Taming Master | Chapter 363 | Judgment of the Spirit King | Part 3

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Chapter 363 - Judgment of the Spirit King - Part 3


Hargasus had wings, but it couldn't fly.

Then were the wings just for the sake of appearance?

No, that wasn't the purpose either.

Hargasus—its first unique ability was directly related to its wings.

The first unique ability of Hargasus was 'Descend'.

The ability to unfurl the wings and descend slowly when jumping off from a high place, it was a special additive.

When the unfolding of the wings happens, Hargasus and the occupant will both move into an 'invincible' state for a duration of 0.5 seconds.

Which meant that well-controlled warrior users would be able to use the 'descend' ability of Hargasus to their advantage.

When being exposed to a powerful attack, they could take advantage of the invincibility of 0.5 seconds to inflict damage.

However, to activate the ability of 'Descend', the Hargasus needs to be afloat with all four legs off the ground, which made it difficult to utilize.

Which was why in the higher guilds, it was considered that the casting of this could give them an idea as to how well the warlock's skills were.

And Ian was going to utilize the 'Descend' ability with 200% of his abilities on the battlefield.

"It's Ian!"

"Don't get too close, it is a long range attack! If you get hit for being close, then it's a game over!"

Hundreds of Fullios soldiers were present in the middle of the camp.

Ian after getting on the Hargasus slaughtered all of them who were in his way.

Each time Ian wielded his spear, a gold electric current sprang out, and the forces of Fullios fell down like straws.


[Fullios Guild 'Sliver Knight' has taken severe damage.]

[The vitality of 'Silver Knight' has been reduced by 1029895.]

[The unique ability of 'Judgment of the Spirit King ', 'Lightning's Judgment' has been activated.]


[Fullios Guild 'Silver Knight' has been hit with 1533221 of lightning damage.]

[Fullios Guild 'Advanced Spearman' has been hit with 870980 of lightning damage.]

[Fullios Guild 'Advanced Spearman' has been hit with 728452 of lightning damage.]

[Fullios Guild member, user 'Blue Feather' has been hit with 598090 of lightning damage.]

The unique ability of Judgment of the Spirit King, 'Lightning's Judgment' was being used in the battlefield against numerous foes.

It wasn't usually easy to invoke the ability on a one-on-one battle as the probability of hitting the target was around 10%, but it was a different situation in the battle against several foes.

The triggered 'Lightning's Judgment' which has a success hit rate of 10% when the lightning drops, could cause wide-area damage to all enemies within the radius of 5 meters.

Which means that, if there were several of the enemy's bodies within 5 meters, then each time they get hit, there was a 10% chance that each individual was about to get hit.

The denser the enemy is, the more likely it is that the user has a chance of activating the lightning.

So, in a situation where he was surrounded by hundreds of soldiers, the lighting fell onto them for a dozen times.

Just like.

Bang- BaBang- BaBaBang-!


"What are the wizards doing! Do the Anti-lightning field walk!"

BaBaBang- BangBang-!


Ian's lightning poured everywhere as if it was raining.

All the forces of Fullios who were near Ian fell to the ground.

All the soldiers with less than level 200 and the knights who had a vitality of 150,000 to 200,000 were all wiped out.

The officers of Fullios who looked at this sight were all dumbfounded.

"No, he's not even a mage…"

The level of mastery that Ian had shown was similar to the magic spells that were cast by top-ranked wizards.

And even if the wizard was in the top 10, there wasn't a guarantee that they could be in possession of such destructive power that Ian was displaying.

But Ian wasn't a wizard.

And he wasn't using any kind of skills either, it was a scene that was created due to the passive ability of his weapon.

It was all because of the mercy of Absolute.

The leader of the Fullios army, who was gaining consciousness began to give out orders.

"I told you not to get close! Attack from a distance!"

With those orders, attacks from wizards and archers started to fly towards Ian.

Ping- Piing-!


But Ian didn't have any thoughts of staying still and getting hit by those incoming attacks.


Ian slightly hit the abdomen of Hargasus, with that nudge he started to move at a very fast pace.


Hargasus moved two to three meters with just one leap, then it started to go rampant.

Ian controlled Hargasus and made sure that no projectile could reach their way, and when he was unable to avoid large-area skills, he used its ability 'descend' to dissolve the damage.

It could be said that it was a godly control.

- I have been watching the vitality of Ian's from a while back.

- So was I.

- Huh, why is the vitality not changing?

- Why I don't know anything, the vitality should be worn out. Any reason to lose vitality when he manages to avoid the attacks?

- No, it could be because I didn't see it clearly, but I think I saw him get hit a moment back?

- Ah, that was because of the unique ability of Hargasus 'Descend', if it is used, then the user is invulnerable for 0.5 seconds.

- Oh… the 'descend' is like a fraud skill?

- LOL, this is the first time for me to see someone use the 'descend' like that.

- Me too. Some crazy wizard get to the middle of the battlefield, LOL.

- Keu, I learned just a while ago that the skill level of summoning the Hargasus needs to be around 230, that 'descend' is instilling fear in me. That is triggered only when it was in the air—to use it, it needs to be in the air, right away.

