Taming Master | Chapter 390 | A Plot in the Dark | Part 2

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Chapter 390 - A Plot in the Dark - Part 2


"Oh oh…! Sir! One more user had been added to the new content's quests! Please come over quickly!"

"Oh, really? Who is it? Is this the third one?"

Inside the Planning Team 3's monitoring room.

Na Ji-chan, who was promoted to a supervisor, was an indispensable member of all the planning teams.

Every time they encountered a problem, he made sure to solve it using ingenious methods, which was why he was a key member of all the planning teams.

Yoon Ji-young was a new employee who became a huge admirer of Na Ji-chan.

'I'll definitely have a super-fast promotion if I stick with you sir…!'

Yoon Ji-young began to explain the situation as soon as Na Ji-chan entered the room.

"Look at Sector C Screen 17, sir. That woman, Levya the priest class ranker. Do you see it, sir?"

"Oh ho, yeah. If this is so… then Ian, Hoonie and the one after them is?"

"It looks like that sir."

While looking at the screen that Yoon Ji-young was pointing at, Na Ji-chan couldn't help but feel happy.

'The new content—The Underworld—is finally going to open.'

Till now, the Kailan planning team had been working so hard every time whenever Ian step foot into new content.

He always moved in a direction that the team would least expect, even to contents which weren't fully ready.

'It's nice that rankers are the ones to open it. I'll have to move faster. I have been holding this off for almost a year.'

The Underworld was upon the ranked users.

It was going almost 90% in the way the planning team was expecting.

Ian getting a clue from Gripper to go to the Underworld was a special case scenario which they hadn't foreseen, but they weren't so thrown off by it.

"Huhu, everyone will be in trouble this time."

Yoon Ji-young who was right next to Na Ji-chan was confused. She then asked,

"Trouble? Are you saying that the rankers will have a hard time entering the Underworld?"

Na Ji-chan nodded.

"Right. Not considering all the other things for once, the Richie King Chalian is too strong right now."

"Oh! However, if the rankers are all gathered and if the Lotus Guild mobilized a Guild Raid, then wouldn't that be enough to catch him?"

"You think so?"

Yoon Ji-young responded while nodding his head.

"Yes, sir. Until now, whenever ranked users joined forces, they have been able to take down boss monsters which were over 100 levels higher than them. The top-ranked users have already climbed to level 350. Even if it is a little tough if they decide to put in their all, won't they be able to catch a boss monster that's level 500?"

It was a reasonable assumption.

However, Na Ji-chan shook his head in response.

"If the 'Richie King Chalian' is just a level 500 boss monster, then that's possible. But Chalian isn't a boss monster who can be judged just by his level alone."


"Hehe, you should be. I can't let you know more since the system isn't done yet, but…"

Na Ji-chan looked over at the screen.

On the screen was a beautiful woman that reminded him of a pure angel with elegant white wings.

'If the rankers rush to the Richie King, they will be massacred. No matter how great Ian's control is, it will be impossible to do it.'

Na Ji-chan grinned.

'In Kailan's world and environment. The most perfect content—Underworld—has opened up.

This is going to be better than the Dimensional War with the Devildom.'


The vast land of the human dimension where the users were currently playing the game was divided into the northern and southern continent.

The Malacca Continent—the northern side—which wasn't fully explored or exploited yet, and the Colonial Continent in the South, which had been the major site for users since the beginning of Kailan.

The southern continent was divided into three parts.

A huge desert that occupied the center of the continent.

The place many referred to as the 'Central Continent' was in the middle of the east and west of the southern continent.

In the early days, the central continent was a place which no one approached.

But now that the central continent was fully explored, the mystery that shrouded the Colonial Continent disappeared.

There were still some unknown lands though.

One of them was a place in the north which was in between the northern continent and the central continent—Malacca.

It was an area that was marked on the world map, but there was no known point of entry there. A place still under the veil.

Heavy footsteps could be heard in this wild wasteland which was different from a desert where no user had ever set foot.

"This is utter hell…"

In a pure white dress with silver embroidery.

A priest class user, with a high leveled gear, was climbing a steep mountain trail.

She was none other than Levya.

Right next to her was a man, who was in heavy metal armor, walking beside her.

On the armor was a luxurious design engraved in a gold pattern, a contrast to what the woman was wearing.

He was an unofficial ranker of the Knight class.

The two people, with ten retainer NPCs behind them, were moving ahead.

"We're going all over the place. Is this really the right place Levya?"

Levya nodded in response to what Romur said and replied,

"Of course. We will see the temple of the goddess Ernesis a little further ahead."

"When this quest is over, will you help me out with my quest?"

"Okay, you just asked me that a while back you know? Have you ever seen me not keep my promise?"

