Taming Master | Chapter 357 | Absolute of Selamus | Part 3

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Chapter 357 - Absolute of Selamus - Part 3


"Master! Did you finally decide to enter the battle?"

"Yes, one week later. We too will begin the war of the guilds."

The Guild Master of Titan Guild, Shakran and three warrior class users of the guild were talking.

After he returned from his private quest which lasted for a month, Titan Guild was feeling energized.

His presence itself was a great strength, but there was another huge reason for it.

Finally, Shakran was ready to enter the guild war that had been delayed!

Frankly, the members of the Titan Guild had been thirsty for action.

And the reason was simple.

Recently, as the Lotus Guild began to make its huge presence known through the Guild Wars, the members of Titan Guild were turning restless.

The promotions of the Lotus Guild, which had never entered the top 10 ranked guilds stimulated the fighting spirit of the Titan Guild.

The normal guild members thinking that the Lotus Guild wouldn't come near them were much more interested in the Guild Wars.

Well even in the Titan Guild, the leaders never thought of it like that.

In particular, Shakran had never underestimated the Lotus Guild.

'We maybe a little late in trying to proclaim the Kingdom… but we need to make an Empire faster than the Lotus.'

Though astonishing, Irahan was still keeping an eye on the Lotus Guild, which was still in the 7th place of the guild's ranking after pushing off all the strong guilds, it had the power to go beyond the Kingdom and to establish their Empire.

And at last, he was always keeping in mind to wait for the day when he would have a war in the Lotus Empire.

'I don't know when the war between the Empires will be opened, but until then I will garner overwhelming strength.'

At the current situation, there was a peace truce between Luspel and Kaimon.

As the dimensional war had begun, all the five Gods blocked of the war between the Empires by establishing trust.

It was the God's words, that when facing the enemy like the 'devils', personal gains should be kept aside for the collective survival.

It was a truce that couldn't be broken off so easily, however, Irahan thought that the truce wouldn't last for long.

It was thought that Kailan had blocked the path between the humans and the Asmodians.

But now that the threat from the Asmodians had been cleared, and at some point, the trust between the humans would change.

'And then… our Titan Guild will swallow all of the empires and unify the continent of Kailan!'

Shakran's ambition was burning hot.

A voice of a man broke of Shakran's thoughts.

He was the sub-guild master of the Titan Guild, the Knight Ceilron.

"Master, I have come back after receiving the 'Yakuma's Judgement Sword' as you have asked."

Shakran nodded his head and accepted the sword from Ceilron.

"You worked hard, Ceilron."

"Not at all master. Thankfully, I got it much cheaper than I thought."

"How much did you get it for?"

"It was around 7 million gold."

"Ohh, that is surely cheap. I'll deposit the money to you immediately."

"Thank you."

The seven million gold wasn't less money.

Rather, it was money with which any decent weapon could be purchased.

Even though the price of gold in Kailan had fallen down, the current exchange rate was still around 94.5 million won.

The exchange which had fallen to 1.1, had recently risen to 1.35.

'Hmm, though it is from the legendary… it is different from the ones that the dwarfs made.'

Shakran admired the appearance of the sword and opened the information of the item with excitement.

- - - - -

Yakuma's Judgement Sword –

Classification – Sword

Rank – Legendary

Wearable Limit – Level 297

ATK – 2025-2189

Durability – 1850/1850

Option –

All combat abilities +100

Critical Hit Rate - +15%

Critical Damage + 75%

Strength + 150

Increases the power of all the attacking skills by 30% of the warrior classes only.

* Yakuma's Greed

The nature of Yakuma who craves for blood.

If damage is done for the enemies, you will have 10% of the chance to deal with 250% of additional damage, and 50% of damage will be avoided, converting it into recovery.


- It is a long sword made with the bones of Yakumo, the master of Greed from the ancient myths.

- It is a sword that was born from the hands of the Dwarves' blacksmith with great experience and potential.

- Has intense habits.

- - -

Though he hadn't said to anyone, Shakran had found a small dwarf village in the quest.

And that too was the first discovery of Kailan!

And while exploring the Devildom, the dwarfs accidentally came across the long bones of Yakuma and made the product.

Shakran swallowed his spit.

"Hoo…! More than 2000 basic damage points…?!"

Having checked the information window, Shakran was amazed at the performance of the sword, as it had been better than expected.

It had attributed to more than 10% of the attack from all the currently existing swords.

"It's better than the blood swords…?"

Shakran was a warrior who used double swords.

He had sought after the Yakuma's sword as he felt that one of the two swords that he possessed had fallen down in terms of comparison.

Shakran was excited and started to calculate.

'Let's see… let's put the numbers in and do the calculation. Attack power is 2025 – 2189…'

Shakran was going to use the Yakuma's sword with the Bloodlust sword and was the 15th strongest, it was the 3rd transcendental weapon.

The bloodlust swords attack power was about 4700 – 4950.

Shakran was planning to take the Yakuma's Judgement Sword to the 15th, just like the Bloodlust before using it on the battlefield.

And his mouth went wide.

'5063~5473…? It's really huge!'

