Taming Master | Chapter 358 | Pursuit of the Duo | Part 1

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Chapter 358 - Pursuit of the Duo - Part 1


The Selkas Manor.

Yu Shin, the Guild master of Fulliso was preparing for their defense. He was confused since Ian made an appearance at Lotus' side.

'Hu, I thought winning the war wouldn't be that hard, but Ian made it in the end.'

Yu Shin was ranked fourth in the warrior class' rankings. He was a unique user since he used knuckles as his main weapon.

His class was whopping the asses of three-tiered martial arts class.

In the entirety of Kailan, Yu Shin was the only one who used knuckles as his main weapon for that class, and it was very powerful.

Martial arts were almost connected to all of this class' skills, but it wasn't easy to control. It featured a very high destructive power whenever this particular class' skills hit its opponents perfectly.

Even though he was associated with such a class, Yu Shin had superb control, and his ability to grasp the control abilities of other users was commendable.

Ian was one of the few people he recognized as worthy.

'I don't know much, but he thinks he is strong with that fraudulent weapon of his…'

Yu Shin rose from his seat and spoke.

"How much time do we have before the battle begins?"

"The entrance to the war had been closed just a while back… we have around 2 minutes left, master."

"Is that so. Has the defense wall that I strategized been built in the front?"

"Yes, master."


He took some time to speak.

"Aspel and Hamon let me take them."

"Huh? But why them…?"

Yu Shin had a firm expression when he responded.

"With those two, I'll assassinate Ian first."


"If we manage to get our hands on Ian, we'll win for sure."


Ian finally managed to join the war and finally checked into the role.

Their arrangement was originally going to be the same—Ian taking command of the battle—but since he was late, Fiolan took the position as his replacement.

It would get confusing if Ian took over the command in the last minute.

Ian's new role was to remove or mark the main users of the enemy camp.

"Hmm, Warrior Yu Shin, heard of him. He is the elder of Fullios Guild?"

Herz nodded while answering Ian's question.

"Right. Among the ten strongest ones there, he is considered to be the most dangerous one."


"He was late for 6 months, but he still managed to form Fullios guild all by himself. His control can be compared to Shakran and more than anything else, he prefers a more strategic play."

"He started earlier than me."


Herz who forgot what he was about to say got up and explained about the others after Ian interrupted him.

He told them about their ID and class. He also explained their characteristics briefly to Ian since he had a good memory.

He had already met Herz and Fiolan a few days ago.

"I know that you're strong but not the kind of person who underestimates your opponents, Jinsung-ah."

Ian nodded and responded.

"I'm never careless even if I'm just trying to catch a single goblin."

"Okay, do what you do best then…"

"If I take down those ten, you'll take care of the others?"

"No need to take care of those ten. The odds will be on our side if you take down at least 3, 4 or 5 of them."

Ian shook his head which made Herz spoke once again.

"You can even deal with rankers if you want. How does that sound?"

Ian, if he was in a normal state, would've reflexively asked a question, but he was deep in his thoughts right now.

'I'm not sure if I can use the Judgement of the Spirit King right now… and this is not a situation where I can use a sub-weapon.'

Ian had no choice but to use the Judgement of the Spirit King, which made him curse.


He asked for someone without hesitation.

"Hoonie, give me Hoonie."

"Hmm…? Hoonie?"

Herz knew very well how powerful Hoonie was.

Though he didn't know as much as Ian did, he was able to get a good idea while hunting with him.

However, Ian's choice still didn't make sense to him.

"Why? Even if Hoonie is strong, isn't it better to be in the rear and just deal damage than to move with you since he's a warlock? The assassination factor isn't much…"

Ian cut Herz off.

"Assassination? Are summoner assassins?"


He smiled and spoke again.

"Trust me and give me Hoonie."


[The war will begin 20 seconds from now. We hope that the participants from both camps will be done with their preparations by then…]

There was a magnificent Manor in the middle of the wide desert.

On the clouds above, a large number of users were seated watching the battle from up top.

It was an intuition system that was introduced by Kailan just recently.

It was interesting to see the war through a screen, but it couldn't be compared to seeing it live, which was why users were filling up for it.

[15… 14… 13…]

As the countdown came, the shouts of users got louder.

"Woahhh! Lotus, win it today too!"

"Woah! Ian!"

"Fiolan, I love you!"

The users behind the Lotus Guild were all fans of the Lotus Guild.

Almost all of the people in the crowd were cheering for Lotus.

