Taming Master | Chapter 379 | Balrog of Destruction | Part 3

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Chapter 379 - Balrog of Destruction - Part 3


"Hey! Hoonie, what work do you have in here…?"

In the middle of the Neuron mountains.

Inside the dungeon, Hoonie came across Yu Shin.

They both encountered people who they never even imagined of, Hoonie's eyes went wide.

'Oh…! This totally sweet! Though it can't be, it is a quest that is high and I was in need of one person…'

Yu Shin was one of the most trustworthy rankers and Hoonie was feeling a bit elated.

But Hoonie's elated happy feeling didn't last for long.

"I'm here for the hidden quest for the warlock. But hyung, why are you here?"

At the question of Hoonie, Yu Shin responded while smiling,

"Haha! I was called over by Ian…"

"Uh? In here Ian hyung has called you?"


At those words from Yu Shin, a smile went away from Hoonie's face.

'No, this is my personal career quest, why did Ian hyung have to come in here?'

Even though the hidden quest was right in front of him, he was afraid of going into the dungeon because of Ian phobia.

However as Yu Shin began to move into the dungeon, Hoonie too went in involuntarily.

Ian's loyalists 1 and 2 started to enter the dungeon side by side.


The result of the expert craft of the blacksmith dwarves.

The dwarf Urk Han, made a shield called the 'Shield of God'.

"Thank you for providing me with the opportunity of creating a masterpiece as such, master."

It was a shell shield that was made with an investment of a month with the turtle back.

The shield was called as the 'Dragon Shield', which had an overwhelming performance.

- - -

- Dragon's Shield (+15) –

Classification – Shield (Ego Weapon)

Rank – Myth

Transcendence – third transcendence

Soul Level – Lv 125

Restriction on the wear – Level 300 summoner only

Armor – 2870 to 3525

Damage Absorption – 95.57%

Spirit Power – 8750

The shield item, 'absorb damage' option will only come into work when an attack gets blocked. (If the attack wasn't completely blocked, the damage absorption rate will decrease.)

Spirit Power reduces the damage done by normal attacks with an additional spirit (8750). (When damage absorption is activated, it absorbs the souls and reduces all the other damages.)

Durability – 10752/10752

Options –

All combat abilities + 175 (+105)

Leadership + 750 (+450)

Affinity + 2125 (+1275)

Increases the vitality and defense of all the summoned magical beasts by 15%.

* Dragon's Soul

By interacting with the Dragon's Soul, the shields' enchantment can be summoned instantly in the desired position.

The summoner shield will absorb all the projectile for 3 seconds and will remain for an additional 15 seconds without disappearing.

It can be called out at three different places in a single time.

- The item can be used even when not in possession. (However, it must be in the inventory.)

- While the Dragon's Soul is being used, the vitality of all the familiars is restored by 1% per second.

Cooldown time: 10 minutes

* Dragon's Anger

When the enemy's attack was defended successfully, there is a chance of 15% to return 50% of the absorbed damage.

And every time the defended enemy attack has been done, the times of attack will be accumulated, and gains 0.5% ATK and when it goes for 100 times, the shield turns invincible for 5 seconds.

After the accumulation of 100, the buffs will last for 15 seconds longer.

If the defense of the attack is successful before the duration of the buff, then the buff duration will be reset.

[Transcendence option: reduces the cooldown time of all the pets unique ability by 8%.]

- The item belongs to user 'Ian'.

- It cannot be transferred or sold to any other users, and won't drop even if the character dies.

- It is a shield made by the dwarf 'Urk Han'.

- It is a shell shield made from the evolution of a legendary dragon and contains the dragon's soul.

- - - - - - -

'Phew, if it wasn't for it, I would've been in a dangerous situation.'

Ian was feeling thankful after remembering the moment when he would have been hit by the sphere.

The shield's unique ability, the 'Dragon's Soul'.

The other options were amazing, but Ian was under the impression that this skill was the most fraudulent of all.

Can be used even while just having it in the possession in the inventory, so it was amazing.

It was a very pleasing option for Ian who uses both his hands to use his main weapon.

Though the single hand can be used to handle the weapon in Kailan.

Yet, Ian decided to put the shield in his inventory, because if it was worn by him, it would drastically reduce the attack power and other options.

Remir who saw the information of it grumbled to Ian.

"What is it, it has no charm, called from the inventory?"

