Taming Master | Chapter 368 | A New Purpose | Part 2

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Chapter 368 - A New Purpose - Part 2


Click – click –

A mouse clicking in an empty room.

There was a man who was holding onto his chin and staring at the monitor.

"Hmm, sure…"

And slowly the lip corners of the person went up, forming a smile.

At first look, the expression seemed complex to understand, but if one saw it closely they would know that the person was joyous.

"Interesting, this is interesting…"

The guy kept on moving the mouse and laughed at what he saw.

He stared at the screen for a moment and then turned his eyes away from the screen.

On the monitor was a screenshot of the official community.

And the posts which were on it…

- - - -

[Best Screenshot of the Week]

By: Lauren [Named] [Ranker]

Title: Became the owner of a legendary monster

(Salted Attention) (Ian God)

Hits: 565725 (up!)

Best Index: 98


Hello everyone, it's Lauren. The leader of Golden Summoners and president of the LovelIan's fan club.

The reason why I showed up on the screenshot board of today is…!

(The legendary Monster Keakelic.JPEG)

To immediately boast about this guy.

Is your strength all together? He was the one whom I won in the auction house three hours ago.

I think I'm going to raise this guy, my heart is pounding really loud.

I am the first official owner of the legendary monster!

Huh, not a devildom user! But the first human user as the owner of this dark summon of a legendary creature, did you guys ever imagine that?

By the way, did you read the end of the description?

'The dark summon monster born from user 'Ian's' beast alchemy!'


Honestly, that is the main point.

This guy is the number 001 of Ian's skill born monster!

Ah…! I'm so happy right now.

I feel like I just fulfilled my mission as the president of the LovelIan's.

And, everyone!

Do you guys know, that this is the monster of Darkness?

The content that Ian God has opened up recently… the ones that only a 'Dark Summoner' can deal and control!

He created such a thing right after turning into the Dark Summoner…!

Ahh, I'm not even a little bit sad for using the amount that I had to get this guy.

(Though the successful bid amount is going to be a secret. Hehe.)


- - - - -


The man closed his eyes for a moment, as he was locked in his thoughts, he took the mouse into his and started to move it again.

"Irahan you idiot. Why didn't you even know that Ian could have been in the Devildom?"

He kept on mumbling and pounding his mind.

"The evidence even came out on the community page."

Even though he didn't know what kind of materials were needed for creating a dark monster. It was common sense that he would need to go to the Devildom to get them.

It made no sense for anyone when they thought that a human was able to create a monster of Darkness.

So, in the description, the explanatory note which clearly said 'monster born from Ian', was proof that Ian could enter the Devildom.

As he could enter the Lotus, he seems to have found a way to enter the Devildom dimension.

"Huhu. I don't need to be told. Maybe this… is a chance for me."

As he continued to scroll down the posts, he saw thousands of posts, seeing that the man laughed hysterically.


After the 'The Spirit King Alicia's Request', the spirit king Alicia who was summoned from the magic circle went back to her world.

And Ian had an item called 'Alicia's Necklace' which was needed for the quest.

But even that was sealed and couldn't be used.

"Sh*t. This looks like a very nice necklace…"

However, Ian wasn't disappointed.

As one went to a new content, the rewards that came in were tremendous.

And right now, he had to grow as fast as he could.

'Let's move to that Tomb of the Forgotten Soul. I'll just keep hunting in there.'

With the recent update of the dungeons, very high-level hunting grounds have been made in various parts Kailan.

Specifically, in the deepest regions of the Central Continent and the Northern Continent, dungeons with 350-400 leveled dreadful monsters were created at the same time.

This update had been placed as there was a surge of leveled users in recent times.

However, Ian wasn't so interested in the dungeons in the Central of Northern Continent.

'If I manage to go to the 10-50th divisions of the Devildom, I'll gain much more experience than that.'

It was important to raise the level, but at the same time, he had to continue and improve the Magical Beast Transmute (Beast Alchemy).

Especially, because of the fact that the proficiency with the legendary magical beasts increased by hunting them in the hunting fields.

He must collect as many soul stones as possible and continue his practice to create magical beasts.

Which was why Ian had chosen the 'Tomb of the Forgotten Soul' as the hunting ground.


[You have come to the 15th division of the Devildom.]

Ian had opened the dimensional doors to the 15th division of the Devildom.

Right behind Ian, was a man with a white armor.

And with a distinctive tone, the man spoke,

"Well well… I guess it is true that you could come to the Devildom."

At those words from him, Ian couldn't help but smile.

"Did I ever lie about it?"

"Well, that's true."

The man who just answered, smiled and looked at him.

And knocked both of his fists together.

And the colorful golden knuckles on his hands met each other with sparking flames of blue color.

