Taming Master | Chapter 364 | Once again | Part 1

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Chapter 364 - Once again - Part 1


Young-Hoon and Semi were friends from childhood.

Although it wasn't intended—beginning from a junior high school, they went to the same high school and university, it was a friendship that has been going strong for a decade.

And there weren't many differences between them even if they were of different sexes, it was all thanks to the common interest they had in the 'game'.

The two of them were known to be game lovers.

In the Lordship hall of Pyro Manor.

Semi, who noticed Young-Hoon walking from a distance shook her head.

"Yah, can't you come here fast? I asked you to eat rice and come here, did you go farming the rice?"

"Huh, this is fast enough, you eat rice in 10 minutes?"

"What 10 minutes? I can have food in just 5 minutes."

"Ha… just words, don't bother…"

Semi was a hardcore female gamer. For her, Kailan had the highest priority in her life.

Semi's love in Kailan moved higher level as her classes were related to virtual reality.

Semi held onto Young-Hoon's hands and dragged him.

"Ah, move quickly and stand in the line. There are already dozens more who are in the line."

"Yeah? Front of the former office?"

The reason the two of them had come to Pyro wasn't so different.

Today was the day when the 'Dark Summoner office' was completed.

And the place where the first former office would be build was the Pyro.

The two of them began to move quickly, and system messages popped up in front of the Young-Hoon.

Tring –

[Summoner user 'Semi' has invited you to the party.]

[You have successfully joined the party. Current members: Seima(Lv 229), Zerojun(Lv 235).]

According to the notice that was posted on the official website of Kailan, a warlock and a summoner must be in a party state in order to be able to change to the fusion class 'Dark Summoner'.

So, Semi applied for the party and Young-Hoon accepted it without saying much.

The two of them stood behind a few more and waited for the former castle to be completed.

Semi opened her mouth with excitement,

"After the fusion class, you have to summon the Hargasus. Hehe!"

Yeonjun smiled and responded,

"What, want to control the 'descend' too?"

Semi nodded her head vigorously.

"Of course! Like Ian, even I want to swipe the monsters while using a spear!"

"What a story, spear huh? Forget the Hargasus and learn to control your pets first. It's a bit too strong..."

At the condescending words fro Young-Hoon, Semi retorted,

"I'm not like you! I'm the queen of control!"

"Good luck."

"Look carefully. Once I get the fusion class, I will move the level of my character to 250."

"I request you to do it."

"Once I get to the level of 250, I will put in the membership application request for the Lotus Guild right away. Hehet!"

Young-Hoon who listened to the words of Semi, shook his head while saying,

"Huhu, Ian has ruined a lot of people…"

Though he was just making fun, Young-Hoon was just plain irritated at Semi.

Ian and Hoonie, the duo's fusion class were really great.

'I really wish she doesn't get into Lotus.'

While the two of them were struggling.


From the sky above, a green energy came down and began to wind up near the former office building.


A world message came up in front of all the users who were accessing Kailan.

[In the Pyro Domain of the Center Continent, the first 'Dark Summoner Former Office' has been completed.]

[The information of the facility of the Dark Summoner office will be shared.]

- - - - - - -

Dark Summoner Former Office –

Classification: Former

Location: Pyro Domain (1782, 897)

Manager: Robert (NPC)

Facility Level: Lv 1

Entry condition: Lv 200 or higher summoner/ warlock.

The lions of Kade who have been trapped in the Devildom for years came to find freedom.

The Dark summon Maikel came out of his trap, and then entered the world of ours, and various other dark summons which followed him will appear all over the place.

And now the dark summons have settled in the city because if Cadesh, who wants to gain the power of the dark, will also come here!

This is a facility that can be converted into a fusion class.

(Available only for summoner and warlock class.)

The Fusion class; as a dual class, are separate classes from the existing classes of the summoner and warlock. And won't interfere with any other working classes.

- - - - - -

After the world message had come up.

More than half the people in the line began to move away.

"Ae, what? There was a level limit?"

"Sh*t, not liking it! They should have posted it on the official homepage that there was a level limit."

"Ah… this sucks!"

Users who were at the level of 200 were out of wits.

It was a disaster as they didn't know about the level limit.

But thanks to that, both Semi and Yeonjun were smiling.

"Jeu, Nice! We can go in 20 minutes earlier thanks to it!"

Because the length of the line had gotten shorter, they could enter the office much more quickly.


Division 107, of Devildom.

The Institute of Cervian.

As the corner of the institute, a man was squatting and concentrating on something.

[From now the Magical Beast Transmute will start.]

[Do you want to set the legendary monster 'Syakelic' as the main body?]

"Set it."

[Do you want to set the legendary monster 'Syakelic' as the 1st material?]

"Yeah. Okay."

[You can set additional items for the beast.]

The message came up with an inventory window, and Ian picked up a higher level of magic stones with nervous hands.

'Please… I've put up the highest grade stones, I need to succeed.'

And while adding the high-grade magic stone, another message came up.

[You have added 'Higher level magic stones' to increase the durability.]

[The chance of success will increase by 10%.]

Ian's clam face wrinkled.

'How does a higher level of stone only proved 10% of success rate?'

