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Chapter 362 - Judgment of the Spirit King - Part 2


- What is it? Ian's weapon changed it's appearance?

- Yeah, right? That spear is gorgeous. I never saw that in the other videos of Ian, it's the first time for me to see it too, I think?

- Woah... lets' guess. If one gets hit by the spear then will they get stunned?

The chat windows were blowing up.

Well, that was definitely all due to the weapon that was in the hands of Ian.

A myth class weapon, the reinforced mass destruction 4th transcendental spear.

It had a visual appearance that would make the person seeing it feel pressured.

And Yu Shin who wavered for a moment got back to his senses and asked,

"What? Are you planning on building a temple by coming into here?"

It was a verbal attack from Yu Shin.

Ian, however, scoffed at it.

"Tempting. But I'm not just any other summoner who doesn't have his summons with him."


Yu Shin who just heard the words from Ian went red.

But he didn't let that emotion get over his head.

There wasn't anything wrong with Ian's words.

And Yu Shin wasn't short tempered.

"HuHu, you're words aren't wrong. I never imagined that I would struggle in the hands of a summoner without his summons."

Chuk- Chuk-

Yu Shin was still clenching onto his fists hardly while approaching Ian slowly.

"But, even though you were strong, I never thought that I was lacking for even a single second."

Ian and Yu Shin's eyes met the very moment.

"Is that so? But you'll have to die here! This was a chance I was given to, to kill you here!"

With saying those words, Yu Shin jumped from the ground.

And Ian's body reacted accordingly.

Kwang – Kwakwang-!

The blue lights that were coming out from the fists of Yu Shin and the golden aura out of Ian's spear collided in the air.

And it was hard to make out what was happening between those two, it was a fierce fight.

But it was, 'just like that' kind of fight.


With a roar, the two weapons touched each other, and their repulsive force made them move backwards.

And Yu Shin was flustered.

'What, What was it? How is that managing to give out such damages?'

Though Yu Shin didn't allow himself to get attacked in a proper manner.

But, just a small cut caused a loss of thousands of vitality points.

Which meant that it was at a level that didn't make much sense.

'Maybe the strange spear has a few attack alternative…?'

The look on Yu Shin wasn't flustered, it was far from it—it was astonishment.

Ian on the other side had a lot of weird emotions going on.

It was because the performance of the Judgment of the Spirit King was much more excellent than he had imagined.

Ian looked over at Hoonie who was struggling with the two knights and ran at Yu Shin once again.

"I don't have much time, let's get this done quickly."

"Fine be arrogant!"

The two of them began to fight each other.

And Ian was now using the highest of his concentration.

It was because he wanted to use all the monster-like stats that the 'Judgment of the Spirit King' has.

Kkang-! Chak-!

The spear and the fists were rushing to the other.

But as the concentration of Yu Shin moved for a bit, the spear went through the thigh of Yu Shin.

[Fullios Guild master 'Yu Shin' has suffered from catastrophic damage.]

[The vitality of 'Yu Shin' has been reduced by 474579.]

With just a single attack, 20% of vitality had fallen for Yu Shin!

But that wasn't the end of it.

[Succeeded in causing fatal damage!]

['Judgment of the Spirit King's' unique ability 'response' has been activated.]

[And it responded to the familiar 'Halli'.]

[Halli's unique ability, 'Guardian of the Wind' has been activated.]

[For the following two minutes, agility will be increased for the combat abilities.]

Because of the unique skill of Judgment of the Spirit King, 'response', Halli's strongest buff skill, 'Guardian of the wind' had been activated.

Well, the increase of the stats were far less than the ones that Halli had when it activated.

The sun of 'combat abilities' from the unique ability Guardian of Wind didn't include the stats bonuses due to the equipment.

Ian had a higher level than Halli, except for the bonus stats of the spear, the battle ability of the whole body was rather low.

But even in such condition, thousand of agility points increased, and Ian's movements doubled.

Yu Shin found it hard to adapt to the sudden increase in the pace of movements.


With the white light around his body, Ian was following the movements of Yu Shin.

And suddenly, Yu Shin's fists went to the air to attack.

[Successfully avoided the attack from the transcendence of 'Judgment of the Spirit King']


And a powerful electric current seemed to flow onto the body of Yu Shin the very next moment.

[The Fullios Guild master 'Yu Shin' has suffered from 197980 damage.]

All of Ian's vitality had been restored.

[Ian's Vitality restored to 179809.]


That was the end.


Ian who was holding onto the spear for a counterattack moved the spear to the back and pushed it with force.

[Fullios Guild master 'Yu Shin' has suffered from catastrophic damage.]

[The vitality of 'Yu Shin' has been reduced by 619895.]

[The Judgment of the Spirit King, unique ability 'Lightning Judgment' has been activated.]

