Taming Master | Chapter 385 | Soul Recall | Part 3

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Chapter 385 - Soul Recall - Part 3


The battle video between Kells and Ian's party was 20 minutes long.

The duration of the actual battle video was shorter, it was around 10 minutes or less, yet the video went wild having an explosively large amount of views.

All the users who were playing the game at that time stopped to watch the video, and users who couldn't catch the live video watched it on the official website.

As many people began to see the video, the video turned into a huge topic even among users who weren't playing Kailan.

"Hey! Have you seen this video? Is this the trailer of a movie?"

"Movie, what the hell? That's a video of Kailan's play."

"Kailan? Are you talking about the virtual reality game, Kailan?"

"Yeah. That Kailan."

Thanks to that, the LB company's publicity team had a growing desire to work harder.

"Kay, there's no need to produce the promotional video separately. I think the clarity of the video should be improved and maybe edit it a little bit?"

"I think so too. Then team leader, maybe we can go to the public relation team's workshop next week?"

"Haha, I like that! if we can get this video edited by this week, then we can go to the workshop and get the payment next week!"

However, they needed to pay Ian in order to directly use Ian's video for promotional purposes.

They were not paying Ian less but not too much either.

The profit they made was enough for a business to survive if the amount of publicity they got was converted into cash.

On the other hand, despite being employees of LB, there were a lot of them who were already sick of Ian.

Because of Ian, the direction of the episode changed entirely and now there was a need to make additional content as soon as possible.

Inside a room where the development team was, the design team and the planning team had darkened faces.



Inside the empty underground dungeon.

Blue energy resonated in the middle of that enormous underground dungeon.

That blue energy was the login effect.

"Phew, I was feeling sick of not being able to reconnect right away."

The person who had reconnected after all those series of events ended was none other than Hoonie.

"Huh, I have a lot to explain to Ian hyung, and I need to gather twice as much experience; I have a lot to do…!"

Hoonie suddenly gulped down and began to join his hands together to pray.

"Buddha. No, Mr. Immortal…! Please either give me a weapon or a quest!"

Hoonie's prayers seemed to have been heard.

After he was done praying, Hoonie opened his quest window right away.

'Former quest! Please be a former quest!'

Hoonie was praying internally while quickly swiping through the quest window.

However, he didn't see an 'N' anywhere in the quest window indicating that a new quest window had been created for Hoonie.


Hoonie was a bit disappointed but didn't lose hope.

'Well, my luck is usually bad at the beginning, but… it will be different this time. Hmm, how far can bad luck stick to a person anyway?'

The probability of Hoonie getting the reward that he wanted was 2/4.

Which was exactly 50%.

Since he had already confirmed that the former quest wasn't there, the probability now was 1/3.


Hoonie opened his inventory with his eyes closed.

After calming his mind, Hoonie finally decided to open his eyes to check his inventory.

He saw a golden box at the top of the item window.

"Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!"

Hoonie quickly checked the item information.

He smiled brightly upon seeing what he got.

[Myth Rank Weapon Box (Warlock Only)]

'Keu! A profession dedicated item! Awesome!'

Hoonie did a celebratory dance as he took the weapon box out of his inventory

He opened the weapon box since he was already excited to see the weapon he would get.

"Kay, Where… can I see the weapon that it contains?"

Hoonie smiled, and the look of anticipation could be seen on his face.

This was Hoonie's first myth class item, so he couldn't help but feel excited.

Right when Hoonie was about to open the item box.


A dark-colored smoke appeared in front of Hoonie, and it started to form a shape.


Hoonie who was flustered by this thing immediately closed the weapon box and put it back in his inventory. He still took up a battle stance even though he was nervous.

He was indeed worthy of being called a ranker with those reflexes of his.

'What is that? Are there still monsters left in here? I don't think that's it though.'

Hoonie was scared but he still tried to get a good look at the dark shadow.

However, he couldn't help but be surprised at what he saw.

'This…? Isn't this the guy who appeared after Kells died?'

A white light came out from Kells after his death.

The shadow that came out in front of Hoonie was the same skeleton shaped creature that appeared when Kells died.

The creature began to speak after a moment of silence.

[I feel like we are the same. I feel like I'm very familiar with you.]

Hoonie assessed his current situation he was in.

It wasn't like he was supposed to fight this monster, and he couldn't even see the creature's level when he tried to check its name.

Hoonie decided to talk to this creature after he was done thinking.

"Kuek, That definitely could be. You're also a Monarch of Darkness. Aren't you?"

The shadow replied,

[Monarch of Darkness… that isn't me. I am just a part of it.]

Hoonie lifted his hood slightly back with his hands and spoke with a very arrogant look.

"Ahh, there is something you have that I need… don't be scared and just tell me. I don't look like it, but I'm actually a good guy."

If someone else heard that, their hands and feet would have shriveled with embarrassment. Hoonie was actually also surprised with what was coming out of his mouth.

Surprisingly, the shadow agreed to what Hoonie was saying and said,

[The energy that I feel from you child is surely the Energy of Darkness... and it's not normal. So nice, let's make a deal.]

A quest window suddenly appeared in front of Hoonie the moment the shadow was done talking.

- - - - -

- Richie King Chalian's Proposal (Hidden) (Dual) –

Richie King Chalian, as a part of his proposal, he planted a part of his soul in Kells' heart—the Black Magician/Warlock.

Richie King Chalian lent his power to Kells, and at the same time allowed him to monitor Kells.

However, because of Kells' untimely death, the pieces of Richie King Chalian's soul were isolated here in the underground dungeon.