When Shakran purchased the bloodlust sword, the highest price that it was selling for was 120 million gold.

And among the legendary items, it was tough to find the items that weren't attributed to an account, as the price was expensive, but it also made sense that the performance of the sword could be paid with huge amounts.

He didn't know that the sword made by the dwarfs, which was just around 7 million would provide much stronger performance that the sword he had purchased with a higher price.

Shakran compared the Yakuma's sword and decided that it would be better to give 90% of the Bloodlust to the new one.

Shakran clenched his fists.

'Done…! I don't need to worry about weapons for a while now!'

Although the level limit was high, fortunately, it was only a rise of 2 levels.

Shakran's enthusiasm was burning high.

'I will be able to raise the level in a week, so I'll be able to start wearing this sword before the Guild Wars. Huhu… could there be another weapon as strong as this?'

And Ian did have a weapon that was 1.5 times stronger than Yakuma's Sword, but Shakran couldn't imagine till that extent.

1.5 times difference between a legendary and myth class—the difference itself was so huge to even assume.


Shakran who was looking at the Yakuma's sword got up from his seat.

He just wanted to raise the level quickly and then swing it at the monsters.

And at the same time.

There was someone else who had the same idea.


"Damn…! The level limit is still 1 lower…!"

A guy was grumbling on top of a griffin.

His identity was Ian.

"No, it would've been nice if the war was three days later!"

The reason Ian was grumbling wasn't so different.

The main weapon he had been using until now had been upgraded. And he successfully managed to clear the test of Selamus which he had delayed till now, and the rewards were tremendous. As a part of it, he obtained the weapon for the destruction of space, but he was unable to wear it due to the lack of level.

That was precisely due to the lack of one level.

Because of that, he couldn't use the Judgement of Spirit King in the war, so the loss of power in the war was very large.

'Even if used right away, it still has a tremendous benefit…'

When the performance of the Judgement of the Spirit King came to mind, Ian laughed without knowing.

It was originally known that the weapon would evolve into a myth class, but he couldn't imagine that the weapon would be so powerful after getting into a myth class.

The weapon had always been great with its damage, but it's strongly suitable for dishing out an attack, which was increased further.

The spirit power, which caused fixed damage would get stronger as the level of the weapon grows.

The development could be seen by raising the level, but it would greatly help if the spirit power could be raised to 1000 or so.

Especially when one was dealing with tankers and knights who had high defense power, this would do the best.

But so far, he thought that he couldn't use the Judgement of Spirit King in the current war.

"Uh, I've been very lazy all this while. After the war, I need to hunt the monsters much harder!"

If Hoonie and Canoel heard this, they would be screaming at it!

The feathers of Pin while flying were trembling, but Ian didn't notice it.

And, Ian who would be hunting for a while with the presence of the retainer back to him, Ian just prompted Pin.

"Pin-ah, let's move fast. There are only 10 minutes left for us to be at the Manor."

Grrrk- Grrrrrk-!

With that Pin started to flutter his wings and began to accelerate the speed.

The destination was at the east of the Shikar Desert.

And after a while, the 9th war of the Lotus Guild which would be at the Sergus Manor would begin.


- Guys, is Ian going to appear today?

- I don't know. There are only 2 minutes till the start of the war, but I don't see him yet… maybe not?

- Oh, this is huge. I was tilted towards the Lotus, Keke.

- Honey, Lotus has managed to win well without Ian. It is fine to worry.

- I'm worried about it too. The Lotus had to work very hard to win the 8th one too, it was facing troubles. So some of the experts are predicting the loss of Lotus.

- Well, I could only see 7 Wyvern Knights in the last guild war, so it is definitely a lost match.

- Uh… the last time I saw the world message, I thought that Ian would be back after the quest.

Fulious Guild, the 6th ranked guild of the Kailan.

And the undefeated Lotus Guild was in the 8th consecutive win and went up to 7th ranking from 11 at once.

Numerous users were interested in the Guild Wars, and the amount of various communities was at a peak in the official page, as the Guild transition had begun.

On top of that, there was a speculation that Ian would join, so the interest was much greater.

And most didn't want Ian to appear.

- Oh please! I hope that god sends Ian over only for today!

- Sir, wake up. Only 40 seconds are left.

On the main page of Kailan official community, there was a link to the war, where real-time chatting was possible alongside the video.

And right then.

- Oh? It's Ian!

- Oh, really? Where, where!?

- There in the sky! A griffin is flying there, right?

- Pin! It's Pin! Pin!

The fan club members of the Ian saw Pin before anyone else, and the chat went crazy with that sight.

- Wow! Do you think that this will be dramatic again?

- Keu, take the shot. Ian!

The silhouette of Pin flying started to get closer gradually.


A shadow jumped onto the floor as Pin descended, a sharp yet distinct noise followed.


Ian landed lightly on the Lotus Guild's camp and stretched out his hands towards the sky, and Pin sat beside him.

And from the crowds that were there, a tremendous cry came out.


Ian stroked Pin's head and then approached Herz who was looking at him.

Chuk- Chuk-

And laughed.

"Then, shall we start?"


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