Taming Master | Chapter 393 | A Strange Quest | Part 2

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Chapter 393 - A Strange Quest - Part 2


Hoonie had never doubted Kades, eversince the first time he saw him.

But as the quest was progressing, he couldn't help but feel that something felt off.

He wasn't so sure about it, but it started to feel like Kades had some unknown hostility towards Immortal, which was Hoonie's identity.

That was why Hoonie couldn't help but ponder about the quests he had done so far.

Daedmon's Quest, a quest he did alongside Ian in the past.

It came to his mind that he was the one who released Richie King Chalian, who was sealed in the Tower of the Commander.

The Daedmon's quest was a quest which was like a 'deal' between the two—Kades and Daedmon.

'It was because of Kades that the Seal of Chalian had been released, which is why he couldn't help but feel like I'm one of his enemies.'

As far as he was concerned, Hoonie had no choice but to complete the quest that Kades had given him.

However, he couldn't help but feel astonished with Kailan's AI.

Kailan's NPCs knew what the users were thinking, and it then gave them quests accordingly.

Hoonie just decided to go through the quest with conviction, and it was a really huge task for him.

'Let's see then… why Kades has ordered the awakening of the Dragon of Darkness, Lugarix?'

Other than the God's Dragon—Karceus—that Ian had, all the other dragons of the Gods were in deep sleep after the Dimensional War.

However, Kades had given Hoonie the quest to wake one of his sleeping dragon—Lugarix.

Kades told something about Lugarix helping him stop Chalian's ambition.

However, as soon as Hoonie noticed the dark aura around Kades, it was obvious that it was a lie.

'Do you need my help in bringing out Lugarix? Or are you trying to take down the users who are trying to stop Chalian's ambition rather than being on our side?'

If so, then could Hoonie be able to take advantage of Kades' dark energy?

Hoonie once again checked the information of the 'Beads of Kades' which he received from the God of Darkness.

- - - - -

Beads of Kades –

Classification- Miscellaneous

Grade- Legend

The God of Darkness—Kades—created the beads by using his own power.

When these are used in the presence of the power of dark, some of his power will be passed as a command to his subjects.

- One-time use item.

- Item isn't available to users.

- - - -

"The 'Command of Kades' is passed hu…"

Hoonie's head was spinning with all of this information he just read.

'As soon as I take these beads to the Dragon, the command of Kades will be passed onto the Dragon, and that would put the command into action. Doing that would probably help out Chalian.'

Obviously, the first thing that Hoonie needed to do was to make sure that the beads wouldn't be passed on to the Lugarix at all cost.

However, in order to reverse the situation...

'Will I be able to wake the Lugarix in some other way and make it my ally?'

The Dragon of Darkness was the representative of the God of Darkness as of the moment.

It was the same with the messenger of God who did things according to God's will in place of God himself, who couldn't have direct involvement with the human world.

However, Hoonie who had the power of the Immortal knew one thing for sure.

'In the past, Lugarix helped the Immortal build the Empire of Darkness.'

He learned about that after inheriting the Immortal's power the other day.

Maybe that was made possible because during that time Kades and the Immortal had friendly ties.

It was certain that the Immortal and Lugarix wouldn't be hostile with each other.

Hoonie who was in deep thought just shook the thought out of his head.

Hoonie had one person in his mind.

'Well, Let's ask Lilson for once.'

A user of the Lotus Guild—Lilson—always shined at the top of the explorer rankings.

Which was why Hoonie believed that he would have many ancient documents and would have an answer about the Lugarix situation.

Hoonie believed that Lilson knew what the situation was between the Immortal and the Dark Dragon.

Maybe he could find it out from the old books and figure out something.

Hoonie began to pick up his pace.

There was no time limit in seeking out Lugarix, but he only had 60 days for the quest—Monarch of the Command—and defeat Chalian.

It had been 15 days already so Hoonie had no more time to waste.

Hoonie instantly opened the chat window and sent a message to Lilson.

[Hoonie: Lilson hyung, where are you?]


"Oh, that person?"

"Huh? Have you seen someone?"

"Levya. That sure is Levya!"

"Oh…? Really?"

Ian's party and Herz went to the central continent to participate in the 'Monarch of the Army raid.'

Herz saw Levya while they were moving towards the location of the canyon where the Raid boss was said to have appeared.

If they could get the 1st ranked Priest class, then their party would have an easy time dealing with the boss.

"Wow, it's been a while since I saw Levya."

"I know, right. By the way, what are those wings on Levya's back? They are so beautiful!"

"OMG! Is that a limited edition costume? I've never heard of such a thing."

While Ian's party members were busy chatting with each other, Levya's party noticed Ian's party as well.

Levya who saw them approached Ian with a smile.

"It's been so long, Ian. How have you been?"

Ian nodded and spoke with a very low voice,

"Well, I'm doing fine as always."

Ian who noticed Levya's party talked once again,

"Levya, are you also going to the Raid Boss…?"

Levya nodded and responded,

"Yeah. I'm going to the raid, but I have another reason for going there."

