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Chapter 365 - Once Again - Part 2


"There, student Jinsung! If I find you drowsing one more time, regardless of your actual grade I'll give you a C!"

In the lecture room for the Virtual Reality class in the University of Korea.

A sharp voice resonated throughout the classroom.

And Jinsung who was at the corner-back of the room nodded and responded,

"Yes! Sorry!"

Though he had other thoughts in his mind.

'Oh… giving me C for sleeping is rather generous, I can go on sleeping, right?'

But it was his thought to avoid any kind of conflict.

Anything rather than D, so C was surely better for Jinsung.

Feeling thankful for the consideration of the professor, Jinsung once again closed his eyes.


The sincerity fell down to the bottom when he closed his eyes.

There wasn't much he could do, he had always considered coming to the class as a means of getting some sleep time.

At night he stays awake and playing the Kailan, and as the sun rises, he moves to the school as a natural course and decides to sleep until the professor decided to end the lecture or whatsoever.

For example, like the alchemy and so on…

Shik- shik-

While he was doing it, there was a girl who was looking at him with a pathetic look on her face.

And the girl was 'Han Semi'.

'Wow, if that senior feels like being like that, then why come to school? Go and sleep for a semester?!'

Jinsung was taking the re-exam for 'Basic Game Theory', which he had dropped in the first semester. It was the reason why he was taking the same class as Han Semi.

And Semi was very dissatisfied with such behavior from Jinsung.

It wasn't that she disliked him for just sleeping in the class.

Semi normally isn't a girl with such a personality.

However, the case of Jinsung was special.

'Hu, how did I end up being in the same team as that senior…?'

It was due to a mistake that she did at the beginning of the semester, she was put in the same team with Jinsung.

Which was why Semi was constantly sighing.

"Well, that's all for class today. I finished it 20 minutes early, so the groups meet up and complete the tasks given."

The professor's reminding message was relayed throughout the class with the echoing speakers.

Which made Semi think.

'You end the classes like a ghost.'

And turned her gaze to the place where Jinsung was.

She wanted to clearly discuss the final topic they had to do before he moved out of the class.

"Senior! Where are you going!"

Jinsung was flustered as Semi ran towards him and caught him.

"Uh. Oh?"

"Just don't leave for today! You've already put off the work three times!"

After saying that, Semi sat back into her chair and looked at Jinsung.

'Ah.. why is there such as a team player in here…?'

It was like the heart that wanted to leave as soon as possible to catch a monster, but the problem was the final task—was to wait for the team to come.

Jinsung didn't really care about the credit he got (only wanted to graduate), but because he was with a junior, he felt like conscience wouldn't let go of it.

"Ah, yes. Aren't three weeks left?"

And a boy who was sitting near him replied instead of Semi.

"Yeah hyung. The submission for the final assignment is the next-next week."

In the team of Jinsung, along with Semi, there were four boys from the first grade.

Semi was the team leader, she pulled out the tablet from her bag and opened her lips while turning it on.

"Everyone knows about the final product project, right?"

At those words, all three of them nodded their heads.

Even Jinsung knew what the final project was about.

"You have to analyze the AI of an object in the virtual reality, right?"

At the question from a boy, Semi nodded and responded,

"Right. It doesn't matter what virtual game you're using, but you'll have to find a source that is perfect like the Kailan."

And Jinsung just wanted to go home as quick as he could.

"So, among the monsters, NPC's selecting an object with the most sophisticated AI pattern and analyze it."

At that Semi, Young-Hoon and Min-soo were all blank faced.

They haven't seen anything of that sought in the semester so far.

Moreover, they were surprised as Jinsung had spoken exactly what the core of the project was supposed to be.

Semi was the one to open her mouth after Jinsung,

"Hmm, well. Senior is right. In addition, the more detailed and neat the analysis, the higher will be the score that would be assigned to us."

Jinsung shrugged his shoulder and asked,

"What's the meeting for them? You just have to define the object individually and finish off by annotating it, right?"

Semi tried to maintain a smile on her face while replying,

"It's not that easy. As you just said, one needs to pick a sophisticated object with an AI… and NPC's and monsters of such high-level AI are difficult to find. The higher level and more intellectual the monster, the more complicated the AI…"

But Jinsung didn't waver and responded immediately,

"That isn't such a concern. I know a few complicated Kailan monsters with hellish AI. Three days before the submission date, I'll pick one of them and analyze it."


Not just Young-Hoon and Min-soo, but even Semi was flustered.

'Why is he feeling so confident…?'

It was shocking to see a Jinsung, who was considered to be a fool in the class, to say that he knew the complex AI in the Kailan, how could that be possible for a dumb person?

