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Chapter 392 - A Strange Quest - Part 1


"Phew, is this the fifth fragment of the soul?"

"Hmm… I guess so. Our party has been attacked five times. In the whole server, it seems like it was around 13-15th."

A golden flag with an image of a Griffin embroidered, the symbol of the Lotus Guild.

Three people of men and women were under a conversation.

Ian and Herz along with Fiolan.

They have already been chasing after the single traces of Chalian for around a week.

"Fiolan, have you got no information from the other guilds or parties about Chalian?"

"Yes, we haven't got any."

"What about Helliem?"

"That too…"

Honestly, the quest is given by Louisie 'Elimination of the Chalian's Soul', which was a very beneficial one.

He was letting go of the other things, to get a huge contribution.

Although it differed a lot based on the level of difficulty and the individual participating, the quest for destroying the Chalian's Soul gave an average of 1 million contribution points.

Ian participated in all five parties and was able to record a very high contribution, he nearly had 7 million till the moment.

Once he was able to collect the contribution, he could exchange it for a 'myth class equipment box', which needed a huge amount of contribution.

However, Ian was frustrated.

'The contribution is good, but I just want to make some progress, that would be nice…'

There were two goals that Ian had to reach for the quest of Louisie.

Firstly, he had to find a clue about the whereabouts of Chalian.

And secondly, to go and find Helliem who was somewhere trapped by the minions of Chalian.

However, there was no progress with both of them, and it felt more frustrating that he had a huge contribution.

Ian once again asked Herz,

"Louisie, didn't give out any other quests?"

"Huh, nope. It was still the same; continue to destroy the soul fragments and rescue the empire hostages."

At the answer from Herz, Ian couldn't help but frown.

"Hmm… there is no progress."

Herz just responded to him.

"But we have no other way. In the middle of the catacombs, you won't be able to see anything else unless we continue to chase after the souls of Chalian, right?"

Ian nodded and responded,

"Yeah. That's right. Even then, it's so irritating. For the sake of the Episode to progress, there needs to be a clue…"

Fiolan entered the conversation.

"Well, how does it sound to take off the quest slowly, just until you fill out the ten million points?"

"Yeah. Fiolan is right. Let's gather it and look at the myth class equipment box, and think about the other things later."

Ian just scratched his head.

"Sh*t. In other words, there isn't another way?"

"Yes. There is no need to do it. So don't rush."

"Well okay. Should I look at the list of the next party?"

The three people talked for a while and made an outline of the guild party schedules in the future.

The name of the party was; "Party that Destroys the Soul Fragments of Chalian."

But the Lotus Guild members were simply referring to the party as 'Soul-destroying party'.

There was a reason for it to be called that way, but the party schedule had a closer reference to it when compared with the soul-destroying.

The Lotus Guild was continuing to rotate a 20 person pool-party, who barely had any time to rest.

There weren't many users who could keep up with the hard schedules, and all the members were on rotation except for Ian and Yu Shin.

[Ian: the 5th party schedule was just over, guys. Who is going to apply for the 6th one?]

The moment Ian's texts went up, the chats began to go wild.

[Liu: Oh-oh! It's Ian!]

[Kim Go-su: Oh sh*t! Ian is in the chat!]

[Kaies: Ian!! Are you going to chat again next month?! Please do this often!!!]

After the proclamation of the kingdom and the merge of the Fullios guild, the size of the Lotus Guild had gotten very huge.

The number of the guild members had currently been around 500.

Even then, there were people who didn't see Ian.

Ian rarely appeared in the chat window, and he didn't show up in the parties of the guild.

Even if there was a guild chat, Ian mostly used the chat window that was created separately for the head of the group.

Which was why, with just a single message from Ian, the chat was going wild.

[Clloban: Kay, everyone clam down. And stop chatting for a moment. First, we need to get the one who is ready for the Soul Destruction party.]

[Fiolan: Yes, everyone. Please let us know if there is anyone who wants to join the party! This location is a less difficult one, so we'll take those of level 300 or higher. For the Priest class, it is open to those from the level of 250!]

[Carwin: Scary, that Soul Destruction Party. It's a bloody thing.]

[Ricky: I agree, that is a scary party. Was it three times last week? It was like following the death experience one time after the other.]

Ian just said a word and went off again, eventually, it was Fiolan and Clloban who had to take the control, and soon the 6th party was filled.

Everyone knew how scary the party was, but the contribution they got was so great to let go.

Right when the members of the party were about to be formed.

A commotion rose once again, making the chat a mess once again.

[Leeruk: Herz, Fiolan! Just a moment ago the Kailan café (official café) got shut down!]

[Fiolan: What? What could be so huge?]

[Leeruk: A New raid boss was created in the Shikar desert! The name of the boss is Monarch of the Army. A level 450 and a myth class?]

[Herz: Hell, really? Crazy! A raid boss of a 450 level?]

[Leeruk: Yes. Besides, right before this bastard, the Chalian one was seen to be there. It was said that there were a few level 200 users in there and he swept them all off to go up the north.]

[Carwin: OMG, a myth ranking raid, isn't this the first time?]

[Ricky: Mmm? Wasn't the Marion Khalifa that we faced in the dimensional war a myth?]

[Carwin: Right. But it wasn't a raid monster. Khalifa was the scenario monster.]

[Ricky: Oh, that's right.]

In the Kailan, the 'Boss Monsters' were classified into three concepts.

1. The common boss monsters that every user wanted to catch.

2. Even with the same level, there are those which are stronger than the normal bosses and had tremendous vitality.

There is also a raid boss monster with the ability to drop the same type of items like the boss, regardless of the contribution.