Ian was now curious about what she had said.

"Another reason? What's that?"

Levya responded to him earnestly,

"I need to go to the main point of the Monarch of the Army and open the magic tower that Richie King Chalian is in."

Ian's eyes grew bigger upon hearing what Levya said.


[My greetings to all the viewers! This is YTBC reporter, Hyun Min.]

At the chicken joint right behind the University of Korea.

It was only 4:30 pm, but there were a lot of customers there already to the point where no more seats were available.

Even though it was a weekend, the place was quite different than usual.

The owner of the joint along with the part-timers was frying the chickens.

"Yu Jin-ah fry the chicken quick! What are you doing over there! There is no time to sit around! Go to the window table and get their orders!"

It wasn't just the busy kitchen, the crowd in the joint was noisy as well.

It was a mental turmoil.

However, there was one thing the customers there had in common. All of their eyes were glued on the huge TV that was mounted on the wall.

"This is the first time for a myth to appear and that surely is a monster."

"Right. Did you see the article about the level 320 Knight?"

"Yeah. I saw it. I was outta my mind. The cooldown of that Knight's skills was short, and he could get out with just one shot from a non-targeted skill."

"I'm not even sure how a knight can do that, but that sh*t is amazing."

All the attention of the customers at the chicken joint was on Kailan and on the Raid Boss.

"Uh, Maybe I shouldn't have come here to eat chicken. I should've gone there to help."

"I get what you're saying, but what can a guy not even reaching level 200 do to help. It'll be a while before you can even reach Ulphir."

"But even so… The monsters that are appearing in the north and central region are all level 300…"

The customers who couldn't keep their eyes off the TV were constantly bickering, while the reporter on the TV continued to explain the situation.

There was a small screen at the corner of the TV where Heins and the reporter were at.

[Everyone, can you see that? That is the level 450 myth class Raid boss! Heins could be please explain this monster in detail for those who are able to clearly see the Raid boss?]

[Definitely, Hyun Min. I'll explain it very concisely. If you compare it to a boss monster that appears in a regular dungeon, you can see that this Raid Boss clearly surpasses a level 500 normal raid monster.]

[Wow, that Raid Boss seems to be really strong.]

[Yes, that's right. According to my calculations, the best way to go at that Raid Boss is to have all the rankers of the human's side go against it all at once. However, it's still not guaranteed that they will defeat that Raid Boss even if they did that.]

[Their win is still not guaranteed even to that extent? But did the rankers come to such a place just to capture a normal raid monster…]

All the audience who were watching the screen shook their head and talked among themselves.

"Rather than going for a raid like this, I think they could gain more by hunting on the newly found dungeons."

"Well, the Raid Boss could have been caught if it had a realistic level, why the hell did LB company bring that monster in?"

"The Northern Continent is too peaceful to put a level 400 monster in. Won't it take more than a week just to catch it?"

"I will be glad if they can do it in a week."

What the customers were saying was right.

The many users that were on the screen were in fact not able to even put a scratch on the Monarch of the Army Raid Boss.

The users who were level 300 and above tried to put in some damage effectively, but their damage was so low that it couldn't even be seen decreasing the boss monster's vitality.

The Monarch of the Army was currently slaughtering many users with overwhelming power.

[Kyaaaa-! You thoughtless humans, I will take away your souls and make them part of my army!]

Kung- Kukung-!

Every time the Monarch of the Army swung his ax, numerous users were being thrown away, and numerous undead were being summoned every time a purple glow left his hand.

He was like a boss monster that was part Warlock and part Death Knight.

[For the Richie King Chalian!]

[For the Empire of Darkness!]

Even the undead monsters that he created were strong.

Even normal rank skeletons were close to level 350.

Moreover, a level 400 Death Knight was being summoned occasionally as well, and that alone had enough power to be considered as a boss.

"Ahhh! It's so hard to raise a weapon there."

"Right. Contributions will be awarded to users even if they died, but what's happening now is just a massacre."

"Hahahaha, it's good that I came here for chicken, after all. Your exp level would've gone down if you go there."

The guests were tongue-tied and decided to just have their chicken.

Nevertheless, the battle was so captivating that all their attention were still on the TV.

Hyorin was trying to explain the system in a pessimistic manner when her tone of voice suddenly started to rise.

[Camera! Camera! Put it over there!]

[Why Miss Hyorin?]

[The rankers have made an appearance at the gate! Fast!]

As per Hyorin's instructions, the camera was quickly pointed at Ulphir plateau's gate.

Heins and Hyorin then said with an excited voice,

[There is a Warrior user who just entered! It's Shakran! That's definitely him!]

[There's Remir at the back! Oh! Roy Chen, the Guild Master of the Valiant Guild is there too!]

[Oh, what would happen now that these guys are here? It's tough to tell the viewers what's going to happen since there are more than ten rankers who have appeared here!]

It didn't end there though.

A dazzling group made its appearance, and the customers at the chicken joint cheered at the same time.

"Ian! Ian!"

"Levya is there too!"

"That is the Lotus Guild…!"


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