Taming Master | Chapter 377 | Balrog of Destruction | Part 1

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Chapter 377 - Balrog of Destruction - Part 1


After the conquest of the Lotus Guild.

The Lotus Guild had taken away three Manors that were under the Fullios Guild, but they managed to get back into being one of the top 10 guilds by restoring their manors in only three months.

The biggest reason for that to happen was the help that the Lotus Guild had given them.

Yu Shin kept having a strong relationship with Ian, and he received a lot of help from the Lotus Guild without even realizing it because of it.

In particular, the Lotus Guild dispatch mercenaries for free and supported the Fullios Guild from all the sides.

Even then, it wasn't like Herz and Fiolan had done charity for them.

There was some kind of agreement between these two guilds.

"It's nice to get things done quickly."

"Hehe, It's not fun to drag time too much. The quicker we move, the faster we get to hit them."

There was a man in front of Herz and Fiolan.

He was wearing round glasses, and his blue hair was neatly combed.

A man with an unusual appearance that gave out a bit of that scholar-like vibe.

He was the chief of the Fullios Guild, Rivelli.

Fiolan smiled and said after taking a sip of coffee,

"But it still isn't an easy decision to make… What did Master Yu Shin said about it?"

Rivelli giggled in response and said,

"Well honestly, this was all arranged by Master Yu Shin. I'm only doing what I'm asked to."

"Really? Haha."

With amazing control ability and judgmental skills, Yu Shin had the talent which was necessary for battle.

Even before reaching level 100, he was a very famous player who had his own fandom.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the Fullios Guild revolved around Yu Shin.

However, Yu Shin didn't have much interest in guild operations and management.

Which was why he had been running the guild by being its face, and Rivelli was the one who was actually running the guild.

It was the same thing now.

Yu Shin wanted to join Ian for his future, which was why Rivelli told them their opinion.

The Dukedom of the Fullios was ready to merge with the Lotus Kingdom.

In fact, until now the concept of a sub-guild was non-existent in Kailan.

Before the introduction of Kingdoms, there was no system in Kailan that could merge guilds.

However, when the Lotus Guild claimed itself as a Kingdom, the sub-guild option had opened, and it could be said that the Dukedom of Fullios became a member of the Lotus Guild.

It could have been a decision that was thought to be stupid from an average man's perspective.

It was because since the Lotus proclaimed themselves as a Kingdom, the Fullios Guild too with a little bit more power could've proclaimed itself as a Kingdom as well.

However, Rivelli believed that this was the right decision to make.

'Anyhow Lotus… will eventually grow beyond a Kingdom to an Empire for sure. If that happens then we will declare ourselves as the tributaries of the Lotus.'

If it was merged right after the conquest war, the name of the guild wouldn't have survived.

However, if they moved in with the concept of having an alliance, they would be able to grow in terms of power and be protected under Lotus' name.

Rivelli's goal was to have the Fullios Guild became Lotus Guild's shadow workers.

If they managed to stay behind Lotus, then they would be able to look at all the other guilds. It wasn't so bad.

The conversation between Herz, Fiolan and Rivelli took nearly an hour.

It took quite a while for them to make the Fullios Guild into a subordinate guild, but it took much longer to discuss their future plans.

After the procedures were all done, Rivelli stood up with a smile.

"Then, please look after us from now on, Herz, Fiolan."

Herz and Fiolan looked at each other and laughed.

"Like it. Hope you do the same."

"Take care of us too. In the future maybe we can organize a guild union party and enter a dungeon."

"I'm down for that anytime."

The very next moment,

System messages began to emerge in succession in front of the three people.

Tring – Tritring-!

[The 'Lotus Guild' and 'Fullios Guild' have signed a contract.]

[From now on the 'Fullios Guild' will be incorporated into the 'Lotus Guild'.]

[The 'Fullios Dukedom' has become the tributary for the 'Lotus Kingdom'.]

[All the users of the 'Fullios Guild' will be transferred to the officialdom of the 'Lotus Guild']

[When certain conditions have been met, the King 'Ian' can give the users of the Fullios Guild the appropriate title and a Dukedom moving forward.]

Herz who read all the system messages was pleased. He then looked at Rivelli and said,

"Ah, by the way, Rivelli."

"Yes, Herz?"

"Maybe, just maybe… I'm asking you out of curiosity. Is Yu Shin… and Ian still hunting as a Duo?"

Rivelli scratched the back of his neck and responded,


Fiolan admired his strong tongue.

"He's a strong person…"

Rivelli shook his head.

"I agree with that. But what is he up to today, he hasn't connected today. The server has already been opened after the massive update…"



Warm sunshine was entering the room.

The warmth of the sunshine filled the entire room, and Yu Shin stretched his body after yawning.

"Hmm. I had a really good sleep after a long time. Now it's time to think of the massive update…"

Yu Shin who had hunted with Ian every day was able to sleep like a baby because of the large-scale update.

He knew that the episode would air for 6 hours, which was why he decided to sleep.

He wouldn't have slept for so long if not for that extensive update!

He didn't regret sleeping that long though since he woke up feeling fresh.

"I've been asleep for God knows how long, had the server opened up already…?"

The server was scheduled to open at 9 am.

Yu Shin fell asleep at 6 pm the previous day. He smiled like a little kid upon seeing the screen shining brightly. However, that smile faded when he looked at the time.