"If you're feeling bad then noona you can make one."


"Hmm.. for starters go to the Abyss Island and catch the friend called Bbookbbook…"

And that joke from Ian, Remir just shook his head.

While they were enjoying the jokes, two people were approaching them from the dungeon.

It was a bit difficult to clear them quickly as it was difficult, but once they had started, it was getting stable for them.

The structure of the dungeon had a lot of closed rooms, but the pattern of the Undead appearing in the room was similar.


[Dark dungeon, have defeated 5 Dark Knights.]

[The passage leading to the second floor of the dungeon has been opened.]

[The Dark dungeon, 1st level will be cleared.]


After Ian and Remir killed the 5th Death Knight, all of the rooms on the floor had disappeared.

In their sight, was a stairway descending to the next floor.

"Hmm, it took almost 4 hours to clear a floor."

And the low murmur from Ian, Remir nodded and replied,

"Yeah. Even then, the experience is great, isn't it? no other place will provide such an amazing experience."

"That, I agree."

The two of them were about to step down the staircase.

At the time there were familiar voices from the back.

"Ian hyung! Remir noona!"

"Ian, sorry I'm late."

The identity was obvious, it was Yu Shin and Hoonie.

The power of the party had further strengthened.



Inside a dimly lit room, a heavy sound of chirping was audible.

A door of the underground dungeon had opened with a creaking sound.

Kkgk- Kkgkk-!

Inside the room was the image of a man seated in there, with bright eyes that were visible.

There was a griffin pattern statue which had been ragged and had bloodstains on it but was still clear enough to make out the identity.

Before he had been in here, it was clear that the one belonged to the Royal Knights of the Luspel Empire.


A low voice came out of the man's mouth.

Thanks to the environment where he wasn't exposed to the light, and it wasn't even clear as to how long he had been trapped in there.

And as the door opened, the warlock moved into the room.

His body was covered with a black robe, and his appearance wasn't exactly visible, but the long nails showed that he wasn't just a normal person.

"keukk, I guess you are the chosen hero of Chalian."

A voice that could make anyone tremble with cold sweat.

The man who was sitting with no strength asked of him.

"You evil men! You will fall into the hell!"

The warlock slowly approached the man.

And slowly pushed the hood of his face.

And his face was revealed in the soft light.

The face of the warlock was like bones, the level where the bones of the human could be seen.

His mouth went up,

"Kukk, Hell… a place I can't go even if I wanted to."

"What is that…?!"

"A place called hell. Isn't it a place I can go if I'm not dead. But my body will survive for eternity, so it is a place I can't go to even if I wish."

At the words of the warlock, the man turned angry.

"Bastard! I'll kill you!"

But the voice was powerless, and his body didn't move at his will.

The warlock couldn't help but laugh at that.

At the depressing sight of the man, a black smoke rose from the side.



With a blunt sound, the man fell.

A skeleton appeared instantly and stabbed him on the back.

The man who was once a Royal Knights.

If he had possessed the power he used to, he wouldn't have been hit with such a despicable attack, but he was now so fragile that even a skeleton could take him down.

"Keke, foolish people. If you would've accepted the suggestion of Chailan you wouldn't have suffered so much."

A grey smoke rose from the hands of the warlock.

It wrapped itself onto the body of the fallen man and began to cremate downwards.

There was a huge magic circle on the spot.

[The Source of Darkness …!]


A big resonating sound went throughout the room.

A few seconds later, the man had disappeared without leaving behind any traces, and the warlock's face turned pleased.

He walked out of the room with a satisfactory laugh while looking at the empty room.

"There isn't much left. The ceremony was almost over, I need to head back to Chailan."

The very moment, beside the muttering warlock, came a grey smoke with a shadow.

A shadow with a ghostly figure that was floating in the air.

And opened its mouth,

"Kells, there are intruders!"

At that, the warlock called 'Kells' frowned.

"Intruders. There aren't many who can make down here… does it mean that they have taken down all the undead?"

"Yeah, yes!"

That was when Kells complexion had darkened.


The next moment,


A large roar was heard from the corridor of the opposite side, and the wall of racks burst out.

"Who is it? to dare and step foot in here…!"

There was silence and static for a while.

But after a while, a bunch of people emerged from the broken walls.

And among them, Kell's expression hardened as he saw the face of a man with a huge sword.


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