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Chapter 339 - Tower of the Commander - Part 2


"This is crazy! What's that!"

On the floor, glowing red balls were present in all directions. From the darkness, the monster came to light.

The monster was more than twice as big compared to Karceus or Bbookbbook in their dragon forms. Ian and his party were nothing less than being overwhelmed at the sight of the monster.

"A Rhinoceros…?"

Hoonie took a step back and respond to what Canoel said.

"Where would you find such a weird rhinoceros!"

It had three horns on its head, and the one on its nose was red and bigger than the others.

The face itself resembled a rhinoceros, but at the same time, it felt like it was an ancient dragon.

Ian's party identified the monster.


With a huge roar that nearly broke off the whole party's eardrums, they were able to identify what it was.

[Behemoth / Lv 406]

The monster was none other than the legendary monster Behemoth whom Ian had been searching for.

Since the Behemoth hadn't made an appearance in the Dimensional War, Ian and his party were feeling nervous.

Hoonie was the first one to speak.

"Thankfully, it's movements seem to be a little... slow?"

Ian looked at the Behemoth very closely and then spoke.

"By the way, the skin texture… seems like a steel glow. Looks like it has great physical resistance."

Ian glanced at the spear in his hand.

The 'Judgement of the Spirit King' who had an unexpected attack power, but he wasn't sure if even that could tear through its steel skin.

'If it's around level 300, then it wouldn't have made us feel so intimidated…'

However, as of the moment, it seemed like calling it of level 406 would be an understatement.

Gathering his senses together, he thought on how to deal with the monster that was in front of his eyes.

"Hoonie, Noel. Let's move back slightly for now."

"Why? Since he is huge, isn't it better to fight in a narrow place?"

Ian shook his head at Hoonie's question.

"Let's try to draw him into a bright spot. And we don't have any information about him at all, can't you see that?"

"Well, okay."

Ian, Hoonie, and Canoel took a step back while communicating with each other.

Ian was thinking about the worst of the things that could happen.

'If we don't manage to get hold of this guy, then we'll have to pull out as much information as possible to catch the Tarveros the next time.'

Since he was a strong opponent, Ian thought of the situation and how they could possibly lose to it.

Though they had a small chance of winning, Ian didn't plan of dying in his hands.

And incase the situation started to get difficult, then they would immediately use the scroll without thinking twice.

No matter how expensive the instant scroll would be, it would be nothing if Ian fell down from the 1st rank.

Kung- Kung- Kung-

The Behemoth raised its massive body and took steps towards the party.

Every time it took a step forward, the entire dungeon would shake.

"When you see my signal, attack it, okay?"


Ian watched the movement of the monster with utmost concentration.

It had been walking in a very slow manner, but that couldn't be taken into consideration in attacking it. Their nervousness hadn't settled down even for a bit.

'Little more, just a little more…!!'

Ian couldn't wait anymore. Once the whole body of the monster comes out of the darkness, he planned on attacking it right away.

Ian thought of attacking the monster that way in order to prevent the monster from attacking them with some unknown weapon in its possession while they were still in the dark.

But then.


The red-eyed Behemoth which was headed in the direction of the party suddenly started to turn back!

"What... what ? Where is it going?"

"Well, I didn't think this would happen… what are we going to do Hyung? Should we attack?"

Canoel nervously looked at Ian, and Hoonie was puzzled.

Even they were lost in their thoughts after that.

A very aggressive looking monster doing that? This was the first time for Ian to be in a situation like that after entering the Devildom.

'What was that? Why did it turn back?'

Moreover, the level of that monster was more than 100 levels higher than Ian and his party, and that made it much harder to understand what just happened.

Hoonie looked at the back of the Behemoth with a blank expression on his face and asked Ian.

"Hyung, maybe…"


"Is he going back to protect the Orb of Darkness?"

Ian went pale with Hoonie's assumption.


Hoonie continued to speak.

"If it is the task of the Behemoth to protect the Orb of Darkness, then it would explain why it moved to a certain distance and then went back."

"Certainly looks like it. Hoonie finally said something that actually made sense after a long time."

"A long time!? I always…!"

Ian ignored Hoonie's outburst and started to think quickly.

Ian opened his eyes and looked at the darkness where the Behemoth had disappeared into.

'Hoonie could be… right. So the Orb of Darkness can possibly be in there.'

But even then, it was just a hypothesis.

The risk was too great to make a move based on an assumption.

Ian then spoke.

"Let's confirm it."


"If the Orb is really in there."

