Taming Master | Chapter 380 | Richie King Chalian’s Ambition | Part 1


Warlock Kells.

He was actually a wizard of the Luspel Empire's magic legion.

Although he was just a commoner, he earned his work based on the talent.

Despite the excellent magic ability, the position that he was able to climb was limited.

In order to become a higher division captain or an imperial warlock, it was needed to cross over the wall of identity.

The imperial warlock was an authoritative group that did not accept the subordinate of any other classes of nobles less than the Barons and Viscounts.

Kells, who had the birth of a commoner couldn't have moved into a high wall of status.

Yet the talents of Kells was superior than the imperial magicians.

And it was natural for Kells to be disgusted and feel antipathy towards the magicians of the Empire.

Which was why Kells had chosen to be a black wizard, and he never regretted it.

'If it hadn't been for Chalian, I would've never gotten stronger.'

He had sworn an allegiance to the Richie King Chalian and had pledged his soul to obtain the powers of the Black warlock.

It was all thanks to it that Kells now possessed the power and wasn't lacking when compared to Tamur of the former Imperial magicians.

And the level of 440, is a tremendous level, and with a provable strength.


"Kaizer? Why are you here boy?!"

And yet, the moment he had discovered Kaizer, he couldn't help but feel cold sweat drip down.

In the past when Kells was in the Imperial Magicians corps.

Kaizer was like a warrior for the Imperial Army.

Until the great power of Chalian had come, he was the chief of the warriors and no one dared to look at him.


Kaizer, who pulled out the huge sword that was on his back, opened his mouth while speaking something in a low voice.

"That guy, he knows me."

The low voice of Kaizer resonated the room.

Though Kaizer didn't know him.

But in the past, Kells was the leader of the many magic troops and Kaizer was in the command of hundreds of land troops.

Kells, who faced Kaizer with those eyes, tried to calm himself from the shock.

'Well. No matter how strong Kaizer is…! there is no way he could be stronger than the power that was given to me by Chalian!'

Kells, whose confidence was down, immediately rose once again.

Although Kaizer was stronger in the past, Kells was under the impression that he would've been trampled and weakened in time.

And with his thoughts of that kind, Kells' desire to take him down began to boil.

'This is my chance. If I bound up the soul of Kaizer and turn it into a Death Knight…! Maybe a Death Knight of myth rank will be born!'


Kells laughed while stretching both his hands into the air.

"I don't know how you managed to find this place but…"

An intense black energy flowed from the hands of Kells.

Like an earthquake, the whole ground began to tremble violently.

"But this is going to be your grave…!"


A dark tornado wrapped itself around the rock.

And in the corridors of the underground, black smoke rose along with Undead from the ground.

"Kekel. Precious meal."


Starting with the lowest grade Undead to the highest Death Knights.

Ian looked at all the enemies who were seemingly powerful even at a glance and held his spear tight.

'I'll need to call out the shield again. The deal will be a little less, but I don't have an option.'

All the party members of Ian were all looking at the undead with nervous expressions.

But right then.

A sudden quest window had appeared in front of all of them.


- - - - - -

- Chalian's Servir (Hidden) –

The Black magician Kells, is the servant of Richie King Chalian.

Numerous imperial Knights were sacrificed in his hands, and their souls have been used to produce the Undead.

After killing the Black Magician Kells, let out the loyalist of the Empire who has been trapped in here.

And inside the underground, find the 'Commander of Chailan'.

If the Commander of the Chalian is found, you will be able to find out what the ambition of the Richie King is.

Quest Difficulty: SS

Quest Condition:

Entry to the 4th floor of the dungeon.

Find the Black Magician Kells

A user with 'Catacomb Exploration I' quest in progress.

Time Limit: None


Affinity with the NPCs that were formerly part of the Luspel Empire will rise to 25.

Fame of 15 million.

- - - - -

Ian quickly read the quest window that came up in the front.

It wasn't bad that they were given a quest when they were trying to clear the existing linked quest along with the bonus.

'Nice, we just need to kill that one fragile Black Magician!'

The appearance of the warlock Kells was with a boney appearance.

And the level of 440 wasn't a level that could be seen as a low level, yet Ian was feeling confident.

For the last boss of the dungeon, there were still a lot of moves that could be used.

"Master, there's no need to be time efficient this time?"

And that was, Kaka who was floating right beside Ian after a long time!

'Dreaming Devil' was still in save, and there was no way that 440 level black magician could hurt her.

"Kay, I'll give you a signal."

"Okay, Master."