- I don't know much about the warlock who summoned it, but based on what you say, he just needs to jump to activate it, and off when it lands?

- LOL, it can be used once for every float, so, it's a bit difficult to use it like that.

- Guys, I'm going to practice the 'descend'. Hehe.

- LOL, I don't think it can be achieved through practice… but guys, how is Ian controlling Hargasus? From what I know, the Hargasus can't be summoned by Ian. And Ian isn't even a warlock. How is he controlling the Hargasus?

- That world message that came from the Fusion Class? Because of that.

- Hmm, that's what everyone has been guessing.

As far as the talks in the chat implied—Ian's vitality was consistently 100%.

But there were a few misunderstandings by the netizens.

And that was, Ian hadn't avoided all the attacks that had been coming his way.

The attacks that were coming in were unavoidably coming in a lot of times, but the Supremacy option of the Judgment of the Spirit King was restoring the vitality.

However, it was hard to check such details in the video, and the netizens were much more enthusiastic about Ian's godly control.

No one could stop themselves from seeing the images of Ian in the middle of the battlefield avoiding all the attacks.

And as Ian began to move, the members of Fullios Guild began to fall down.

While all the firepower was concentrated on Ian, the Lotus castle took possession of the castle.

And by the time the northwestern side lost its balance.

The eastern had already collapsed, and the past repeating itself.

"Wow…!! The western gate has also been taken down!"

"Now it's time to take control! Let's get rid of them!"

The troops of the Lotus Guild destroyed the western gate without much difficulty, and the castle had been messed up.

The Fullios camp had completely lost the advantage they had.

In the meantime, based on the information that Kaka had given, Ian managed to remove one of the flagship leaders of the Fullios Guild.

They were lacking.

No one was able to stop Ian who was on Hargasus after he had managed to kill Yu Shin, the elite of the Fullios Guild.

And the title page of the Guild war had witnessed the emergence of the tilt scenario.

It was the system window that was shared to all the crystal balls, which not only displayed messages to the users but to the viewing users too.

[It has been over an hour since the Guild war had been started.]

[Announcement of the Guild war status.]

- - - - -

Status of Guild War (Lotus vs Fullios) –

Manor Name: Sergus

Manor Classification: Dukedom

Attacking Guild: Lotus

Defending Guild: Fullios

Extrinsic Occupation rate: 97.55%

Resistance Occupation rate: 66.25%

Guild Power information ( Survival/ participation)

- Lotus Guild

User: 159/205

NPC: 275/423

Current power Index – 1548620

- Fullios Guild

User: 72/257

NPC: 105/ 395

Current power Index – 654852

Current expected win rate

Lotus: Fullios

95.75%: 4.25%

- - - - -

The crowd who checked the window messages started to get enthusiastic.

Particularly the 'intuition' camp of the Lotus side were shouting with a relief.

"Wow…! Lotus!! Crazy!!"

"Ian God! I love you!"

"Keuaaa! Lotus! 8 winning streaks! Win the 12th one consecutive too!"

"I skipped the class for today…! This was so rewarding!"

"It was a worthy game today, but I won't be able to get a scholarship from my school Ian hyung!"

The Fullios Guild has lost in the hands of the Lotus Guild in just an hour.

And in less than 10 minutes since the guild war situation emerged, the flag of the Fullios Guild which was known to be strongest was taken down.

And in that position, the Lotus Guild flags were displayed, the flags in which Pin's image was embroidered was fluttering.

[Sergus Manor resistance rate has gone to 100%.]

[All the troops of the Fullios guild have been destroyed.]

[The Guild War will end in (01:09:47)]

[Lotus Guild has won.]

[From the very moment the Sergus Manor will be governed by the Lotus Guild.]

[From the next week, the Sergus manor will enter into an inviolable state.]

Given the average running time of around 4 hours, it was an overwhelming result.

The Lotus Guild's 8th war ended with a clean victory.


"Huh, indeed."

Choi Yu Shin, who was watching the relay broadcast on the TV, sighed and turned off the TV.

His kailan game id was 'Yu Shin'.

He was out of the game due to Ian, and after coming out of the capsule, he looked into the page of the war.

And just then, the overwhelming victory of Lotus Guild—the transition of the Guild was over, and he had no more reason to watch the TV.

"That golden spear in his hands… that was something."

He remembered the moment when 70% of the vitality disappeared with a single strike from it—just thinking of it sends chill on his spine.

It was a shocking incident for Yu Shin, if it wasn't for that, he could have not lost in the one-on-one match with Ian.

But, he meant nothing bad to Ian and his game.

He was happy enough to challenge him again with his martial art skills and close-quarter combat techniques.

There was only one thought going in the mind of Yu Shin.

"Once more, I want to fight again…!"

It was his request, rather.

He just wanted to fight with Ian.

And he wasn't in the thought that he would win even after getting stuck by the spear.

It was just an aspiration to battle a strong man.

When everyone thought that Ian's power had gotten stagnant, he grew unexpectedly.


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