Taming Master | Chapter 376 | The Imperial Remnants | Part 2

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The Taming Master - Manhwa Novel

Chapter 376 - The Imperial Remnants - Part 2


For all the Kailan users, the strongest and the most famous magical beast.

From the time when the trailer video was displayed before the opening of the Devildom, the most feared magical beast was the Balrog.

Surely, in terms of 'robustness' the Marion Khalifa had an overwhelming presence.

But Khalifa was an event monster, so that was out of the question.

And Khalifa was a monster that no longer appeared in the Kailan.


Between the two horns on top of its head, a cold breeze blew out.

And every time it moved, the flames on its body moved by making the atmosphere hotter and hotter.

It was a perfect monster for the title 'King of Magical Beasts'.

Remir who was watching the Balrog with a blank face suddenly gained sense.

Normally, the shape of the body was unknown as the body was engulfed with treacherous flames over it.

But this one, he had a clear shape even with the flame around it.

"Uh… but this guy, is a bit different from what I had seen?"

And at words from her, Ian smiled and nodded,

"Right, it's different. This 'Grrr' isn't just a Balrog."


"This one's name is Grrr.."

"That is a horrible sense of naming…"

He didn't give a f*ck regarding the taunt from Remir and continued his explanation,

"Grrr isn't a normal Balrog, but another kind of Balrog, a Balrog of Destruction."

"Balrog… of destruction? Was there such a monster?"

"No, it wasn't there originally. Because I'm the one who made such a beast."

Ian had spent more than a month in the Tomb of the Forgotten Soul.

So he was able to recall a lot of the Balrog souls while his hunt with Yu Shin, and as a result, he tried to summon dozens of Balrogs.

And, of course, they were all not successful with the materials of Ian and his skill.

Ian continued to use the soul stones of the Balrog until he could develop his alchemy skill to the MAX.

Ian mixed the Balrog with Syakelic, Balrog with Tarveros, and Balrog with Devil Dragon.

Ian's efforts to make a strong beast were indeed successful to an extent!

However, he wasn't able to make a myth class magical beast yet.

'However this one is a good one… he is quite a handful.'

Ian boldly looked up at the appearance of the Balrog, and his lips turned into a smirk.

- - - - -

- Grrr (Balrog of Destruction) –

Level: 265

Classification: Magical Beast

Rank: Legendary

Personality: Wild


Attack Power: 9476

Defense Power: 3754

Agility: 4517

Intellect: 4517

Vitality: 758520/ 758520

* Unique ability

- Soul Encroachment

The Balrog emits a powerful magical power that temporarily immobilizes the soul of weak objects and users with the needed range.

It is possible for this skill to be cast on a target whose vitality is less than 5%, and the probability of the success of the skill depends on the 'intellect' of the target and the Balrog.

(Balrog Intellect / Target Intelligence * 100)%

During the duration, the target will move according to the commands of the Balrog, and all the attacks are enhanced by 30%. Also, the state persists until the Balrog dies.

Cooldown Time: 120 minutes

Duration: 30 minutes

- Broken Flames

At the fingertips of the Balrog, intense flame magic will be spewed out, which captures and destroys the soul of the target.

It can be used only by targets whose vitality is less than 20%, and the flame stays alive until the target dies or the Balrog dies.

While the flame lasts, it deals 30% damage per second and restores all the unique ability cooldown times of the Balrog by 2 seconds.

In addition, 55% damage done by the flame will be added to the vitality of the Balrog.

* If the distance between the Balrog and the target is more than 30 meters, then the flames will die down.

* If the target is killed with the flames, the cooldown of all the unique abilities is restored by 300 seconds.

Cooldown Time: 10 minutes

- Annihilation Ray

The Balrog collects all of his magic and releases it at once.

The ejected magic penetrates through all the living objects in the front, but when it hits an obstacle, it moves to the angle of collision.

The objects that are touched by the Annihilation ray will be dealt with damage of 3750% and the damage is further reduced by 5% for every trajectory.

* The rays reach 150m and then it disappears.

* After the activation of the Annihilation ray, the Balrog wouldn't be able to move for 5 seconds.

Cooldown Time: 7 minutes.

It is a magical beast that was born from the user 'Ian' as a result of his Beast Alchemy.

He has inherited the power of the Balrog but has more power than that of a normal Balrog.

But it lacks intellect when compared to the normal one.

- - - - -

Of all the beasts that Ian had tried to make so far, this was the first magical beast with the 'evolvable' option.

But that wasn't the only good merit that this monster had, and that wasn't just the end of it.

The ability was enormous, and above all, the unique abilities were newborn ones.

Rather than a high attack rate, all the unique abilities required a technical control of high level.

And he was the right style for Ian.

Recently Ian, was actually happy when raising the guy.

"Look at that noona. I was the one who has made that big pig like that."

At the confident boost from Ian, Remir couldn't help but scratch the back of her neck.

"In a glance, it does look like a strong one… but even then, the level is a bit lacking, isn't it? Even a named monster such as a Black Golem behind it is of level 360."

But before Remir could even finish her words, Ian was already moving towards the golem.

Well along with Kaizer, Karceus and the Balrog too.

And seeing that, Remir moved her head and mumbled,

"I guess it is the general pattern of attack…"

It was the first time for Remir to see the Black Golem.

And it had a different battle pattern when compared to the normal golems.

"I don't know. I'll just cast a spell."

