Taming Master | Chapter 349 | First Fusion Skill | Part 3

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Chapter 349 - First Fusion Skill - Part 3


Many students were pouring into the front gate of the Korean university.

And the time when most students moved into the university was at 5:00 pm and the person in front of the gate had something to say,

"Yah, Young Jun-ah. After our classes, today how about chicken and beer?"

"No, not today."

"Yah, Kim Young Jun. What is it that you're doing that you had to reject my offer of chicken and beer?"

Young Jun and the other person, the two of them were the newcomers of the Department of Business Administration at the Korean University.

And Young Jun was known as the chicken killer because of his love for chicken, that was why his decline to the offer of chicken and beer was surprising.

Young Jun smiled and responded,

"Well, the thing is, I have an intuition."

"An intuition…? About what? Are you talking about the baseball game? But you don't see baseball."

"No, no baseball, it's the empire war in the Kailan."

At the answer from Young Jun, Chol Ho shook his head and answered with irritation,

"Wah, This a*shole. It's alright even if you don't have any intuitive feel in the Kailan's Empire war. Let's just go and grab the chicken and beer for today. It is a big day today."

However, Young Jun was still very stubborn.

"What nonsense! If this was a normal guild war then I would have gone too, but it is Lotus Guild versus the Irish Guild."

Chol Ho had a strange expression at that.

"Lotus? Irish…? What kind of special guild are they huh? Ah, I feel like I heard the name, Lotus Guild."

Chol Ho was a Kailan user too, but he was a young user who just started playing the game.

And on top of that, he was a light user who played for only an hour a day, so he wasn't completely aware of the situation of Kailan.

Young Jun who was frustrated with it, began to explain in detail.

"Did you ever go into the official website of the Kailan?"

"Nope, I had to enter. But I haven't been there for a month. I don't think I have been there after going past level 10."

Young Jun sighed once again.

"Huh, which means you don't know. The whole of Kailan is in a mess because of the Lotus Guild."

"What mess?"

"The Lotus Guild has started the Empire war with 12 guilds all at once, and today is the seventh day of the war."

However, the meaning of it wasn't precisely grasped, so Chol Ho still had a puzzled expression.

"Okay? But how can a battle keep on going inside an Empire? Once a war ends it takes another one week to take place."

Young Jun clenched his fists at the question and tried to reply with a faint expression.

"That is why this is huge. Lotus guild has taken six consecutive wins till now, though it isn't easy that they are going strong in the war. They are creating history."


"Think about it once. The Lotus guild hasn't been around much, and now they are dealing with the top-ranked guilds in a row. Besides, it isn't a guild war, but an Empire war. Now, do you understand why?"

And now, Chol Ho was surprised.

"But, is it even possible? I don't think I ever saw the Lotus Guild in the 1st ranking."

Young Jun nodded his head and replied,

"Yep, you're right. But after they are done with the war they'll probably be in the 1st ranking. There have been numerous predictions that even the Titan Guild will be overwhelmed."

"Keu, this is huge. It even made Young Jun give up the chicken and beer."

"Right? That was why I have intuitions going on!"

And as Young Jun turned his foot and headed to the bus stop, Chol Ho hurriedly called out to him.

"Yah, then I can head home and get into the intuition part. Where am I supposed to go?"

At the question from Chol Ho, Young Jun responded,

"No no, You can't do that if you connect now. You should have made reservations in advance."

"Oh? There are things like that in the normal guild war too?"

"No, normally they don't exist, but as most people were tilting towards the Lotus Guild such things had to be made. The page of the Lotus Guild was so crowded that the reservations had to be made. When the 2nd and 3rd manuscript were accessed, those who had access were accepted, and the servers disappear."

And Chol Ho wanted to get a taste of it.

"Damn, then there is nothing I can do to persuade you. I'll head home and order chicken while watching TV."

Chol Ho suddenly remembered something which made him speak again.

"Ah, wait Young Jun-ah!"


"Does the summoner Ian belong to the Lotus Guild?"

Young Jun nodded and answered,

"You're right. You don't know exactly what kind of guy the summoner is? He is considered to be a God among the summoners, Ian…"

"Yah, I usually like playing the game by myself. Even I know that Ian is a great user, but I just wasn't interested."

Young Jun shook his head.

"That is why you're still in level 40s you idiot… go and watch Ian's play. And then learn to improve the control."

"Whatever, so does it mean, that Ian will make an appearance in the war that is happening today?"

At those words, Young Jun's expression turned a little sad.

"I don't know. From the third war, the community was in a panic thinking that Ian would come. But until the last war, he had never appeared."

Chol Ho's expression changed too.

