Taming Master | Chapter 352 | Appearance of the Fusion Class | Part 3

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Chapter 352 - Appearance of the Fusion Class - Part 3


The Pyro Domain had the greatest manor in the Central Continent.

Inside the Lordship Office, on top of the castle, three people were sitting around a small roundtable and discussing.

They were none other than; Herz, the Guildmaster of Lotus Guild and Fiolan, the Lordship of the Pyro Manor.

And the last person was the landlord of the Lotus Guild, Ian.

"So you mean to say, that now you're starting to lose power?"

At the question from Ian, Fiolan nodded while replying.

"Yes. There are another 4 more manors left… the next manor is also manageable, but the problem starts after that. There are much Wyvern Knights left…"

And Herz added a few more words,

"Yeah. Our limit is only till the next Manor, Jinsung-ah."

And the reason why Herz and Fiolan called over Ian. Even Ian could guess it now.

Ian knew that it was time that they would run out of power.

Ian mumbled inside.

'I wish there was a little more time…'

After thinking for a moment, Ian asked Herz,

"The last time in Pyro and Lotus, how did it go with the magic tower at the Elijian Manor?"

"It was completely done last week. So we are trying to pull out the wizards… but they will be available from the next week."

The 'Magic Tower' was the highest tier battalion production facility that was being constructed in the territory of the Kingdom.

As one could guess by the name, it was a facility that could produce 'wizards'.

Before the Magic Tower was produced, it was possible to draw out wizards for battle by 'mercenary hiring', but once the magic tower was built, it would be possible for them to cultivate their own wizards.

The difference was so great.

It could be produced at a much lower cost than hiring the mercenary, and it was possible to nurture high-level wizards of 5 or more circles.

And if they were lucky, then sometimes wizards of 7 or more circles made an appearance.

In addition, if the 7 circle wizards made their appearance, they could be compared with the strength of Remir, the 1st ranked Mage.

However, no matter how great they were, they couldn't be used right away.

Fiolan slowly opened her lips,

"Ian it is time for you to join."

Herz nodded his head.

"Right. Now stop crawling in the Devildom and come out."

Ian just scratched the back of his head.

It was Ian's original plan to make a dramatic appearance at the last battle and succeed in the battle with the strongest monster on his side.

But that was taking more time than he had planned, and there was no way he could give them the exact time as to when he would succeed.

And that was why Ian was forced to nod his head.

"Yeah, well. I'll join you from the next war."

At the answer from Ian, both Fiolan and Herz were elated.

"You've decided well, Ian!"

"Nice, nice. I'm not so worried anymore."

And Herz added a few more words,

"And bring in Hoonie too. He always tells me that there is a quest whenever I call him."

Ian nodded his head.

"Okay, I'll bring Hoonie and Noel too."

Hoonie was a bit taken aback after listening to Ian's words.

"Noel? Isn't the guild war a bit too much for him to handle?"

The Canoel that Herz knew was from the past days when he had poor control and was a low-level.

Ian laughed.

"He has grown a lot after following me around. He can handle more than one person by himself."

Herz responded to it,

"Well, if you say that, then I'll take your word."

And three of them then began to make concrete plans for the next four wars, and it was a very time-consuming process.

To Ian who had been away from the guild for a very long time, it took some sweet time for him to understand the internal affairs and the battle tactics of the guild.

And after finishing the strategizing, Ian moved to the auction house.

'I sold out most of the items that I got during these days, and my level has risen so much. I have to change the equipment once again.'

Ian's current level was around the beginning of 290.

The items that he currently equipped were around the level of 200, so he had to do something about them.

And till now the hidden quest of the Selamus Desert had been put off.

If the quest of the Selamus could be cleared, then the Judgement of the Spirit King could be upgraded to the next level.

'The next guild war is two days away from now… since it isn't a long-term quest, it could be done.'

There weren't still any weapons of enormous strength that could make the 'Planet destroying weapon' embarrassed.

And that amazing weapon was Ian's main equipment—the Judgement of the Spirit King.

So Ian started to think extensively.

It was because of the anticipation of how powerful the Judgement of the Spirit King would turn to, as it was upgraded to the next level.

And yet he wasn't so sure about how it would turn out,

But knew that he would get an item called 'Summoning Magic of the Spirit King'.