From a corner, Remir began to slowly cast a powerful magic attack.

The casting time was so long for the attacking spell, the 'Inflammation'—which has never been used.

Not exactly knowing why, but Remir wanted to see Ian struggle while she was casting the magic.


'Black Golem. He seems to have been here for a long time.'

Ian was moving towards the Golem, and quickly recalled the attack pattern of the guy whom he had fought a long time ago.

Unlike the expectations for Remir, Ian already knew the guy.

"Karceus, prepare the Breath."

"Okay, Master."

"Kaizer, you know what to do?"

"I know, Lord. You will be able to take care of everything till there?"


Ian and his party were facing the Golem, and they were huge.

However, Ian was taking the position as if he was going to deal with several enemies at once.

It could be something if a person didn't know about the Black Golem, but that was how one was supposed to take the positions.

There was a unique ability for the Black Golem.


The black golem, which had faced Ian's party roared with a huge voice.

Boom- Boom-!

Rather than the incarnated body of Karceus, the sound that came from the Golem that moved was tremendous!

The golem started to move by increasing the momentum, and Ian's eyes started to shine.

Ian's eyes were looking at the white gem that was stuck between the chest of the Black Golem.

The white gem was contrasting the black body of the Golem.

'It's time for the unique ability to be activated… was it a pledge of Land…?'

And the very moment, the white gem started to shine and the Golem began to shine too.


Ian raised his right hand out of reflex and Karceus went into the air and began to use 'Breath'.

And the Golem which was approaching Ian lifted its heavy leg.



As the foot of the Black Golem landed on the ground, the numerous stones and rubble on the ground floated into the air.

Ian avoided the scattered rock with minimum movements.

But that wasn't the end.

The Black Golem kept on stomping its feet, and the boulders around it constantly floated.

Bang- Bang – Bang-!

The ground vibrated every time it did that—almost like an earthquake and the aftershocks.

As the boulders kept on floating into the air, instead of falling back to the ground, some of them went together to form something.

It was a miniature golem, but its size was larger than that of Ian.

In a flash, there were ten small golems.

The very moment.

Karceus who was ready to do it blew out the 'Breath'.


The Breath of Karceus, which was being prepared in advance, reached the golems exactly.

The moment the 'Breath' had passed them, a shadow from the back of Ian sprang forward.

The Balrog of Destruction, Grrr.

"Let's go Grrr!"

"Grrr, Khuaa!"

To say how the name was decided, it was because of its roar, Grrr.

After receiving the orders from Ian, Grrr started to attack the smallest Golems that were heading towards them.

Ian who checked the vitality of the golems just clicked his tongue.

'Well, it is the black golem after all… such a lively fight.'

The Black Golem was of the highest ranks of all the kinds of Golems and was famous for its tanking abilities.

Even the small ones which were made by the black golems only received the damage of 10-20% by Karceus' Breath.

And the huge body of the Black Golem didn't suffer even a slight damage, and the tiny ones had fallen, to less than half.

Even when the Mini Golems were killed, he would spring up the new ones right away.

In order to catch the Black Golem, they must drop the vitality of the Mini Golems to less than half and then, only would they be able to take on the huge one.

'But that… wasa story when Grrr wasn't there.'

Grrr was a powerful monster, it was true that the skills were still lacking as it was considered in the terms of level.

When compared to the Black Golem, he was lacking a whopping 100 levels than him.

Then why was Ian confident about Grrr?

It was because of its inherent abilities.

The unique ability of Grrr was like a perfect counter attack for the Black Golem.


Ian, who stepped on the forearm of the Golem, leaped to the air from above and summoned Pin and Bbookbbook at the same time.



Ian who had caught Bbookbbook in its turtle form climbed onto the back of Pin, and after reaching a high point in the air, he let go of Bbookbbook from there.

"Bbbookbbook-ah! Breath!"

"Okay bbook!"

And the next moment, Bbookbbook in its dragon form had released the 'Breath', and it successfully attacked the golems.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!


When the gigantic explosion burst out, the golems began to slow down as they had taken some damage.

Now all of the mini-golems' vitality had fallen to less than half, and the vitality of the Black Golem had fallen slightly.

Ian's gaze went to the place where Remir was casting.

'That auntie is taking the time of her life…'

Ian had been playing with a mind that Remir was there for him.

And he had no idea as to what kind of skill she was casting, but it was obvious that she was trying to do a powerful wide-range skill.

If that was so, then he could assess the approximate time that she would need.

'What? Was my calculation wrong? Does it take more than that…?'

However, the time to cast a spell by Remir had taken longer than Ian's thoughts.

And when Ian was wondering about the casting, a storm of flame began to gush towards the battlefield.


The blazing red flame started to emerge from the floor and moved towards the battlefield, and the golems were all in the middle of the fire who had a sign engraved on their chest.

Ping- Ping- Piping-!

The sings on the chest exploded, and there were explosions everywhere.

This was the moment Ian had been waiting for.

"Grrr! Soul Encroachment!"

"Grrr…! Kwaahh!"

Grrr, who had been fighting with the golems leaped onto the air.


Subsequently, Grrr landed in the center of the golems and a huge explosion broke out.


And red magic started to move out of the hands of Grrr which were extended to both sides, and the waves of red magic encroached the entire battlefield.

That very moment...


The violent actions of the Mini Golems that were attacking the familiars of Ian, stopped all of a sudden.


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