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Chapter 373 - New Episode - Part 2


During the six-hour airing of the New Episode, around three years had passed in Kailan's time.

A three-year war.

During that time, many scenarios unfolded.

At the end of the long war, both the empires collapsed and many large and small kingdoms entered the continents where a large empire was previously standing.

Every Manor, except for the manor possessed by the owners and lords, were torn apart and some became individual kingdoms.

As the new episode began, it literally changed the environment of the continent itself.

Especially the southern part of the continent, a large neutral kingdom called 'Al Pinsya' emerged and dozens of port cities in the kingdom became a huge issue.

A new content that was created in the port cities abled users to travel to other continents.

Since the huge empire disappeared and small kingdoms emerged in its place, new users were given the chance to create characters belonging to their chosen kingdom.

In addition, the most extraordinary part was that the stage of 'Kingdom' could be selected as the starting point by users for their guild.

In short, the 'Large scale update' added a bunch of amazing content.

After the episode was done, Yoo Hyun stayed at Jinsung's house till dawn and discussed with him matters about the update while reading the notice on the official website about the updated content.

"Waaaah! The update's content is way too much. My head hurts just by looking at it."

Jinsung nodded with a sympathetic look in response to what Yoo Hyun said.

"Yeah. I thought it was going to be a good update… never thought that such a large scale update would be released."

Even while conversing, their eyes were both focused on the computer's screen.

They continued to read the contents of the updates while complaining.

"By the way, Asmodian users will be upset. Almost all the updates favored the human class users, right?"

"Yeah, totally. But even though some of those users are going to be sad, it doesn't mean that all of them will be."


"Hmm. Devildom wasn't included in the large-scale update somehow, and its contents haven't yet been discovered. That's a bit suspicious. However, I'm not that eager to see the new contents there."

"Well… It is indeed suspicious."

The two of them kept scrolling up and down and discussed guild operations and the plans for it.

The biggest issue for them was the proclamation of the Kingdom.

Jinsung spoke,

"The moment the servers open, the first thing that we need to do is to proclaim the Kingdom."

Yoo Hyun nodded and responded,

"Yeah. We need to proclaim the Kingdom right away. We need to start the war conquest as well."

The history that the Lotus Guild wanted to create was once again stagnant.

After the end of the war, they hadn't been to the Manor for 2 months.

Both Yoo Hyun and Jinsung were hanging on a thread.

Yoo Hyun—who moved the screen of the tablet—spoke,

"Once the conquest war begins, the most important thing that needs to be done is to connect the territory of the northern to the central."

Currently, the Lotus Guild had seven manors in the central and five manors in the Northern Continent.

What Yoo Hyun meant was that they needed to win the territory between those points and connect the regions.

"Right. Since the territories have been dispersed, we won't have any trouble operating."

In the past, since all the manor were under the Luspel Empire it was uncomfortable to do such conquests. However, such a situation wouldn't rise now.

If one was trying to merge the nations of the Northern and the Central that they occupied, they needed to go through other kingdoms in the middle.

Jinsung put his finger on the map.

"First, we will need to strike the Kingdom of Erika and Paulus. If we manage to get these two, then we'll be able to merge them in our territory as well."

His finger moved on the screen.

Once they get the two kingdoms, they would own a huge territory.


[Iris recognition completed. 'Ian' welcome to the world of Kailan.]

As soon as the server update was done, connecting to the game was the first thing that Ian did.

He was up the whole night, but he wasn't tired at all.

Rather, he was feeling excited and thrilled.

'This way, I won't have to turn over the whole plan.'

Ian had a dream of establishing an Empire after their proclamation of the Kingdom.

However, Since Kaimon and Luspel's power are overwhelming, they all decided to delay that part of proclaiming the Kingdom and do the quest related to the Spirit World.

However, the LB company put the meal in a plate and served it to the Lotus Guild.

'I need to raise my level in the meantime and finish it of… and then we'll move and proclaim ourselves as an Empire.'

Ian's current level was 355.

He got 50 additional levels in just three months; it was a tremendous growth rate.

"Kay, should I go to Lotus as it has been a long time?"

The land that Ian stepped into as soon as he connected wasn't any other.

It was the Tomb of the Forgotten Soul. The dungeon that made the biggest contribution to Ian's leveling.

Ian tore off the Return Scroll without any hesitation.


[You have used the item 'Returning Scroll' for (Lotus Manor).]

[Going to the Lotus Manor.]


Thud – thud- thud -!

Big drums were ringing everywhere.

The people gathered in front of the Lord's Castle of the Great Lotus Manor.

At first glance, it looked like there were thousands of people.

Although most of them were NPCs, the number of users over there were 1000.

"Kyaa, It had been only an hour after the update…"

"My words exactly. I thought that it would take at least a week for them to proclaim the Kingdom."

"Well, Lotus itself is a class…! Who will be the king? Would it be Ian?"

"Oh. Maybe Ian or Herz?"

"Huh? No matter how bright Ian is, the Lotus belongs to Herz, so surely it will be Herz, right? It is such a prestigious and important force. Since Herz is a guild master, isn't his title higher than Ian?"

"Ahh, I'm not so sure about that. Ian uncovered new contents. Isn't Ian's fame and reputation overwhelming?"

The users, who were near the Lotus Guild were talking about the Guild's possibilities.