It was around 7 in the morning, yet the day was bright already.

"Huhu, I woke up a bit early."

Once again Yu Shin stretched his legs and nervously unlocked his smartphone.

He wanted to confirm if the woman that he met in a blind-date responded to him!

The moment he unlocked his phone...

He saw the message of a person whom he was expecting to see.

[You have a message from Ian.]

Yu Shin mumbled to himself while jerking his neck,

"Phew, this guy really must be a robot…"

His face hardened as he opened the app to check for messages.

It was because there was a series of messages in it.

[08:07 am]

[Ian: Yu Shin, even after the server has opened, you're not sleeping are you?]

[08:48 am]

[Ian: Opened 10 minutes ago. Wake up Yu Shin!]

[08:59 am]

[Ian: Yu Shin, I'm disappointed. I didn't know that you were such a lazybum…!]

It was a situation that he never had imagined, which was why he had to reconfirm the time once again.

He was nothing less than puzzled.

[03:27 pm]

[Ian: Head to the Neuron Mountains the moment you wake up.]

At the top corner of his phone, Yu Shin saw that it was '06:59 pm'.

He began to wobble a little bit.

"So it wasn't 7 in the morning… but seven in the evening?"

With reflexes that were as quick as a new trainee in a training camp and with intentions to not let down the hope that Ian had on him, he jumped into the game with having one goal in mind—to enter the hunting grounds.



Fifteen small and large golems were stopped at the moment.

On top of the Black Golem, red smoke began to form.


After casting a wide area skill, Remir moved to the Battlefield to help out Ian.

'This… was it his?'

The Balrog's unique ability—Soul Encroachment—which was the most famous and the hardest to deal with.

Having gone through numerous battles with the Balrog, Remir knew pretty well about that skill.

Since she wasn't a summoner, she didn't have any idea about the specific time or the conditions that triggered it. However, she knew that it was an ability that immobilizes the enemy and controlled them for a certain period of time.

She suddenly felt bad and wanted to apologize.

'It looked like it wasn't much… but I never thought that it would be executed perfectly…!'

Only a ranker with great gaming sense would know that the Soul Encroachment skill could only be used at a specified level.

What was more surprising was that they managed to get a total of fifteen golems without leaving a single one of them.

Kwang- Kabang-!

They heard the sound of the golems' giant boulders bumping into each other.

The attack of the small golems was slow, and their attacks couldn't cover a wide area. However, the Black Golem's vitality was still being damaged.

The angry Black Golem roared as if it was feeling unjust.

Keuaaah-! Kueeee-!

Dark Wave, a quick wide area skill of the Black Golem was initiated.


The Dark Wave's range wasn't that wide, so it wasn't much of a threat for Ian.

[Due to the Dark Wave of the Black Golem, the 'small golem 1' has suffered huge damage.]

[Due to the familiar Grrr's skill 'Soul Encroachment' the 'Small Golem 1' wasn't damaged.]

[The Small Black Golem's vitality is down to 0.]

When Soul Encroachment was still in play, the ones in its control were 'invincible' for that duration of time.

Ian's familiars moved back after seeing the attack of the Black Golem.

Kung- Kung- Kukung-!

The small golems were unable to move back any further.

'Grrr' approached the monster after perfectly executing its skill, and Ian's gaze immediately moved towards the golem.

The vitality gauge of the golem was less than half.

"Noona! Focus on just a single attack!"


Remir began to concentrate on Ian's orders.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

A pre-deal that was so perfect.

When two of the strongest top rankers performed such a pre-deal, no matter how durable a monster was, it would turn helpless.

Moreover, it was even more helpless as it was surrounded by small golems. Add to that Grrr's strong attack—Ray.


[The familiar magical beast Grrr's unique ability—Annihilation Ray—has been activated.]

[The familiar 'Grrr' has done catastrophic damage to the Black Golem.]

[The vitality of the Golem has been reduced by 479830.]

Despite the huge level difference between the two, due to the tremendous 3700% additional damage, the Annihilation Ray dealt powerful damage.

Kuk- Kkkuk-!

The golems were moving close to each other with a rumble.

Black Golem's vitality was less than 20% now.

Ian gave out the final order!

"Grrr, Broken Flames!"


The second unique ability of the Balrog of Destruction—Broken Flames.

Red flames began to emerge from Grrr's fingertips; those red flames quickly engulfed the whole body of the Black Golem.

[The familiar Grrr's unique ability 'Broken Flames' has been activated.]

[The vitality of the Black Golem has been reduced by 10978.]

[Due to the additional effect of Broken Flames, the vitality of Grrr has been restored by 6038.]

[The cooldown of all of Grrr's unique abilities are reduced by 2 seconds.]

Broken Flames was a DOT attack skill that constantly gave out damage to the enemy.

The attack factor was considerably low.

However, the skill's damage per second was increased tremendously since it had a low cooldown.

During the initiation of the Broken Flames, all skills' cooldown time would be reduced by 3 seconds per second, which meant that a skill that had a 7 minutes cooldown could be reused after 2 minutes instead.

Just like this.


Grrr shouted and a red burst of energy shot out in his mouth at the same time.



The huge body of the Black Golem which was standing tall as the mountain was oxidized into a grey ash-like substance.

In just 5 minutes since the battle had begun.


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