He was none other than the Guild master of the Fullios, Yu Shin.

But he was in this place.

"You want to fight me?"

"Yes. I want you to teach me some stuff."

"Hmm… that's a bit hard. I don't have enough time, I need to level up now."

"If there is anything you want from me… I'll help you out."

"Help huh… what kind are you talking about?"

"It doesn't matter what it is. I'll do whatever I can to help you."

"Yeah? Deal!"

The request Ian asked from Yu Shin was simple.

Until Ian reaches the level of 400, he needs to hunt along with Ian.

For which Ian decided that he would have to deal with him once a week.

And Yu Shin naturally accepted it.

It was because he wanted to see and understand how Ian, who was considered as the best users in Kailan hunts and works.

And thus, the Devildom had brought Yu Shin and Ian together.

While Yu Shin was looking at the surroundings of the Devildom with inquisitive eyes, the retainers of Ian who were moving behind him were looking at him with doubtfulness.

Pauline asked Kaizer,

"That man called Yu Shin. Seems to be alright, but what do you think about him Kaizer?"

"Hmm… he seems fine by the looks… can he hold on for a week? Huh… I still don't understand why he followed our Lord and is agreeing to hunt in here."

"But following our Lord won't he grow fast too?"

"If one swings their sword for hunting until they fall asleep… then they are better off at getting stronger by doing it alone."


Celia spoke to 'Millet' a priest class retainer of Yu Shin.

"Did you say, Millet?"

"Yes, Celia."

"Cheer up."


"No, just saying… cheer up and work hard. Fighting!"


There was a slight fuss, but the party of Ian and Yu Shin slowly began to hunt in the 15th division of Devildom and began to enter the deepest locations.

Ian was hunting down the beasts carefully as if he was a bounty hunter.

And seeing that side of Ian, Yu Shin felt like he misunderstood him.

'Remir seems to have exaggerated. Isn't this the normal speed for hunting?'

Remir and Yu Shin were on friendly terms, which was why Remir had talked to him about the party hunt that they did.

He was worried when he heard her say that 'I was hunting until my legs couldn't stand', but right now Ian was hunting like a normal human.

But that was a plain misunderstanding.

In the 10th division, he was careful when it came to hunting because there could be some Asmodians users too.

Was it a hunt for one or two hours?

Ian and Yu shin finally managed to reach the grave of the Forgotten Soul.

This was the hunting ground that the two of them would spend quite a time.

Before entering the dungeon, Ian finally asked Yu Shin, once again.

"I, I don't like resting when hunting… you're fine with it?"

For which Yu Shin nodded.

"Sure. You don't have to worry much about it. even I don't prefer taking breaks when hunting."

And the two who entered the grave of the Forgotten Soul, had forgotten everything about the outside world.


The Lotus Guilds, guild wars had come to an end with 12 wins and 0 losses.

But the heat of the matter wasn't so easy to cool down.

Right after those incidents, the Manor of the Lotus Guild had attracted the attention of many users from Kailan.

It was a record that no one had made in the Guild Wars till the present date—12 wins without a single defeat.

Thanks to that, the status of the Lotus Guild had risen over the sky, and the community began to praise both Ian and the Lotus.

There were a lot of arguments saying that the Lotus was currently the No-1 guild in the Korean Kailan Server.

Though it was in the 2nd place with a slight difference, it was still of the opinion that the Lotus Guild was still stronger than the Titan Guild.

And the Titan Guild, who were motivated with the war in the Luspel, started the Guild wars in the Kaimon Empire too and were successfully able to move forward with the successive wars.

And as a result, the Titan Guild had merged all the lands of the Western continent.

So the central continent became a fight for the Titan and the Lotus guilds, and both the guilds were growing a tremendous pace.

With the exception of the hard to merge guilds on the continent, all the other guilds that went against the top two had disappeared.

The Lotus Guild was enjoying the greatest fortune since the opening on the Kailan!

The Lotus Guild's Manor, the capital of the Pyro, wasn't settling with that, they were constantly on their feet and even visited the Empires NPCs.

But one day.

A muscular dwarf came into the castle gates of Pyro.

"Well, if it isn't Lord Fiolan."

And the first to notice him was Fiolan who had a prior appointment with him.

"Yes. I'm Fiolan. But… your reason to come here."

The moment she was done speaking.

Fiolan's eyes saw something that was familiar in the hands of the dwarf.

'That… seems like a thing I saw a lot…?'

While Fiolan was in thoughts, the dwarf spoke.

"I'm the vassal of Ian, Urk Han. I came in here in the name of Ian. Please take good care of me."

And Fiolan realized the identity of the shell that was in the hand of the dwarf.


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