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Chapter 360 - Pursuit of The Duo - Part 3


With one word, hundreds of Undead legions were born.

And the users who had witnessed it weren't anything less than astonished.

"This is crazy! Revving with Animate Dead!"

Normally, when using the Animate Dead, it would revive from 1 to 20 at the maximum.

And the reason for it was simple.

There were a few limitations for the skill Animate Dead.

The first one was time.

Its greatest constraint was—within 10 seconds of it, the target needed to be resurrected as soon as possible.

So, for that to happen the user has to kill a mass of users at the same time to use the Animate Dead.

And it could be the biggest difficulty as killing multiple targets at once wasn't an easy task to do, especially if the targets were stronger.

And the second, the scope of execution.

The range of the Animate Dead wasn't a small one.

It had a radius of 100m, it was rather wide.

The problem, however, was that the point of activation was centered from the position of the skill caster.

Simply explained, a warlock needs to place himself in the middle of the battlefield to use as many bodies as he can.

And the Warlock who naturally had bad tanking abilities—this was the biggest drawback, and diving into the middle of the battle wasn't such a good scenario for them.

However, in this case, Hoonie believed in the cover that Ian would provide.

As a result, Hoonie managed to make a scenario that was perfect enough to ignore the two drawbacks and made hundred of enemies come back to life at once.

And the aftermath of it was terrifying.

"Move towards the Southeast gate! Half of you will be escorts and the other half of the troops will be ready for assault!"

Fiolan, who managed to get past the Western area gate, began to direct the battlefield and the attackers of the Lotus began to push forward.

Kung- Kung- Kung-!

The troops summoned by the summoners from the Lotus side, the Golems and the knights began to trample the users of Fullios without mercy.

"Fiolan, you're changing the strategy, right?"

At the question from Herz, Fiolan nodded while responding,

"I know. I know about Ian… but Hoonie is so much stronger than what I expected."

"It is a good plan to move away from the Northwestern and push the Southeastern gates at once. Then let's call over the rankers to the side."

While Hoonie had been active, Ian who was monitoring the action from the back, heard the conversation of the two.

"NO, Let's just go ahead like this."

"Hmm? Why?"

"That isn't the end. Going from that direction would create a lot of confusion in the defense. If we concentrate our forces in one place, it will be convenient to know and order."

"Hmm… then, let's not send all of the troops to one side even when the gates are opened."

"Maybe there are a few of them waiting for us to come."

Herz nodded and replied to Ian,

"Okay then, I'll leave this side to you, and we'll keep pushing it from the North-west side."

The three of them after having a quick conversation, moved back to their positions to perform their roles.

In the meantime, all those of the users who managed to live in the southeastern side escaped into the castle, and the siege warrior of the Lotus instantly reached the front gate.

Kung- Kung- Kung-!

As extraordinary warriors from the Pyro started to attack the south-east gate of Sergas Manor.

The 'Siege weapons productions' that was built in the Pyro was of 3-tier, and fortunately, due to that, the attack of them was enormous.

Due to that, the gates began to open with just a few attacks.

[Lotus Guild 'Higher Impact' attacked the south-eastern gate of Sergus Manor.]

[The durability of the gate decreased by 479830.]

[The durability of the gate decreased by 393399.]

Before three minutes could pass,

The gate was destroyed.


And with that, a huge noise started to emerge.

"Woah! The gates are destroyed! All attention!"

"Knights forward! Enter!"

And right after entering into the castle grounds, the first thing that went into the premise was the resurrections from Hoonie.

And it was because they weren't aware of what kind of wide magic had been placed in the castle.

And their prediction had been on point.

"Fire Wall!"

"Frozen Hell!"

"Lightning Storm!"

When the Lotus troops entered, the advanced casting done by the wizards started to get activated.

And more than half of Hoonie's troops disappeared without a trace.

"A sh*t, I need to do it more, I lost more than what I imagined."

Hoonie grumbled and continued to push the remaining undead into the gate.

And when the troops of Lotus began to enter, Hoonie entered too.

But right then, Hoonie heard a familiar voice.

"Hop, in!

It was Ian who changed his familiar from Halli to Pin.


"Quickly come on! There isn't much time!"

Hoonie somehow got onto Pin and sat behind Ian with a puzzled look.

"What is this, what's the plan?"

"Hold on real tight!"

In that moment.

The huge wings of Pin flapped and it rose to the top of the wall.

And the place where the two men heading to was the watchtower, the highest point of the Sergus.

