Taming Master | Chapter 348 | First Fusion Skill | Part 2

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Chapter 348 - First Fusion Skill - Part 2


Tring- tring-!

After the death of Irahan, there were a few items that were dropped from him.

And Ian who had seen it, wasn't in a mood to let it go.

'Why is this guy's drop seem so great? Maybe most of the equipment that he is holding onto could be account based, so much didn't drop.'

An item was shinning with a gold light without even a little break!

At that, Hoonie who was right next to him had something to say.

"Kyaaah, is this a legendary item? Maybe I'm going crazy?"

After they had managed to harvest the items from the other dead Asmodian users, Canoel who had reached Irahan was amazed to see the items.

"This is so classy. It is so very flashy."

Ian nodded with that statement.

"I feel the same. Apart from the equipment that I have, there is nothing else I've got…"

All three of them gathered the items that they took.

The items that were dropped were from the list of top 30 users, and the drops were very enormous.

"Keu, How much will we get for selling it all? Maybe 20 million gold?"

Ian moved his finger as a sign of no and spoke,

"Nope, what 20 million? Even to just assume it, we'll get over 30 million gold."

Canoel had something else to add.

"Hoonie, you're a very meticulous person, but your sense of calculating the money is horrible."

And Ian too had something to add.

"Which is why you don't get the money."


The three of them were in good mood and filled the dungeon with laughter.

Picking up the leftover items that were dropped was the happiest situation that one user could be in.

And the items from the Balrog too were amazing which made the three enjoy it even more.

"Ian hyung! There are a lot of things that have been dropped from the Balrog! There are also some legendary boots!"

"Oh really? Are they good?"

"Yep and the heart of Balrog, which was two pieces are here. Where are we supposed to use these?"

"Hoonie take them all for now. Once the quest is done we'll settle it all."

"Okay! Okay!"

The drops from a monster, unlike the drop from a PK the users had their own share.

For example, if a Balrog died and turned to a corpse, the three of the users would have to collect their own items from the drop.

But in the current situation of Ian and his party, there was an option to acquire the share of the users in the party as there were way too many items to be harvested.

"I remember everything that has been dropped, so don't even think of keeping them to yourself."

At the threat from Ian, Hoonie who was picking up the items felt a little scared.

"I'm not the one who deceives you, hyung you're the one like that."


Ian and the party which had managed to cross the biggest hurdle in their quest moved straight away to the next part of the quest 'Shadow Feather'.

That was because the time they had left wasn't much.

'We have less than a day now. We need to move as quickly as possible.'

And due to that time shortage, they had to skip sleeping, yet Ian and the party were still as ambitious as ever.

Now that the quest was coming to an end once they did it, they decided to sleep for over 20 hours.

[Entrance to the 19th division of the Devildom.]

Ian and his party had been successful in reaching the 19th from the 15th in just 2-3 hours.

And this was possible because Ian and the party were running on the field.

And after arriving in the 19th they continued to move towards the southeast direction.

The Syakelik's nest that would drop the Shadow Feather was located at the Southeast end of the 19th division.

Maybe another 30 minutes more?

"It looks like the coordinates are right on spot…"

All three of them managed to reach the dungeon of the Syakelik without any difficulty because of the coordinates that Cervian had provided them.

Kwa- Kwa-

A sound that was similar to the scream of a crow could be heard in the air.

But it was a bit too rough and a bit too loud to be considered as a crow's cry.

And Ian's party, guessed it to be the cry of Syakelik.

"Let's take a 10-minute break."

"10? Then we won't be waiting till my skill cooldown?"

"Doesn't matter. Kaka and the Orb of Darkness will take care of this."

The Syakelik was monster with dark attributes.

And the reason why the monsters of the dark were feared was because of their stealth and powerful attacks.

However, Ian's party had the right artifacts that would completely neutralize the advantageous attacks from the dark monsters.

It could be considered as a detecting ability, a shadow of darkness which made it possible to reduce the damage of all the dark attributes by 20%.

And in addition, it manages to inflict an additional 30% of damage which was limited only to the monsters of the dark, so the Orb of Darkness would manage to cut off the feet and hands of the Syakelik.

'If I activate the unique ability of Kaka's then it will reduce the damage from the dark by another 50%... then it will be swimming on the ground.'

Ian was very confident.

To save time they skipped over their maintenance and wanted to collect all of the feathers after catching the Syakelik.

Once the quest would be done, the Orb of Darkness wouldn't be in their possession anymore, which meant that they would no longer have the opportunity to catch any dark beasts.

"Kaka, ready to activate your unique ability?"

"Always, master."

"But there is something else that you need to do before it."