Ian started to give out the orders for the party members and they all began to take the needed positions.

But there was one person, Hoonie who wasn't moving.

Which was why Ian shouted at Hoonie.

"Hoonie what are you doing? Won't move fast!"

Hoonie who was startled at the shout from Ian responded very quickly.

"Ah, I was lost in thoughts for a while. Sorry, hyung."

And yet somehow, Hoonie's eyes were wavering.


'Ah, God! Why does that have to be now…!'

Hoonie looked at the quest window that was in front of his eyes and bit on his lip.

It was Hoonie's body signal to bite down on his lips when he was nervous.

'Why should a hidden quest window come up now…?'

Hoonie's eyes were looking at the floating window.

It had a content that was different from the other members of the party.

- - - - - -

- Chalian's Powers' Succession (Hidden class only) –

The black Magician Kells is the servant of Richie King Chalian.

And Richie King Chalian was the first disciple of the Immortal in the past.

However, Chalian who had different ways of pursuing magic than of Immortal, he was unable to do it, as to raise his level of dark magic he had to steal and corrupt the living souls.

Thanks to it, Chalian had eventually become stronger but was banished from the Imperial Tower by Immortal, his teacher.

Exiled Chalian hated Immortal for it, and continued to develop his magic in his own way.

Later on, after becoming the Richie King Chalian enjoyed eternal life, and came to create his own kind of Black Magic.

Richie King Chalian didn't teach all of the skills to his servant Kells.

However, if you're the descendant of Immortal, you will be able to possess all of his black magic.

In order for that to happen, you need to go with Kells who protects the underground from the intruders and meet Chalian.

Help Kells by defending from the intruders and gain the trust from Chalian.

Quest Difficulty: SS

Quest Condition:

Enter the 4th floor of the Underground.

Find the Black Magician Kells.

The descendent of Immortal.

A warlock user who is under the quest "Catacomb Exploration I".

Time Limit: None


Rise of affinity with Richie King Chalian by 30.

Hidden Class, 'Richie Mage' ex quest.

Myth Class weapon box.

Fame of 15 million.

- - - - -

An exclusive 'Hidden class quest'.

An exclusive hidden class quest was a very rare phenomenon to happen.

And it was something that would be possible to happen, only if the user has a hidden class or a lower class.

It was a well-known fact that the rewards were amazing, but the quest would be hard to play.

'Hu, a myth class weapon box with a hidden class quest…!'

The myth class weapon box was of amazing value, but the more amazing one was the 'Richie Mage' ex-quest.

If the quest hadn't been an exclusive Hidden Quest, there was no way it could turn into a tier.

There was no way how one could guarantee that the Richie Mage quest would be of a higher tier than the current quest that Hoonie was doing.

However, it was a hidden class-specific quest, which could be activated only by Hoonie.

Then it was definite, it was a former quest with a higher tier.

Hoonie's head began to hurt for all of it.

'Can I win if I manage to help Kells?'

Hoonie's eyes moved between Kells and Ian.

Though Kells had a very fragile appearance, and Hoonie knew that there was no hope.

And as long as Kaka was there, there was no way one could win against Ian with the Black Magician class.

Even if he hurts the party, there was no guarantee that Hoonie would win.

Even if he managed to get the quest done, that would turn into another problem.

Firstly, the act betraying itself was unappealing in the life of Kailan, and to be able to survive in the Kailan after backstabbing the top rankers was hopeless.

Ian, Remir and Yu Shin.

He was especially scared of Ian.

From the hunting that he had done with Ian, there was no way that he could even imagine what would happen to him.

He didn't know, but he knew it would be terrible.

Hoonie's thoughts were arranged, which was why he sighed.


However, his desire to follow the quest didn't die.

'Maybe if I explain in detail to Ian hyung… and ask him to die once?'

Hoonie realized that his thoughts didn't make any sense, which was why he shook his head.

It was because of the death penalty—that the death would cause could damage the quest, as well as the rank.

But Hoonie was in constant conflict.


From Kells' hands, a gigantic magic circle was created from which dark energy came out.


"For the honor of the Richie King Chalian…!"

Kells' voice rang out and numerous shadows were on top of the magic circle.

Dozens of warriors wearing black robes appeared.

The sight of Ian's party saw an unexpected message.

Tring -!

[The first Hidden episode opens.]

[The 'Richie King Chalian' ambition has been revealed.]

[The hero of the continent, 'Muran' chosen is activated.]

And those messages weren't general messages, they were the world messages.


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