

Even the cry of the ghosts seemed to be resonating.

That had made the Undead's master—the Warlock Hoonie to also shiver.

"This, somehow gives me a bad feeling."

At the words from Ian, Canoel's words followed.

"Well… a dungeon that I don't feel like entering."

It was so dark in the inside that nothing could be seen.

Of course, there has been a dungeon with low light in the past, but the vibe in this tower provided a plain, yet horrifying intent.

If they didn't light something, they wouldn't be able to see anything all.

"Hyung, should we really need to go inside?"

Ian chuckled at it.

"Why? Scared?"


Whether his pride was high, or his body went stiff of fear, Hoonie's mouth went stiff.

But when Ian moved into the dungeon, Hoonie's mouth worked again.


But Ian's pace didn't even slow down.

"If you're scared, don't come in. The Behemoth's skin, I and Noel will share it."

Hoonie was shocked.

But he still didn't move from his place.

"No, no way. You can't do that! You think you can catch the Behemoth without me?"

After seconds of hesitation, Ian turned and said,


Eventually, as Ian and Canoel moved into the dungeon, Hoonie forced himself into the dungeon.

And the moment that they had entered the dungeon.

Ian met the monster that he didn't even think he would have to encounter.


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