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Chapter 366 - Once Again - Part 3


Ian wasn't the person who had a tendency to imagine.

Rather, he had an eye to judge the price of a product accurately.

Recently, he had managed to get enough money with the drops and profits he had received from the previous territory war of Lotus, even if he sold the dropped items to cover the cost of living, it was impossible to get such price.

So when he judged.

The value of Keakelic was worth for 50 - 60 million gold.

That too was a hope for the best price.

'I don't know, not even a level of 200 monster would go… how does a level 1 monster get sold so expensive?'

Normally, the price of the familiars in the auction house was put up according to the level they are.

Even if Ian's Keakelic was around the level of 250, it would still be impossible to fetch a whopping 150 million gold.

But if it was Ly who was a legendary class with more than level 200, then he would be sold for a price of 300 million gold, as the starting price in the auction house.

However, the level of Keakelic that Ian had placed in the auction house was of level one.

And it was sold for a price that Ian didn't even imagine, and he wasn't able to figure out the reason for it.

'It's nice but…'

Something felt off and nice at the same time.

And this was the whole story.


24 hours ago, in the LovelIan café room.

Million: Lauren, is it really possible for the entire team of Golden Summoners to transfer to the Lotus?

Lauren: Yes, I have already talked with Herz, maybe once the guild wars are done we can be on our way.

Million: Oh…! I still have to hit the 250 level…! I love you a lot, Lauren!

Lauren: Haha, everything we are doing is for Ian's virtue. Maybe Ian has understood that we are accomplished LovelIan's…

Shwape: Keu, now Lotus will emerge as the #1 guild in Kailan, so are we going to be in the #1 guild?

Lauren: Well, I guess so. However, if you don't manage to get to the level 240 by then, your subscription will get canceled.

Million: you don't have to worry about that! The lowest level of our Golden Summoners is currently 237.

The chat window where the peaceful members of the Golden Summoner were talking about the merger with the Lotus, but then one user suddenly caused a commotion.

('Coke' has joined the chat room.)

Coke: Hey, guys! I'm not sure. But can I ask you guys to look at a familiar? Precisely a monster.

Lauren: Oh, Coke, you're here. I don't see you much in the chat room, these days. Sure, I'll take a look at it.

Coke: Kay, one second (Screenshot)

- - - -

Keakelic –

Level: 1

Classification: Monster

Rank: Legendary

Personality: Timid


The master of the monster is the user 'Ian'.

It looks similar to the legendary Syakelic, but the beak and claws are much sharper and powerful.

- - - -

Million: Woah! A legendary monster? I haven't heard of a legendary monsters rank yet… is it in an auction house?

Coke: Yes, Million. It just came up one minute ago, it was a free auction with no title. Well, I'm not sure as to how much to bid… I came to the chat to ask if 5 million gold is sufficient enough to try.

Shwape: Keu…! The unique abilities. An enormous coefficient with wide-range skills to deal with numerous monster… Oh, I feel like trying that one. Coke, even if you can't, I feel like 20 million gold is too less.

Coke: Ah, well. I wanted to get it as the abilities were pleasing to see… but the 20 million gold…

Million: the level is a bit disappointing. If it was around the level of 200, then I would've given up all the gold I had.

Lauren: Wait, guys. Are you guys talking after thoroughly reading the information of the pet?

Million: Hmm? What is it, Lauren? Is there a problem…?

Lauren: Read the last part of the information, the explanation given below.

Shwape: …?! The monster born from the user 'Ian'…?

Million: Holy sh*t, the number is 001?

Shwape: Crazy… batsh*t!

Lauren: I'm going to win the bid right away. Coke, I'm sorry but, I'm going to buy that one.

Coke: Ah… kay. Well, if it goes over 10 million gold, then there is no way I could purchase it. so go ahead and purchase it, Lauren.

Shwape: Lauren, do you have any saved money? It'll be expensive if other fanatics read that last part.

Lauren: I have around 1 billion, but I'll sell more items and mobilize much more if I can't get it, and I'll mobilize cash too if needed.

Coke:..? Suddenly 1 billion…?

Million: Lauren…! Please come back after winning the bid! Fighting!

Lauren: Well, need to see.

('Lauren' has left the chat room.)

Million: Keu…wow. Ian is now making monsters too…! How does one make a monster? Is it some kind of a hidden quest?

Coke: by the way Million, Shwape. Lauren just mentioned 100 million gold, but how is that level 1 loser worth so much?

Million: ha, this man… you're so innocent. You don't know about Ian's premium?

Coke:… What?

Million: Coke you're are summoner too, you use charm on your familiars?

Coke: sure, why?

Million: if you go to the auction house now, the most expensive charm items are all the ones from Ian.

Coke: That… that is because the 'unique' effect increases the effectiveness of the item, and many use it. But the charms offered from Ian are 1.5 times better than the normal ones…

Shwape: Yes but, have you been to the auction houses? Where the items were so expensive that you couldn't purchase it?

Coke: Ah… well, last time when there was a rare talisman that below the level of 100 but was of worth 20 million gold. But some bastard purchased it before me…

Million: Heu… that's Ian's premium, Coke. Even it was in thousands of gold, it will be numbered to be 20 million.

Coke: numbering? What is that now?

In Kailan, the items that are made by a particular user would be numbered in the ascending order along with the name of the user, in the auction house.

That was the numeric value that would be confirmed when entering the item details but has nothing to do with the performance, In case it was an item made by a named maker, then the lower the number means the higher the price.

The concept was similar to the 'luxury' in the real world.

It was a system, that stimulated the users to collect things.