"How do you propose that?"

Ian turned his gaze and stared at Kaka, who was right next to him.

"Will it be possible for this guy…?"

Hoonie and Canoel looked over at Kaka in response to what Ian said.

"Oh…! It can be possible if it's Kaka!"

"Yes, it would be perfect since Kaka uses dark attributes."

Unless the Behemoth uses an inherent ability of divine order, then no harm could be done to Kaka.

With Kaka, they could find out what was hidden in the darkness without any risks.

In addition, if they use the skill of Black Magician Hoonie's 'Black Eye', then the entire party would be able to share Kaka's view.

Everyone's gaze turned toward Kaka, and Kaka nodded at them and replied.

"I understand master. I will go and check what's in there."


Frong- Frong-

When Kaka started to fly using her small wings, an unpleasant sound came.

Ian then said.

"Hey, can you not move your wings?"

"I need to move my wings to push the air, master"

"Shut up, and stop flapping your wings."


Kaka who was in the center of everyone's attention, stopped flapping her wings. However, she didn't seem to face any trouble in flying.

"Ah, this is frustrating. Why is she so slow?"

"I feel the same."

As Kaka flew into the dark, Hoonie cast a spell with his skull wand.

"In the Darkness… let me have a third eye!"


A violet smoke came out from the gem of Hoonie's wand, and a large bead seemed to have appeared in front of the party.

A projection appeared in the bead which was in black and white.

What they were seeing right now was what Kaka was currently seeing.

Ian looked at Hoonie and said.

"Hey, is such a cringey chant needed to be done?"

"Cringey!? So you don't want me to do it. Well, it doesn't matter since I have awesome control. If you think these things are so cringey then you won't be able to ever be a Knaji(cool)."

"I'll be fine without it…"

All the three people gathered in front of the quartz bead screen that Hoonie had summoned.

Canoel, who had been observing it very quietly asked in a low voice.

"Hey, Hoonie. The last time we saw something in this, it had color. Why did it suddenly change into black and white? Performance downgrade?"

Hoonie shook his head and responded.

"The performance hasn't downgraded at all, it's just how Kaka sees the world."


"The world that Kaka sees is black and white."

Ian who was listening to the conversation of the two, spoke as if he had just realized something.

"Ah ha…? Oh, now I know… that is why she can clearly see in the dark."

"Oh, Is that so?"

Thanks to that, the three people were able to see clear images in the dark, they stopped talking and began to focus more on the images that were being displayed in front of them.

Kaka moved past the Behemoth.

When they saw the Behemoth through Kaka's eyes, it seemed like a rocky hill and not a monster.

"Is that its tail? I'm finally seeing the edge of the floor."

Kaka was about to get to her destination.

The party focused on the screen to find the Orb of Darkness.

But then.

"Uh, wait. There there…! Is that it?"

Canoel pointed at the screen as if he had found something, and Hoonie and Ian too looked at the screen.

The Behemoth's gigantic long tail was carefully winded up at a dimly shined object.

When Kaka found the object, she moved closer towards it. The three was finally able to see the object a bit clearer now.

And it wasn't just one.

A total of three smooth glass-like objects were placed close to each other.

And there was also a strange aura around them.

"What…? Is this really the Orb of Darkness?"

Canoel nodded in response to what Hoonie said.

"Well, well? I just opened the quest window to confirm the shape of the Orb of Darkness, and it is different from that."

"It is like… an egg, right?"

"No, its shape is of an egg… The surface is way too smooth and there is light coming out from it. Is it some kind of jewelry?"

Kaka circled around the place, but no other objects could be found.

It was obvious that the Behemoth was guarding these questionable objects.

Canoel and Hoonie began to try very hard to understand what that object was, and Ian was thinking all by himself.

'What is that? Why does it seem like I've seen them somewhere before?'

Ian was feeling upset since the view that Kaka provided was in black and white.

If only the screen had color in it, then it could've been possible to know what the object was.

'It feels so familiar. I've definitely seen it somewhere…'

Ian tried very hard to remember the unknown object.

'The Karceus soul in the dragon egg was a bit similar to that… even the texture.'

Like the God's eggs, like any other egg, this too had a more convex form in the bottom.

On the other hand, the Behemoth's three objects were almost symmetrical ellipses.

'What? Uh… I'm going crazy.'

Ian held his forehead and looked closely at the objects that once again came into Kaka's line of sight.


The object's light moved to its surface, and the light flowed!

And in that moment, Ian remembered where he had seen the object.


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