Taming Master | Chapter 341 | The Prelude of War Conquest | Part 1

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Chapter 341 - The Prelude of War Conquest - Part 1



The moment Behemoth collapsed onto the floor, the entire dungeon began to vibrate as if an earthquake had appeared.

While seeing the body of Behemoth drained of its vitality, Ian and the party members had blank expressions.

And it wasn't because they weren't happy.

It was because the hellish raid on the monster had ended with success on their side, but the problem was that they had been too drained of their energies to even rejoice.

With a blank expression, Hoonie muttered,

"Finally… it's done…"

If the same raid had been performed by a normal party, then there was a high chance for it to be abandoned.

They would've left it after just an hour or so.

After a complete hour of straight offense, and the monster didn't even lose 5% of its vitality, then it would be natural for anyone to give up or to go and recruit some other users!

But the leader of the current party wasn't a sane person, and in the end, he managed to succeed by raiding the monster with three individuals.


Canoel and Hoonie both sat down at the same time.

The same time their minds came to release the stress, their bodies too responded in the same manner, and their lifeless legs couldn't hold on the violent shaking of the dungeon.

"Why are you guys sitting. Let's check the items right away."

Ian who wasn't so tired approached the body of Behemoth right away.

Actually, Ian wasn't tired.

It was because of the spiritual power that had been created by the aspirations towards the items.

Seeing that, Canoel spoke,

"That hyung, he's surely not a human…"

"Noel hyung, you knew that now?"


Ian who wasn't so concerned with the conversation between those two people smiled to himself by approaching the body of Behemoth.

Ian was purely concerned about the items that Behemoth would drop.

'It was a real miracle that we've gotten out successfully. I was starting to increase the attacks twice or thrice for it…'

In the first trial, they had to figure out the attack pattern and the attacks. The second and third trial was to succeed with a clear view.

If Ian's plan would've been known beforehand, then Hoonie and Canoel wouldn't have been sitting on the floor—they would've been lying on the floor.

'If he would've been just a little bit smarter, we wouldn't have succeeded at all.'

As Ian's hand reached the body of the Behemoth, a system message came out.


['Behemoth's Skin' x 5 items have been earned.]

[Obtained the item 'Forgotten Magician's Tooth'.]

[Obtained the item 'Rage of Chastity'.]

[Obtained the items, 'Advanced Magic stones'.]

[Obtained the item 'Vibrating wave ability stone'.]

Ian's eyes looked over at all the items that were listed, after the half he started to rub his eyes.

'Ability stone? Power ability stones!?'

Ian felt butterflies in his stomach.

He quickly opened the inventory and checked the information of the item.

- - - - - -

Vibrating Wave Ability Stone –

Rank: Legendary

Classification: Goods

- It is a power stone with the ability of 'Vibrating Wave' which is the unique ability of the legendary monster Behemoth.

- If these abilities are coupled together with the Alchemy, it would give a high probability 'Vibrating Wave' and inherent ability will be born thoroughly.

- And the Magical Beast Alchemy can only be done by Cervian the 'Devil Summoner' who resides in the Laboratory of the 107th division of the Devildom.

- If the casting of the Alchemy doesn't succeed, then the item will disappear.

- - - - - - -

While Ian was able to find the information about the stones, he found a whole new set on the information.

'Even if not the Master of Alchemy, a Beast Alchemist also could utilize the content. But… to make such nice contents, but only for a small number of users to use is a tough task for the developers.'

Ian was a bit upset that the Master of Beast Alchemy wasn't a content that he could use but soon realized that he needn't be sorry.

Even if it was the work of the blacksmith to make equipment, but wouldn't it be fine to leave the production work for the normal users?

He wanted to understand this content and concept of the alchemy.

'Oh, but this… even if the other summoning users are able to perform the alchemy, then the materials needed for the durability of the alchemy should also be available in huge quantities, right?'

Ian was the first to come up with the magic mines.

One of the major minerals produced in the Magic Mines were the magic stones that increase the probability of success in the alchemy.

Which meant the value of these minerals would rise to an incomprehensible level, which was contrary to the thought that no one but him would use the stones.

'The normal users could try and perform normal summons… that could be a merit for the Beast Alchemy. But I don't think that it would be possible to perform with a skill that could revive or summon…'

Ian's guess was almost right.

Although the content wasn't opened yet, as it was just Ian who had completed the quest of the Cervian's Laboratory and even if it was opened later, it wouldn't be able to refer all the Magical Beast Alchemy to Cervian.

Firstly, the Cervian Quest was a quest which gave the clear to the hidden job of Alchemy and then provided the user with permission to use the laboratory.

And even if it was a natural course, and for the normal users to be able to use the laboratory of Cervian, they will have to pay a big price to use the lab.

As far as this thought came, Ian suddenly remembered the dwarf.

"Huh, Han would be working hard, right?"

As the words blurted out of Ian's mouth, both Hoonie and Noel flinched instinctively.

The moment the name 'Han' was heard, all their memories in that horrible place rushed back.

"Hyung, why did you have to spell that weird dwarf's name?"

"Huh, I have something to do."

While Ian was in his own thoughts, Hoonie and Canoel who too hunted the Behemoth retrieved their share of the loot.