[The Fullios Guild master 'Yu Shin' has suffered from 921511 lightning damage.]

Before he could even react, Ian's lightning fell to the ground.

And with that, a gigantic successive damage came, and the body of Yu Shin turned black.

[Successfully dealt with the master of Fullios Guild 'Yu Shin'.]

[Fame has been increased by 50,000.]

The system messages came in front of Ian's eyes.

And to the users in the field, additional system messages appeared.

[The Fullios Guild master has been killed.]

[The Fullios Guild morale has been reduced by 20.]

[The Lotus Guild's morale has increased the attack by 20.]

And with that, it was the beginning of a massacre.


Na Ji-chan who had been watching the battle of Ian was looking at the monitor with a stern expression.

The sound of the potato chips being eaten was the only thing that could be heard, he seemed to have forgotten everything else.

"Wha, What… just happened?"

Na Ji-chan didn't have a high position, but he was still the key to figuring out things in the planning team.

That was being said because he understood a lot about the combat systems of Kailan than anyone else.

Besides being a fan of Ian, he knew of all the skills and abilities that Ian had.


Something seemed like a bug for a moment, and the situation was just too hard to comprehend.

"What happened to that martial monster of 200-level?"

With Na Ji-chan in such a state, all of the chat windows had the same reaction.

- What?! If someone is lovelIan member, then please explain what just happened. A lightning just fell on Yu Shin?

- Huh, it was just plain hard to see. What the hell was that? Wasn't it a bit too much even if it was Ian? I can't understand why he suddenly decided to attack Yu Shin and take him down in a single strike. Just one strike?

- Ian had gone for five months. It's probably a skill that hasn't been revealed yet, but I think it is a probability driven attack, Lovelies.

Scrolling through the chat's that didn't seem to end.

Na Ji-chan went over the battle video three to four times and began to note them down with a pen.

He would've been asked to do the same thing in the company, so he decided to analyze it right away.

"But… did he know in advance that the 'response' skill would get triggered? How did it respond to the direct attack and just flow into the battle?"

What surprised the most for Na Ji-chan, was that Ian was able to immediately react to the 'Guardian of the Wind' buff, when it was an instantly triggered reaction.

If it was for normal uses, when a random skill gets triggered in a battle, they would be flustered.

Specifically when the skills like 'Guardian of the Wind' buffs were being used, taking the sudden control could cause a miss of balance in the user.

But Ian, somehow, rather being flustered, immediately adapted to the pace and went straight to Yu Shin.

That was an unexplained level of animal sense, his speed of reaction was good.

Na Ji-chan muttered with a blank expression.

"10% chance for the fallen lightning, but even if that didn't happen… Yu Shin was bound to die."

It was true that he had died due to the extraordinary damage done by the lightning, but even if that didn't happen, another two to three strikes from Ian would've done that.

It was because Yu Shin had completely given up.

And with the two strikes, Yu Shin knew he would die.

With the highest concentration, Na Ji-chan looked at the screen another 10 times while moving his mouse nervously.

"Ah, this isn't right. What am I doing while the live broadcast has been going on?!"

Ian who was done with Yu Shin, immediately moved towards Hoonie who was still struggling with them.

The two knight class that Hoonie was dealing with, were high ranked users.

And the battle of them couldn't be missed, but due to the crazy performance from Ian, he had to miss that performance and so much more.

Na Ji-chan played the real-time video once again.

But the only thing that was on the screen was rather—the dead black bodies of all three of them.



Ian and Hoonie after dealing with three of them moved out of the stairs quickly.

And in front of them, the forces of Lotus and Fullios guilds were fighting.

"Hoonie-ah, summon Hargasus!"


At the command from Ian, Hoonie nodded his head, and a black energy flowed out of his hand.

And the black energy moved towards a fallen horse that was on the battlefield.

And weirdly, the fallen horse wasn't so fallen after that, it was in the air.


And that wasn't it.

The horse which had leather around it turned into bizarre skeleton bones and wings made of bones appeared on its back.

It was the recall of Hargasus, a famous horse from the Underworld.

"It is Hargasus!"

"A high-level warlock cast!"

"Find him! Where is he?!"

Naturally, the Hargasus was undead with no combat power.

Not just without combat abilities, but couldn't manage any of the combat for itself either.

Nevertheless, the Hargasus was still a threat as it was a pet that pairs with the Death Knights.

Hargasus is a pet that increases the combat ability of the occupant by 50%, specifically, it has synergy with Death Knight—the highest summon of the Warlock.

Fullios users thought that the Death Knights would soon make an appearance, but they were wrong once again.

Hoonie immediately summoned Ballam, the legendary Death Knight.

But there were a few more.

"Dark Recall!"

Along with all that was recalled with the skill, there was one Hargasus.

And on top of that, a 'summoner' with a spear radiating gold light.


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