"Really? Why is Ian not coming into the guild wars? Is it because summoners can't be of much help in the wars?"

At those words, Young Jun answered with a smirk on his face.

"Where do you plan on going with such ignorant remarks."

"Huh? What is so ignorant? It is a well-known fact that originally the summoner is weak against PvP."

Young Jun shook his head.

"That is a statement meant for the normal summoner… Not the case for Ian."

"Yeah? Is Ian that great?"

"Yeah, he is. He so great, that you who had never been interested in the rankers got to know his name."

At those words, Chol Ho agreed immediately.

"That is true. If I know the name, then he must be famous."

Young Jun was sighing as he was searching for the articles of Kailan in his smartphone.

"Haa, I have booked it earlier… I hope I get to see Ian today."

The two of them were talking the whole way to the bus stop.

The houses of both of them were in the same direction, which was why they had to take the same bus to head home.

Three minutes after they reached the bus stop, the bus had arrived.


Chol Ho who sat down after swiping the card asked Young Jun who was seated right next to him.

"Yah, did you hear that?"


"I remembered it while when we were talking about Ian, I heard something a few days back from Young Woo senior."

"What was it?"

"That Ian is actually a student at our university."

At those words from Chol Ho, Young Jun smiled and replied,

"Ah, that's a thing that has been going on from a long while."

"Yeah? Then, is it just a rumor?"

"I'm not sure. There are people who say they saw Ian in the senior year… I was told that he was in the school's E-sport games last year. But I guess they were all rumors."

Chol Ho had something to ask.


"In the high school alumni, I have a friend who said that Ian was in the virtual dept."

"Oh… really?"

"Huh. But it has been a few months since it was opened, and I haven't seen any senior who looked like him."

"Ah… I would've seen him if I had gone to check the attendance at least once… since no one had come across him, it is still a rumor."

After that, the two of them continued to talk about Kailan.

And right behind those people who were seated, another student with a hoodie over his head.

He was Park Jinsung.


Bump –

Tumbling on his foot, Jinsung managed to open the door of his house.

"Euh… I need to sleep now."

There was no power in his whole body, but his expression was contradictory, it looked satisfied.

He surely would be, not only did he manage to complete the quest by morning, but as soon as the quest was over he went over to the school and successfully completed the attendance process too.

He felt like he was living his life, and not just surviving.

Jinsung lay down on the bed and was thinking about the plans for the future.

'Syakelik, five of them were captured… with the soul stones that we got from hunting, the summonable number of Syakelik would be around seven?'

The hunting had been very successful, they managed to hunt dozens of Syakelik in just ten hours.

And they were so tired that they logged out without even properly identifying the items that were dropped, the only items they remembered were the soul stones.

'Once I wake up after going to bed… I will finally get the level 10 of Beast Alchemy.'

Through the massacre that was done in the nest, Ian managed to get a total of 12 Syakeliks.

Till now, the level of Ian in the alchemy had been stagnant in the 9th level, but even after hunting the high-rank monsters he hadn't gone up much higher.

But since he had hunted legendary monsters, it was a completely different story.

It was a system that would consume magic every time one does it, regardless of the success or failure, and with 12 Syakeliks he could create around ten monsters of low level.

And if that was possible, then it meant that he was in level 10.

'After that, I need to work on decomposing the Tarveros.'

There were a total of 800 soul stones of Tarveros in Ian's inventory.

It was an amount that could summon 4 Tarveros, and instead of using them for the Beast Alchemy, Ian was planning on dissolving them.

Although the Tarveros were legendary creatures, they were monsters with stats lower than the boss, except for the unique ability.

The thing that Ian wanted to get from Soul Stones of Tarveros was the 'Power stones'.

And if they could dissolve 4 of them—and with luck, he could get a lot of power stones.

'Nice, It's nice that things are going as planned…!'

Jinsung who was busy planning things, moved into the bed to sleep, after turning on the air conditioner.

There was no environment that was good for sleeping when compared to the warm blanket that welcomes one in a cold room.

And before drifting into sleep.

There was one thing going through the mind of Jinsung.

'Ah right. That thing… the fusion skill… what the hell was it?'

At the completion of the quest of the Daedmon, both Hoonie and Jinsung had earned one Dark Summoner Skillbook.

He remembered the line of system messages that were generated—the moment he had acquired it.

[You have acquired 'Occupational Fusion Skill' for the first time.]

[You have earned 200,000 fame points.]

'Considering the 200,000 fame points… it looks like an important content…'

But the idea couldn't be continued.

He couldn't bear to assume things to himself.


Jinsung finally snuggled into the blanket.


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