Ian moved to the floor of the battle along with the cheers that were for him; Hoonie then followed.

"Hyung, are we moving out?"


"Herz hyung said that it was for assassination. Wouldn't it be better to hide in the rear when the battle begins if we're going to assassinate someone?"

Ian laughed and looked at the back.

"Assassination means to kill secretly."


"But there are so many spectators watching me, will that be possible? Nor do I have the skills for it."

"well, that's true."

Ian's words seemed prudish, but that was a fact which couldn't be denied.

Ian's self-awareness was so high since he had watched numerous users who were intently watching his battle from the sidelines.

While the system of Kailan prevented any influence on the battlefield from the stands, the sound coming from spectators was an exception.

It was because the executives of Kailan wanted to make the contents like the E-Sports, which was why the cheering noise could be heard on the battlefield.

All the attention was on Ian, so Ian chose to not move in secret.

"Anyway, my job is to get all 10 of them, right?"


With a creepy smile Ian called over Hoonie.



"Let's show them the power of Fusion Class."


"If I join my power with the strongest Black Magician on the Universe, then wouldn't we be able to sweep away the guild?"

"Strongest in the Universe…!"

Woo Woong - !

Black mana started to dance around Hoonie's body.

Since Hoonie's emotions were riled up, the dark mana too got riled up.

Ian knew Hoonie well.

Ian seemed to have grasped 200% of Hoonie's personality.

[From this moment, the battle between the Lotus Guild and Fullios Guild will begin.]

[This is the 'Complete Battle' of the Guild war.]

[When all the guild's members have been wiped out, or if the Fulios Guild is defeated, the Guild war will end.]

[I hope the guild members are loyal.]

Ian who climbed onto Halli's back started to move towards the battlefield.


[Ian! It's Ian! Ian is on Halli, a sight we haven't seen for a long time!]

A man was watching the internet broadcast of the war in a room with speakers on

Crk- Crrrk- Achk-!

He grabbed a potato chip next to the keyboard and mumbled in a low voice.

"It sure had been a long time. Seeing Ian at the front."

The man was none other than Na Ji-chan.

He was watching the war instead of being in the planning team's room of Kailan since him being there wouldn't change things much.

He wrote a letter for today!

The reason he had written a letter of short leave was because he knew in advance that Ian would appear in the Guild war.

Since Ian was still being monitored every week in the planning team of LB company, it wasn't hard to know of Ian's whereabouts and plans.

"There is no way I wouldn't monitor it, especially after knowing that Ian would make an appearance at today's war."


Na Ji-chan was concentrating on the war almost as if he had been stuck to the screen.

There was another reason why he was watching the broadcast on a computer instead of watching it on a 50 inch TV in his living room.

When he watched the war in a gaming channel, the camera moves around through all of the rankers in the field and doesn't stick with Ian.

On the other hand, there was BJ who had a fan club called 'LovelIan', who used a personal crystal ball which was around a million gold only to see Ian.

Na Ji-chan who didn't want to miss even one of Ian's control was more fond of this broadcast even though it was on a small screen.

BJ Ian

[Broadcasting] [Live] Lotus vs Fullios [Ian-oriented]

Broadcast Announcement: Anti-Ian's will be kicked out in a second.

127894 are watching this together.

The number of views surpassed the normal views of BJ's broadcast.

Apart from that, the chat was a little bit hard to see and read as comments were popping up at a high speed.

- Woah! Ian is such a class! Those wizards on the other side are gone.

- By the way Guy, why is Ian not wearing the Spear? Is he going to use the bow and arrow once again? I've watched the recent videos, and he always had the spear with him...!

- I know right! It has been so long since Ian used a bow.

- Is that so important! Our Ian will wipe out the floor and cleanse our eyes with his awesome play!

Na Ji-chan who had been looking at the chat window, smiled.

"Huh, I know the reason why."

Ian upgraded his weapon in a quest, and not knowing the level limitation, the Judgement of the Spirit King couldn't be used due to its low level and Na Ji-chan knew it.

However, due to LB's regulations, the personal information of a user couldn't be disclosed, and he couldn't tell the reason why in the chat due to that. Which was why Na Ji-chan was quietly watching the video.

Yet somehow, he was feeling superior.

"Keu, I know everything that I need to know about Ian."

Na Ji-chan's eyes didn't leave the screen while he poured potato chips into his mouth.

Na Ji-chan's lips tilted.

"Ian, show us how well the Fusion Skill works…!"

As time went on, Na Ji-chan's heart started to pound crazily.


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