All the three had received one piece of legendary equipment, and Hoonie especially had obtained 13 pieces of Behemoth Skin.

That was because Ian and Canoel both gave all their shares to him.

"Hehe, Thank you hyungs! This much of it will be enough, I will be able to continue my process of producing the wand."

Ian responded to it with a little irritation,

"Well, you do have awesome luck. It seems like an important task that might need at least 30 pieces of skin."


And Ian who was done with the raid now moved into the darkness.

There was another thing that they had to recover.

'The Behemoth's egg! I can't leave that out.'

He had already given up a lot for Hoonie's sake, there was no way he would be willing to let this go.

Among the items that Ian had acquired from the Behemoth's body, he had already given away the legendary production material 'The Forgotten Beast's tooth', and the 'Rage of Chastity' to Hoonie.

That was why Ian immediately headed into the darkness in search of the Behemoth's egg.

And it wasn't so difficult to find the Behemoth's egg, all thanks to the light that they emitted in the pitch darkness.

"Keu, my precious!!"

Ian was in a good mood despite giving away a lot to Hoonie.

And right after taking the egg, the system message came up.


[The item 'Behemoth's Egg' has been obtained.]

Ian took a sigh o relief in the darkness.

"I knew it…! it was the Behemoth's egg!"

Ian couldn't feel relieved until he saw the exact item information and confirmed it.

But Ian could feel something strange.

"Oh, but… why is blur light coming out of this guy?"

Ian stared at the Behemoth's egg in his hand.

He noticed a few things that weren't seen through the black and white vision of Kaka's.



The sky of the Central continent was without clouds.

In contrast to the desert where the yellow sand is embedded into the sky, the clouds of Saekaman were bluer.

And they were the Wyverns, the predators that dominated the desert.

The Velaros guild were both forced to fall into nervousness as they saw the guards of the Lotus Guild.

[Ah! What is this? The Wyverns! The Wyverns are now on the side of Lotus!]

[Yes, that looks like it! since the scene is far away, it isn't that clear yet, but that silhouette is definitely Wyverns! The Wyverns are one of the topmost armed riders ever.]

[Oh~ yes, they are! The Wyvern Knights! The Wyverns Knights are in the Lotus Guild!]

[Not just one or two! At a glance, it looks like there are more than 28! This is huge!]

The weekend ended with Monday.

So right from the day before.

The Lotus Guild proclaimed order of the Lord's palace on one side of the central.

And this was a tremendous step which no guild in the Kailan had even tried to attempt.

From the early days of Kailan till the Dimensional war, the DarkRuna guild which was in the 1st ranking for quite a lot time never even tried to declare war on more than two guilds.

And due to the normal users started to get excited about the way the Lotus Guild was working.

- The Lotus Guild has gone crazy! No matter how confident they are, does it make any sense to declare war on 12 guilds at the same time?

- No, honestly, this isn't confidence. They didn't declare war on some random guilds but they declared them on the top 12 guilds, do they even make sense? Could it be that the Guild Master is being terrorized or their guild will be collapsed?

- Why? Did you even look at the guild once?

- Hmm, I did. Do you think that it will be possible?

- … Their opinion is plain foolish, but the Lotus Guild is the asylum for the crazy, their plans are plain unrealistic… I don't even know what to say about this kind of acts.

- Same here.

At the Lotus Guild's act, many theories started to spurt out, and there was a popular theory that someone would have been terrorizing them or that their guild would be destroyed on purpose by some 'Conspiracy theorists'.

As such, the propagation declaration of the Lotus Guild was to break down the frame of common sense.

And on the noon of Tuesday, the first manor transition broke out.

And right at that moment.

Even in the midst of the blazing sunset, users gathered in the Central Continent to see the Lotus Guild.

And as soon as the Empire war began, all the users turned enthusiastic.

And as many users and experts were worried about, the Wyvern Knights had appeared in the central continent.

With the sunlight falling on their armors, the symbol of Lotus Guild which was the Griffin—it's representative image was glowing.

It was the mascot of Ian's familiar 'Pin', beautifully embedded.

And the Wyvern Knights were just the beginning.

The gates of the Pyro opened, and the enormous troops of the Lotus Guild began to pour out.

Starting with the basic infantry, horse-knights, giant stone golems and siege weapons.

On top of that, a well-equipped magic brigade that uses wide area, the army of Lotus Guild was immense.

As a result, as the Lotus Guild troops went closer to the Belaros Manor, the excitement of the users began.

[Well, there sure is some trust in the Lotus Guild now!]

[Wyvern Knights! Who would've imagined? The Wyvern Knights can be produced only after raising the level of the Manor's barrack to the 4th tier!]

[That is so true! As far as I know, the Wyvern knights have been known to be made official for less than a month, right? And it takes two months to nurture them. But the Lotus Guild now has 29 of those!]

[What does it mean?]

[Then doesn't it mean that the Lotus Guild have been preparing for this day, three to four months ago?]

[That's right. They pulled out the knife. Even without Ian, the Guild screams 'This is who we are'!]

It was a scene of frenzy.

All the bulletin boards on the page that relayed the Empire war were sick, and the users who weren't originally interested started to gather to get more information.

And so, the war of conquest of the Lotus Manor which the guild had been preparing for over half a year had finally begun.


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