Taming Master | Chapter 367 | A New Purpose | Part 1

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Chapter 367 - A New Purpose - Part 1


"Ahhh! Why does that jerk have to! Why again!"

In the monitoring room of LB Software.

The team leader of the planning team, Kim Yu-hwan, was holding onto his head and shouting.

Kim Yu-hwan was recognized as a worthy employee and was promoted to the planning team as a promotion.

Thanks to that, he always tried to be in a good mood, but now he seemed like he had lost the whole world.

And the other members of the team who were sitting there didn't have a much different expression from Kim Yu-hwan.

Almost all seemed like they were bankrupt.

Except one.

He was non-other than Na Ji-chan, who was promoted the same day that Kim Yu-hwan was promoted.

"What are you doing, sir? Don't, team leader. Stay calm."

At those words, Kim Yu-hwan glared at Na Ji-chan while saying.

"You think I can stay calm, now? The new content is about to be opened again! No, the new content is opened! It happened way faster than I had thought it could."

He was speaking as if he was in a rap contest and repeated the same words that he shouted,

"But, why, why does the one who discover the new content have to be Ian? Why in the world?! Why?!"

Na Ji-chan responded with a bit of impatient look,

"That, maybe because Ian is the best."


It was a simple answer.

And a fact that couldn't be denied.

The newly opened content of the Spirit system was a content that only a summoner could open, and Ian was too powerful among all the summoners.

It was impossible for Ian to be compared with the other summoners.

In fact, even Kim Yu-hwan thought that Ian would make it to the new content soon after hearing that he had been informed the content was found.

'But this is too much… there are high-level summoners out there… but no one expects that Ian managed to find it…'

Kim Yu-hwan just sighed and spoke without life,

"Ian god, my foot… is that Ian a god?"

And the one in front of him responded to the lifeless question,

"Maybe is the God of Night shifts…?"


Ian's level up speed and his quest clearing speed were both beyond imagination.

He always used the most efficient route to move and had amazing control. Moreover, he had invested the most time in the game than anyone else, so it was natural for that to happen.

But that meant that a disaster was coming for the LB employees.

If Ian had found the new content, it meant that they didn't have many open days from that moment.

If a typical user managed to find the new content, he would afford to spend from six months to one year on it. But Ian, Ian would've completed all the preparations within three months of the discovery.

With nervous eyes that were still on the screen, Kim Yu-hwan tried to get some strength and spoke with a loud voice,

"For the coming days… Planning team 3 will do the night shifts."

And even though their leader had just asked them for the night shifts, none of the members rebelled or whined against it.

It was because everyone in the room knew very well that even their leader Kim Yu-hwan hated doing the night shifts.



The entire mine was vibrating and sound started to spread in the mines.

'What, what? How great of a man is he that the mine itself is shaking as if an earthquake is coming?'

Ian's complete fortune has been invested in the mine, hundreds of millions of gold were literally piled up for the magic mine to function.

And with that, the trembling of the mine made Ian's heart drop.

'Ah, I still haven't taken a worthy item yet…!'

Ian was getting nervous.

He was regretting the action of trying to summon in the mine.

'No, No. it won't collapse. Right? It won't…!'

Ian was sweating from his hands.

What was happening in the mine due to the magic circle, was unforeseen and was comic to listen to, but it was enough information for one to sympathize with him.

But that's just for a while.

As soon as the trembling shook the mine, a new wave of light sprang up from the circle and began to cluster together.

"Oh oh…!"

The dwarf right next to him was excited.

Ian who was trembling with anxiety managed to calm his heart and looked at the unidentified light on the circle.

At first, the blue light was just a mass, but as time went on the light began to take a shape.

And as the form was done, Ian couldn't help but feel confused.

'What? A woman…?'

A small waist with long legs.

Thin arms and gentle breasts, the form of a young woman.

The eyes of her which were looking around the mine found the way to Ian's.


Ian felt exhausted by the time she came out.

It was because a worthless piece of cloth was laid on the body of the beautiful female, whose body was naked.

And a system message came up in front of Ian's eyes.

[King of Water "Alicia" has been summoned.]

As the name 'King' a blue-haired woman, with a magnificent body and aura.

She was dressed in a gorgeously designed blue and white, and slowly her gaze once again met with Ian.

With cherry colored lips that seemed red on the first look, a pale white face with skin that glittered.

She was just covered in a warn like clothing, but she still managed to make a man lose his mind.

Alicia the Spirit King of Water, opened her lips looking at Ian,

"You're a human."

Ian who met her gaze answered along with a nod,


"Then, this will be the human world… I never imagined that there would be a day when I would step back into the human world."

Ian scratched the back of his neck.

'Well, honestly this is the Devildom… but I guess it doesn't matter.'

A little while later.

Alicia, who was still in the air, took a gentle step on the ground.

The place where her foot was placed, looked like water drops were popping up.

Despite the ground, she was stepping on—was a dirt floor, it seemed like pure water puddles.

Which made the Dwarf Han said,

"Oh oh… Indeed…!"

