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Chapter 386 - Egg of the Magical Beast - Part 1


'Yeah, that's right… there is another legendary egg!'

A red egg started to take shape in Ian's mind.

That red egg had a similar structure to that of the Behemoth's egg. Both eggs were so similar that anyone would confuse the two.

In the past, Ian gave the red egg to gripper in exchange for a Magic Power Charger.

Ian forgot about it, but he thought that maybe the legendary beast egg hatched already.

'Did Gripper find a way to hatch the egg?'

Ian was really eager to know what happened to the egg.

He wanted to go back to the Human's dimension right away.

"Cervian, I need to go right away."

"You haven't been here that long! You stay for a week or so every time you come here…"

"There is something really urgent that I need to do. But for the time being, look after my egg."


Ian went out of the lab without even hearing out Cervian was about to say

His destination was the Dimensional Tower in the eastern end of the continent.


White, black and grey.

The scenery looked like it was a photo from the 80s. A huge silver tower was standing on the ground.

The desolate tower was surrounded by a rocky gorge and snow. Around the tower were numerous skeletons which made the place's atmosphere more bizarre.

This forbidden area was between the northern and central continents.

The tower was opened when the new update was released. Users still had not discovered this desolate tower.

The reason why users still had not discovered the tower was because its position in the map was unusual.

This giant tower was the landmark of the Richie King Chalian.

"Keuk, who is this warlock that dared reject the offer of the great Chalian…"

There was a man sitting inside the giant magical tower wearing a dark robe.

The dark-robed man was giving out a dreary aura all over his body.

While having a painful expression, he grabbed his heart after putting his hands through his boney body.

"Huhu, for one to recover the fragments of the lost souls… I won't be able to move for another week."

The man's—Chalian—eyes were gleaming, and in those eyes was a hint of anger.

"How dare… KanjiHoonie. The choice that he made today, I'll make you regret it."

No one except the Master Immortal had ever tried to oppose Chalian till today.

No, even the Immortal didn't go against Chalian after he got the power of the Richie King.

But now, a human warlock with no particular reason turned his offer down.

He couldn't help but feel rage upon thinking about the time he wasted.


Chalian lifted his hands.

The crisp cold air started to swirl from his hands.


Chalian's cold and brisk voice rang inside the tower.

With black smoke rising in front of him, five shadows rose in front of him from the floor.

From the ones that appeared, a shadow in the middle slowly moved forward and kneeled before Chalian.

A man with a bizarre breastplate and a halberd.

"You called, our king."

He was a Death Knight who was reborn from the power of Richie King.

Chalian slowly rose from his throne.

He then said while having a fear-inducing expression on his face,

"The war has begun."

Chalian's eyes turned red.

"Gather together all the fragments of the souls that are scattered."

The Death Knight—Kamorel—responded,

"I will take on this request with pride."


On a lush green garden.

A breathtaking place filled with rich grass and blooming flowers of various colors; the place looked like heaven.

At the center of the garden, a beautiful dragon was sitting down.

The azure light reflected from this mysterious creature's scales.

Phrrrr- Phrrrrrr-!

The creature was sleeping very soundly.


The sparkling eyes of the dragon opened.

Mixed energy of some sort woke him from his sleep.


The dragon looked around.

The dragon felt the intensity of this mixed energy; it was something he hadn't felt before.

Someone who wasn't his 'master' entered the garden.


As the dragon flew toward the blue sky, his whole body glimmered in blue.

Anyone who would've seen this magnificent being would surely have their mouths wide opened.

He opened his wings and moved toward the dimensional tower.

The dragon needed to do one thing to get good food and bask himself with sunlight according to his 'master'.


There was a kennel for Gripper's beast at the back of the Dimensional Tower of the Kingdom.

It was the breeding ground where Ian made monsters that he brought back from Arnovel Empire, and Gripper was still operating that kennel.

Gripper who was feeding Haliken was very pleased to see Ian.

"Oh well, who could this be, if it isn't the hero who had won the Dimensional War! Ian the Savior! He has come all this way to this shabby place, I should be considering this as an honor."