"Something else I need to do…?"

At the half question from Kaka, Ian nodded while smiling.

"Hmm. Something that no one else but you can do."

Kaka was a bit uncertain about what it could be.

"Is it really only something that only I can do, Master?"


Ian replied firmly.



The bizarre cries were resonating all through the dungeon.

It wasn't the cry of one, but of dozens of Syakeliks.

And among those cries, there wasn't a way for them to distinguish one from the other.

Puck – Pupuck-!


After hearing a sound from afar, Hoonie turned around and asked Ian,

"Hyung, are you sure it's alright?"

Ian answered while nodding,

"Definitely. There isn't a monster in here which can possibly cause any serious damage to us."

"Not like that, but… even then, you know the last time, I was hit by the tail of Behemoth and bounced back a few meters…?"

"So? But your vitality didn't wear out."

"That is true but… it hurt a lot."

Ian replied while scratching the back of his head.

"Well, isn't it supposed to be alright if you aren't dead?"


The task that Ian had assigned to Kaka wasn't much different.

It was to find all the Syakelik in the dungeon.

And it was a mission that only Kaka could manage to do.

Kaka wouldn't be damaged by dark attributes unless the unique ability was caused by light attributes.

Ian had planned to hunt and go all out by placing his trust on the tremendous tanking abilities of Kaka that has against the dark attributes.

As soon as the plan was settled, it would be possible to hunt down all the Syakelik monsters in the dungeon within the next 20 hours.

To be precise, it was both hunting and catching?

'I'll hunt like a crazy person until there are only a dozen left, and from then I'll start capturing.'

And due to that, Kaka was being chased by 20 Syakeliks.

It was a natural procedure to poke around every corner of the dungeon.

Rather than thinking that Kaka had found 20—the 20 that were chasing it were actually very few.

And because of the amount of Agro in the Kailan, it wouldn't be much shocking if more Syakeliks followed.

And the one being chased would be a little inappropriate.

The movement speed of the Syakelik was five times faster than that of Kaka, which made Kaka to continuously beat and flap its wings.

Puak- Puahk-!

After hearing the sound from a distance.

Feeling a little guilty for what was happening, Ian took a step forward.

"Come one, it's time for us to go and help Kaka."

Which made Canoel ask,

"Are you sure… that this is okay, hyung?"

"About Kaka, is it okay?"

At the question that came back from Ian, Canoel shook his head and answered.

"No, not Kaka, us. Even if we have the Orb of Darkness in our position, and even if Kaka's abilities overlap with them, but trying to hunt down legendary monsters… isn't it a bit too much?"

Ian smiled and grinned at the spear that was in his hand.

From Ian's calculations, this wasn't an irrational plan.

Even if the level of the Syakelik were close to 400, with all the debuffs that would be applied, it would fall down to a level between 150-200.

And this was why rather than the Behemoth and the Balrog, Ian had thought that Syakelik would be easier to hunt.

"Instead of holding onto the concerns. I'll show you what a pleasant and efficient hunt looks like."

And for the very first time in the history of Kailan, the hunt of the legendary monsters began.


In the eastern end of the 120th division of the Devildom.

On the plains of the Devildom, the guild base of DarkRuna guild was present.

However, since the guild bases of the Devildom had only just begun to emerge, it wasn't at a level where they could compare it with the human side ones.

But if there was anything that was better than the human lands, then it was the area of the base.

Since there weren't many owners at the beginning of the dimension, the area for the base was much wider than the manors on the human side.

And at the center of the Guild base, around hundreds of members from the DarkRuna guild were gathered.

And as time went on, the numbers were increasing.

It was because their master Irahan had instructed them to gather at the time of his resurrection.

Have all the members of the guild gathered, in about 12 minutes?


At the center of the Guild square, a pure white light arose from which Irahan was summoned.

And with that sight, all the guild members began to speak,

"I see master!"

However not paying much attention to them, Irahan immediately moved to the podium.

It was because he had been feeling very embarrassed.


Irahan who looked around was grinding his teeth.

'Those royal guild members… you dare to step on my back?'

Because of the death penalty, Irahan had asked the members of the guild to check for a person named 'Lyzer'.

And somehow.

And among the Royal Guild, there was a user with the ID name of 'Lyzer'!

'It was clearly Lyzer. The one who was making that weird BBook bbook sound.'

Irahan was furious.

He had never thought that Martin would backstab him like that.

And there was a reason for calling all the guild members.


Irahan picked up his sword and pointed it to the sky, and spoke with a very angry voice to the guild members.

"Three days from now, I will apply for a guild war against the Royal Guild!"

And with that came the first guild war in the Devildom.


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