Taming Master | Chapter 361 | Judgment of the Spirit King | Part 1

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Chapter 361 - Judgment of the Spirit King - Part 1


Kabang- Pang-!

Whenever the fist of Yu Shin moved, a powerful surge spread all over the place.


It was the master skill of the hidden class, a skill that was specifically for Yu Shin.

And the reason for such strong force or power wasn't because of the destructive power that it had.

Rather it was because of the 'linked attack'—a special effect, which was attached to the auxiliary effect.

The effect of the linkage was like this.

- - - - -

Linked Attack-

- If the user successfully inflicted damage on the enemy with the surge, the user can immediately activate the martial skill by ignoring the cooldown time.

(Cooldown Time: 80 seconds)

- the user can activate within 0.5 seconds after immediately hitting the target.

- if the target is hit with the surge, the cooldown time will be reset.

- - - - - -

In the moment of the match, the special effect 'Linked Attack' meant that the other skills can be linked directly regardless of the cooldown time, at the beginning or the end of the class.

And if he managed to continuously touch the target, then the user will be able to use the active skill.

But, if he couldn't manage to do it—with the cooldown time nearly 80 seconds, the linkage will be cut off.

But who was Yu Shin?

A very well controlled user in the Kailan, the one user who had every control in his five fingers, Yu Shin.

And just like the reputation, the linkage of Yu Shin was commendable.

[Fullios Guild master 'Yu Shin' has done deadly damage to the Death Knights and the Death Warrior of the Undead.]

['Death Warrior' vitality reduced by 269890.]

[The 'Death Knight' has been destroyed.]

Seeing the system messages which were popping up, Hoonie frowned.

'Does that guy have no waiting time for the reuse of his skill? How is he managing to keep the skill on?'

Ian and Hoonie crossed paths with three enemies including Yu Shin, and they were confused.

They were assuming that it wouldn't be much difficult, but the situation wasn't as they had imagined.

While Hoonie decided to use the tanking from the Undead on the two men, Ian was supposed to hunt down another, but the Undead were dying pretty quickly and the situation was taking a drastic turn.

And the biggest cause for that was 'Yu Shin' and his successive attacks.

And Ian's ranged attacks were being blocked by a special shield of Yu Shin, which made the deal to not even reach them.

Ian looked over to understand and analyze the attack pattern of Yu Shin.

'There is something with that skill.'

The martial class was the hidden class that 'Yu Shin' was in possession of.

Therefore, there wasn't much information about its damage or the linked attacks in the community.

They were guesses from regular users.

However, as he kept on battling with the still intact martial skill, Ian was able to grasp its working.

'That guy. When using any skill, he is putting that surging wave right in between. Then that means…'

Ian's eyes began to shine brightly.

In order to understand the skill and the pattern, it felt like striking him directly would be the better option.

[You have worn out the item 'Oliver's Wrath'.]

[You have equipped the item 'Dragon's molar'.]

'I don't want to use the spear as it isn't properly reinforced…'

Ian who had changed the weapons quickly ran to the front of the Undead.

"Hooni-ah, give some time by taking care of those knights over there."

"Kay, Hyung!"

Hoonie who roughly understood what Ian was trying to do, turned without hesitation to deal with the two knights.

And it was obvious if the Undead went on, then they would die in the hands of Yu Shin without achieving anything.

When the opponent changed, Yu Shin smiled and spoke,

"Well, you shouldn't have come out. But I wanted to fight with you, for a long time."

"With me?"

Ian was confused with what he heard, while Yu Shin nodded and replied,

"Yeah. You are one of the few people whom I acknowledge as competent."

Yu Shin clenched his fists while speaking.

Seeing that, even Ian began to smile.

"That good?"

Ian started to get interested in Yu Shin.

In the beginning, Ian thought that he was just another annoying interrupter in the well-played plan of his.

It was fun to sweep enemies with overwhelming power, but to fight with an opponent who had excellent controls was a whole other thing.

And if one was proud of the controls like Ian was, the fun was even bigger.

Yu Shin was the first to move towards Ian.

"So you're going to use that spear of yours which took down the Asmodians?!"


From the fist of Yu Shin, a blue wave was spreading out.

Ian broke off the wave with his spear and began to do the counter attacks.

Ian's spear which was filled with the desire to win was much greater than Yu Shin's.

However, Yu Shin calmly avoided the incoming attacks and was aiming for the other side of Ian.


Ian moved the spear to the floor and immediately had to bounce off the attack from Yu Shin.

It was a battle scene that could be seen in the movies.

Hoonie wasn't able to see it as he was dealing with the two knights, but the five crystal spheres above the stairs were the only ones who could see it.

Many of the gaming channels and personal stations followed Ian.

Which meant that there were a lot of people who were interested in watching Ian battle.

And the chats once again started to blow up.

- What? What just passed?

- Ian stopped Yu Shin's fist… and immediately used a counter…?

- And after that Ian jumped a few steps back.

- Crazy. Can't I see it again? Why can't I understand it even though I saw it?

- Wah… I just drooled seeing that. Did they practice those stuff before they could perform it in the battle?

- LOL, I agree it was surreal. I don't think anyone could have such a hand and mind control, right?

The speed of chatting increased and the battle between Ian and Yu Shin started to get more intense.

The skills of Yu Shin started to make their way to Ian.

As a result, Ian started to accumulate more and more damage.

He tried to avoid or defend the attacks, but even though he managed to defend it was still causing enough damage.

Ian could do nothing but frown.