Ian was doing infinite tries to create a myth class.

Since there was no time to conduct the quest separately, the following days until the wars were all done, he decided to try out the beast alchemy.

And Ian who managed to master the skills was in the 10th level and reached 50% of understanding how it works.

But the problem started now.

From now on, if the legendary materials of the monsters weren't used, he wouldn't gain anymore proficiency.

So he tried to use the legendary monster 'Syakelic' that he had saved.

But he had failed three times, so it was reasonable that his hands were trembling.

Every time he failed to achieve success, one piece of the set was blown away. So till now, he had blown up three material of Syakelic's.

Ian had only eight more chances left.

[If you have set all the materials needed for it, start the process.]

The two of the items that were selected flew a little high off the ground, and the white stone in his hand went between the two ingredients.

And Ian joined both his hands as if praying.

"Please… god…"

Bbookbbook who was seated next to Ian opened his mouth that was full of meatballs.

"Master, make a girlfriend for me bbok."

That was a serious request from Bbookbbook.

But, Ian who was way too focused on what was happening in front of his eyes, hadn't heard it that clearly.

Ian reached out to the materials.

The two hands reached out to the Syakelic soul stones floating when magic started to come out of his hand and untie the two of them.


A red gust of wind surrounded the Syakelic's with feathers.

And from the gaps between the feather, white light started to come.

And after it,

Maybe Ian's prayers finally reached the gods, system messages emerged along with a burst of white light.


[Successfully completed the 'Beast Transmute'!]

[Increased the master of the 'Magical Beast Transmute' by 7.5%.]

[Flexibility grade: C +]

[Since the grade couldn't reach B, the monster's rank doesn't rise.]

[A legendary monster 'Keakelic' was born.]

[For the first time, you have succeeded in the legendary beast alchemy.]

[The fame has increased by 100,000.]

[Increased the mastery of 'Magical Beast Transmute' by an additional 15%.]


Huge wings appeared in front of Ian's eyes.

Unlike the Syakelic, which had the original Saekaman, the Keakelic had a refined pattern of wings.

And with that Ian expression turned a bit disappointed.

'I guess my greed was a bit too big, expecting a myth class right in the beginning.'

From the soul of two legendary stones, one legendary monster had been created, but the result wasn't entirely bad.

The proficiency of the alchemy which had been stagnated at 50%, had gone up 22.5% in a single moment.

Thanks to it, Ian's Beast Transmute level was at 10 with 72.5%.

Of course, thanks to the successful legendary creation of Ian's the level was raised by 15%, even the 7.5% of growth wasn't less.

If the 7.5% of increase could be done another four times, then Ian would be able to reach his ultimate goal, Level 10 MAX.

And once he managed to the MAX level, he planned on using Behemoth, the Marion Khalifa and Balrog to make a monster of his own.

The Balrog wasn't still decided, and the egg of the Behemoth seemed a bit unlikely to wake up.

'Going back there is something I need to think about.'

Ian opened his imaginative part of his brain and later decided to open the information of the monster that he just created.

It was a legendary class monster that he managed to create for the first time, which made him want to check.

- - -

Keakelic –

Level: 1

Classification: Monster (Dark Summons)

Grade: Legendary

Personality: Timid

Can't evolve

ATK: 17

Defense Power: 10

Agility: 22

Intellect: 20

Health: 795/795

Unique Ability

* Dark Flight (Passive)

In the dark, the movement speed increases from 0 to 50% and becomes transparent by 50 to 100% (depending on the degree of darkness).

When avoiding the enemy attacks in the dark, it absorbs all the damage for 1 second.

* Blood Feather (Cooldown time 2 minutes)

Keakelic's feathers turn red for 10 seconds, and after the duration is over, they blow off all the hundred of red feathers and cause unforeseen damage to the enemies within the radius of 10 m.

(The feather damage is proportional to the damage that Keakelic receives during the Blood Feather duration.)

* Vortex of Darkness (Cooldown time 10 minutes)

A dark vortex made by the Keakelic sucks in all the enemies within the range.

The vortex lasts for 10 seconds, and every 0.1 seconds it puts 20% of damage on the enemy within the range.

And, the one who is absorbed into the center of the vortex adds 150% damage per second.

It is a monster who was born because of the user 'Ian' who used the Beast Transmute.

It appears similar to the legendary Syakelic, but the beak and claws are much powerful.

- - -

Ian who read through the information of Keakelic lost his calm.

"Sh*t! What kind of nasty sh*t is this?!"

The level 1 abilities were surely better than his legendary pets in the past.

However, Ian didn't want to invest time and raise it from level 1.

"I'm not sure, I guess I'll just take back the materials for the beast…"

Ian, who had been in deep thoughts for a while, decided to dispose of the Keakelic.

"Maybe put in an auction house. It's a legendary monster after all and has two huge wings, I can get 20 million gold."

At the recent auction site, there have been alot of monsters that were presented by the Asmodian users.

The price range for those were from 10,000 gold to millions of gold!

However, no one has seen a hero rank, so if a legendary rank made an appearance in the auction, then 20 million gold would be sure to come.

But the next day.

Ian didn't realize then that his guess was completely wrong.


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