The Lotus Guild was the first of all the Guilds in Kailan to garner such attention after claiming the Kingdom.

The Titan guild too claimed the Kingdom right after, but Lotus was one step ahead of them.

The King's coronation event was preceded after the declaration of the Kingdom.

The event which was taking place in the Lotus manor wasn't something else, it was the coronation of Ian.

Thud – thud- thud –

"Your majesty! The King is entering!"

A huge voice rang from the Lord's castle.

At the same time, the people who were gathered outside the plaza were shouting.

"Woahh…! Hail the king!"

"The King of Lotus Kingdom!"

Most of the shouts and screams were from the NPC's who belonged to the Lotus, but the users' voices could be heard too.

"Yah!! Lotus is awesome!"

"Ian!! Mansae!"

The members of the Lotus Guild who were watching couldn't hide how proud they were.

"Yo…! I thought that it was just a formal event, but it is much more interesting."

"It really is. Is it too much to say that I'm feeling emotional?"

"Carwin and Claw are missing it to catch some sleep right?"

"Maybe. They will so regret it once they see the video later."

The highest point of the castle.

On top of the highest point of the castle which protruded out, a man had appeared with a golden crown on his head.

A luxurious white and red robe with a golden dragon embroidered on it.

He lifted his golden spear and climbed on top of the podium.

"I, Ian of the Lotus, declare that the Lotus will become a Kingdom as of this very moment!"

Ian's voice spread out.

At that very moment, the blue sky was filled with clouds.

Woong- Wong-!

White light shined down through those clouds.

The light made its way towards Ian, who was moving to the podium.

At that moment, system messages began to emerge in front of all the users in the Lotus Manor.

Tring –

[The user 'Ian' is the first to become a King.]

[We have witnessed the first 'King's Coronation'.]

[Fame increased by 1500.]

[The affinity with the NPCs of the 'Lotus Kingdom' is increased by 3.]

A lot of messages began to appear!

However, it didn't end there.

An additional message in gold appeared in front of the members of the Lotus Guild.

It was in particular for the crowned King Ian.

[The first user to be given the status of 'King'.]

[Fame increased by 500,000.]

[You can choose the religion of the Lotus Kingdom.]

[When choosing a religion, you will be able to build a temple in every city and be able to increase the kingdom's culture and religious points by 10 points.]

[Do you want to choose a religion?]

- - -

* Religion of Mares (The God of War)

- When the Mares religion is designated as the religion of the state, all damage done by soldiers and knights of the kingdom will increase by 3%.

- If the battle is won, the rewards will increase by 5%.

- The King's leadership will increase by 20%.

- We have the Dragon of War Karceus.

- Once Karceus is declared as the "Empire's Dragon" for the Lotus Kingdom, all the effects are applied by 50%.

* Religion of Kades (God of Darkness)

- When the Kades religion is designated as the religion of the state, all the warlocks of the Lotus Kingdom will have an increase of 5% to their abilities in battle.

- Increases the chance of 'Undead' dungeons appearing around the kingdom by 30%.

- Increases the dark resistance of all the users in the kingdom by 5%.

* Religion of Sandy (God of Earth)

- When the Sandy religion is designated as the religion of the state, the agriculture points of the Lotus Kingdom will increase by 30.

- The probability of all the dungeons around the kingdom will rise by 10%.

- Increases the resistance of all the members of the Kingdom by 5%.


Whenever the level of the state religion becomes higher, religious effects are added.

If the level of Diplomacy is more than level 3, all the priest users belonging to the kingdom will have strengthened recovery skills.

- -

Ian, of course, chose Mares.

It was because of the privilege to enjoy Karceus was huge.

"I take Mares as the state religion."

He immediately summoned Karceus.


Knowing why he was summoned, Karceus rose to the sky while roaring.

Looking at Karceus, Ian decided to give out orders.

"I register Karceus as the dragon of the Lotus Kingdom."

Karceus opened his wings wide in response.

Its silhouette which rose to the sky hovered around and engraved a seal of the dragon onto the castle.

Ian had been playing Kailan for over a year, but he had never seen anything so beautiful!

The users who saw it were amazed and watched the next scenes that unfolded.

"Wow… that is so dope…"

"What is Ian feeling now?"

"Keu, I'm really jealous now."

After that, Ian explained for more than ten minutes the aspects of the Kingdom.

Starting from the appointment of the government to the budgeting.

It was a full-on complex content, but Ian wasn't fazed by it.

It was because he had already thought of the contents a long time ago.

After a series of processes were all done, the Lotus Manor began to shake.


[The rank of 'Lotus Manor' is elevated and promoted to 'Royal Lotus Manor'.]

[The expansion of the Kingdom begins.]

Kukung- Kung-!

Ian and the other users were flustered for a moment, and they soon watched the scene unfold with their mouths wide open.

The structure of the immense size of the manor moved and expanded by itself, it was a sight to see.

Was it for 12 minutes?

And once again system message came up.

This time, it was a world message for all the users in the Kailan Korean servers.


[The 'Royal Lotus Manor' is complete.]

[The rank of the Lotus Kingdom is level one.]

[The Kingdom of Lotus has been established.]

[The Lotus Guild is the first to declare itself a Kingdom.]

[From this very moment, when a user creates a new character, they will be able to set the Lotus Kingdom as their nationality.]

A new Kingdom named 'Lotus' had emerged in Kailan.


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