3. Finally, a feel similar to the raid boss, but much more powerful, and the item acquisition method was similar to that of the normal boss monster.

The Marion Khalifa and Richie King Chalian were the third categories of the boss scenario, and all the other boss monster that Ian had hunted were mostly of the first one.

Ian had been in the second boss raid hunt, it was a real excruciating one.

So when he looked at the chat window, he couldn't help but frown.

"Ah, why does it have to be a raid boss?"

It wasn't that Ian couldn't catch any raid boss because he didn't find one.

He just plainly hated the participation in the raid, regardless of what the contribution was, as they would be given it equally, which Ian didn't like.

It was better to go against a raid boss in an instant dungeon with a small party; but this time—as the raid boss had made an appearance, he was going to sit it out.

The Raid Boss was a content that was made to block the rankers' monstrosity, and it wasn't something that Ian preferred.

But this time it was different.

It was obvious that he could get a clue about Chalian through this raid.

Fiolan asked Ian.

"What do you propose we should do, Ian? Don't you think we should cancel the 6th party and go to the raid?"

Ian couldn't help but grumble.

"Uh, I hate the raid so much. But maybe something good will come out of it…"

Herz couldn't help but grin while talking,

"Yeah, it's a myth class one. Don't you think it is better than the myth class equipment box?"

"With a probability of 0.1% of getting a myth class equipment. Wake up from the dream!"

"Bastard, even then... It can! Will you go or not?"

There was silence for a while.

Ian just sighed.

"I have to go, there is nothing I can do. I don't expect a myth item, but maybe a lead to Chalian could be found from there, which is why I feel like the raid needs to be taken this time."


"Huhu, you've done well. Wait a moment."

In the temple of Kades, the God of Darkness.

Kades and Hoonie were talking to the each other in front of the altar.

"I understand, Lord Kades."

Hoonie who had taken the materials from Kades nodded and stepped back.

And a system message came up to inform the completion of the quest.


[You have successfully completed the quest 'God of Darkness, Kades Request II'.]

[Earned the fame of 20,000.]

A fame reward for a request quest.

But, as it was a linked quest which wasn't much difficult. Hoonie just waited.

'Hmmm, why do I have to be the one to collect the request quest?'

Kades request I and II quest, which Hoonie had proceeded to collect miscellaneous items which can be easily obtained in the hunting grounds of level 300, both times.

'I'll have to make something out of it…'

Hoonie started to think as he was waiting for Kades who just disappeared.

And the evolution of the quest wasn't something that could be predicted at all.

However, he wanted to use the linked quest as much as he could.

And there were no quests that so boring and annoying as these quests.

After a moment, Kades who disappeared came back.

Kades went close to Hoonie and handed him pale purple beads.

"Come on, take them."

Hoonie accepted the beads while Kades spoke,

"The ball is made to control the power of Darkness."

Hoonie checked the information of the beads right away.

It was because the beads were literally for the power of darkness, with that being the very little information.

To summarize, 'Kades' Beads' were a miscellaneous item.

Hoonie couldn't help but ask him,

"What am I supposed to do with the bead?"

Kades lip corners went up slightly giving of darkness.

While he slowly opened his mouth,

"In the Southeast side of the Northern continent. To the south of the Malacca continent, which is connected to the Colonial region,.."

Kades who was excited lifted his hands to the air.

A dark smoke came out of his hands and a silvery picture began to be drawn in the air.

The picture of a map.

A detailed map of the region in an instant.

A spot in the corner of the map began to flash with a purple dot.

Kades continued to speak,

"There is a rocky mountain called the Lugaric mountain."

"Lugaric… mountain…?"

The name 'Lugaric' was something that Hoonie had surely heard, and he was definite of it.

'But it wasn't a name of a field or the dungeon.'

And the curious question of Hoonie suddenly was answered, as the information continued from Kades.

"On top of the Lugaric mountain, my child is asleep."

"It is the child of Kades…."

"The Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix. That is the place where he is."


Hoonie's eyes went wide with the information.

The Dragon of Darkness Lugarix, there was no way Hoonie didn't know about it.

Hoonie had a quest from Lugarix at the time of the Dimensional War.

'I thought that I've heard that name somewhere…'

He was trying to pull out the information that he had in his mind, while Kades continued,

"Take this bead and go to the layer of Lugarix. My child will wake up."

Hoonie asked something he was curious about.

"What next?"

"Then my child will help you."

"He will help me…?"


Kades black eyes looked at Hoonie for a moment.

And words came out once again,

"Richie King Chalian. Don't you want to stop his ambition which is to destroy the harmony and balance of the dimensional system?"

Right in front of Hoonie's eyes, a quest had come up.


- - - -

The God Darkness, Kades Request III (Hidden) (Connected) –

You have talked with Kades about the ambition of Richie King and asked for help.

However, Kades is a god who can't directly perform tasks in the human world.

Which is why he is willing to provide you with someone to help on his behalf.

Kades has handed you the bead that he has made from the darkness.

And the beads will allow you to stimulate and awaken the sleeping dragon 'Lugarix'.

Kades is giving you these beads of darkness, hoping that you will wake Lugarix.

Once Lugarix is up, he will help you on behalf of Kades.

Quest Difficulty: A

Quest Condition:

Warlock of 350 or higher.

A user who has succeeded in the ability of the Immortal.

Time Limit: None

Reward – Unknown

* If the quest has been failed, the quest 'Kades Conspiracy Theory' will appear.

- - - - - -

Hoonie who read the quest window at the speed of lightning began to contemplate.

While he read the last line of the quest, he began to make a wicked smile.

'Kades conspiracy... Keuk sounds interesting…!'


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