Which made Semi ask,

"Do you know a complex designed AI monster? Can you let us know what kind of a monster it is?"

And once again Jinsung answered without hesitating,

"Hmm… on Syakelic, and Abyss Priest. Bloody Fenrir too has a complicated AI. And …"

And as the words from Jinsung's mouth continued, the other three couldn't help but get shocked with the names they were hearing.

The names of the monsters that were coming out of his mouth were unbelievable.

Young-Hoon scratched the back of his neck and asked Jinsung,

"Just a minute, senior."


"I don't know what kind of a monster Syakelic is, but the Abyss Priest is of level 260, a sand boss monster on the top floor of Abyss. And the Bloody Fenrir is a level 270 monster that can be encountered in the deepest places of the forest of Bloody Temple."

To which Jinsung replied with utmost sincerity,

"Oh, you are Young-Hoon, right?"

"Yeah, senior."

"You are pretty smart?"


Semi who was listening to their conversation spoke in between,

"Senior, and how do you propose that we collect the data of the monsters?"

Jinsung shrugged his shoulders and responded,

"How would you collect? Go together, catch a few and then collect the data."


And Min-soo who had been quietly listening to the conversation spoke in a low voice,

"The forest of Bloody Temple, it's so hard to even enter the place…"

For which Semi shouted,

"Min-soo, shut up!"

Semi felt like her head would burst.

From her point of view, no matter how great of a buff Jinsung used, he couldn't have witnessed them.

And in other words—to hunt down those monsters; only users from level 250, the semi-ranked players could do that.

And it was a little weird to consider her senior as a ranked user in the Kailan.

And if he was talking about such monsters as if they were nothing, the reliability on him was dropping for her.

"Wow, Senior."


"Do you play Kailan?"

Jinsung nodded confidently answered the question,

"Then, you would've worked hard every day I guess."

Semi took a breath and spoke again,

"I don't want the big ones. But if you could collect about one or two, or your opponent monsters, then hand it over to me. I'll take care of the rest."

At those words from Semi, Jinsung's face was bright.

"Yeah, you're a really nice junior…! Thanks! If I meet you in Kailan, I'll give you a good present."

"… it's alright, there's no need for it."

Collecting the data of the monster AI.

This was the perfect work for Jinsung.

Analyzing the Kailan's AI pattern and targeting the monsters accordingly was the basic play style of Jinsung.

However, it was annoying to submit the data when it was considered as a task, which was why he looked at Semi as some kind of angel who took away the presentation task.

'I can just throw in a few pieces of data that I've collected. I'm excited…!'

He was able to finish the meeting with a pleasant feeling and rushed to the capsule in his home.


"Should we start with the auction house first?"

The first place that Ian visited in Kailan was the auction house.

He had to pay for the sale of Keakelic and needed to buy some items.

'Let's see… seven blue sapphires. Twelve golden soul stones…'

Ian checked through the inventory and after checking the things, he sighed.

"No, there isn't much that I need."

The reason why Ian suddenly changed was because of the Magic Circle of the Spirit King, which he had obtained from clearing the quest of Selamus.

- - -

Magic Circle of the Spirit King –

Classification: Magic circle

Grade: Legendary

It is an ancient magic circle known to be able to summon the spirit system that the Spirit King controls.

If you manage to draw the circle shown along with the symbols—without any errors and place the jewels as directed, you will be able to summon a portal to summon the Spirit King.

- the magic circle can be activated only by a summoner class.

- it is a one-time item.

- - - - -

At the bottom of the information window was an image of how the magic circle had to be formed, and the names of the gems that were needed to be used were written there.

And the gems that were written there were the over-priced items.

"I think I'll need 50 million gold to get the items. I don't think I can get that even after selling the Keakelic, right?"

50 million gold, it was a huge amount with which one could buy a foreign sedan car.

Even though Ian never thought much about money, it was still a burden.

Even if he had to spend all the money he had, Ian was ready to do it, to know the nature of the weapon.

'Let's check the sales of the Kaekelic once…?'

Upon arriving at the auction site, Jinsung moved towards the payment receipt window.

And recognized the unmanned iris system.


[Iris recognition complete!]

['Ian' would you like to receive all the payouts that have been done so far?]

Ian nodded his head and answered.

"Yes, I'll take'em all."

And with the following message, Ian's face lost its color.

[Item Sold – Keakelic (monster)]

[Sold price – 159,804,230]

"What? 15? That's all?"

Ian had thought that the Keakelic would bring over 20-30 million gold, but he was embarrassed to see the 15 million gold.

But the next moment, Ian began to doubt his eyes.

"Wait... that's one thousand… fifteen million…"

Ian was surprised to see the numbers there.

It was because the sales price of Keakelic wasn't 15 million, it was 150 million!


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