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Chapter 359 - Pursuit of The Duo - Part 2


Without the Judgement of the Spirit King, Ian was forced to use the bow that he had with him.

Ian had a myth grade Bow which he obtained from hunting the Marion Khalifa. It was an item that could be used by a Noblesse.

However, the item that Ian was currently using now was a legendary grade one.

So, Ian had to change his play style a little bit.

"Karceus, Bbookbbook! Both of you move together, Ly and Pin cover me!"

"Okay, Master."

After giving out commands, his familiars started to move. Ian pulled out his bow.

Ping- Piping-!

If he could use the Judgement of the Spirit King, he would have gone through the tankers in the front. However, since he was now lacking the power, he aimed for the archers at the back instead.

[Deadly damage is done to the archer 'Hanson'of the Fullios Guild.]

[Hanson's vitality has been decreased by 124090.]

[Deadly damage is done to the archer 'Hanson' of the Fullios Guild.]

[Hanson's vitality has been decreased by 119987.]

[You have successfully managed to defeat the archer 'Hanson' of the Fullios Guild.]

[Contribution to the guild war has been increased by 104 points.]

The archers of the Fullios Guild disappeared in a flash because of Ian's relentless attacks!

That was probably because most of the enemy NPC's were low-level ones, with levels less than 200. However, taking them down with two shots was still an amazing thing to do.

- What? Ian is an archer?

- This is crazy, right LOL? Well, does it make sense to shoot while being on top of Halli who goes that fast?

- HeHe, I should have changed my panties right from the start.

- Honey, you seem to be a little lacking in terms of being prepared?

- Huh?

- I've learned to put on diapers before watching the matches so I don't need to move away from the screen.

- Hu, this is really going to be Ian's game.

['Yu Shin's commands' have been withdrawn.]

[Yu Shin's commands have been deployed.]

- No, you idiots. Standing still and casting NPC's isn't enough to make it.

[Yu Shin's commands have been withdrawn.]

[Yu Shin's commands have been deployed.]

- Well, their swords seem to be as sharp as ever.

- I don't think there's such a thing. I'm out of words. How can one see such a crazy play and manage to say those words?

Ian continued to hunt down the enemy dealers from a distance. He now started to take actions against the Fullios Guild.

"There, Ian is there! Start with Ian!"

"Tankers push! Long distance damage dealers, take action!"

Kwang- KwaKwang-!

The wizards and archers who spotted Ian started to attack, but none of their attacks could stop Halli.

Tat- Thatt-!

Halli, who had been hunting with Ian for a long time, was able to comfortably avoid the attacks even if Ian didn't order it to.


Halli didn't forget to blow up the users who were approaching close to them as well.

Phuak- Puahk-!

Not like any tiger, but with a wide-range attack that could remind one of a raging storm!

[Familiar 'Halli' has done catastrophic damage to 'Reydan' of Fullios Guild.]

['Reydan's' vitality has been reduced by 98977.]

['Reydan's' vitality has been reduced by 108283.]

A user who managed to be safe from Halli's attack immediately began to cast a slow spell to reduce Halli's speed.

['Richang' of Fullios Guild is casting slow magic.]

[The movements of the familiar 'Halli' has been reduced by 30% for 10 seconds.]

But it was meaningless, no, it was a mistake on their part.

It was a mistake since they didn't understand the full extent of Halli's abilities.


['Reydan's' vitality has been reduced by 95982.]

[The Unique attack of the familiar 'Halli', 'Smash' has stunned 'Reydan' for 1 second.]

[Since the unique attack 'Smash' has been successfully used, it initiated the connected unique ability 'Rage of White Tiger'.]

[The familiar 'Halli' will no longer be affected.]

[Movements ofthe familiar 'Halli' has been increased by 50% for 10 seconds.]


There was a big reason as to why Ian chose to ride with Halli rather than the myth grade Karceus and Bbookbbook.

It was the ability of the 'Rage of White Tiger', which was the best skill to get out of an unexpected situation. That was what made Halli really shine.

"What... what is it! That crazy tiger is speeding up instead of slowing down!?"

"Bug! Back off!"

The wizards who had been casting an attack spell after the slow spell hastily canceled their spell and flew backward.

However, Ian wasn't planning on leaving them.

Shoot! Shoot!

Ian's arrows flew through their hearts!

One of the three wizards who had been casting spells at Ian was immediately taken out of the game.

"I need support! The southeastern line of defense is crumbling!"

"Ian has appeared! The rankers need support!"

The southeastern part of the battle was in a complete mess.

The first line of defense that was considered to be the strongest had been easily breached.

It could be said that Ian did all the work.

Fullios Guild was losing their minds.

Bbookbbook and Karceus using the breath, the heals and the shields, on those with the least vitality had been killed off with just two of Ian's arrows. The broadcasters were now going crazy.

Moreover, Ly, Kaizer, and Pauline which were almost level 300, went against the enemy damage dealers; they were all scorched in an instant.

