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Chapter 369 - A New Purpose - Part 3


"So… you're in need of a blacksmith in the Pyro Domain?"

"Yes, Lord Fiolan. In order to refine the material that my lord has given, we need a large forge."

Fiolan had a strange expression while seeing the dwarf that Ian had sent.

'No, I don't get it Ian… from where did this dwarf come now?'

Fiolan felt that something was wrong.

As soon as the Guild wars were done, he couldn't be seen anymore, and a dwarf that shouldn't be in the empire suddenly appeared.

The fact that he sent a retainer to help the matters of the manor wasn't surprising.

However, it was a problem because it was a 'dwarf'.

'Has dwarves ever appeared before in the Kailan?'

At least Fiolan didn't know of it.

There have been instances of Shakran and other users visiting the hidden dwarf villages, but none of it were publicly known.

Which made Fiolan think that Ian was the first one to discover the species of dwarves.

But, the fact that those talented people referred to as dwarves, entering the Pyro Domain was the most beautiful moment for them.

At the view from Kailan's world,a dwarf was referred to as a superior species of a blacksmith.

If a dwarf took charge of the blacksmith, he could certainly raise the level of the Manor.

Fiolan laughed and grabbed the hand of Urk Han.

"Sure, let's do it. But… the only level that our manor has been constructed to is the advanced level 5. Would it still be fine with you?"

Advanced level 5.

Although it is a high-level facility, it was still evaluated as a relatively low when compared to the level of the Pyro Manor.

In the case of 'Red Hawk' guild in the Kaimon Empire, it has the best facilities and has been very long since it has reached the Max level.

And that wasn't it.

Even the blacksmith facility was also of the MAX level which was being rebuilt to the next tier. The Red Hawk guild had already put the 'blacksmith' which was in the 2 tier into the 9th level.

Compared to that; the facility of advanced 5th level, of the first tier, was shabby.

The dwarf shook his head. And spoke after looking at the person in front of him,

"Impossible. With the level of the advanced 5th manor, you will never be able to refine this huge project."

Fiolan was embarrassed at it.

"Then what do you suppose? It will take some time to reach the next level…?"

At which Han smiled and spoke,

"There is no need to worry, Lord. Let me share something with you."


Fiolan who didn't understand what the dwarf was talking about, was interrupted by the dwarf once again.

"Hehe, please guide me to the blacksmiths. You'll know once you see."

Fiolan just nodded her head and smiled,

"As you've asked. Come this way please."


The main blacksmith tower of the Pyro Manor.

In front of Fiolan, a series of system messages started to appear.


[Guild Member 'Ian' retainer 'Urk Han' shares his skill for the Pyro Domain.]

[Pyro Domain blacksmith skill has been increased from the advanced 5 levels to the advanced 10 levels (MAX).]

[From the very moment, you'll be able to upgrade all the blacksmiths of the Pyro to the advanced level 10.]


[The Manor blacksmith skills have risen sharply!]

[It is now possible to expand the facility to the 2nd tier.]

[From now on a 2nd tier facility, 'Blacksmith facility' can be built.]

[The current level of facilities that can be created with technical skill blacksmith, is to beginner level 3.]

The eyes of Fiolan confirmed the messages once again.

From all the time that she had been here, she never knew that the blacksmith of the Manor could be developed this way.

And it didn't develop in a small manner.

Was it possible for the facilities to be changed to the next tier in an instant, and that too, to start from the beginner level of 3 from the next tier?

'What is this? Isn't this a bit too fraudulent…? If this is possible, then the blacksmiths can be sent to other manors and the skills can be shared… they all have the same facilities as the Pyro Domain, right?'

But it was a misunderstanding on the part of Fiolan.

But technique transfer wasn't possible for anyone to do.

Because there has to be a title of craftsman for a person to transfer the skills to a manor.

When the production skill enters the stage of master, then the title of craftsman would be generated. However, there were very few users who have reached the level of mastery.

Which was why such content wasn't known yet.

And the technique transfer wasn't an ability that could be used indefinitely.

Only one transfer could be done once a month.

Urk Han scratched the back of his neck and opened his mouth,

"Even with my skills, the limit to develop colonial facilities by the blacksmiths of this Manor has been to 3rd level from the first level… this a bit disappointing to say, but this can still work and be ready."

The present skill of blacksmith was master 1 level.

Normally, when a blacksmith with such a level of skills could manage the colonial facilities, it was possible to produce large facilities of about 3-4 levels.

However, the level of development that could be done at a time with the transfer was limited to beginner level 3.

Fiolan who had no knowledge of the technique transfer, couldn't understand what he was talking about, so dwarf Han spoke again,

"Then, I hope you take good care of me, Lord."

At that, not being aware, Fiolan bowed her head to him.

It was because she had been given a gift that she could never think of.

"Uh well… why are you doing this." Was what she wanted to say, but the moment Fiolan opened her mouth something else came,

"But Han?"


"Do you by any chance know where Ian is right now?"

She had been wondering for weeks where Ian had gone to.

And Han's words came out.

"Ah, Ian is now…"


Ian mainly preferred solo play.

Does it mean that being in a party doesn't help Ian much?

That wasn't the conclusion.