'Getting damage like this continuously will put me in a disadvantage…'

Frankly, the match was indeed a disadvantage for Ian.

Firstly, Ian's a summoner who normally has weak physical combat skills, whereas the warrior class was a strong-class with excellent one on one battle.

If Ian had his familiars with him, it would have been a totally different character, but Ian was all alone near the staircase.

Which made Ian worry whether he could take anymore hits or not.

'Should I use the will of the Selamus warrior?'

Using the Selamus Warrior's will, he could overcome the differences that the two classes had.

All the combat abilities would be increased by 40% for the next 20 minutes, and the stats could compliment a little to the one-on-one battle.

Furthermore, proficiency is increased by 15 levels, so the odds were bound to increase.

However, as the skill continued, all the other skills would be sealed, which was the most disadvantageous part.

While Selamus warrior's will was in use, and a familiar was in a crisis, then Ian wouldn't be able to summon it back.

But Ian's worries didn't last for long.


It was because Yu Shin had hit his shoulder.

[Fullios Guild master 'Yu Shin' caused catastrophic damage to you.]

[Vitality reduced by 178709.]


Ian retreated and looked at Yu Shin with surprise, which made Yu Shin smile.

"Ian, I know that you're strong… but aren't you taking too much trouble by trying to win me without your familiars?"

Ian just calmed himself and responded to Yu Shin,

"I admit that. This will certainly be difficult."

Yu Shin slowly moved towards Ian.

"I would have understood if you would have stuck with the familiars out there… but I never expected you to come this way."

Chok- chok-

The two of them were getting closer.

Ian eventually triggered the 'Will of Selamus Warrior'.

['Will of Selamus Warrior' has been activated.]

[All the battle abilities increased by 40%.]

[All non-combat abilities with agility will increase by 1728.]

[The proficiency of all the weapons are increased by 15 levels.]

[The usage of all the active skills has been sealed.]


With a momentary resonating sound, a golden light started to glow around Ian.

And Yu Shin looked at the scene in front of him with wide eyes.

"There is no use making fuss with those things!"


While Yu Shin rushed towards Ian, Ian had been feeling rather lighter than before.

Moreover, he was able to find out that Yu Shin uses linked skill the battle.

'I just need to avoid the surge!'

It wasn't definite, but the difference in classes would be able to be filled by the Will of Selamus Warrior.

Now, the lack of combat skills was overcome by the control differences.

In the first place, the skill—Will of Selamus Warrior was made to overcome such differences.


When Ian's spear came in contact with Yu Shin's knuckles, a strong sound came out.

And Ian, confirming the blue light that had formed in the left hand of Yu Shin, quickly twisted his waist and turned his body.


The wave could literally tear off the space.

But the sound that usually came didn't come.

And it was because Ian managed to avoid the attack from Yu Shin in a breathtaking manner.


Yu Shin blinked his eyes.

It was because he didn't expect someone to move with such vigilance in a short span.

'What summoner has such agility…?!'

Confused Yu Shin, withdrew his fist, but Ian didn't move.


By using the force generated by swinging his body, Ian hit the neck of Yu Shin with his spear.

[Fullios Guild master 'Yu Shin' has received catastrophic damage.]

[The vitality of 'Yu Shin' has been reduced by 64579.]

Ian frowned upon looking at the message that popped up.

'Ahh sh*t, it would've done ten times damage if it was the then Judgement of Spirit King…!'

Ian's weapon was one that survived 2 waves from Yu Shin.

When compared to the previous 'Judgement of Spirit King', the attack level was lacking, almost half the level of the previous one.

However, it was a truly helpless situation, but it was possible to deal a lot of damage to the current situation.

It was because after getting hit in the neck, Yu Shin's body was wobbling.

Puak- Phuak-!

[Fullios Guildmaster 'Yu Shin' has received catastrophic damage.]

[The vitality of 'Yu Shin' has been reduced by 59775.]

[The vitality of 'Yu Shin' has been reduced by 71511.]

Ian was successfully able to get three to four strikes.

However, the vitality gauge of Yu Shin hadn't decreased by more than 10%.

The martial class had better tanking abilities, and the top user Yu Shin had a vitality of over 2 million.

'But he should be destroyed if this was a planet destroying weapon.'

Ian grunted while looking at the spear.

Yu shin who recovered was looking with furious eyes.

"Well… the connection of skills has been cut down."

Thuk- Thuk-!

After moving his neck to both sides, Yu Shin spoke,

"The joke has extended for a long time."


At the same time as he was done speaking, a blue light shone around Yu Shin.

It was one of the top level self-buffs of the warrior class, the skill called 'Great Warrior'.

Ian who saw it calmed down and took a deep breath.

Till the moment the Great Warrior skill was activated, even a single wrong move would bring in a lot of damage or death.

Right then,

A message that Ian never thought of popped in front of his eyes.


[All the experience points needed to level up have been met.]

[The level has risen. Have become 300 level.]

[The first to achieve level 300.]

[Fame increased by 500,000.]

[The 'Summoner's Tower' owner 'Wagner' is looking for you.]

Messages that didn't come in when reaching 100 or 200 had come now.

It was clear that the reason for the messages and rewards was because he had been the first.

But they weren't the things to look at, Ian's eyes were stuck on the number 300.

Ian's mouth went up.

"You, are an x."

There were a few more lines after the system messages that Ian saw.

[You have been equipped with the item 'Dragon's Molar'.]

[You have worn the item 'Judgement of the Spirit King'.]

The real planet destroying weapon made its appearance.


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