"What? Isn't that a bit too reckless?"

"Not at all."

Ian shut of Hoonie's concern with a brief answer and looked closely at the enemies around them.

And laughed.

The reason was, it was the perfect timing that Ian has been aiming for.

'Great! All the attention is on the gate.'

The reason why Ian didn't move using Pin from the beginning was simple.

As there weren't any Wyvern knights, Ian would bring in a lot of attention if he moved using Pin, and it was too easy to be the target.

And that was a suicide.

And there was no way that Ian could manage to go against the defense line and the archers by using just Pin.

But the situation was different now.

As the gates were broke open, all the defensive forces were focused on the gate, so Ian could easily move towards the watchtower.

And two soldiers guarding the watch tower shouted.


"Enemies invaded the watchtower!"

But the very next moment, both of them had to shut down.


Ping- Ping-!

Ian's arrows went through their chests.

As the soldiers guarding the watchtower who were weak—with a level of 100 or lower couldn't survive the attack from Ian.

After taking Ian and Hoonie to the tower, Pin went back to the battlefield, leaving those two all alone.

"What now, huh? Should I cast the Soul Decay from here?"

Ian shook his head and answered,

"Nope, casting a 5-minute long spell is suicide in here. We need to go down the stairs and come back up after killing the rankers at the command post."

Hoonie was a bit flustered.

"No, and how do you plan on knowing where the command for the Fullios Guild is?"

Ian smiled and answered,

"Kaka will tell."

As soon as Ian started the war, he had given Kaka the orders to locate the rankers.

And as the gates were broken, Kaka would've been doing a search on the inside.

"Okay, if it is Kaka, then it is possible to know. Let's do it then."

After speaking, Hoonie started to move and Ian followed him.

But then.

Someone stood in front of the two men who walked down the stairs.

A man with a guy of Duo, totally 3

With armor all over his body, and two knights guarding him.

The man who used his fists most of the time among all the users—took a step in front and smiled.

"Pleasure, Ian. I'm Yu Shin."


[Who is that warlock? Seems like a huge deal?]

At the end of BJ Ian's video, a chat had popped up.

- it's Hoonie, Hoonie. But the first to hear the ID Hoonie… but how is he the top ranker?

- A private ranker.

- No, even if it was kept private, it's normal to know the basics. But, I'm seeing him for the first time.

- The 1st ranking of the warlock, is it Zhekharta?

- Hmm, right. Zhekharta was ranked 1 yesterday. Was the level 287?

- I hope that Hoonie users become that…

[Keu, maybe he is someone that Ian had secretly brought up? As the controls weren't so uniformed?]

- Huh, maybe?

- Well, it is tough for Ian to protect the identity and raise such a good one. Maybe just a colleague?

[The 'Gamer of Darkness' was exiled.]

- That guy was talking shit about our Ian!

- Right! Ian's colleague huh, what nonsense!

- There are so many things that people don't know about Ian. Our Ian isn't the kind to do a party hunt!

[Hahaha, right. Ian. Our god always sticks to the solo play. I guess that warlock named Hoonie, is probably a disciple of Ian, just like us.]

- I feel jealous. Ian's disciple…!

- if I get stronger, do I get to become his disciple too?

The atmosphere in the chat room wasn't anything less than madness.

But then,

Someone had entered the chat.

['Ian's husband' has entered the chat.]

Seeing the name of the user, BJ Ian began to get fussy.

[Ohohoh! Ian's husband has come in! I was worried that you wouldn't come in today, you are a little late!]

- Ha, the Ian encyclopedia is here.

- Keu, I think that he might know the identity of Hoonie.

- Ian's Husband!do you know who that warlock is?

- I'm going to die of tension! That little warlock, is Ian's disciple?

And after a while, the user ID Ian's Husband responded,

And his words were the same as anyone in the room.

- Nope. That user's ID is 'KanjHoonie'. And he is one of the loyalists of Ian.


Na Ji-chan was smiling while looking at the chatroom which was getting hot by every passing moment because of a certain 'Ian's Husband'.

Na Ji-chan initially watched the broadcast from a non-logged in state but was forced to log in as he was tired of listening to the appearance of Hoonie.

And his nickname was 'Ian's Husband', an ID that was so famous that no one knew more than him in the fan club.

"I except that from the number 1 lieutenant of Ian, Hoonie…!"


Hoonie picked up the potato chips packet and dumped them into his mouth, and once again looked at the monitor.

And right then, Ian and Hoonie's duo was about to begin.


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