And for now, there weren't many people who could purchase the Ian premium.

Coke: Ah… So…

Million: Lauren is a collector of Ian's. She wouldn't mind doing anything for Ian's premium…

Shwape: But what can we do, Lauren is a golden spoon…

Ian thought that the item purchased was just a need for some user.

For him, the behind-the-scenes story was something that he couldn't imagine.

But in the future when Ian will know the fact, he'll regret not expecting higher from it...

But that was a story for another time.


In the 25th division of Devildom.

Ian arrived at the magic mines which he hadn't visited in a long while and felt proud to see the slaves working hard.

'Keu, nice. I guess I can raise the level of the mine by today, maybe I'll collect legendary stones in here!'

The level of mining was currently 4.

To upgrade to the 5th level, he needed 100 million gold, and fortunately, because of the sale of the Keakelic, he had the money that he needed.

The mine contents were literally eating money!

But it wasn't that Ian didn't have that amount.

The value of the minerals that were coming out of the mine was tremendous.

If he managed to do the mine for 3 to 4 months, then Ian would be able to recover all the 400 million gold that he had invested.

Ain, who entered the admission office, went on to the expansion of mine without any hesitation.

"Extend the mine to level 5."

Tring -!

[The expense required for mining: 101500000 gold.]

[Do you really want to expand? ( Y/N)]


[Mine level of the Magic Mines increased from 4th to 5th level.]

[There is one kind of mineral that can be mined now. (But the mineral's that can be collected are still a little unknown.)]

[The grade of the minerals that can be collected have increased.]

[You can hire an additional 5 mining slaves.]

Checking the system messages, Ian had a proud expression.

"Nice. I need to make an investment once in a while."

Ian was satisfied with the change of the appearance of the mine and hurriedly went somewhere.

There was a person he had to meet.

The reason Ian had come all the way to the mine was because of the expansion.

Kkang- kkang-!

Drrrk- Drrrrk-!

There was a beautiful harmony ringing in the mine!

Ian moved into the deepest part of the mine by following the hum.

And there was the dwarf Han, who was hitting the rocks.

"Oof, Han! It has been very long!"

At the heartfelt cry from Ian, Han's face was shining like the sun.

"Ian! Really it was a long time. Where have you been till now?"

Han who kept on reporting on time for the mining came over to Ian and hugged him.

It was because he had to confirm.

'The contract expiration of Urk Han has come.'

- - - -

Slave Details –

Labour Force: 65

Dexterity: 105 (+15)

Observation Power: 82

Endurance: 52

Loyalty: 42

Classification: Periodic

Remaining contract period: 17 hours for the day.

It is a fixed-term contract whose contract period is fixed.

If you want to re-hire the slave again, you need to go through the renewal process once again before the contract period expires.

(However, after the contract expires, the contract changes as he won't be considered as a slave.)

- - - -

Ian who checked the information window was able to take a sigh of relief.

It was because the date of the contract's expiration didn't even have two days.

'Huh, I came right on time.'

If he hadn't made a pledge with him until the slave contract had expired.

Then Han could have disappeared to somewhere.

'I can ask for a pledge in the magic circle, I have enough affinity with him.'

If they didn't have enough affinity, then the pledge could have been rejected from one side, but Ian was convinced that it wouldn't happen.

It was because the two seemed like the two sides of a similar soul.

Ian took out the magic items and jewels that he had prepared beforehand and handed them to Han.

"Han, can I ask something?"

"Oh, Ian. Sure, anything you want!"

Ian nodded and laughed brightly.

"I have enough magic to produce, but I don't have the dexterity for it to function…"

Normally, the magic circle was something that could be created by anyone with a blueprint and the materials.

The magic circle was something that only a wizard could draw, but the production of it could be made regardless of the class.

However, when a user with lacking dexterity tries to produce, the higher the rank of the magic circle, the higher will the probability to produce.

However, due to the production work, he was confident that he could make the magic circle with two or three tries. But as the materials were expensive, he didn't want to fail.

And as soon as Ian received the magic circle, he was interested in it.

"Oh, Oh…! This is the magic circle for the ancient spirit world…!"

As soon as Han recognized the circle, Ian too began to feel excited.

"Han, can you do it?"

Han nodded with a confident face.

"Of course! I'm a slave now, but once I was the best craftsmen."

Ian laughed and thought to himself.

'I already knew that from your information window!'

Ian once again spoke to Han after calming himself.

"Please Han! It's a very valuable item."

"Leave it on me!"

Han carefully put the material that Ian had handed over to him in the corner of the mine and started to draw the circle.

Ian who was staring at it was wide-eyed.

'What kind of a guy… that Spirit king will be?'

The name Spirit King had an enormous force to it.

Ian, however, wasn't expecting much from the spirit of the Spirit King.

The reason wasn't so weird.

It was a thing that hadn't evolved to a higher or intermediate level.

He wasn't expecting much from the content of 'Spirit', it was all thanks to the few features that have fallen and failed since the level had risen.

If the Jack would be evolved to the highest, maybe it would work well…?

The reason it hadn't evolve wasn't because he didn't use it.

But no matter how much he tried to fill the spirit, the spirit was no longer increasing after 4999/5000.

So naturally he hadn't used Jack, and he wasn't even able to summon.

In addition, when he looked at the contents of the Spirit King, he thought that the content would be of mere help to him—as they were attacks based on the spirit power.

'I wish the Spirit King is changed…'

While Ian was in his thoughts.

The magic circle made by the hands of Han was completed and it revealed it's merits.


Then, from the pattern of the magic circle, sparks of light started to shine and spread out in a complicated pattern.


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