Taming Master | Chapter 375 | The Imperial Remnants | Part 1

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Chapter 375 - The Imperial Remnants - Part 1


Luspel and Kaimon.

The two great powerful empires.

Their powers were so absolute that even the Lotus didn't dare to take their swords on them.

But the same two empires were completely collapsed now.

From the map of the continents, the names of the two empires had completely disappeared.

No matter how long or fierce the war was, how could such a thing happen?

The greatest influence, however, was, the decline that was happening due to the war.

But, if it wasn't for the last 'event' that was shown in the episode, maybe the situation would have been slightly different.

It was a hard and fierce war, but the winner of the war was surely Luspel—the main character.

Although the long war had weakened the strength of the Luspel, it was a situation where it could become much more powerful if it unified the empire.

"If only they didn't…!"

A small hut on the slopes of the Neuron mountain.

An elderly man in the front had a cane that was shaking.


The elderly 'Louisie', with his wrinkled eyes, sat down on the rocks.

Now, in his mind, a beautiful woman with flames all over her body came up the mountain.

"Well, if it is her… she can probably help me."

A few hours ago...

A powerful woman with a robe had come to visit Louisie.

It was like he was looking at the powerful magicians of the imperial army of the empire during his time.

He hadn't seen her perform any magic or spells, but he just knew.

It was because Louisie himself was a wizard.

And if it wasn't for a powerful wizard, there was no way the place he was staying could have been found out.

"Said it was Remir… let's try and trust her for once."

Louisie moved his eyes and closed his eyes again.

If would be fine if it was that woman, she can find the secrets of 'Striae'.

But then.


Louisie's eyes turned a wide.

The woman he had been thinking of till a while ago—the woman called Remir, was right in his line of sight.

And his expression brightened.

The fact that she returned meant that something had been done.

Even there was nothing that could be achieved, the spirits that protect it would've at least been killed.

But after a while, Louisie was forced to be panicked.

It was because there were others along with Remir.

Louisie gained all the energy he could to get a clear look at the three new men.

And among the three, his gaze was fixed on one person.

That was the person with a red cloak and golden gloves.

Also, he was wearing a golden waistband.

Seeing him get close, Louisie began to get intimidated more and more.


"Wow, how did you know?"

"A transparent spell and fly magic. How many more wizards are there that can double cast in real time? Besides, look at the forest, it's a mess with ashes. If it wasn't you, then who could it be?"

"Ugh, you son of a ghost…"

Remir who was found out by Ian had an odd feeling.

A bit of hate and like too—hence the expression was adoring and disgusting at the same time.

'If I go with this jerk, then I'll surely level up faster…'

However, after a week of hunting with him, there was a minor side effect that came along with it—she had to stay in bed for a day.

"Anyway! There is a cabin of the Louisie on that side right?"

"Yeah, you shameless jerk."

"Shameless?! Well, can't there be a little exchange of information between us?"

"What do you mean by us?"

"Hm... since we battled in the war together…?"

"Boo, not a funny joke bastard."

Before the beginning of the Dimension War, the relationship with Remir was there.

They haven't come together in the past few months, but neither of them had been out of touch.

By helping out the Lotus guild, she had become close to Herz.

Her age was 24, the 3-years difference between them didn't affect anything.

"Then, noona, by getting the Louisie instant quest, you're trying to level up while hunting?"

Remir nodded and replied,

"I guess so. I came here as soon as the server had opened."

With a strange look, Ian questioned her,

"Nothing else apart from an instant quest? I'm sure that it wouldn't be ended like that…?"

"Well…? I haven't received any other quest apart from the instant quest yet."


Frowning, Ian touched his chin and drifted into thoughts.

'There is no way… if it is Louisie, he would've given a huge quest related to the Luspel Empire…'

Ian was recollecting the second part of the episode that he had seen.

It would have been a tough task for people with less concentration and eyesight, but he was sure that the background in the video was the Neuron Mountain.

And surely most of the Luspel empire people would've been somewhere in the mountain.

And in the screen, they showed Louisie, who was hiding near the Undead in the Neuron mountains for a split second.

'There should be some quests related to him…'

Ian who was deep in thoughts stopped, the moment Remir had stopped.

"Why did you stop? There's nothing in here?"

"Wait and see."


Remir was swirling her hands in the air.

A small hut on an empty ground came into his visibility the next moment.

In front of Ian was an old man in a grey robe with a staff in his hands.

And Ian was able to recognize the identity of the man immediately.


Blow – blow-!

Thanks to Remir, Ian easily managed to find Louisie, and he approached him with a smile on his face.

But then, Louisie did something unexpected.

"God! Ian has come here."

Louisie suddenly bent down on one knee in the direction of Ian.

Even Remir, who was right beside Ian was shocked at this, Ian took a step back at this unexpected act.

And Ian getting his composure back, nodded and extended his hand.

