Taming Master | Chapter 387 | Egg of the Magical Beast | Part 2

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Chapter 387 - Egg of the Magical Beast - Part 2


The final boss of the Dimensional War, the most powerful of all the boss monsters that had appeared so far—the Marion Khalifa.

It wasn't the Khalifa, but the appearance was like the one of a twin-myth class creature, and that was the most shocking part.

And the Khalifa was a boss monster that had appeared in the story-line with the progress of the main story.

Even if the Selipa was the twin of the Khalifa, it couldn't possess the same strength as the Khalifa.

Nevertheless, the beauty of the figure was enough to make Ian crumble.

The egg which hadn't even changed for an inch in the hands of Ian was now a beautiful creature.

'Keuk, my stomach… hurts… it hurts... sob.'

Honestly, even if he could go back in time, Ian would once again exchange the egg for the Magical power dimension charger.

The benefit that he had got from the exchange was enormous, and the scale of a myth rank was hard to compare with it.

Nevertheless, he couldn't help but feel sick.

"The beast… is pretty."

"Hoho, you think so?"

Gripper was having a happy laugh!

Ian felt very bad for the day that had come.

With pleading eyes he asked Gripper,


"Uh? What's with that look?"

Suddenly, Ian spoke with a loud voice,

"Can you share some of the information on Selipa?"

He knew that he would be more hurt if he sees the information window, but he couldn't help but be curious about the information of a myth rank beast.

And Gripper just nodded.

"Well, it isn't so difficult to do. And if not, you're still the one who gave it, which makes you curious about it, and you should be."

In front of Ian's eyes came the information window of Selipa which was shared instantly.

'The Dimension Enchanter 'Gripper' has shared the information of the magical beast.'

And Ian began to read the emerging messages from the information window without leaving out a single detail.

'Level 125, attack power 3274, defense of 2188, and Agility of 1256 with the Intellect 1975.'

Ian made a quick note of its combat abilities and also of the unique abilities that it possessed.

'Uhmm… most of the unique abilities are the supporting ones. Since it is a dragon it has the 'Breath'… and the count is enormous.'

The more information he saw, the more he wanted to take Selipa!

However, something scared Ian.

It was because, with the ability of Selipa, he had calculated the growth value of it.

'What? Why is the growth so low? It's worse than the legendary Ly and Bbakbbak.'

The growth rate means the average value of growing the combat ability of a magical beast for 1 level up.

For example, if one had a growth rate of 50, then one would get an average of 50 for each of the combat abilities with the climb of a level.

The current level for the legendary monsters that Ian owned was around 70.

Even the myth ranked Karceus and Bbookbbook had the growth of 90, but the growth rate of Selipa was just over 60, which was why he was puzzled.

'What is this? The pattern is only half to that of an actual myth rank…? But that can't be.'

At the unforeseen things, Ian was surprised.

But after trying to beat around the bushes of his brain, Ian quickly realized the reason.

'The potential power…! That was the problem. Gripper didn't even train him! No, saying that he raised it is a bit too much. The problem isn't the level of training, there wasn't a basic level of training at all?'

Even if one didn't use the training skills or train hem, when a summoner takes a pet to the battle, that would result in the increase of the potential of the pet.

But in the case of Selipa, it was clear that he had grown 'fine' until the level of 125.

Like some wild beasts, it just grew with monsters that were around the place.

In the case of humans, a person with an IQ of more than 160 was taken and placed into a scheduled school curriculum!

Ian couldn't help but sigh at it.


And due to that, the dream of Selipa had disappeared, and the sad reality had hit the 'Taming Master'.

Ian looked over at Gripper again.

A little difference in the eyes, something vague to point out.

"Gripper, why did you have to raise him like this."

At those words from Ian, Gripper couldn't help but raise his eyes.

"Uhm? Is something wrong, is there some problem without Selipa?"

Even Selipa who was seated next to him wailed.

Prrrng- Prng-!

Ian approached Gripper with his head down.

And took a hold of his hands.

"Gripper, come this way and see."


"I didn't normally plan to do this, but I'll have to give a lesson."

"A lesson? A lesson for what?"

"You'll know if you look."

Ian dragged Gripper into the dimensional tower.

And the lecture started right away.


"Oh oh…! Oho!"

"That is what potential is…"

"Keu, that is!"

"That is how it should be…"

"Well! You sure are great!"

Ian's lecture had begun with the correlation between the potential power and the innate power—and continued for a while.

The differences in the gender; the effects of increasing those combat abilities in the battle.

Ian's mouth was spewing out expert words.

Not being a summoner, that could've been a boring topic for him, but Gripper's eyes were shinning the whole time.

"That's really shocking…! Wow! There is such a disciplined manner in fostering monsters!"

For Gripper who was a born scholar, the upbringing of the monsters by Ian was very captivating.

Glancing over at Gripper who was busy taking down notes, Ian sighed.

"I feel like you should raise it right from now on. How do you think it would feel like to raise such an amazing one like this. It has already reached the level of 125, but the damage of growth is too much."

At those words from Ian, Gripper smiled brightly.

"Kuhk, now that I know, I'm under thought if I should re-raise it back. Maybe I should raise it from the beginning. From what I just learned from you, I will raise it better than ever."


Those words from Gripper made Ian confused.

He couldn't understand the words.