It was true that when the level was considered to be low, then solo play was much rewarding and efficient than party play, but as the level went high, party play had better results and with the right synergy of the professions, they could be advantageous.

Even then, there were a few reasons why Ian preferred Solo play.


There weren't many users who had good control like Ian did.

No matter how high the level was, it was rather negative to hunt with a nervous uncoordinated member.

And second,

There weren't many users who could match with the hellish hunting schedule of Ian.

Remir, Hoonie, and others. Well, known rankers run out of blood after just a few days of hunting, so it didn't need any explanations.

Finally, the third.

Given the time that it takes to make a party, just going into a solo play would be effective and efficient.

But till a few days ago, Ian was continuously party hunting.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

"Get yourself together, Yu Shin! Are you suddenly feeling sleepy or tired… or something like that?"

"Ah, No! would that be possible. I'm still wide awake and brisk. Hehe!"

Opening his eyes, Yu Shin banged his fists.

The eyes were red and closing, it was the image of a man who was tired but wasn't ready to admit it because of his pride.

Which made Ian smile with satisfaction.

A very satisfied expression!

'Keu, this Yu Shin…! I seem like I really like this guy?'

A few days later, around the 3rd week.

Despite having the most packed schedule for weeks, this guy didn't even try to run away.

Which was why Ian's eyes shone.

"Nice, Yu Shin! Let's show some more strength!"

"Okay, Ian. Let's go straight to the next floor."

Even though the dark circles under his eyes reached his chin, he was still burning with enthusiasm!

Ian nodded with a satisfied expression,

"Nice, nice. After the next hunt with the Balrog is over in the floor, we'll have a 30 minute rest time."


The dark and pale face of Yu Shin went bright immediately.

And the sharp observation skill of Ian's caught the pleased expression of Yu Shin which wasn't there a while ago.

"Yu Shin. I think you were happy that you just rested a while now…?"

Yu Shin who was startled at that, responded while stuttering a bit,

"Who? Did I seem like that? No way, Ian. You're surely mistaken."

Ian smiled at the cute effort and spoke again,

"Well, if you say so."

Yu Shin added other words,

"I'm certain, I'm very motivated right now. Don't judge me just as you want to!"

"Indeed…! There's no need to take a rest, we just need some time for the maintenance…?"

"Yeah! Just that!"

Ian smiled at it.

And Bbookbbook who was watching the conversation between the two from a distance mumbled in a small voice,

"A humans, I can't understand…"

Ian had learned how to use Yu Shin.


Lilson the number one of the Explorer class.

Thanks to his relationship with Ian, he managed to become a member of the Lotus Guild.

However, it was a bit saddening.

The level of the battle class wasn't so high, but the Lotus Guild with having the ranked users in the production class didn't have many in the castle.

In fact, though he had received quite a calls from the other guilds to join, Lilson had come into the Lotus Guild because he was a fan of Ian!

But things were different now.

'Catch! My foresight…! I did well by joining the Lotus Guild then!'

It is the best guild at the moment with second place in the rankings.

And being the member of the Lotus Guild boasted their pride.

And Lilson did enough to be proud of himself.

As an explorer class, he had found a large number of dungeons near the Pyro territory, and it certainly made a huge contribution to the development of the Pyro province.

If there were a lot of good hunting grounds around the Manor, many people would be interested and it would eventually lead to the development of the Manor.


[You have found a new dungeon!]

- -

The Forgotten report of the Desert Giant (Treasury) –

Classification: Instant Dungeon

Grade: Tier 2

Location: Oligos Desert

Level Limit: 240

Recommended level: 270 or higher

Exploration Progress: 0%

Appearing Monsters: Unknown

Boss Monsters: Unknown (Hero Rating), Unknown (Unique Rating)

It is the forgotten treasure house of the desert giant who lived in the Central a long time ago.

The treasure of the desert giants are… (often)

- - - -

[On the Central Continent, you've found a tier 2 dungeon in the Oligos Desert!]

[The explorer experience has been increased by 3678100.]

['Dungeon Exploration' skill experience increased by 208793.]

[The level of 'Dungeon Exploration' skill increased from advanced 3 levels to advanced 4 levels.]

[Successfully accomplished a tier 2 dungeon, earned the fame of 150,000.]

The dungeon discovery, the rewarding messages from it were the only ones that an explorer could enjoy!

And Lilson who read it became happy.

"I did one today!"

Lilson, who traveled the desert the very same day, explored restlessly was hungry for rewards.

He checked the status window and was feeling full after a lot of time.

"Oh, I'm hungry now. Now, should I head back to the estate?"

Lilson turned towards the direction where the Pyro Lord castle was and took light footsteps in the direction.

The Oligos desert is a near field that was only 15 minutes away from the Pyro.

Which was why he thought that he could go back there and eat a tasty meal.

"At this time… Harin's restaurant should be opened, right?"

The cooking of Harin was the main reason why most people couldn't leave the Pyro Domain.

Her cooking expertise was still on the top rankings.

'What should I eat for today? Should I eat something delicious as it has been a while…? I heard that the Golden Drake's leg, meat stake was so good…!'

He was feeling very excited to eat the food.

And his footsteps began to pick up the pace.


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