Ian laughed while looking at Gripper who still hadn't lost his touch of the world.

Ian's affinity with Gripper reached the maximum a long time ago. That was why he was used to hearing such comments from him.

"Haha, Ian the Saviour, I'm not that anymore."

Gripper couldn't help but open his wrinkled eyes upon hearing those words.

"Huh, then? Have you attained the title for establishing the Kingdom?"

Ian grinned and responded,

"Bingo. You're right. We have done it right away."

Gripper was a bit surprised but wasn't too shaken upon hearing the news.

"Oh, shit, which means the empire was ruined."

"That was what happened."

Gripper couldn't help but laugh.

He looked over at Ian with a faint smile.

"I remember the first time that I met you, Ian. You were just a beginner… but you've become something else now. Hoho."

Gripper was nothing but a commoner.

The empire gave him a noble status in the past. However, it was nullified because the empire was destroyed.

Gripper didn't belong to the common category though.

He is the mediator of the dimensions, which was why his status in the world was meaningless.

That was why he still talked casually to Ian even though he knew that Ian was a King now.

"By the way, why is it that you're in need of this old man? A busy person like you wouldn't come here for no reason."

Ian nodded and went straight to his point.

It felt nice that Gripper was talking to him like he always did.

"Ah, it isn't something else… Gripper, do you remember that red magical beast egg that I had given to you?"

Gripper nodded and laughed in response to Ian's question.

"Of course, how can I forget that egg? I remember it very clearly."

Ian gulped and said,

"Then maybe… about that egg. Did you succeed in hatching it?"

Ian's gaze was on Gripper the whole time.

Ian was nervous since his long-awaited wish would be fulfilled depending on Gripper's answer.

However, Gripper—instead of answering Ian's question—laughed and pointed his finger somewhere.

"It's on its way here."


"You... weren't you the one who found the egg."

"Yeah, I was."

Gripper laughed said,

"That egg you gave me, it is now flying towards here."


Ian became flustered upon hearing those words. He looked to the direction where Gripper was pointing to.

Both of his eyes went wide with what he saw.

A majestic azure dragon was flying at the place where Gripper was pointing to.

What felt more surprising was that, even though it was his first time seeing that dragon, there was a feeling that he had seen that magnificent creature somewhere many times before.

Ian focused on the flying dragon in order to see the information over his head.

[Selipa – Lv 125]

"Se… lipa?"

Gripper spoke with a cheerful voice upon hearing Ian's mumbling,

"Oh…! Finally! Someone recognized him! You sure are the best summoner on the continent!"

However, Ian wasn't even listening to whatever Gripper was saying.

The closer the dragon got, the more familiar it seemed to Ian, and his name—Selipa—made it too hard to miss.

Ian finally remembered where he saw a thing that was similar to Selipa.

'Khalifa…! It looks very similar to Marion Khalifa, right?! The scale type and color are the only things different, but his other features arethe same!'

Honestly, the dragon's name was so familiar that it was odd that Ian wasn't able to figure it out right away.

The only difference the two had was that the scales of Khalifa were rough and red, but Selipa had sparkling scales like a glass mirror.

Ian asked gripper while stuttering a bit,

"That one… is… is that the one that came out of the egg that I gave you…?"

Gripper confirmed it with a warm smile and pride on his face.

"Yeah. I've got such a beautiful beast with me all thanks to you. I don't feel so bored in the dimension tower because of him. He sometimes ate the monsters that I'm growing, but I don't mind it that much."

Ian's stomach started to hurt more and more!

Ian ignored his foresight and asked Gripper once again,

"That guy… what's his rank?"

Gripper chuckled while looking at the dragon.

"Hoho, it was the egg that you gave me, I'm sure that you can get a rough guess…"


Selipa who flew to Gripper's side looked at Ian.

Prrr- Prrrng-!

Gripper stroked Selipa's head with a warm look and spoke,

"Our Selipa is a myth grade Magical Beast."

Ian was almost on the verge of crying upon hearing what Gripper said.


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