Taming Master | Chapter 384 | Soul Recall | Part 2

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Chapter 384 - Soul Recall - Part 2


Kwang- Kabang-!

With the sound of weapons touching another, explosive sounds began to ring everywhere.

Despite the loud noises from them, another persons' voice could be clearly heard.

"Soul Decay…!"


It wasn't a loud voice.

It was almost like someone had whispered right into the ear.

The light in the ground began to turn purple.

All the white spirits began to turn into purple.

The 'Soul Decay' of Hoonie which had brought about tremendous fortune for the Lotus guild against the Fullios was being used again.

The amount of power that it was giving out was much stronger than the time of that guild war.

The level of the skill itself had risen due to the map being an area of darkness and the power had gone up to 35% due to it.

Kwang- bang- Kwang-!


Purple flames were rising from all directions, and numerous undead began to fall into helplessness.

The Soul Decay that was cast in front, waiting for Hoonie's Undead to be followed.

"For the omnipotent Immortal…!"

"The energy of death is calling to us!"


Kells who had been witnessing the scene was more shocked than ever.

"Immortal! I'm the descendant of Immortal!"

Keels was amazed but it wasn't the end.


As if an earthquake had taken place, the ground began to shake.

The reason for it was the two dragons,

Karceus and Bbookbbook.

When the two of them had taken their dragon forms, a narrow wall had burst, causing the vibration.

And as the small walls were torn down—causing the complex structure to be turned into a vacant area due to the bloody fight that was going on.

The structure of the map had changed in an instant.

"All of them will be frozen…!"

To show the dignity that the Abyss clan had, Bbookbbook had spoken.

At the same time, Karceus opened his mouth and both of the dragons began to use 'breath' instantly.



If it was in the normal situation, the breath should've been clogged by the walls, but as the walls were now cracked, it pushed through them.

Kells and the other summoned warlocks were trying to get far from the Breath, but Ian wasn't going to stay still after noticing it.

With Bbookbbook, Pin, and Grrr he managed to stop the exits.

And the two dragon 'breaths' had completely swallowed all the Undead.


"God's dragon! Dragon Breath!"

"Shield... quickly…!"

Warlocks had tried to cast a few defense spells, but that was useless.

With the best spell of the warlock and the Breath of the Dragons, there was no way that they could hold onto their lives.

Among the summoned Undead; Death Knight and the Ghost Golems, even those with the strongest vitality wasn't an exception.

[Familiar 'Karceus' has done catastrophic damage to the undead 'Death Knight'!]

[Familiar 'Bbookbbook' has tremendous damage to the undead 'Skeleton Mage'!]

[The vitality of the 'Death Knight' has been reduced by 469809.]

[The vitality of the 'Ghost Golem' has been reduced by 297542.]

[The vitality of the 'Death Knight' has been reduced by 501709.]

[The vitality of the 'Skeleton Mage' has been reduced by 792801.]

Kells' servants burst out like balloons that were poked with needles.

Even 20% of Kells' vitality was drained, and no normal NPC had survived, so it made sense that the regular undead stood no chance against them.

And at last.

Remir's wide-range skill which was going to be the last mark for the battle had exploded.


The remaining survivors of the army of Kells' were annihilated.


It took only three minutes for the undead in a higher 300 level and below 400 level warlocks to be wiped out from the map.

And Kells who was all alone in the end wasn't able to hold himself any longer.

Although there wasn't much vitality left, there was no way he could go against Ian and Yu Shin in the combat.

Although the level of the warlock Kells was 440, the class warlock class vulnerable to close combat, and as he had only cast magic to protect himself, it would take time to cast for an attack spell, but that wouldn't happen.

"Keuuk…! You'll get the deserved…!"

With a chirping voice, he spoke something and disappeared with smoke.

The worried face of Kells, seeing that Yu Shin and Ian has thumped each other.

He hadn't thought that battle would be so tough to win, but he hadn't imagined that it would end in such a short time.

It was the same with Remir, who was admiring it.

'To think and use the polymorph like this…'

From the beginning till the end, a perfect design with no flaws.

Starting with the timing of polymorphing of Bbookbbook and Karceus, everything was a well-written play.

And the chat window wasn't slowing down either.

- Kya…! They just got the 440 something warlock right?

- It's so crazy. No matter how strong those rankers are, how can the battle be ended so quickly?

- UwU really crazy! I honestly thought that the Kells was at the level of 440 and thought that Ian and his party would be out…

- Oh. I thought that Ian's party wasn't well made. But now, the important thing is that Ian got the 440 level named monster.

- Well? Then what is so important?

- The process of battle is important. That was an awesome play. I'm the only one who sees it.

- It was moving too fast and I didn't know who to follow. Can someone explain while putting it into a comment?

