Taming Master | Chapter 337 | The Unexpected Reunion | Part 3

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Chapter 337 - The Unexpected Reunion - Part 3



A huge beast growled in front of Ian's eyes.

That creature had a shape of a giant tiger, with three heads, he was the legendary monster Tarveros, whom he met when crossing through the gate after the 50th division.

Ian's memories instantly tried to overwhelm him and remembered the abilities and attack pattern of the monster.

'Ability to rotate the area, the time turning skill is something we need to be careful about.'

At that time, the Tarveros made it tough for Ian.

He was struggling a lot because of the monster's ability to turn back time, but he wasn't a legendary rank monster.

Meanwhile, Hoonie who heard the murmur of Ian's asked.

"Tarveros? Do you know him?"

Ian nodded.

"This was the one who was blocking the 50th division."

Ian added a few more words after that while holding out his spear.

"He isn't a very tough guy, so I was able to move one."


Hoonie and Canoel nodded and took the stance to battle.

And that was what Ian did too.

But right then, Ian who was about to rush towards Tarveros paused momentarily.

There was a variable.

'What, not just one?'


Tarveros roared in the dark.

The view of the field was pitch black, so they couldn't know what it was, but it looked like there were three or four of them, just based on the intuition.

Ian asked Kaizer,

"Kaizer, do you remember the motion ?"

"Yes, clearly."

"Let's do it before the unique ability ends."

"Okay, master."

Ian rushed towards the Tarveros that was in the lead while having a much-motivated look on his face.

The more difficult the opponent was, the more spoils the battle would give.

Even though the number of them was large, it was a fight that could be done quickly if it's inherent ability to turn time wasn't activated.

Although the exact specification of the ability or the name wasn't known yet, there was a need for casting time for that ability of Tarveros.

All that was needed to be done was to adjust the timing accordingly.

Of course, it would be difficult to break off all the unique abilities that would be used in the play, but he thought that he could understand it after once or twice.

"Ly, side! Noel and Hoonie handle the left-siders!"


"Understood, Master."

Following Ian's instructions, the party began to move in unison, and Hoonie immediately began to skillfully control the Undead as the battle began.

And the Tarveros too didn't stay still.


When the Tarveros screamed, the sound tore the eardrums of its members.

The total number of Tarveros was 5, but the head they had were 15.

And when the 15 of them roared in unison, the sound was huge.

"My eardrum is gone!"

Ian first went to the guy in the lead along with Ly.

He already knew their attack pattern.

"Don't get yourself deceived by those molars! Watch their paws!"


Tarveros had sharp molars that protrude out till their chin.

They looked very threatening, but in fact, the molars weren't their main weapon, it was their powerful paws.

If the user tried to avoid the attacks from their heads and takes a hit from their paw, then it was massive damage!

And after some time, the composition of the field where the battle was happening, eventually looked like a terrain in the mine.

Ian, Kaizer, and Ly started to attack one, Bbookbbook and Kaizer took on another guy, Pin and Halli were helping out Hoonie and Canoel.

And so, the battle began in the dark.


A small square located on the outskirts of the City of Chaos.

There was a gathering of Asmodians over there, around ten or so.

With two guild flags in the square, they seemed to be users of the Royal Guild and the DarkRuna Guild.

"Hmm, so… let's move ten people, best of the two groups."

"That will be the most efficient. It isn't a work that needs numbers, you know that too, right?"

The two who were talking to each other were Martin and Irahan.

They were talking with serious expressions on their face.

"Hmm… but, if you want to move to the 15th division, it will be better only for the best move."

Royal Guild and DarkRune guild didn't have a good relationship between them.

There was just one reason for their unity.

Just for the purpose of clearing the quest to register their Guilds!

Irahan also received the same quest as Martin, and he felt like that Balrog quest was blocking his plans.

For the guild registration, the office was quite a challenge by handing out tough quests, and Yankun wasn't just some NPC.

'By the way, that Yankun, it seemed like I knew him… do I?'

Inside the head of Irahan, he recalled the face of Yankun and shook his head.

It was because the expression of Yankun who stared at him with a dissatisfied expression somehow seemed familiar.

'Well, that muscle pig isn't a charming face that anyone would want to remember.'

Irahan who was feeling dizzy by trying to remember turned his focus onto the negotiations that were going on with Martin.

What was important now wasn't the look of Yankun.

It would have been different if he knew that Yankun had already known him.

Irahan opened his mouth to Martin once again,

"You should definitely bring strong friends. The difficulty of the bosses in the 20th division is very devastating."

Martin nodded and replied,

"Exactly my words, Irahan. I don't know if there is anyone other than the DarkRuna guild… but you better not bring people who are likely to be in fear."

The map was opened and it wasn't a task that needed the number of people.