In fact, even Ian knew that such an act from Louisie was a natural thing.

As the time of the Luspel's empire reign, Ian was the bravest and loyal warrior in the whole of the Empire.

"It has been so long, Louisie. Stand up right away."

"Huk, Keuk…!"

Louisie stood up while crying, he was unable to control his emotions.

And he managed to speak between the sobs.

"I'm very glad that you're safe…! Is the Lotus Dukedom all well?"

Ian nodded and answered,

"Yes, Louisie. And just today the Dukedom of Lotus has claimed the Kingdom title."


Louisie had a look of fascination on his face.

Ian was one of the most trusted person for King Serius, which meant that the Kingdom was like a tribute to him.

He wouldn't have felt glad if the Luspel hadn't been destroyed, but in the situation that he was in, he couldn't help but feel glad for the Lotus.

"Lord Ian, will you come inside?"

Louisie led Ian into his cabin, and Ian followed without much words.

And Ian would be able to gather a lot of information from him.


"So.. what you mean to say is, the place where Remir was fighting was far under the ground?"

"Yes, your majesty. Please speak in a low voice."

"Umm, well… I can do that."

Ian smiled and sat back into his seat.

It felt nice to get asked like that.

'Well, it was a clue to find Louisie, the disappeared loyalist of the Imperial Luspel Empire.'

And Louisie continued,

"Majesty. Please rescue the other loyalists of the Empire who are trapped in there."

Ian answered with a quick nod.

There could be some talented people in there, even if was just one named NPC, that itself would be huge.

And if he managed to clear out the quests, then he might be able to get the human resources he wanted.

"All right Louisie. I'll give it a try."

"I'm in your debt, your majesty!"

Louisie bowed to him Ian as a sign of gratitude, and the very moment a quest window appeared in front of Ian's eyes.

Tring -

- - -

- Catacombs Exploration I (Hidden, Linked Quest) –

Ruisei, the former head of Hellaim, the chief of Knights of the Luspel Empire in the past.

By finding Ruisei who was hidden in the Neuron mountains, you have received the information about the 'Catacombs'.

According to Ruisei, the underground jungle is guarded by the powerful undead, and many of the Luspel Empires loyalists are in there.

Destroy the undead and move to the eastern end and rescue those of the Luspel Empire.

When you help them, with the bind of trust with you, they would be willing to be your servants.

Quest Difficulty: SS

Quest Condition:

Level 330 or higher.

Affinity with Louisie needs to be more than 50.

A user who was a noble of the Luspel Empire.

Time limit: None


Fame of 20 million.

Affinity with Louisie increases by 25.

Richie King, Chalian's necklace.

(The rewards depend on the user participating in the quest.)

- - - -

Ian read the contents of the quest and lifted his head.

The name of Chalian written for the rewards was for a familiar.

'What…? Richie King Chalian… it is a name I have heard somewhere…'

After a while...

Ian was able to remember where he had come across the name.

'That is it! The Orb of Darkness! The monster-like guy appeared in the Tower of Commander when we received the Orb of Darkness, Chalian!'

The very moment, his head started to get heavy.

Chalian was apparently sealed in the Devildom.

Which was he didn't understand why his name appeared in here.

But now, it was important, Ian opened his mouth as he had something to say to Ruisei,

"Then, I'll be going Louisie. Wait for me."

Louisie bowed his head as a polite gesture and responded,

"Yes, lord. Be careful."

"Okay. Don't worry about it."

Remir, who was standing beside Ian had something to say,

"Sir, why wasn't I given anything like this?"

Unlike Ian, Remir was only provided with an instant quest for which Ruisei spoke with a gentle expression.

"I couldn't, as I wasn't sure of your title Miss Remir. On the other hand, Ian is a noble, someone I already knew…"


"If I knew you were an acquaintance of his majesty, then I would've said something in the very beginning. So please don't show the grudge on my majesty, and help him with this."

And in front of Remir came the same quest window that Ian had seen, now she was smiling.

"Alright, sir. Trust me."

The two people moved away from the cabin of Ruisei.

Since Remir knew the exact location, there was no need for wasting time.

And then.

Remir who discovered the underground frowned and mumbled,

"Oh Sh*t, that one is back again. I had a hard time taking him down in the morning."

And the mumbling of Remir, Ian's gaze moved to the place Remir was looking with curiosity.

"What? What is wrong? Is it because of that pig sh*t that's standing there?"

Where Ian's gaze stood—a dark-colored golem was standing, at which Remir nodded and said,

"Yep, that guy. He's not hard to deal with, but he's huge. It took me around 20minutes to get a hold of that guy in the morning…"

At those words, Ian smirked and muttered,

"Don't worry noona. That fatso…"

Ian lifted his hand and a red haze began to form in front of them.

As the red haze became thicker, it soon began to shape itself.

Both the eyes of Remir and Ian were shocked at what they were seeing.

"Ba, Balrog…?"


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