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Chapter 356 - The Absolute of Selamus - Part 2


"Huhu, Huhu."

At the end of the spear—a dark smoke was falling.

Just a while ago, the Absolute of the Desert Tribe 'Syaelo' flames were just broken successfully.

[Indeed… you are amazing. My test is still here.]

The flames that were rising from the floor were extinguished and the voice echoed.

Ian turned his gaze towards the wizard in the air and responded,

"Thank you, Syaelo."

"I was excited since you hadn't lost even a single battle before this… but, it was more than what I had expected. I enjoyed doing this after a long time."

"It isn't like that. Kaizec…"

"Ah, there it is. Kaizec isn't someone that can be hit off. Kaizec managed to do it because he had an incarnated body, but the truth is that you have passed all the tests."

And finally, Ian managed to complete all the tests with the Absolute of the Desert tribes.

And the result was 6 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss.

The rule of the Gate was— if the vitality dropped below 10%, then it would be considered as a defeat, which had happened in the first battle, the first with Kaizec and the third battle against Eos.

In the battle against Eos; both the Absolutes attacked and Ian's attack reached the opponent at the same time, and both of them were out of the game at the same moment.

Though the other battles weren't so easy, he managed to win them with a great margin.

And thanks to it, the result was 6 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss.

'I never thought that summoner would be the hardest to face.'

Ian recalled the battle into his mind, and Syaelo opened her mouth,

"Well, congratulations. With this, there will be a new Absolute registered in the SkyHall."

"Thank you."

"If you improve… you might turn mightier than Eos…"


Speaking what she wanted to say, Syaelo hid her trace after a flame engulfed her.

Precisely, it wasn't her, but her illusion.

Ian smiled and grabbed the spear in his right hand, and wiped off the sweat from his forehead.

He wasn't sure how long he had been in there, but he was under the impression that he wasn't late for the war.

'Kay, Finished the quest! I'm going to get busy now.'

Whether Ian's thoughts were ready or not, system messages started to appear in succession.

Tring –

[Won the battle against the Absolute 'Syaelo'.]

[Current record: 6 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss]

[Cumulative Points: 768798 (The points are the sum total achieved in all the battles)]

['The Selamus Tribe's Absolute V' all the quest conditions have been met.]

[You have successfully cleared the quest.]

While Ian was reading the system messages, a familiar silhouette made out of white light formed in front of him.

He was the one who had given Ian this quest.

It was Eos.

"Amazing, I'm proud of you. Warrior of Selamus."

There was excitement in Eos's face.

And that was natural, as the result had been much better than assumed.

Even if he lost to Kaizec, it wasn't something that could be considered as a defeat.

Ian smiled and responded,

"Thank you, Eos. I'm happy that I could meet your expectations."

Eos nodded and responded,

"Frankly, I never thought that you would be able to challenge my strength."


Eos nodded while smiling and said,

"Yes. None of the challengers who came in here, never even managed to make me sweat."


The spear which was behind Eos was vibrating vigorously with sounds echoing in the air.

That made Ian's gaze turn towards the spear of Eos.

'That spear looks very similar to my Judgement of the Spirit King… something seems familiar.'

Ian looked at Eos as he had something to ask.

"But Eos, you weren't fighting me with your original form. I am happy that I could entertain you."

Eos laughed and responded,

"That certainly could be true, but you managed to fight even with all your skills sealed. If you would've fought against me with all your skills… winning against you with all my power would've been a far scenario."

At the words from him, Ian put his head down and mumbled to himself.

'This NPC sure has good judgment.'

In fact, Eos was perfectly correct.

If Ian had all the skills and familiars, then he would have managed to win on the first Absolute Kaizec.

Though it would've been a bit tough to win.

And Eos spoke again,

"Okay then, you have passed the Hall of Sky with a perfect record compared with all the contestants from the past, and you have been registered in the Hall of Fame."

Eos was done speaking and lifted his hand towards the sky.

A light had moved from the sky and fell on his hand, then it moved to the stone pagoda in the center of the square.

Tring –

[You have been registered in the Hall of Sky.]

[Total: 6 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss (Rank 1)]

[Cumulative points: 768798 (Rank 1)]

[Consolidated Ranking: 1st place]

[Since you've registered to the 1st rank, you will receive the rewards accordingly.]

[On the first Monday of every month, you will earn fame of 200,000.]

[The affinity with all the desert tribes has increased by 70.]

[You have obtained the legendary items, 'Selamus Summoners Skill Book']

Reading the system messages, Ian couldn't help but smile.

It was because of the extra benefits he had been getting.

