Taming Master | Chapter 370 | The Preparation for a Leap | Part 1

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Chapter 370 - The Preparation for a Leap - Part 1


"No way… Jinsung isn't going to come today?"

"Ah, that can't be. Let's wait. He said that he'll definitely come here just to hand us the data."

In a lecture hall for the Virtual reality class in Korea University.

Three people were seated in an empty classroom and were waiting for someone.

They were first-year students of that virtual reality class, Semi, Young-Hoon, and Minsu.

They all gathered because they decided to proceed with their team project today.

Semi lowered her voice and muttered.

"Jinsung senior doesn't have to get us that many, just two cases are all we need…"

To which Young-Hoon responded.

"Yeah. Semi already brought enough materials we can use for the presentation."

They suddenly heard the sound of the door being forcefully opened in that silent classroom.

Since all the students were currently in their morning classes, there wasn't anyone else apart from the team members inside the lecture room.

The three of them looked at once in the door's direction.

"Jinsung seni…!"

However, Young-Hoon who was about to call Jinsung's name stopped midway.

The other two who were there were flustered and confused.

It was because the person who opened the door wasn't Jinsung.

"Wh... Who…?"

Semi spoke while being a little bit embarrassed.

Even if it was not Jinsung, that wasn't a good enough reason for them to be flustered.

It was because the one who entered was a stunningly beautiful woman.

There were many pretty ones at Korea University, but there wasn't anyone who was as beautiful as the woman in front of them!

Minsu whispered to Young-Hoon.

"Hey, do we have such a pretty girl in our class? Not just in our year… maybe a senior?"

Young-Hoon whispered back.

"Ah, no. This is my first time seeing her…"

A moment later.

The female student who was moving into the classroom smiled brightly and asked.

"Ah, by any chance… is this the virtual reality B-15 classroom."

Young-Hoon nodded with a blank face.

"Huh…? Yeah! Right."

"Ah, I found it. Then the three of you are the ones who are in the same team as Jinsung…?"

Both Minsu and Young-Hoon nodded at the same time, and Semi who managed to come out of her trance was the first to ask.

"Right. But, who might… you be?"

That question made Young-Hoon and Minsu look at the stunningly beautiful girl with anticipation.

"Ah. I'm Harin. I'm a 3rd year from the Cooking Department here in Korea University."

"Then, why are you here…?"

"I've come to run an errand for Jinsung. It's to hand this over."

Young-Hoon and Minsu were shocked hearing her say that she was running an errand.

'An, errand…?! Such a beautiful student is running an errand?'

'For Jinsung senior…!!'

Harin didn't pay attention much to their reaction and put a thick envelope on the desk.

It contained a bunch of thick documents that seemed like major subjects books.


Semi asked Harin once again.

"What is this…?"

Harin smiled and answered immediately.

"I didn't exactly understand what I was told. Was it a task or a report…? All I was told was that it was a collective work."

Semi who couldn't think of anything to say nodded with a frown on her face.

In fact, Jinsung didn't work much with the team, but still managed to get them the data.

Tugk- tugk-!

Harin who did her task walked out of the room while the other three were still in shock.

Minsu was the one who was able to talk first.

"Wha... what was that…?"

Young-Hoon said.

"Maybe… Jinsung's younger sister, since she said that she was in the 3rd sem..?"

"Does that make any sense? It doesn't matter how much of a fool you are, but do their genetics match at all? Jinsung and her…"

"Then, why would she even run an errand for Jinsung?"

"Well…? Girlfriend…?"

Minsu immediately rejected that possibility.

"No way! That makes no sense either!"

Young Hoon then continued.

"Well, that's right. That girl can't be his girlfriend. How can Jinsung senior get such a beauty…! Let's just think of her as some friend he knew."


After they cleared their thoughts from their mind.

The three managed to settle down and turn their gaze towards the bundle of documents enclosed in an envelop that Harin delivered.

"By the way, should we do this?"

"Yeah, Semi is right. The deadline is tomorrow… we're out of time."

"Yeah. I'm thankful that this happened. Didn't Jinsung senior keep his promise?"

"Well, you could say so, but we can't really say until we see what's inside."

Semi picked up the envelope and said.

"But why make such thick paperwork for just two cases."

Heavy A4 papers were inside the envelope.

However, the moment they saw the first page, all three of them were amazed.

"Wa... wait a second!"

"Wha... what is this…?"

Young Hoon picked up a bunch of A4 papers and turned them over.

As time went on, his expression darkened.

Apart from taking the case, he was the one who was responsible for its presentation and the PPT that had to be submitted.

Semi who was also looking at the data from the sides spoke to Young Hoon with bright eyes.

"Young Hoon. Don't miss a single report and put them all together, okay?"

Young Hoon nodded slowly with a depressed look has he had more work to do now.

"Ah… kay."


"What happened today that we're having a date here in Kailan?"

Ian said to Harin when he saw her at the Pyro Lord Castle.

Monday was normally the day where they would meet in the real world.

They promised each other that every two or three weeks, they would go on a simple date outside the game.

However, Harin told Ian to meet her at the Pyro Manor. Thanks to that Ian didn't have to worry about being so unproductive for the date.