The more the number of users, the more agro will be drawn, and it will make the users fight with more monsters.

Therefore, in the beginning, only a certain amount of power will be burdened.

According to the thoughts of Irahan and Martin, the optimal number of people to send as a party would be 10.

However, since they had to compromise and organize, they collectively decided the 10 people.

After a long meeting of two hours, and after the agreement with the Royal Guild, Irahan stood up and shook his head.

'Not just the gate boss, it would be better for me to be the one who breaks through the 15th division all by myself.'

It takes a lot of people to break through a place, but eventually one needs a party to deal with the gate boss, and the hunting of Balrog wasn't a task for a single person.

Irahan, who had to forcibly join the guild has been very upset.

It would have been better if it was with the Celestial Guild, Limlong and not Royal Guild.

If it had been the guild of Celestial, then he thought that it would have been possible to go to the 15th division with a party of 4 or 5 users.

To break through a map, no class was as great as the assassin's class.

And that was the only fact that Irahan knew about Limlong, but there was another superuser, one above the Guildmaster Limlong of Celestial Guild.

He was a user who felt like a mother f*cker because of his ID name, but he was very amazing.

According to Irahan, Martin seemed like a stronger user than Samuel Jin.

He had a combat power similar to that of Limlong, which didn't even need mentioning.

After all, the two guilds who finished the negotiations quickly began to move towards the direction of the 15th division of Devildom.


"Noel, Hoonie. Check it once. How much loss of power?"

"The moment the summoned one come back to the Summon option, we can get moving again."

"I need my skill to cooldown for me to move again."

Ian, who had been fighting with the Tarveros till a while back, checked for the status of the party.

The damage received was greater than imagined.

Ly and Halli were almost killed, he had to summon Bbookbbook who had never faced a crisis before.

Even then, the damage had been minimized by the powerful force of Kaizer and Karceus.

"Okay then, we'll have to take a 30 minutes break. Even I need time for Bbookbbook to recall."

"Okay, hyung."

As they got over the rough situation, Ian approached the dead Tarveros.

It was time to receive the loot.

'It would be awesome if it is one big hit…'

The reason why Ian and his party struggled more than they had imagined, was because the ability of the Tarveros was much greater than their thoughts.

Though the abilities themselves were not similar to the previously known Tarveros, a Tarveros which seemed to have survived from the dead by turning back the time.

When the last of the Tarveros revived itself, all of the members had given up due to fatigue and then stayed on the floor.

'That unique ability… really a frustrating one.'

It looked like the best summoners had increased their proficiency while adding much higher quality of items to create this beast.

Ian wanted to get the Tarveros ability somehow and wanted to add this ability of 'Turn back time' into the myth called 'monster' that he would create.

It was a unique ability that would match well with Ian's fighting style, it could make Ian utilize the skill to it's highest efficiency.

Ian first approached the nearest dead Tarveros and reached out his hand.


['Tarveros Soul' (Rank: Legendary) (Classification: Miscellaneous) x9 items have been acquired.]

[You have collected 'Intermediate magic stones' x3.]

[You have acquired the item 'Tarveros Skin'.]

[You gained the item 'Jewel ofTime'.]

Ian's eyes went through the list of items he had gained.

He didn't get the 'power stones' item, which he was searching for, but he saw an unexpected benefit.

'The Jewel of Time…?'

The Jewel of Time was an item that Ian knew.

That was a hidden quest given by Gripper, a long-time friend of Ian's', to a wizard class user.

It was because, at the 210 level limit, it was a necessary quest to be cleared.

But until then, no one had ever found the Jewel of Time, so no one had cleared it yet.

One persons' face immediately appeared in the mind of Ian.

'This… maybe I should give this to Remir?'

Remir hadn't yet entered the Lotus Guild even after the endless love calls from Ian and Herz.

However, he thought, maybe this would make Remir think.


Ian was laughing at it, and then picked the Soul Stone.

Soul of a legendary monster which he had been waiting for since he had hunted the Devil Dragon.

[Obtained 'Tarveros Soul Stone' x9]

[When you collect all the pieces of the Soul, you will be able to summon the Tarveros.]

[Current Soul Stones: 9/200 (4.5%)]

Ian's head began to spin.

'Wait… if I do this…?'

Ian first collected things of all the four Tarverous bodies.

And a total of 41 soul stones were gathered from them.

It was an average of 8 pieces per soul.

Other than that, there weren't any noticeable items, but Ian wasn't feeling bad.

It was because he thought that he still had the chance to gather the soul stones of the Tarveros and complete it.

Of course, there was some needed for intimidation.

Ian approached Canoel and Hoonie.

"How many soul stones did you guys collect?"

Hoonie and Canoel suddenly felt a chill running down their spine and unexplained an eerie feeling.


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