'The Cumulative points, the book… they are still the same as last.'

Ian's fame points at present were about 20 million.

With the ones that were collected so far, it should have 30 million, but since he had items to purchase at the stores for the guild—it was down to 20 million.

And this too was an amazing thing.

3 million needed to be upgraded to a Duke, and 5 million needed to upgrade into a Grand Duke.

Lastly, he needed 10 million fame points to be a King.

And with 20 million fame points, he could be made into a king directly.

Well, he can certainly be a king, if certain conditions were met.

Nevertheless, such an amount of fame being collected was also a good thing.

Though it was needed at the moment, there was a need to have huge fame points for Ian when changing from the Kingdom to an Empire.

Ian's addition to the 'Selamus Summoners former office', was a worthy hidden class.

Surely it wouldn't be better than the taming master, and he didn't plan on using it for himself, but if he sold it, he could make huge sum over it.


Eos moved towards Ian who was admiring the rewards.

"Now you have become the second Absolute of the Selamus Tribe, and you will get blessed for it."


Ian who didn't understand it, shut his eyes which made Eos laugh and gestured towards an altar.

"Come here."


Above the huge altar, there was a magic scroll with mysterious signs written on it.

Ian climbed over, following the guidance of Eos.

Eos folded his hands and opened his mouth with a husky voice,

"God of Selamus! This is the birth of a new Absolute, my God!"


A nerve-wreaking vibration shook the whole altar.

And after a while, a pure white light came down from the further high sky.


And the Judgement of the Spirit King, that was in Ian's hand flew to the sky!

"Uh, uhhu…?"

Confused, Ian looked at the things that happened in front of his eyes—the spear which was upright in the air turned and rotated slowly.

Seeing that, Ian started to get interested.

'What? Something related to the Absolute… and upgrade of weapon?'

A bright light started to shiningly pour from the sky, and the Judgement of the Spirit King absorbed all the light into it.

And the spear which had been rotating started to emit pure light, and its appearance began to change.


Ian's mouth spread as wide as it could.

That that was because he was wasn't aware of such a weapon upgrade.

The pattern of the spear changed slightly.

The shape of the tip was sharper, sharp enough to make Ian hunt more.

Ian was feeling frustrated as he quickly wanted to check the information as 'Judgement of the Spirit King' had evolved.

'How much damage can be done now? Not just the attack power, but any more new options? What kind of options do I get? Any leadership boosting option? Or a combat attack increase option?!'

While Ian's imaginations were running wild, the process of evolving the Judgement of the Spirit King's evolution was done and came back to his hand.


And the systems messages began to pop up after the evolution was done.

Tring –

[The 'Judgement of the Spirit King' weapon has successfully upgraded into an 'Absolute'.]

[The damage caused by 'Judgement of Spirit King' has been increased to 30%.]

[A soul has been provided to the weapon 'Judgement of the Spirit King' and has become 'Ego Weapon'.]

[The Ego weapon is a growing weapon, and it grows as you start to gain experience. (The way to gain experience differs from character and familiars)]

'I don't know what it is, but it seems huge?'

And Ian instinctively opened the information of the Judgement of the Spirit King.

- - -

Judgment of the Spirit King (+20) –

Classification – Ego weapon

Rank – Myth

Transcendence- 4th transcendental

Spirit Level – Lv 1

Wearable Limit – Level 300/ Absolute of Selamus

ATK – 7098~7819

Spirit Power – 50

The Spirit power has fixed damage, ignores the defense power in attacks. As spirit level rises, the spirit power increases.

Durability – 2254/2254

Options –

All combat abilities+ 450 (+ 300)

Leadership+ 600 (+ 400)

Affinity+ 450 (+ 300)

Increases the vitality of all the summoned monsters by 15% and the attack power by 35%.

* Response

When the fatal damage is done to the enemy, a chance to trigger a unique ability of the summoned monster with a 20% chance will be triggered.

(An ability based on combat cannot be triggered.)

* Judgment's lightning

You can summon the Judgment's Lightning with a 10% chance to attack.

The 'Judgment's Lightning' will increase the damage done higher than the 'Elemental Magic', and deals 50% of damage to the enemies within the radius of 5m, based on the point where the lightning is initiated.

[Transcendental Option: when avoiding the attack of an enemy, it deals 15% chance to deal 30% of the damage and 30% chance to regain 10% of your vitality.]

The item belongs to the user 'Ian'.

It can't be transferred or sold to another user, and wouldn't drop even if the character dies.

It is the weapon of the Spirit King who defended the ancient Selamus tribe.

It is the most precious and preferred weapon of all the weapons of the Spirit King.


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