The two bickered while they climbed the mountain and defeat the enemies that came before them.

The level of the monsters in the mountain was almost level 400.

However, since all of them were undead monsters, it was an easy opponent for the priest class user Levya.

Her main weapon—the skills which used the divine series—gave hellish damage to the undead.

Kukung- kung-!

A pure white light fell to the ground that turned level 415 Skull Gargoyles into ash.

Romur laughed and collected the items that were dropped by the gargoyles.

"Keu, this is the experience we get for killing them? Levya, can we not go hunting anymore?"

"Shut up, Romur."

Levya kept looking around after she dismissed what Romur said.

According to the coordinates, they should be near where the temple of Ernesis was located.

While looking around, Leviya's eyes suddenly went big.

"Romur! Come this way!"

Levya began to move at a high speed while floating in the air.

Anyone who saw how fast she was moving would think that she was a magician.

Levya was a priest class user, flying magic wasn't something that a priest could learn.

It was merely a 'high-speed flight', a unique ability of Levya's boots.

"Ah! Let's go together, Levya!"

Romur was grunting while trying to catch up to Levya.

They were getting closer to the place that Levya saw.

A huge grey temple appeared in front of them.

The temple's color was supposed to be white, but one could wonder why such a light was radiating from it.

Levya, who was in the front, took something out.

It was a jewel with a whitish aura that would remind one of a diamond.

"Goddess Ernesis…"

The voice of Levya rang with a low tone.

The light from the jewel started to burn bright the very next moment.

Woong- Wooong-!

The light was spreading everywhere and was sucked into the top of the temple; a white figure appeared at the same time.

The white figure was so pure that it looked like snow appeared in the middle of a desert!

Levya and Romur watched the spirit that came up.


A refreshing breeze started to blow out of nowhere in the forsaken desert and began to circle around the temple of the goddess.

A calm and warm breeze—Wind's Beauty—which wasn't suitable for a desolate environment.

The white light on the temple came down right in front of Levya.

A heavenly woman walked right out of it out.

Her identity…

"The Goddess of light, Ernesis."

Levya looked at her for a moment and gently bowed her head as a sign of respect.

A small smile made its way onto the lips of the goddess.

The goddess then spoke,

[My child. You've come all this way to see me.]

The goddess' voice was as beautiful as her, like an oak on a silver tray.

Levya who was admiring her beauty tried to snap out of it.

She then opened her lips to answer the goddess.

No, she tried to talk.

But unfortunately, the system AI took over her character.

Being in control of the AI, Levya was now on the ground bending her knee as she began to address Ernesis.

"Yes, Lady Ernesis. It took me so long, but I finally found you."

Romur was just listening to the conversation that was happening between those two.

[You have done commendable work, and I thank you for finding my temple that was buried in this desolate place.]

"Not at all, Lady Ernesis. I did what any of your children would do."

[Good work, my child. Though I wouldn't prefer it, it feels like the power of darkness has been taking over.]


A warm breeze blew in once again around the temple.

However, this time it was moving slowly around Ernesis' shrine.

It began to touch the earth along with a warm light.

The desert changed and flowers started to bloom wherever the wind touches.

It was a truly spectacular sight.


Levya heard a familiar sound.

Tring -!

[The Goddess of Light, Ernesis has been found for the first time.]

[Fame has been increased by 300,000.]

[Divine power increased by 50,000 points, permanently.]

[The title 'Representative of the Goddess' has been acquired.]

System messages came up in front of Levya!

However, the messages didn't end there.

Once the personal messages were done, the world messages came up.

[The Goddess of Light—Ernesis—gave her blessing.]

[The Ulphir Plateau, that has been sealed with the energy of darkness will now begin to gain back its life.]

[A new God has come to defend the human world.]

[Once the Goddess Ernesis regains her strength, the "Ernesis Religion" will be made available as a Kingdom's state's religion.]

[Somewhere in Colonial Continent, a light dragon has been born.]

Ernesis then said after the messages stopped popping up.

[Levya, my child.]

"Yes, Goddess."

[Beyond Ulphir Plateau, powerful dark energy has been conceived on the land of the dead.]

"I understand, Goddess. Which is why I would like to borrow the power of the goddess. Give me the strength to overcome the seeds of darkness that will bring down the order and balance of the human world…"

Both Ernesis and Levya's gaze met.

After a while, the goddess red lips opened.

[I will give you my rings. With the power of light, defeat the Richie King Chalian and let me regain my strength that is currently sealed.]

Behind Levya, who was still on the ground, a white light began to shine.

Levya stood up and wings started to sprout from her back.

A line of system message emerged in front of Levya.


['Elimination of the Richie King Chalian' quest has been created.]


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