Taming Master | Chapter 351 | Appearance of the Fusion Class | Part 2

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Chapter 351 - Appearance of the Fusion Class - Part 2



Hoonie's eyes were shinning.

"Oh ho…! We are included in a worldwide message!!"

Ian responded with a silly expression.

"Yeah, is that really what's important now? We need to do this quickly. Start reading from the beginning of the Skill window."

"Shit! okay..."

Hoonie immediately opened the skill window.

Ian was already reading the details of the Fusion Skill.

'The Dark Bondage is like a… is like a maze that temporarily limits the movements of objects. This isn't so special…'

Ian's interest was on the other two skills that were classified as the fusion skill.

The Dark Bondage was a normal skill, so it didn't make much difference for them, while the other two skills were completely different and unknown from the most basic Dark Summoning skill.

Dark Recall –

Classification – Active Skill/ Fusion Skill

Skill Level – Lv 0

Proficiency – 0%

Cool down time – 15 minutes

Duration – 30 minutes

Terms of Use

- Can be used only when the [email protected]@


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