And that clearly helps Ian too.

And Ian's pace started to get fast.


'I think this is about right…'

A huge rocky mountain on the Northwest of the Hold dream.

Ian was walking around the rocky mountain for almost half the day.

It was because he was trying to find the 'Selamus Flying Dragon's Altar'

Ian opened the quest window of the Selamus after a very long time to search the location

of the Altar.

- The Test of the Selamus Tribe (Hidden, Linked quest) –

You have been recognized as the highest-ranked S- ranked warrior from Eclipse, the Guardian of the Selamus Tribe, and managed to earn the highest marks ever.

Now you will have to challenge a task that no one had attempted.

If you awakened the flying dragon of the Selamus Tribe Altar, he will guide you.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition: A S-rated Selamus Warrior recognized by Eclipse.

A level 200 or higher summoner.

Time Limit: None.


The evolution of the 'Judgement of the Spirit King'.

'Summoning Magic of the Spirit King'.

- - - - -

And when the quest window was opened, the location of the altar was displayed with a red light on the mini-map that was displayed on the top right.

'Found it right.'

Ian started to move again.

There was no monster in the whole Central continent that could threaten Ian.

And as proof of it, behind Ian was only Karceus in the dragon form, and no one else.

There was none who could overcome the intimidation of Karceus.

Did he move for 5 minutes?

Karceus who was following him spoke,

"Master, I feel the energy of the dragon from the peaks over there."

Ian glanced in the direction where Karceus was looking at and confirmed the location.

And at the faraway peaks, a rock in the shape of a dragon's head could be seen.


The first thing that was needed to be done was to awaken the dragon at the altar.

The reason for summoning Karceus was to easily point the location of the dragon, and Karceus did an amazing job.

"Take me, Karceus"

Karecus responded with a single big nod,

"Kay, Master."

Karceus spread its huge wings and flapped them, with that his giant body took off into the air and flew into the air.


[You have discovered the Selamus Flying Dragons' Altar which contains the history of the ancient times for the first time.]

[Fame increased by 150,000.]

[All the combat abilities have been increased by 25.]

[Leadership and affinity have been permanently increased by 100 for each.]

"Keu, it is nice from the very beginning!"

Words slipped out of Ian's mouth.

It was a similar reward that he had received when he started the quest for the first time, but this was an upgraded reward.

And Ian leaped down from the back of Karceus and set foot onto the peak, and Karceus once again polymorphed into human form.

As the peaks were narrow, his body was much suitable.

As soon as Ian stepped foot onto the peaks, the ground began to crack.

Crrk- Crrk- Crrrk-!


Ian was naturally a little flustered, but soon calmed himself and saw an intense green light come from the cracks.


'Is this rock the Flying Dragon?'

Ian moved back and forth to balance on the crumbling rocks, and the scales of yellow color started to appear from the rocks.

After a while,

The huge rock on the rocky mountain had become a magnificent dragon which rose to a large size.


New system message popped up the same time as the scream.


[The condition has been fulfilled, the Flying dragon of the Selamus Tribe has awakened after a long sleep.]

Both Ian and Karceus grabbed onto a ridge to avoid falling off the drip.


The whole body of Karceus was surrounded by a white light, and it wasn't in the air anymore!

This made Ian very flustered.

'What, what is this?'

And the emergence of the system message explained why Karceus had disappeared.

[The Selamus warrior has entered the first area of the Gate of Dragons.]

[It is an area where familiars can't enter.]

[All the summoned monsters will be summoned back.]

[Disables the abilities of all the equipment (Except for the weapons of the Selamus Warrior).]

[All the skills will be sealed (Except for the Selamus Warrior skills).]

[At the gate of the Selamus tests, you can only use the equipment and skills given within the portal.]

Ian moved onto the back of the dragon with bright eyes.

'Is it like the passage for the warrior's gate…?'

But Ian's idea couldn't move forwards as…

[Hold on tightly, Warrior of Selamus.]

And with that, the sound of the dragon's wings could be heard by Ian.

Flap – Flap -!

His golden light shone in all the directions and he started to move.

'Sh*t, the last time I was down in the ground, and now I'm going towards the sky?'

It was a dreadful idea for Ian.

The body of the golden dragon began to fly to the sky with tremendous speed.



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