- Yeah. Someone explain it! I didn't understand much from the game.

The scenario viewing mode was open to all the users of the Korean servers who were playing the Kailan.

Which was why even the novice players who weren't even interested in the rankers began to watch the video.

The top rankers, and specifically the beginners admired the battle and splendor of Ian, and the high-level users of the Kailan who had good game sense complimented Ian for the plan he had laid out.

- Once the Hargasus descends, the casting time was over 3 minutes and to cast the soul decay through Hoonie, is not a human.

- That too. But I honestly didn't see the polymorph crushing the corridors as the map was too inefficient for using it in battle. All the walls were covering the space to battle, so it was a useless structure for wide-area skills.

- Right. I was curious as to why Hoonie was made to cast the Soul Decay and then waited for the Breath of the Dragons. That was why he was trying to take the numerous undead that was all devastated by the fire of the dragon. That Soul Recall, this is really dope.

- Keu, Praise Ian God!

Normally, the Undead had both weak strength and defense.

However, when the Undead were all together, it was more difficult—the reason was the regenerative power they had.

If a master level warlock had used the 'Soul Absorb' skill continuously to back them up, then the vitality of him would fall down.

Absorbing the souls was one of the representative skill for the warlock class, in which the enemy could breathe in life for the Undead, even with a little vitality.

Because of it, Ian had managed to neutralize the situation while taking down the powerful Undead.

No matter how good the regenerative power was, there was no way to take them down in a single strike.

After all, the battle was completed and Ian who had recalled the soul of Hoonie had now scattered into the air as the duration was done.

The spot where Kells had died a white light began to bloom.


Ian's gaze was fixed right there.

Yu Shin spoke with an interested voice,

"What is that? Are we going to hear any other related quest?"

Just when he was done saying it, a system message had come up in front of the three people.


[You have successfully defeated the minion of Richie King Chalian's warlock 'Kells'.]

[The ones who have been kept trapped here by Kells have been released.]

[With the ones released from the underground, the Luspel Empire has regained its strength.]

[Fame increased by 150,000.]

From the corner, a bright light began to shine and the loyalists of the Empire who were the corpses on the floor had begun to regain life.

Right then,

From the body of Kells the white light had settled down and a skeleton had formed on top of it.


From the mouth of the skull came out a loud voice.

[How dare you interfere in the grand scheme of the Chalian…!]

That was just for a moment.

The skull had disappeared with them being the only words.

And a big iron door that was in the deepest part of the floor had begun to move with a thumping sound.

Remir was the one to speak now.

"There seems to be someone trapped in there?"

"Well, same NPC related to the Luspel Empire?"

Ian moved toward the door which was still pounding.



With a huge sound, the iron door broke by itself with three shadows walking out from it.


With blood scattered here and there, a silver armor that was already in rags.

But the moment Ian saw the golden griffin embroidered on their armor's abdomen and shoulders, the identity was known.

"The chief of Knights."

They were the chiefs of the knights who had led the Knights of the Luspel Empire in the past.

Ian checked at the faces, but unfortunately, Helliem wasn't in them.

The three people who Ian had discovered moved to the front of Ian.

Ian tried to shake the hand of the man who was walking ahead of the three, but he was shocked the next moment.

But the system had deprived him of the control, and his hands didn't move at his own free will.

An unexpected situation had unfolded.


All three knights were kneeling in front of Ian at the same time.

"God, the chief of knights Rotherham is pleased to meet Ian of the Lotus."

"God, the chief knights of Soknia, Larson is pleased to meet you."

"And I! The chief of the Colton Knights, Rafael is pleased to meet you Ian the great."

The three knights who had kneeled before Ian were all saying the same thing, it was almost like they were the ambassadors of something.

But then, not just the three knights but all the other refugees who were released were on the ground, kneeling.

Half of them were the knights of the empire, some were the wizards of the empire, and the remaining ones were the normal soldiers.

On the wall, was the torch that was flickering in and out giving a subtle light.

And Ian who was at the center of it, his face was flashing with a red light.

And the sight of the knelt loyalists of the empire was in front of him.

This sight was enough for the users to get goosebumps.

After a while.

The strange silence was broken as Ian had opened his lips.

"You should all hear this."

A heavy voice had left Ian's mouth, and the whole dungeon had turned silent.

Everyone in the area was waiting for the next words that Ian would say, and so were the users who were viewing the video.

The chat window which had been constantly moving stopped at that very moment.


To be precise, it was Ian's AI who was speaking.

"If you guys follow me, Ian of the Lotus… I will promise to give you the glory that you had in the rule of the Emperor Serius."

At those words from Ian, the knight's eyes began to shine.

But that wasn't the end of Ian's words.

"However, the name of my empire…"

This time it was Ian's eyes that were shining.

"… will be Lotus and not Luspel."


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