Which was why Harin looked a thousand times more beautiful than usual today.

'Hehe, dating in-game is the best. This is way more fun than watching movies.'

Harin walked closer to Ian and fire seemed to come out from her mouth as she spoke.

"Jinsung-ah, I've been thinking a lot…"


Harin's tone was making Ian anxious since this was something that he had never experienced before.

'What, what is it!?'

He was worried that he made Harin feel left out since he was spending way too much time in the game!

'No way, but we're still having a date once every week…! It is tough in-game since the level differences are a bit too much.'

Those thoughts were quickly swept away from Ian's mind as soon as Harin continued what she was about to say.

It was as surprising as he thought though.

"Why don't I try doing business?"

Ian frowned after hearing what Harin said.

"Busi... business…?"

Harin nodded while having a serious expression.

"Huh! Business?"

"What kind of business?"

"Hmm.. franchise a business maybe…?"

Ian's head was once again filled with various thoughts.

'What? Franchise? Does Harin want to open a restaurant behind the school? Hmm… I guess it will be fine if it is Harin…? But if you think about it, it would be better to create a brand rather than a franchise…'

There were a thousand thoughts running through Ian's mind.

"Hmm? What are you looking up?"

"Wait and see. I'll show you the business plan."

"Busi... business plan….?"

"Hmmm! You always do a lot of analyzing about Kailan, which was why I thought that I should make a business plan."

Ian became a little bit suspicious when he heard about this business plan that Harin was talking about.

'What? Why have a business plan in setting up a small shop…? I can surely lend her money that's needed for setting up a shop.'

Ian began to read with his utmost concentration the business plan that Harin gave him.

He was willing to lend Harin a few bucks for this kind of thing, which was why he felt like he needed to know what it was going to be like.

Even if it wasn't game related, Ian always made sure that he had researched and analyzed stuff that he was about to get into.

"Business L&H…?"

Harin nodded with excitement.

"Yeah. L* from Ian and H from Harin."

Both of them decided to sit as silence engulfed the place. The only sound one could hear was that of the pages being turned.

Ian's expression was very serious with both of his eyes trying to understand what she was planning to do, and Harin with an expectant expression was just looking at Ian.

'Haha… I hope Jinsung-ah likes it too…!'

Jinsung wasn't completely aware, but in recent times, Harin managed to accumulate a good sum of money.

Aside from those times when she joined the guild party or gone hunting, she used to spend a lot of her time trying to cook and sell her food.

Which was why Harin had a whooping sum of 130 million gold in Kailan.

She was able to collect that much because of the restaurant that she opened in the Pyro Domain.

'Harin's Beautiful Restaurant' was what she named it since it was the most famous place in Pyro. It was so famous that it made its way to the community.

Ian who was busy with his quests had no way of knowing it.

The franchise that Harin was talking about was in Kailan.

It wasn't a plan to hand out a franchise to a person, but to open her own franchise!

She didn't need Ian for money.

It was Ian's fame and Lotus Guild that she wanted to borrow.

She needed to know how Ian would feel about this.

Though his sense of opinion in business wasn't known, Ian still had a great insight into Kailan.

Ian who was just reading through the business plan saw Harin in a new light.

"Harin-ah, isn't this awesome?"

"Re... really? You think that it will be possible?"

Ian nodded with a lot of sincerity.

"Yeah! It's great. Opening a franchise in Kailan…!"

Cooking was many of the non-productive classes among the many production jobs in Kailan.

In the blacksmith class' case—the most popular production class—there were more than 10 users who managed to reach a mastery level, but not a single user from the cooking class managed to do it.

Kailan's buff effects were good, but it was always difficult to raise the proficiency with them.

On top of that, there were many effects which didn't overlap with a user's skills, which was why many changed their production classes from cooking.

The main reason for the change was the rise of production facilities which was directly related to the items that blacksmiths made for money.

The most important materials that the users of Kailan need were weapons that were made by blacksmiths.

However, Harin still loved Cooking!

Which was the reason why Harin still held onto it.

Rather than hearing 'tasty' from her customers, she preferred to hear 'delicious dish'. She already owned a well-known restaurant in Kailan.

Ian then said.

"This business, how about you put it in the Guild premises?"

Harin blinked her eyes hard.

"Guild… premises?"

Ian nodded and answered.

"Hmm, if it works, then let's have it built all over the place."

With this, Ian gained another thing that he wanted to be the best at in Kailan!

The two of them sat there for quite some time and were thinking of what to do next. Ian was really thinking earnestly about the business and the future.

'If Harin succeeds at the guild level, she can get some money. And even my money will come in…'

The Lotus Guild had recently managed to take over the entire territory to the maximum level. The guild was now trying to get back on their feet and become much stronger.

The restoration of the troops and the development of the Manor were going on.

After gathering as much power as they could harness, they could already declare themselves as the first Kingdom in the whole nation.

'Once we turn into a Kingdom, the shop will still be in the early stages.'

One of the two big pictures that Ian wanted was being realized.

One of those big pictures was to take over the Central Continent, which was the first thing he thought of after entering the game.

And with just that 3 months passed by quickly.


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