Richie King Chalian wants you to go and find a piece of this soul.

If you accept his proposal, he will tell you the fastest way to become a 'Richie Mage'.

However, you could not take the path of the Richie Mage if you're an Immortal of the Empire.

If you take the path of the Richie Mage, the power and magic of the Immortal will lose its light since you will be gaining the power of pure darkness.

You have to choose now.

If you want to gain the power of the Richie Mage, then accept this proposal. If you want to keep the power of the Immortal, then destroy his soul.

Quest Difficulty: S/SSS

(Difficulty of the quest depends on the choice of the user.)

Quest Condition:

Level 300 Warlock or higher.

Discovery of the soul pieces of Richie King Chalian.

User with 'The Underground Jungle Exploration' quest in progress.

Time Limit: None.


'Richie Mage' former quest/'Lord of Commander' quest

(The reward of the quest will vary depending on the choice of the user.)

- - - - -

Hoonie who was contemplating while reading the quest's information window smiled wickedly


Ian returned to the Kingdom after completing the quest. He also took his newly acquired NPCs as servers of the Kingdom.

At first, he wanted to register them as his retainers, but it seemed like they weren't that efficient.

Whether they were the servers of the Kingdom or Ian's personal retainers was no different once they were registered for the Kingdom even other users would be able to issue them orders.

As for Ian who didn't have much to do, having too many retainers would be a burden.

"Chalian's necklace…. Should I give this to Hoonie?"

After completing Louisei's quest, Ian obtained an item called 'Chalian's necklace'.

It was expensive since it was a legendary class necklace, but he decided to give it to Hoonie.

Even though he didn't need to, he felt guilty for PKing him.

"Well, I will give it to him if he contacts me."

If Ian would just check his friend's list, he would've seen that Hoonie was already online. However, Ian was a user who rarely opened his friend's list.

He also had too much work to do.

The new linked quest he received from Louisei had to be done right away. There were also places he had to visit.

Ian pulled out the Dimensional Beads from his inventory after a long time.

He opened the portal and teleported to a different place.


In the 107th division, the Institute of Cervian.

Ian who had arrived at the lab after a long time was welcomed by Cervian.

"Oh oh, Ian! It's been so long. That is too much. Why don't you visit here more often? An old man staying in an institute all alone, think about this old man once in a while."

Ian laughed at what Cervian said.

"If you're so bored, then will you take me back as your student? I don't usually say stuff like this you know?."

"Haha! I can't do that. I've already taught you everything, but I suppose not everyone can feel satisfied like me."

"You don't have to put things that way."

Ian felt like Cervian didn't like to teach him anymore.

However, Cervian really thought that he wouldn't feel satisfied with anyone else anymore after he took Ian in.

'Where will I ever find another kid who can improve so much just by looking at my research findings.'

Cervian was convinced that he would never have a student who could do better than Ian, within humans or the Devildom.

"You have come here because of the egg that you left behind right?"

"Yep! That's right. Can I pretend that you are my teacher and teach me again."

"Haha, come this way."

Ian followed Cervian to a room located deeper in the lab.

The inside of the room was really hot, and it was filled with a raging fire.

"Uhh, I come here often, but I'm still not used to it till now."

Cervian couldn't help but laugh and nod in agreement in response to Ian's grumbling.

"Well, if it's going to make you feel better, even Asmodians have a hard time enduring the heat here."

Ian looked around the room.

Various eggs of Magical Beasts were displayed in the room and were engulfed with red devil energy.

The Magical Beasts' eggs were different from normal monsters' eggs. Their color varied depending on their kind. Which was why the appearance of the eggs was different.

At the corner of the room, the eggs that Ian entrusted to Cervian were on display.

Cervian saw the change in Ian's expression.

"Uhm… that Behemoth's egg, there hasn't been any changes to it yet."

Cervian nodded with a wry smile.

"Yeah. I still haven't found a way to hatch a legendary grade egg. I know the specific materials needed in order to hatch it, but… I'm can't find them."

There were three green eggs on display, with a red burning flame around them.

Ian scratched the back of his neck while looking at the egg which still had its glass-like texture.

"It would be nice if the Behemoth could produce a myth class familiar."

Cervian laughed in response to what Ian said and replied,

"Haven't you already succeeded in making a myth rank from your Beast Alchemy?"

"Are you talking about Grrr?"

"Yeah, I am. I haven't been successful in Beast Alchemy since Khalifa. I was really proud of myself when I succeeded in making that magnificent beast."

Ian just squatted in front of the Behemoth's egg.

He looked at the eggs and said after carefully looking at them.

"Although Grrr is an exceptional one, I wanted to use these guys with my skills…"

Ian experimented with a lot of legendary monsters that he found in Devildom's dimension.

From the Balrog to the Traveros to the Devil dragon.

He hunted all the legendary monsters that were in the 10th division of the Devildom and was randomly experimenting with their soul stones.

However, there was one soul stone that he couldn't get—it was the Behemoth's soul.

He couldn't find a Behemoth apart from the one in the tower.

Cervian nodded with a stern look in response to Ian's murmuring.

"Don't worry so much. I'll try to figure out how to hatch those eggs."

"Thank you so much, Cervian. If it's you, I know that you'll find a way for sure."

Cervian laughed because of what Ian said. He then sat on a chair and wiped off his sweat.

"Phew, It would be nice if those eggs would hatch soon or if there are any records about them I could find, but there aren't…"


Ian immediately stood up as if something had gone through his mind.


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