Alicia who came near Ian continued to speak,

"Human hero, can you do me a favor?"


Ian was flustered at the unexpected words that he heard too.

'What? Isn't it just supposed to be like a contract?'

Ian was imagining about the normal developments that took place in most of the fantasy novels.

'A human has summoned me… amazing! Do you want to sign a contract with me?'

That was how he had imagined it to be.

"A favor…?"

Alicia nodded at the question and opened the beautiful lips of hers,

"The Absolute of Selamus, please take out the darkness that came into the spirit world. Like the past, I hope that the spirits become the friends of the humans…"

The words that Alicia spoke weren't comprehensible to Ian.

But he managed to make out that in the current world, the connection between the humans and the spirits were all disconnected.

The summoners in the land were the ones who used the skill of the spirits and seemed like she wanted to say something about it.

Ian was wondering what Alicia had to say, and what the 'favor' she wanted was, which was why he nodded and responded,

"The favor… if possible can I know what it is?"

With the words from Ian, a quest window started to appear in front of Ian's eyes.

- - -

The Spirit King Alicia's Request I ( Hidden, linked quest) –

After you have passed the test to become the Absolute of the Selamus Tribe, you have taken the role from Eos as the Absolute for the summoning of Spirit King.

And the Spirit King summoned, is Alicia the Spirit King of Water.

However, the spiritual world has been contaminated by civilizations and has become devastating to level there, and she can't stay in the human world.

It is because she was trying her best to support the collapsing dimensional world.

The Spirit King, Alicia wants you to get rid of the mechanical civilization that is destroying her spirit world, and restore the power of the spirits.

If you plan on helping her, she is willing to lend you her strength.

To open the door to the contaminated spirit world, meet Gripper.

If you take the necklace that Alicia is wearing, Gripper will be able to open the door for the dimension, with that being a medium.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition:

The user who manages to place his name on the Hall of Sky.

A level 400 or higher summoner.

A user who has 90 or more affinity with Gripper.

Time Limit: None


The necklace of the Spirit King Alicia.

The title 'Savior of the Spirits'.

- - -

Ian who read through the contents of the quest looked over at the line that mentioned the level limit as 400.

'The difficulty is the same… this is also a burdensome quest, right?'

Whatsoever, it was a quest which had no time limit, and Ian who had little time to spare started to guess the situation.

The spirit world was stated to be polluted.

And it was somehow related to the reason why the Jacks' spiritual power didn't rise after a limit.

Jack- Jackk-!

And he summoned Jack. As soon as it appeared, it began to go stiff like it was frozen.

He looked over at Alicia who was in front of him.

Which made Ian ask Alicia,

"This guy… do you know him?"

Alicia shook her head and answered,

"No. I don't know. I'm the Spirit King, but I have no knowledge about the kinds of others."

But Ian's eyes fluttered.

Anyhow, she was supposed to know something, at least about the spirit.

"Then maybe… do you know the reason why he isn't evolving? I have been raising this one for a long time, but somehow I'm not able to build-up anymore spirit."

With that Alicia smiled and nodded,

"In order to become a superior or higher spirit, one needs a pure and powerful spirit power. However, after the spirit world was polluted, the means to find pure power in the human world began to disappear. It was because the power of the spirit world weakened, but the human world wasn't falling to our level."


"And for the higher level spirits to act… Just as I had mentioned, there is a need for pure spirit power. Because of that, no superior or higher level spirit would work in the human world."

Ian who listened to Alicia's words nodded and understood.

He now understood everything.

"If that is so, it means that Jack will evolve if I clear this quest. And the reason why the spirit content was failing was just explained…"

And Ian's desire started to rise once again.

It seemed like the new content was being planned for a long time, which was why Ian seemed to smile.

"The request of Alicia, I'll take it on. I will go to the Spirit world as soon as it is possible."

With those words from Ian, Alicia's face brightened with a smile.

And her laughter was beautiful.

"Thank you, Ian. Our spirits will never forget the help they got from Ian."

Ian smiled and responded,

"Thank you, but I'll take those words after the work is done."

Alicia laughed once again and said,

"Okay. But obviously… you're the Absolute Ian, I'm sure you can save the spirit world."

"Yah, of course."

Maybe she liked the honest response from Ian, but Alicia was laughing again and again.

Once she was done laughing, she still had something more to say.

"But you don't need to hurry, increase your strength a little more. I know that Ian is an excellent warrior, but the ones in there are very powerful too."

The level limit on the quest was 400.

Maybe it was something related to that.

Ian nodded and clenched his fist.

'Kay. There is one more reason I need to create the best monster.'

He wasn't sure how much effort was needed to be put, to achieve the level of 400.

Even if there were a lot of dungeons that came up in the recent years, the leveling up process was little, so he wasn't sure how long it would take to get to the level of 400.

He was planning to raise the level of the Magical Beast Transmute and creating the best monster—and by then entering the spirit world.

"I understand, Alicia."

And soon he had a new purpose, which would contribute to the level-up to be faster.

But it was going to be a nightmare for some other people.


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