"How do you re-raise from the beginning?"

Gripper just spoke the same words again.

"Like I said. I wonder if I should raise it from level 1."


"A long while back, there was an item that I made for fun."

Gripper who had moved through the corner of his lab came back with a capsule that was like a pill.

And he showed the information.

"Here, see this."

- - - -

Recurring Pills –

Classification -Miscellaneous

Rank – Hero

A huge leap made out of the ancient alchemy.

If the pill is swallowed, the target will return to the stage that it was first created.

In the presence of the skill, all of them would disappear and will revert back to the 1st level.

Humans and humanoid species can't use this.

- - - -

Ian checked the information about the item.

"Why do you even make such an item?"

"Uhm… some dangerous shelled monster with such curiosity will eat it…"


Ian could help but have cold sweat.

The moment he said that Ian thought of Bbookbbook.

'I do not want to summon Bbookbbook in front of Gripper.'

If Bbookbbook eats that item, then a terrible disaster will happen for Ian.

It was very tough to evolve him to the myth rank and develop him.

Which was why it was terrifying.

But at the same time, it was an item that could come in handy someday.

'Someday, when I find a worthy tamable monster, I'll catch and feed it with this.'

No normal user will think of going back to level 1, but for a perfectionist like Ian, it was a possible idea.

After completely teaching Gripper, Ian decided to get into the matter.

The reason that he had made a visit to the dimensional tower after a long time was...

"Gripper, I have a request."

"Request? Say what it is. I will listen to you and then give you whatever I can to help you. Having heard the interesting lecture, I need to reward you for it."

Gripper's answer made Ian smile.

It wasn't an intentional act, but it looked like telling him about the pets had solved the problem for Ian.

Ian spoke again,

"It isn't much, about Selipa. How did you hatch it…? Just wondering about the process."


"No… I'm asking about how Chalian needs to be killed? It is a quest of SSSSS difficulty? Quadra S Penta S…?"

A dual quest was given to Hoonie in the catacombs.

According to the choice of the user, and Hoonie's was the dual quest, which was given for rejecting the offer from Chalian.

He had destroyed the soul of Chalian.

And for Hoonie, this was a normal choice.

Although the class of 'Monarch of Darkness' was attractive than the 'Richie King', the problem that he had to stand against Ian if took the later one, which made him decide it.

'I have no intention of dealing with that hyung, I'd rather catch the Richie King.'

In the Hidden Episode, he watched Ian control his soul, which made him even more terrified of him.

The control was amazing as always, but he noticed that Hoonie was going to betray him in the shortest time.

So Hoonie chooses the more than Triple S difficulty without any hesitation and would rather defeat the Chalian.

As the quest went more than triple S for the difficulty, the power needed for the quest would be much stronger, and Hoonie could deal with it.

But the problem was something else.

The Quest that was changed to killing Chalian, from the 'The Former Quest of the Monarch'.

It was the quest that needed Richie King to be captured.

It was a hunt to catch the Richie King as an opponent, and it was now changed to killing Chalian.

Hoonie had already encountered Chalian in the Devildom, and the level of Richie King Chalian was of level 500.

'Hu… it was a triple S quest and we could barely run away…'

In the quest 'Escape from the Commander of Tower', he clearly remembered running away from Chalian with Ian.

A level 500 monster.

Not the normal monster, but was a boss monster.

He wasn't even sure how to catch it.

But the Penta S seemed like an understatement for the difficulty level.

Hoonie opened the quest once again with the intention to examine its contents once again.

He was hoping that there might be a clue in it.

- - - - -

Deterrent for Richie King Chalian's Ambition (Hidden) –

Richie King Chalian has the desire to spread darkness to the human world and build an Empire of Darkness.

He plans to not use the souls of the dead, but also of the spirits that are alive, and to enhance his power by turning them into Undead.

His secondary goal is to absorb numerous souls and gain the power of infinite darkness and attain eternal life, similar to a divine being.

However, it is contrary to the will of the five gods who defend the balance of the human world, and thus, the plan of Chalian which is against the will of the Immortal.

The balance of the human world must not collapse with the dead, and the long-lasting symbiosis with the Dark Lord.

If you manage to defeat Chalian and his ambition, you will be able to inherit the remaining powers of the Immortal and become a genius.

Let's kill Richie King, and let the Immortal live on.

Quest Difficulty: SSSSS

Quest Condition:

A warlock of level 350 or higher.

The rejection of the soul of Richie King Chalian.

The user who succeeds in getting the ability of Immortal.

Time Limit: 60 days

Rewards: Existing 'Tower of Commander'.

- - - - -

"Hmm? I'm not sure how to do it."

It was the content that could be understood with just one read, but the problem was that the answer for it couldn't be seen even when reading several times.

If there was no time limit, then he could have thought of getting stronger by doing something, but raising more than 100 levels in 60 days was impossible.

"Uh… should I have just taken the 'Richie Mage' quest…? With a little luck, maybe the quest can be cleared with help from Ian hyung…"

Hoonie was just staring at the quest window.

But then.

Suddenly some sentences came in front of Hoonie's eyes.

'Contrary to the will of the five gods who defend the harmony and balance of the human world.'

'If it is a violation of the will of the Gods…?'

Hoonie's eyes were fixed on it.

Somehow, he felt like that was the solution for it.


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