Ly was level 290. Pauline was level 300, but Kaizer was the most impressive.

Since it had evolved into a Myth class and reached a tremendous level of 350, it showed a tremendous monster-like rule over the battle.

It wasn't anything less than a gang leader.


Ian looked around to check what was going on all over the battlefield.

'Going through the gates don't seem to be easy.'

Ian gestured to the back, and the ones in the back started to move to the front.

Drr- Drrrk-

If they managed to get past the gates, then it would be easier for them to win the guild war.

Because of the tremendous siege that was happening, the gate could be destroyed in an instant.

"It's too early! Don't approach, it's too early!"

"Wizards cast fire! You have to burn it!!"

Due to the nature of the tower, defense users were sure to be on the other side of the walls.

So what was the reason for the Fullios Guild to deploy troops inside the castle grounds?

The reason for it was the existence of powerful weapons in the infantry.

Siege weapons could be destroyed easily as they had mild attacks with weak durability and strength, but the siege weapons had tremendous power.

So, in order to prevent the siege weapons from reaching the gate, they had to deploy troops outside the city.

There was a way to destroy siege weapons with ranged attacks from the castle, but it wasn't easy.

The shield of the priest class and the wizard class could possibly at least protect two to three siege weapons from ranged attacks.

But due to Ian, the siege weapons appeared sooner than they thought. The Fullios Guild had to step up.

"Destroy the siege weapons first!"

"Collect troops and rebuild the defenses!"

"Collect all the troops to the middle! We're out of time!"

Orders were being given here and there, and their troops started to move.

"Master Yu Shin will be here to provide support soon! Hold them off until then!"

"Once Master Yu Shin comes, we'll get a hold of Ian!"

Since they realized that using force couldn't help them, the Fullios Guild started to rely on tactics.

Ian had all the summoners into the field, and they could gain enough time if the opponent's troops managed to push them off.

Excluding Ian, all the major players of the Lotus Guild were on the western side of the Fullios Guild, so it was a plausible strategy.

However, there was another strong person who was there excluding Ian.

In fact, what Fullios decided to do was a mistake.

Besides Ian, there was another ranker from the Lotus Guild that not many people knew about.

As a result, Fullios' tactics brought about the worst results possible for them.

"Soul Decay…!"


The sound of voices could be heard in the air, and darkness started to take over the clear blue skies.

With stinky purple lights that were burning out!

Soul Decay was the most powerful attack of the warlocks and had the longest casting time known to this day.

With purple flames rising in all directions, many of the Fullios' soldiers began to fall into helplessness.


"This is crazy! What are the damage dealers doing! Didn't they know when the Soul Decay was coming!"

The chat window was also upset.

- Wow, I have goosebumps!

- How are you able to see that creepy thing?

- Isn't it crazy? This is my first time seeing Soul Decay being used in a war. How did he do that? It has 5 minutes of casting time, right?

- I guess he was given time to cast it or maybe the casting time was reduced?

- No, even with all the reduction, the Soul Decay can take at least 3 minutes of casting time. How was he able to use it against top-ranked players?

- How did he manage to that? I was only looking at Ian all this time. Will they be able to succeed with that?

- By the way, I didn't know that there was such a high-leveled warlock who was capable enough to use Soul Decay.

- Well, maybe? Your level needs to be around 280 if you want to use Soul Decay. Even most of the top 20 warlocks couldn't be able…

- Keu, the Fullios users look so shocked. LOL, the gate will be broken within five minutes.

- Oh, but those five minutes is going to be a tough one. The support for Fullios will come. I expect a 10 minute one.

However, at that moment, everyone was surprised.

That wasn't the end.

Hoonie suddenly moved into the air and reached for Halli.

"Dark Recall!"

And from Halli's body, a purple light started to come out, and it soon went into Hoonie's hands.

The very next moment, another Halli appeared in front of Hoonie.

[You have succeeded in cloning the familiar 'Halli' of the user 'Ian' by using 'Dark Recall'.]

[The cloned summon lasts for 15 minutes and has 50% of the stats of the original one.]

[All the unique abilities of the replicated summon can be used.]

Hoonie was excited to use Halli's Unique ability—Guardian of the Wind.

A pure white light started to glow in the wind around the legs of Halli's clone.

"Let's go! Halli!"


Hoonie was much more excited as he witnessed the speed of Halli and ran to the front.

The place where Hoonie moved to was the center of the battlefield where the Soul Decay skill had devastated the ground.

To be precise, he jumped onto the bodies that had been devastated by the Soul Decay in order to get there.


Hoonie, who ran off on Halli's back, invoked the black magic that he had prepared by raising his skull staff.

"Animate Dead…!"

The dead bodies which had been disappearing started to rise with a bizarre sound.


Subsequently, the purple light from Hoonie's wand moved into the bodies and the blood of the soldiers turned a little bit black.

Hundreds of Fullios' troops who were supposed to block off the Lotus Guild was turned into Hoonie's servants.


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